Who Gets The Bell?

April 27th, 2012

Greg Schiano is on record saying he’s “got to have that guy,” that “bell cow” running back you can feed.

Now Schiano has LeGarrette Blount and Doug Martin in his barn, and Joe can’t wait to see the competition unfold. This should pose quite a challenge for the New Schiano World Order. And it’ll be quite a wake-up call for Blount, who hopefully realizes the competition starts immediately.

Damn, these two talented young backs could push themselves, with Earnest Byner up their asses, to incredible heights.

If these guys are busting butts to win a job, Bucs preseason football should be more entertaining than it’s been in years.

Joe believes both backs will be called upon this season, but Joe also believes Schiano truly wants his bell cow.

So who gets the bell? Loyal JoeBucsFan.com readers likely know who Joe wants to get the bell. But Joe’s most cheering for a fiesty slug-it-out competition.

102 Responses to “Who Gets The Bell?”

  1. Capt. Tim Says:

    Plenty of opportunities for both! And both of these guys are very talented runners! Gonna be great running game!

  2. tylund Says:

    If blount doesn’t step up it could be doug.

  3. patrickbucs Says:

    think Doug Martin will be the guy a little more then 50% of the time, at least originally.

  4. So. Ill. Bucs Says:

    Mossis Madu? 😛

  5. BonesMahoney Says:

    I honestly think the starter and “bell-cow” will be Martin. It makes too much sense to have the complete back out there more often. Makes for a more unpredictable offense. If Blount does end up being the starter I think he will be on an awfully short leash.

  6. Thomas2.2 Says:

    There is no competition. The team has a huge investment in a highly valued player – Martin.

    They have no investment in a low value, 1 dimensional player with reportedly poor work habits.

    Martin has a repertoire that far exceeds that of Blount.

    I believe that Blount will cower under the competition at start complaining when he is outperformed – which will lead to Blount’s ouster. Just my prediction.

    First round picks get the benefit of every doubt versus UFA’s – especially those with the extent of flaws that LB has.

    I have been tough on Dom, replacing Blount with Martin as the starting RB was a good decision.

  7. Jessup Says:

    Ahmad Bradford and Brandon Jacobs split touches almost 50/50….I see no reason why our version would be any different.

  8. tylund Says:

    random question does dexter jackson call the third round pick since we don’t have a second

  9. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Jags cut 3 linebackers

  10. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    The linebackers the Jags cut are JoJo Dickson, Stephen Franklin and Jammie Kirlew

  11. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    They also cut a defensive back…Trumaine McBride.

  12. Papawill13 Says:

    If this regime had one good thought about Blount they would have never made this pick.
    1. Saving Face. If Blount out performs this guy, it is one of the worst picks ever for the Bucs. Martin better be the starter Day One and for years to come. There is no way this regime allows a FA, they did not draft, to out perform their 1st round RB.
    2. Money. If they allow Blount to see the Field and he performs, they will have to pay him or allow him to walk for nothing. And if he is performing the Fans will want HIM rather than a wasted 1st round choice even though that is not what the Regime will do.

    Blount will not be on this Team for the Carolina game. They cannot risk him even being equal to Martin on the field.

  13. c-span Says:

    Thomas 2.2 is absolutely right! Martin is a first rounder, which means he has the expectation to start from jump, imo.

  14. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Pwill? WTF are you talking about?… They didnt bring Martin in to steal Blounts job… they brought him in to be a tandem. Your talking out your ass. Quit with the conspiracy theories and realize we now have 2 good RBs, 1 which is a complete back and our offense wont be so predictable.

  15. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Neither Bradshaw nor Jacobs was a 1st round pick – thus the investment was not a first round commitment.

    Also, the split was more like 60/40 Bradshaw – and Jacobs is a better player, blocker and short yardage runner than Blount.

    Bottom line: It is Martin’s job to lose, Blount will just spell him. You don’t trade into the first round to get a RB if you think you have a solid starter at the position. Wake up ladies.

    Hurdling defenders doesnt make good running backs, or Edwin Moses would be in the NFL hall of fame. Even though you novice fanatics get worked up over it.

  16. knucknbuc Says:

    Why can’t we just have both these guys and feed them the rock? I got a feeling smart is gonna be out 1st through 2nd quarter back and blunt is gonna be the late 3rd 4tth quarter guy to punish teams when their worn out and weak.

  17. DAN Says:

    they drafted him because ‘every team needs 2 good running backs, and now we have a full stable’ or somtheing like that, so… no we are not dumping blount, thats just dumb

  18. tylund Says:

    knuckbuc you got that backwards you unleash blount then later on you put martin in.

  19. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Dom looked foolish with the Barron pick; hence why ESPN categorized us as 1 of the 5 losers yesterday. Dom saved a little face by filling and desperate need – a NFL starting caliber RB. It has been some time since we have had one.

    I love Earnest Graham and believe that he is better than Blount – pre-injury.

  20. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Brilliant idea to bring in your RB prone to fumbling and running the wrong play while trying to protect a lead.

    Blount is much less likely to be in the game when the game is in the balance.

    Blount will merely spell Martin – getting 5-7 carries per game tops – unless Martin fails or gets hurt.

    Word out of Idaho – Martin is no Gerald McCoy, Martin is tough bas nails.

  21. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Thomas 2.2 – So we’re to believe the new coach you love doesn’t have an open mind about winning the running back job, yet he’s all about Trust, Belief and Accountability? You can’t have it both ways.

  22. Lion Says:

    Hold on a sec, you people are crazy. They didn’t draft Doug Martin to replace Blount, they drafted him as a tandem. They will be a two headed monster, Sullivan is a Giants’ guy and look how successful they were with 2 backs like we have. Also having 2 great running back will prolong their health greatly. There are plenty of teams in the NFL who have RB tandems with more than one starting RB.

  23. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    It’s a two-back system, Thomas.

  24. Thomas2.2 Says:


    Are we to believe that your rockstar and Schiano would trade up into the first round to draft a RB, one he was fearful of another team drafting within 5 picks, if your rockstar viewed Blount as a solid primary RB option?

    That would have been a horribly dumb decision. If you wanted a backup RB, just wait to see who is available, like Lamar Miller, in round 2.

    Also, why desire a 5th year on Martin? Have they locked down Blount beyond 2 years? Nope. Does that make ANY sense if you value Martin and Blount equally? Nope.

    Schiano will allow them to compete, but there is no real competition because the team’s actions tell you what Art Valero and many others have already said – Blount is not a primary NFL RB.

    Blount is a cheap insurance policy, nothing more. I am surprised that Blount’s glaringly obvious flaws aren’t recognized by you.

    Schiano saw 2 immediate things when he viewed tape: the team did not run the ball effectively (hence horrid starts) and could not stop the run. That is why Barron and Martin were drafted.

  25. Lion Says:

    If Schiano wants to pound the rock like he said he does, adding Martin with Blount makes all the sense in the world. Sprinkle in Carl Nicks and our offensive line and you have the ingredients for a very successful running attack. Our receivers especially V-Jax, setting up the home run play.

  26. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Repeat after me:

    The Giants didn’t trade into the first round to pick up Bradshaw or Jacobs – they were both later round picks who had limited skill-sets that made one complete back.

    Martin is a first round talent, a complete back like Forte. Does Forte split carries?No he is like 70% of the offense.

    Shall I spoon-feed you?

  27. tylund Says:

    this is the first time i have to agree with Thomas. had they waited to the second i would believe their a tandom but the trade up says to me they like martin more than blount.

  28. Lion Says:


    It made all the sense in the world to pull of the trade and move back into the first and grab Martin. For one we hardly gave up anything, and 2 Doug Martin is miles ahead of the other RB’s talent wise than the other RB’s available. Giants would have taken Doug Martin and there is no doubt about that what so ever. You don’t seem to understand how little the cost was to grab a far greater back. And 5 years is one whole year before he is do a big contract, how does that not make sense?

  29. tylund Says:

    it makes since but lion they might be shopping blount at this point

  30. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:


    …both will be starters. TWO BACK SYSTEM, you twit.

  31. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Do any of you remember the 2 headed RB attack under Schiano’s direction at Rutgers?

    Remember Ray Rice splitting carries with anyone? No – he had a “bell cow.”

    We just traded up to get Schiano a bell cow because we didn’t have one already.

    Just get right with it now. Martin is the bell cow.

  32. Lion Says:

    This is the NFL were talking about here Thomas, not Rutgers university. The cost to move up and the talent separating the other RB’s on the board made this move a no brainer. It has nothing to do with Blount.

  33. Thomas2.2 Says:

    In the salary cap era, Name 1 team in history that traded up into the first round to acquire a “back-up” or “complementary” running back.

    If there is one, that GM and coach are either unemployed, employed in a different line of work or are no longer with that team.

    Why did the Vikings play chicken with us and Cle and never consider drafting T Rich allowing Dom and Cle to bid against each other for T Rich?

    Because they have a solution at the position in Peterson. Both us and Cle did not believe that we had a “bell cow” RB.

    Wake up guys! You are brighter than this.

  34. raphael Says:

    your not thomas…..dimwit, get a life

  35. tylund Says:


    i partly agree with you. I think they intend to replace blount with martin once blount’s contract is up. Also assuming he doesn’t improve

  36. Lion Says:

    I could name you plenty of teams who already had very good starting RB’s, who still drafted RB’s in the first and second round. That’s all that matters, the way you make it sound is we traded up like 15 picks and gave up 3 draft picks to do it.

  37. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I recommend that you guys pick another, more sensible, debate with me. This is just comical.

    The theory you argue is:

    This 4-12 team with the leagues worst defense in points, pass rush etc – traded into the first round to draft a backup or complementary offensive player, ignoring huge needs at LB and CB, at a position where they already had a “bell cow” starter.

    Would a rockstar GM EVER do that? Never. Would Schiano ever do that? Never.

    He drafted Martin bc he views Martin as a substantially superior player – bc he is.

  38. Lion Says:

    If you are going to pound the rock, you need to have 2 quality backs. It would make absolutely zero sense to get rid of Blount, if the goal is to pound the rock and bringing in Carl Nicks proves that.

  39. Stevek Says:

    WD-40 was a tandem. Now we got Boise/Fist!

  40. Thomas2.2 Says:

    We are still waiting Lion for you to give us the names – and of course it needs to be that the first round back basically split carries with the late round RB or UFA.

  41. Lion Says:

    Dude if you realized there weren’t any CB’s and LB’s worth taking so early in the second round. If you notice all the great teams in the NFL typically draft the best player available and that is exactly what the Bucs did.

  42. Stevek Says:

    Bet Blount gets the same amount of carries Olsen gave h last year, what a dumbass OC we had lol.

  43. Stevek Says:

    BlOunt to FB?

    Good news, its not like he would have to “re-lean” a new position.

  44. Thomas2.2 Says:


    Dont pivot and change the argument bc you are losing,

    I didnt say they would get rid of Blount in the next 2 seasons – he is a very good, bc he is cheap, insurance policy if Martin gets hurt or struggles.

    If Martin doesn’t, Blount will be gone bc the team will offer him peanuts to stay.

  45. tylund Says:

    if blount doesn’t step up when his contract is up he is gone.

  46. Jrock(mobile) Says:

    I hate to say it but Thomas makes more sense on this one. Right now its Blounts jpn to lose, but we’ll see who works harder & does better in camp. I can see Blount spelling Martin and gaining huge chunks yardage. It would also set us up for perfect play action situations when Blount comes in if Martin turns out to be the bell cow.

    Either way it happens our offense is in a tremendous position. Can’t wait to see itcome to fruition

  47. Lion Says:

    Carlina drafted Jonathan Stewart early in the first round when they already had a stud DeAngelo Williams. Saints traded up and grabbed Ingram in the 1st round, when they already had Sproles and other good RB’s. Giant’s have done it, Chiefs have done it, Jags have done it, and the list goes on and on.

  48. Stevek Says:


    Didn’t Marshaun Lynch split carries with Fred Jackson in Buffalo?

    What about Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush?


    Both of our backs will get to play if they can perform. Simple as that.

    Cory Dillion and Kevin Faulk?

    Ben Tate and Arian Foster don’t split time?

    If Schiano wants to implement the ultimate ground and pound, then both backs will be used successfully.

    Dominick Rhodes and Joseph Addai.

  49. Lion Says:

    You are actually losing the argument I’ve already proved my point and what you are saying makes no sense. You didn’t disprove anything I said at all and you know I’m right.

  50. Lion Says:

    Exactly SteveK. You can’t have a ground pound running game with just 1 RB. Thomas is too stupid to figure that out.

  51. Stevek Says:

    We will see how motivating our new staff is, I hope Byner can get the best out of both of these two guys for years to come.

    Wonder if we trade Talib for a 2nd rounder tonight and get BPA?

    Very happy with our draft thus far. Barron is a warrior, and a *sure tackler*, something All-Test Fail wasn’t.

    We made a great pick, solidified safety with an *accountable* talented prospect.

  52. Stevek Says:

    The Fridge and Walter Payton successfully split time, not even at 50/50, but both were effective.

    Two RB’s are a must these days.

    We will never be Blumpkined again!

  53. J 2.0 Says:

    Martin = 20 – 25 carries a game. Blount = 5-10 carries a game. I rarely agree with Thomas, but he is right. Martin wasn’t taken to split time. Schiano didn’t refer to Martin as a 3 down back to split time.

  54. tylund Says:


    i think Blount might be the compliment now not martin.

  55. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Steve and Lion-

    If you 2 kids cant recognize how distinguishable those examples are – then no wonder you cant recognize why they traded up to draft Martin.

    It is great to go 2-headed at RB, like NYG and NE do with 2 incomplete low round backs. Or it is okay to draft 2 1st round RBs, like Carolina, 2 go 2-headed.

    It is NEVER okay to trade up into the first to get a complete RB, sign him to a 5 year 1st round contract, so he can complement or split carries with your UFA starting RB from the prior year where youwent 4-12, coach got fired, and completely new regime came in to trade up and acquirea first round RB.

    Lmao, on the floor, you guys are clueless. This has been fun, any other ridiculous theories. Maybe Gerald can play 17 games?

  56. J 2.0 Says:

    Thomas you are on a roll. But even if Gerald stays healthy for a complete season, he won’t play 17 games. I’ll bet my annual salary.

  57. Lion Says:

    It’s clear you have no clue what you are talking about Thomas. Just admit it bro.

  58. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I guess you are expecting playoffs.

    I meant 17 weeks, or 16 games – of course.

  59. Thomas2.2 Says:

    not expecting playoffs.

  60. Lion Says:

    Everything that you ever have to say on this site is something negative about the Bucs or that they are doing something wrong. How can you even call yourself a fan? You are the most pessimistic people on here.

  61. Lion Says:


  62. J 2.0 Says:

    Lion maybe people is correct. Multiple personality disorder is a real thing. Though be serious guys, Martin is going to get the bulk of the load. If they wanted a compliment to Blount, they would have drafted Miller in the second or James in the third. Schiano apparently intends to Ray Rice the hell out of Doug Martin.

  63. Thomas2.2 Says:

    You must be new to the site.

    I love the Schiano hiring and his coaching staff hirings, and also the free agent signings, love the Martin move and pick.

    I think that Barron will be a fine player, probably Dom’s first pro bowler – even though I disagree with trading back for so little to take a safety – even a good one.

    I love Ronde, Free, DJ, Pig Penn, Earnie Graham, Zuttah – love the DJ and Trueblood run block tandem. Clayborn and Bowers look like good picks.

    Shall I continue with positives?

  64. tylund Says:

    i think we should trade up for lavonte david

  65. J 2.0 Says:

    Also, Martin is a 23 year old 1st round RB pick. That is a little too old to be a backup out the gate.

  66. J 2.0 Says:

    I think we should trade up for Lavonte David too. But Josh Robinson would be nice too.

  67. Stevek Says:

    Hell yeah Martin is TE starter and weapon of choice. Blount is a 25-30% o the time change up.

  68. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Not to mention:

    Very little to be positive or fanatical about at 17-31 while not trying with the NFL’s lowest payroll and least qualified coach!

    Unless you believed in a 20 year rebuild of futility under the ragtime bc you have the patience of a Tibetan Monk.

    Some of these idiots actually bought into a rebuild that took us from 9-7 to 4-12 in 3 years. Lol

  69. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Let’s trade up for Levontae David so he can split time with Adam Heyward!


  70. J 2.0 Says:

    Although, call me crazy, if the Bucs have Lamar Miller land in their lap in the 3rd rd, maybe Blount becomes expendable.

  71. J 2.0 Says:

    I would still look for Josh Robinson. I am obviously a fan, if you have read some of my posts over the past few months.

  72. bucs55 Says:

    We should trade up in the 2nd and get levonte Davis still on the board

  73. tylund Says:

    it would probably cost us 4th and 5th

  74. tylund Says:

    if we want to keep our third that is

  75. Thomas2.2 Says:

    J 2.0 – I like miller also, but that would make us much sense as trading up for Martin to complement Blount.

    If it was next year and some defensive holes are filled -maybe.

    I think that they should explore trading Blount, he is cheap, likely to be a malcontent and somebody may be fooled by his hurdling defenders, might get a 4th or 5th round pick for him – in a year or 2 he will probably be gone for no compensation!

  76. Thinker Says:

    Me thinks Thomas doesn’t really believe in Schiano running an honest win-your-job ship. I suspect Thomas will turn on Schiano by Sept. 29

  77. J 2.0 Says:

    Josh Robinson is still available. Please keep slipping.

    Thomas, maybe I am not being clear. I like the Martin pick. He is the same size and nearly as versatile as Richardson. I was banging the drum for Richardson before the draft, but that was mostly out of a strong desire for the Bucs not to draft a SEVERELY OVERRATED Morris Claiborne. I think Doug Martin has serious Ray Rice potential. And please don’t bring up the fact that Ray Rice ran for 2000 yards in college. He carried the ball much, much more than Martin in college. Martin is about to carry the ball much, much more than Legarrette Blount.

  78. tylund Says:

    tampa traded up

  79. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Lavonte David

  80. Cmurda Says:

    Sanu? Need an LB though

  81. Thomas2.2 Says:


  82. tylund Says:

    lavonte david i assume

  83. J 2.0 Says:

    Like 11 posts are gone.

  84. J 2.0 Says:

    Ok my laptop was whack. Let’s get Robinson! We need CB so, so, so ,so ,so, bad!

  85. J 2.0 Says:

    I’ll take David though.

  86. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    to all those out there who may be concerned about what ESPN or NFL network says about who won or lost in the 1st round remeber not 1 of these kids played a single down in the NFL last year, who cares if ESPN or NFL network says we won or lost, we drafted 2 impact player and with our FA we signed we improved our team more than any other team in the league!!!!!!!!! stop talkin about who won or lost, or if Dom should be fired, i swear most of you would bitch if your ice cream was cold!!!!!! BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  87. J 2.0 Says:

    I’m good with Lavonte David. REAL GOOD!!!!

  88. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Perfect! we traded up for Adam Heyward’s complement at OLB.


  89. Cmurda Says:


  90. Big Picture Guy Says:


  91. TBone47 Says:

    Thomas what’s with the hate of Blount? In 2 seasons he’s only ran for 1788 yards on 385 carries and a 4.6 yd avg. Yeah they should bench him thats awful. stop the hate

  92. Thomas2.2 Says:

    David is a good player – but he is a classic Will Backer.

    No way Foster stays at Middle? That was a debacle!

  93. J 2.0 Says:

    And Joe, future article, Gruden just said “the Bucs are having, I think, the best draft…” Emphatically I might add.

  94. Thomas2.2 Says:

    What did we give up to move up?

  95. Cmurda Says:

    I heard our 3rd and our 4th. Sounds high. Somebody confirm

  96. Lion Says:

    That’s not high at all, the 4th round pick we had was a pick we never even started with. It was a late 4th rounder. That’s nothing for getting the guy they wanted.

  97. Lion Says:

    Ok Thomas, we’re cool bro.

  98. Lion Says:

    Oh and Go rays!!!

  99. Cmurda Says:

    Yeah you’re right. I was thinking our natural 4th. And Yes, that’s what it was. What a great pick! I’ll sacrifice any 4th all day long for the potential DB clone.

  100. J 2.0 Says:

    Yes! Lion! Thank You! It is Rays season and they are kicking ass tonight!!!

  101. Lion Says:


  102. Bobby Says:

    Thomas, what you are saying makes absolutely no sense at all. The Bucs were going to take Martin in round 2 anyway, they just traded up to assure the pick. As far as not having a first round pick share the load….tell that to Carolina who has two of them sharing the load. Blount will certainly be getting his fair share of the carries and if he improves in his blocking skills it will be a tandom like Stewart/Williams.