The Countdown: 20 Worst Buccaneers Personnel Moves Of The Past 10 Years — No. 1

July 30th, 2015

McCowncryIt’s the countdown feature you’ve all been waiting for. Not really, but on the heels of last year’s award-winning “20 Worst Buccaneers Of The Past 10 years” feature, Joe had to deliver.

A list like this is highly subjective and toxic. Fits of rage were common during production meetings at world headquarters. Scared interns soiled their pants. Full beer bottles were smashed, and a treasured Rachel Watson poster was accidently destroyed. But order was restored.

Current and former general managers and head coaches might not like what’s coming, but it had to be done. This is what happens when your team is 30-70 in its last 100 games.

No. 1 — Josh McCown

This list is about personnel moves. And there is no more critical move than at the most important position on the field: quarterback. Decisions there must make sense.

Signing Josh McCown to be the Buccaneers’ starter last year fell under the category of nonsense.

What the hell was the plan or the expectation?

McCown had been a career NFL loser, hadn’t been a regular starter since 2007, and Lovie Smith himself cut the guy a few years ago in Chicago because he preferred Jason Campbell to be his Bears backup.

What exactly did the Bucs expect of McCown at 35 years old? Yes, he put up excellent numbers in five starts with the 2013 Bears. But that doesn’t mean you hand the guy the keys to the offense and ask him to make you a Super Bowl team. That’s what the Bucs did.

The plan — and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise — was to win with McCown. Joe’s not sure how Lovie Smith sat in his famous Chicago basement for a year and came up with that as the foundation move for his new regime. And nobody could talk him out of it?

Regular readers here will remember that Joe hoped McCown was signed as an ideal complement to whatever quarterback the Bucs drafted last year. Joe yearned for Johnny Football or Teddy Bridgewater to be selected. McCown would have been a great guy for that situation.

Instead, McCown played like a rookie in his first two starts, and his veteran leadership marched Tampa Bay to slaughter on national television in Week 3 in Atlanta. The season was on the line — and pride — and McCown soiled himself against a bad defense.

But no, not only did the Bucs expect to win with McCown, Lovie re-inserted McCown into the lineup after the 2014 season was long lost in early November, following McCown’s thumb injury. That foolishness took valuable developmental reps away from Mike Glennon. You remember him, that’s Lovie’s “quarterback of the future.”

Like every good Hollywood movie, the McCown misery had an uplifting and invigorating ending; the Bucs won the Chase for Jameis. But that victory doesn’t detract from the lunacy that led the Bucs there.

Joe hopes you enjoyed the countdown. Go Bucs!

No. 2 — Michael Bennett Leaves

No. 3 — Gaines Adams

No. 4 — Trading Jeremy Zuttah

No. 5 — Cutting Darrelle Revis

No. 6 — Anthony Collins

No. 7 — Mark Barron

No. 8 — Da’Quan Bowers (2011 and 2013)

No. 9 — Re-Signing Blocking Icon Michael Clayton

No. 10 — Eric Wright

No. 11 — Michael “Ghost” Johnson

No. 12 Sabby The Goat

No. 13 — Free Agent Inactivity After 10-6, 2010 Season

No. 14 — Scaredy Cat Dexter Jackson

No. 15 — Firing Jon Gruden

No. 16 — Choosing — And Drafting For — The Jim Bates Defense

No. 17 — Drafting Cadillac Williams Over DeMarcus Ware

No. 18 — Garrett Gilkey: Virgin Center

No. 19 — Cutting Chris Jones

No. 20 — Failing on Brett Favre trade

67 Responses to “The Countdown: 20 Worst Buccaneers Personnel Moves Of The Past 10 Years — No. 1”

  1. Buc Neckid Says:

    Because of McCown though
    we did not Draft Johnny Football
    and sucked bad enough to draft Jameis Winston
    So not all Bad came from this
    But, Yes, Last Year Really Did Suck because of McClown

  2. pick6 Says:

    in fairness, jeff tedford was intended to be a big part of the equation. if JT could have eventual NFL busts bootlegging and throwing all over the field looking like future franchise QBs, the thought was maybe he could make mccown look above average

  3. pick6 Says:

    as buc neckid implies, if Winston becomes our version of Brett Favre, the Josh McCown recruitment (and re-insterting josh midyear) will be one of the best moves (albeit unintentional) in franchise history

  4. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Totally agree Buck Neckid.

    In fact, all 20 of these moves were just a lead up to drafting #3 so it’s really hard for me to get too upset about any of them

    As an FSU/Buc fan it’s just still too amazing that a kid like Jameis ended up going to FSU, being great, being the first FSU player ever to go #1 overall at a time when the Bucs desperately needed a QB and had the #1 overall pick for the first time since Vinny

  5. Bucsfan_Brazil Says:

    Maybe with Glennon starting last year we were 4-12 and didnt have the chance to pick Jameis, so thank you McCown.

  6. LJ'sDaddy Says:

    What a joke this guy was. To this day when I type McCown into my phone, auto suggest brings up the word “sucks” as the first suggestion. That is from typing it hundreds of times while texting with buddies on game day. Hopefully this year words like awesome, clutch, and winner come up when I type Jaboo! GO BUCS! 8-8 and beat the Saints once….I would be ecstatic!

  7. Vic Says:

    Stop the Tedford BS. McCown single-handedly lost weeks 1 and 2 for us, and the Bucs put up huge offensive numbers in WEeks 4 and 5 with Glennon. Where was everyone bitching about Tedford then? McCown deserves every last roasting. I paid hard earned money to watch that crap, including those two road games.

  8. The Buc Realist Says:

    Mission accomplished, Operation protect Dominik the Rockstar was a success!!!

  9. Pete I Says:

    Hmmm, I’m torn on this, Buck Neckid has valid points

    Byron Leftwich didn’t make the cut? The first of many bad decisions from the Raheem Regime.

    nothing good came of the Leftwich is our starter program. Raheem and regime stayed on for another bunch of poor personel choices

  10. Luther Says:

    I’m very happy the Josh was QB last year. I never thought we would have a chance to draft Jameis and Josh made that possible.

  11. Vic Says:

    @Pete I — Leftwich? Are you brain dead? He was signed only to keep the seat warm until rookie Freeman was ready. McCown was signed to take this team to the playoffs and be the starter for a few years. And Leftwich was a much better player than McCown.

  12. JMN Says:

    Great list Joe! This was very enjoyable to read and you put it out at a time when football news is somewhat slow. Are you going to list the honorable mentions?

  13. Buccfan37 Says:

    What was Lovie thinking, that’s my big head scratcher.

  14. Espo Says:

    Little known stat I made up last year: Josh McCown led the league in dumb looks on his face last year.

  15. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


    No Dom. No Freeman.

    Dom gave us 28-52 with one winning season, no playoffs, and an arm long list of boneheaded moves that the team is still feeling the repercussions from. Freeman set the team back 5 years. McCown was here for ONE season and played even less games.

    But, hey, it’s your world. I can’t say this is reality for me. Play on playa!!

  16. tdtb2015 Says:

    This is one of many things that lead to our hopeful franchise QB.

    Progress is when bad choices lead you to good choices and you taken them…

    …. it’s a Buc Life!

    to think Manziel could had been NO. 1. Good thing Joe is not the GM.

  17. Kent Kleist Says:

    Wow. Looks like 6 of these were under Lovie’s watch. That looks horrible for him. He had better be on the hot seat rookie qb or not

  18. Upthegut Says:

    Biggest blunder was firing Jon Gruden as HC and promoting Rock Star Dom to GM,
    The franchise has paid for this mistake for nearly a decade and it will still haunt us for the several years. Almost all of the twenty mistakes on your list are a result of Gruden’s dismissal.

  19. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    I still think firing Gruden should be at the top of this list. Everything else has fallen from that fateful mistake.

  20. Buccanole Says:

    Joe couldn’t one argue that Josh McCown was the best personnel decisions of the last 10 years? If not for his god awful play we could of never beat the Titans out for the number 1 pick and gotten Jameis.

  21. Stanglassman Says:

    It’s so easy to blame the season on one guy. No QB could have won many games without a OC, running game or OL. Yes McCown took too many chances and looked pretty bad but this is a team game and this team was just not ready to play eps at the beginning of the season last year.

  22. Pickgrin Says:

    So promoting Mark Dominik to GM and letting him ruin this franchise over the next 5 years via horrible drafting and bad coaching hires does not even make the list??????

    SMH JOE – SMFingH!!

  23. celly Says:

    Love and Warrick Dunn Says:
    July 30th, 2015 at 9:47 am


    No Dom. No Freeman.

    While Dom wasn’t perfect, he did select talent that wound up thriving on other teams. The GM’s job is to select the talent; the coaches job is to make that talent work. Off top of my head: Bennett, Talib, Blount, Penn have all succeeded on other teams.

    Freeman is the last QB to lead us to a winning record AND is the franchise leader in passing yards and TDs.

  24. The Buc Realist Says:


    Talib and Penn were on the roster before the “rockstar” was GM, now your list is very short and does not hold water for him being even an average GM!!!

    try again!!!

  25. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Rockstar has one good signing bennett… firing gruden should be #1… and the hiring raheem, schiano, and actually this list could have subsections of the #1 spot as not to cheat all the crap not listed

  26. Howard Cosell Says:

    But don’t let my glad expression
    Give you the wrong impression
    Really I’m sad, oh sadder than sad
    The line sucks and I’m hurting so bad
    But like a McClown I pretend to be glad

    Now there’s some sad things known to man
    But ain’t too much sadder than
    the tears of McClown

    Read more: Smokey Robinson – The Tears Of A Clown Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  27. Jack Says:

    No. 2 was wayyy worse than No. 1. We didn’t have many better options at QB, but we let one of the elite defensive ends walk for Adrean freaking Clayborn and Bowers who were jokes.

  28. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


    Realist already gave the most complete answer.

    Bennett is already ready to hold out for a new contract after one year in Seattle. So, great, he found a malcontent. He’s doing that on a Super Bowl team, don’t think he would not here?

    As for Freeman and passing records, that says more about the franchise being terrible than him being great. Let’s see if he can beat out Matt Moore as backup, before we do any more anointing. Freeman passed for almost 14k yards and 80 TDs in 5 seasons. Matt Ryan has 28k yards and 181 TDs in 7 seasons. And some people are actually not happy with him!

    I am going hold off on any HOF or Ring of Honor nominations for Free Free just yet. LOL.

  29. mac Says:

    @ Celly

    WTF are you talking about?

    Dominik was the worst GM in NFL history next to Matt Millen…

    You name a few players that didn’t totally suck and half of them Dominik didn’t even select!!!


  30. LargoBuc Says:

    Disgusting. I dont wana hear about Lavonte David not blitzing, or not paying for a consultant after Tedford went down. This right here, this is by far the biggest sin of Lovie Smith in 2014. To not only bring in Mccown, but to hand the guy a starting job, I dont understand.
    Five games in 2013 does not justify handing a career bust a starting job in the NFL. I expressed concern on this site prior to training camp. But I never thought it would be that bad! It was a nightmare! Give me Bruce Gradkowski anyday! Josh Mccown, is the reason we went 2-14. His complete lack of execution. It affected the o line. It affected the running game. It affected the defense. Mind you Arroyo could have called better plays. But as a veteran quarterback since 2004, you should be able to have some input into the game plan in that instance. Audible to a play with a three or five step drop. Something. That was just some garbage quarterback play.
    Well where are the Lovie bashers. You know who they are. You should have something to say on this article addressing the Lovies worst decision, possibly ever but certaintly in Tampa. This is it. Would you rather insist that Lovie is ruining LVD? Would you ratjer blame Lovie for not spending Glazer cash on a consultant who may or may not want to consult our offense? Well here’s some wastedoney right here. Wasted money on a terrible quarterback. Regardless of how Jameis progrss’ this year, Lovie better not go 5-11 and get a pass. He wanted Mccown. He brought in Mccown and we suffered for it. Josh Mccown is why we went 2-14!

  31. Miguel grande Says:

    Número uno, hiring The Little General. Número dos, letting Blount escape.

  32. celly Says:

    Domink was Director of Pro Personel, so I think he had something to do with the scouting of some players while he was here.

    He definitely wasn’t the best we had, but he certainly wasn’t the worst.

  33. mac Says:

    @ Celly

    Please tell me then who was the worst?

  34. The Buc Realist Says:

    Should we give all the credit to the ” pro personel ” when Dominick is gm??? that means Doug Williams “found” Bennett !!!

    Do you know how many player profiles Pro-scouting brings to the GM!!!

    I give up, I have broken my rule of ” cannot talk sense to the senseless!!!”

  35. Tom S. Says:

    It appears Joe has lost the battle of public opinion on his own site no less. The world agrees that Dominik was a horrible GM even if Joe refuses to change his mind on the matter.

    But for the rest of us…The top 3 worst personnel moves of the past 10 years:

    1. Darelle Revis Trade: Dominik traded for Revis when the Bucs were linked to two of the top 4 free agent corners on the market (Sean Smith, Brent Grimes) – Smith got a 6/mil a year 3-year contract and has helped solidify the Chiefs secondary while Grimes signed a one year 5.5 million dollar prove it contract and rewarded the Dolphins with a pro bowl and AP comeback player of the year in 2013. After re-signing with them he made the pro bowl again and second team All-Pro in 2014. Aquib Talib signed a one year 5 million dollar contract that year, and rewarded the Patriots with a Pro Bowl that year and 2nd team all pro.

    How much did Revis cost? 16 million (3x the other corners) for one Pro Bowl season and the additional cost of the 13th overall draft pick that was used on DROY Shelden Richardson. So would you rather have a pro bowl and all-pro corner for 5 million the draft rights to Shelden Richardon and an additional 4th round pick or a pro bowl corner (no all pro) for 16 million. Those are the trades that kill franchises.

    2. The hiring of Mark Dominik and Raheem Morris – 28-52, the 5 record under incompetent GM Dominik. Both Raheem and Dom were cheap, young replacements for owners who were looking to go cheap and young all around (bye Derrick Brooks, see ya later Warrick Dunn). This lead to years of mismanagement of draft picks, signings and a roster that was the worst in football immediately after Dominik was jettisoned proving that he did more razing of the roster in 5 years than building.

    3. Drafting Josh Freeman (1st Rd 2009) – Freeman had potential, he set some team records in passing in his brief tenure in Tampa. You can’t say he was a total bust. But as the saying goes, if you miss on a QB in the draft you set your franchise back years. That most certainly was true with Freeman. Due to personal issues such as waking up on time and reported positive drug tests (Freeman’s camp swore it was due to a prescription for ADHD), Freeman set the franchise in disarray and ensure his coach was fired in 2013. The Bucs started 0-8 and the signs went up to get Schiano out. Unlike the McCown signing the 4-12 record and overall dysfunction didn’t lead to anything positive as Dominik made the previously mentioned move to trade that year’s first round pick away. So no Jameis consolation prize for the suffering and the MRSA and 5 years wasted on developing the Miami Dolphins 4th string QB.

  36. MakeLovieNotWar Says:

    There were far worse mistakes than this. If he was so bad Lovie could have just benched him and forgot about it.

    It’s going to be pretty hilarious when McCown has a better 2015 than both Winston and Freeman.

  37. mike Says:

    Mccown cost us 1 bad year.
    Firing Gruden will cost about 10 bad years.
    The mccown experience led us to Jameis, so if Jameis is Freeman allover again, the I guess Mccown could cost us a lot more than 1 bad year. If Jameis is Big Ben, then mccown will have done a better job of turning the franchise around than father Dungy.

  38. Cobraboy Says:

    Had Lovie not put McCown back in the line-up when the season was lost, there would be no Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariotta on the roster and you’d be living with Mike Glennon at QB.

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    To sum it all up. Last season was painful for everyone involved, some more than others. I imagine the season ticket holders had the most pain. Then there’s McCown crying, so he was in pain as well. Then poor GMC, who really does give it his all with practically no help on the line. I really think he might become Grubered. Painful for old timers like DB and RB to watch the Tampa 2 not being executed properly. Physical pain being dished out upon our QB’s.
    Then the 2 blowouts, one in front of the home crowd, what’s left of them.

    Way to much pain to mention. I don’t want to talk about last season anymore!

  40. what? Says:

    Drafting McCown to “tutor” Manziel would have been the biggest joke of all. What could Josh tell Johnny? What could Josh teach Johnny? They have basically the same skillset, why would you bring in the idiot to teach the kid how to lose?

    That’s not what winning teams do.

    To quote Sam Wyche…


  41. BucTrooper Says:

    Dear Vic,

    Leftwich was NOT worse than McCown…. McCown won A game.

    Leftwich didn’t notch a win as a starter, so if you want to split hairs, McCown was TECHNICALLY better, but he had A LOT of help from RGIII.

  42. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Again…Dominik may not be a great GM but Bruce Allen was far worse…or was it really Jon Gruden making all those stupid mistakes and leaving our cupboard bare?

    As for McCown…I agree with Joe’s assessment of his lack of ability. But I still maintain he didn’t even live up to his ability. He CHOKED trying to perform for Lovie who mistakenly put his faith in him.

    I was willing to give McCown the benefit of the doubt until those first two games.
    He was brought here not to lead the Buc offense up and down the field but to PROTECT the ball. He was going to be the “veteran” QB who didn’t make the youthful mistakes of a Mike Glennon. He was going to give us a chance.
    He freaking CHOKED. That’s what you call it when an athlete doesn’t even play up to their own potential!!!

    Protect the ball and make good decisions? He played far worse than most rookies.

  43. Rob Says:

    How did promoting Raheem Morris to head coach not make this list? He hasnt been more than a position coach since being fired from the Bucs.

  44. BucTrooper Says:

    I don’t get how arguably 11 of the 20 items are stuck like wet toilet paper to MARK DOMINIK’S RESUME, yet his hiring isn’t even on the list.

    You know, Mark Dominik, the worst GM in the history of the Buccaneers.

  45. Maze Says:

    More like obsessed with Manziel and liked Bridgewater. Surprised Zuttah wasn’t #1 )

  46. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Bruce Allen had a better record, and won 2 division titles in Tampa. He also went to the Super Bowl and was named executive of the year in Oakland, and even managed to get hired again as a GM in DC.

    I will take Bruce Allen 8 days a week over Dominik, and I don’t even like Bruce Allen.

    When Dominik gets hired as a GM again, please someone let me know and also call 911, as I will likely have a stroke.

  47. Buccfan37 Says:

    Thank goodness for a happy Hollywood ending following the gruesome slasher horror flick we sat through.

  48. Tom S. Says:

    @StPeteBucsFan you are entitled to your opinion but there is literally 0 objective proof that says that Bruce Allen was a worse GM than Dominik. His record was better, the team was better, the feeling around the league about the the Bucs was better, less money was wasted on free agents that sucked (really, let’s compare signings shall we?

    I think you made up you mind that Allen was so bad he had to be the worst. Dominik screws the pooch and you hold to it despite all the evidence that says otherwise. Were the Bucs a joke under Allen’s tenure? No. Did they go to the playoffs? Yes. Did they win the division? Yes. Were the Bucs a joke under Dominik? Yes. Did they go to the playoffs? No. Did they win the division? No.

    If a GM is hired to run a restaurant and in the next 5 years the restaurant tanks, loses a ton of money, a bunch of customers and gets ridiculed are you seriously telling me you can rationalize that it was GM before them that was worse?

  49. BucsQcCity Says:

    so 30% of the worst the last 10 years is on Licht and Lovie? C’mon man these 2 personel move needs to at least make the top 20:

    – Hiring Schiano was a disaster.
    – Not drafting a freakin OL for YEARS is on Dominik

    I would look back if I had time but there’s no point since you have a positive bias toward Dominik.

    MJ hiring was the only logical move at the time since it was the highest ranked DE on the market. Anthony Collins was a 50/50 shot of success and it didn’t pan out on the good side. Gilkey got blew but at that point wasn’t better for the bucs to let that happen with JW as the prize at the end of the year? They’re not complete idiots, they can see the lack of talent.

    I strongly believe in Licht (more than Lovie actually) to set up a winning organisation structure in Tampa. He made some mistakes but he was eager to admit them and learn from them.

    Year 2 should be fun.

  50. Tom S. Says:

    @BucsQcCity as BucsRealist pointed out this list was an attempt by Joe to show that Dominik wasn’t as bad as people think. Joe did so by overemphasizing bad moves by Lovie and Licht and framing some of Dominick’s moves as prudent (trade for Revis). As noted above, the abysmal season last year resulted in the top pick and a franchise QB thanks in large part to said QB.

    When the Bucs hobbled out of a 0-8 record and became the joke of the league with FreemanMRSAgate before they cleaned house they could only watch as their first round pick was already given up for an unnecessary and overpaid mercenary in Revis that did nothing to put a dent in the 4-12 record.

    I’m pretty sure if Joe polled his audience and asked if they agree that signing Josh McCown is the worst move Joe would find that 80% of his readers and 100% of rational people everywhere would disagree with him.

  51. drdneast Says:

    Come on Joe, it wasn’t a good decision but hardly the No. 1 worst in the last 10 years.
    No. 1 could have been making Mark Dominick the GM of this club.
    If not, then the selection of Josh Freeman as a QB.
    Whereas McClown’s set us back one season, Freeman has set us back 7 or 8 years.
    Besides for that, it was widely held that McClown wss the No. 1 FA QB available.
    And, as already noted, McClown’s had to rely on the inept new OC Arroyo to handle the play calling and offensive game plans.
    McClown’s was bad, but not Josh Freeman or Mark Dominick bad.
    Shame on you.

  52. BucTrooper Says:

    I think the consensus with this group that is actively commenting is that hiring Mark Dominik essentially sent the team Doc Brown-style back to the Culverhouse Era in a turd-lined duffel bag.

    You know Mark Dominik, the worst GM in the history of the Buccaneers.

  53. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    DrDnEast right on, Mclown was bad and had a lot to do with the incompetent coaching but he is no where near the top pick, maybe joe just did this to get hits on the site, hiring raheem is #1 worst move by far and then revis #2, as someone above pointed out the 2 top flight dbs we could have signed in addition to possibly drafting richardson……mclown is whatever he sucked before will suck again and bucs may have been 4-12 without him because this is a bad team

  54. LargoBuc Says:

    Perhaps Mccown wasnt the worst move of the past ten years. But it certainly was the worst move under Lovie tenure thus far. Watching a veteran struggle like that…sure it led to Jameis but that dosent justify the utter garbage we sat through. Say we go 6-10 under Glennon. We have no shot at Jameis
    But who to say Glennon wouldnt continue to grow. We could use our first on Erik Flowers. Or whatever. I just dont feel that Mccown was worth it even with Jameis as the prize.

  55. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I base my opinion on Allen because of the players HE brought to Tampa. Give him credit I guess for Brad Johnson and Keyshawn…Jurevicious…but otherwise he and Chucky won with Rich McKay’s players not Allen’s. I do not give him credit for the Bucs record. I have to give Chucky credit for coaching them but he too sucked at player selection and development.

    One of the worst things Allen and Chucky did was totally leave our cupboard bare.
    Chucky was lucky that he got fired when he did. He and Allen had set the Bucs up for a long run of 8-8 with worn out retread vets and horrid drafting.

    5 First Round Picks – 1 Pro Bowler , No Pro Bowlers in any other round

    5 2nd Round Picks – 2 Starters, Barrett Rudd and Jeremy Trueblood, both are ho-hum

    6 3rd Round Picks – 1 Good Player- Jeremy Zuttah

    31 Picks after Rnd 3: 1 Starter

    It was Allen who selected Dexter “Please don’t hit me” Jackson!!! It was Allen who selected Gaines RIP Adams.

    Now if somebody wants to come here and challenge me by saying it was really Chucky who made Allen screw up the draft so royally and leave this team TOTALLY depleted of young talent…Davin Joseph excepted(blind squirrel anecdote here) I would have to bow to your judgment.

    I honestly do not know how much Chucky screwed this team totally out of young talent or whether it was Allen’s fault.

  56. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    St pete i think u are right on but you would think dom was hired to right the ship and he was just as bad i guess he got GMC and lavonte now licht we will wait and see but he has fired and missed thus far aside from evans

  57. Pat Says:

    To put it into a good light, thank you Josh in your contributions in collaboration toward the Chase for JW. You are indeed A #1!

  58. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Our other option was Mike Glennon. It’s not like we traded Tom Brady and brought in McCown to take his place. Glennon is a back up and Lovie recognized that. He simply hoped that another back up QB with more experience who played extremely well in a 5 game stretch the previous year would replicate that play for another season or two. It didn’t work out but I wouldn’t even consider this a top 20 mistake. He needed a QB so he took a guy basically the only guy that was available. 2-12 vs 3-13 or 4-12 isn’t much different and that is all Glennon would have been able to do.

  59. drdneast Says:

    Sorry celly, but as already been noted, two of the four were here when the Dummy got his GM post.
    The other two, Blount and Bennett, we’re waiver wire pickups, not draft.
    SI two players, one of whom is a chronic malcontent.
    thanks for restating the case that the Dummy was probably even a worse GM than Bruce Allength and should be No. 1 on this list.

  60. Buc-A-New Says:

    I haven’t even read the article Joe. Josh McCown is the REASON we got Jameis remember?????
    smh at the list bro.

  61. Fire Goodell Says:

    Raheem was doomed to fail from the beginning. After Charlie Manuel got fired from the Phillies a couple of years back. he was asked if he had enough pieces to win and he said no. Raheem would say the same thing if he were asked if he had enough pieces to win here.

    But I think Lovie, Licht and the Glazers secretly devised a plan to tank last season, and tried to keep it a secret from the fans and players.

  62. Buc1987 Says:

    Dusthty …I’m no Raheem the Dream fan but he was the last HC of the Bucs to have a winning record for one season. 10-6 is pretty damn decent from what we have had since then. So I don’t think Ream deserves to be #1 and neither does Freeman because he was part of that season as well.

    Dominik on the other hand was a major part in all the ef ups that were mentioned outside of the L and L days, which is only ONE season so far.

  63. Atlbuc28 Says:

    Totally love this list Joe!. I still believe The biggest mistake was the one that started all of the rest that everyone is sooo pissy about. #20 could be #1… (maybe not exact) Brett Favre’s own words talking about his regrets … “When we got on the the plane… we were heading to Tampa, I was excited and felt it was a great fit. Thought I was a buc….
    We were a playoff team with a “wanna be” Brett Favre qb..
    Garcia’s Happy Feet …. Urg! The bad Karma from 2008 still Kills me…IMO Kiffin stays on for a couple more years with Favre on our team Kickin’ the Saints ass .. Gruden Keeps his job and all of us are in Happy Land!… just sayin’ I could be wrong..

  64. Bob Digital Says:

    Dude cried cuz they lost a game. Smh. Worst QB ever!

  65. America's D-Bag Says:

    No OC, no QB coach, no o-line, no running game, no plan and still had to find time to mentor Glennon. simply caotic on offense, but he was the reason they went 2-14? We can’t judge him on last year. Keep reaching for that “low hanging fruit”.

  66. The Dom Must Go Says:

    Come on Joe! Josh lost us a dozen games THE GLAZER BOYS set this franchise back 10 years when they went CHEAP by hiring an unexperienced GM then a head coach not even qualified as a coordinator to replace Gruden. Gruden and Alan needed it go but the hiring of DOM then Raheem just to save a $ is by far the worst move over the past 10 years if not the past 20 of this franchise! Not blaming Dom more Raheem! That move by the Glazer’s by far the worst!

  67. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Right after we signed him, i thought it was a good move. It made sense, glennon looked terrible his rookie year and if nothing else mccown was known to be a pros pro. And could help set an example if glennon impressed enough to over throw mccown. On paper it wasn’t a bad move. We needed a QB upgrade, so we had to try. Obviously hind sight is 20-20, and he turned out to be horrendous. But i gotta say i supported him when we signed him.