Bruce Arians Has No Doubt Tom Brady Will Be Back

August 20th, 2022

Tom Brady intel.

You wanna get people to stick around after halftime of a garbage preseason game (sorry for the redundancy)? Make sure the guy who won the franchise’s last Super Bowl and is still working for the team shows up in the broadcast booth in the third quarter.

And that’s just what former Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians did as he appeared in the WFLA-TV Channel 8 booth with Chris Myers and Rondé Barber tonight.

Myers asked Arians if he was confident that vacationing Tom Brady would return to the Bucs. Arians said he had zero doubts Brady would be back.

Chris Myers: There isn’t any doubt in your mind — Todd Bowles confirmed this — [Brady] will not be there for the regular season?

Bruce Arians: Not the slightest. Not the slightest.

So that is three prominent Bucs in the past two days who all said Brady will be back. Todd Bowles, Logan Ryan and now Arians.

Of course, Arians was interviewed before potential starting left guard Aaron Stinnie blew out his knee.

Joe guesses if Brady was watching the game on NFL+, he tossed his avocado ice cream all over Gisele’s white tiger rug when he saw Stinnie carted off.

42 Responses to “Bruce Arians Has No Doubt Tom Brady Will Be Back”

  1. Rod Munch Says:

    If Brady wasn’t coming back, the entire team would be in panic mode right now and you’d hear all sorts of rumors about who the Bucs are trying to trade for. We haven’t heard any of that because they know Brady is coming back. Brady, from his side, I just can’t see him quitting in the preseason unless something was physically wrong with him, and from everything I heard, it sounded like he was fine and his arm was rifling in balls.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Of course he will be back…..was there ever any doubt?……shouldn’t have been……
    Do you think for one second that Brady would totally ruin his legacy by quitting on a team right before the season begins?

  3. Frank Pillow Says:

    There’s just too much drama and bad injury luck right now…plus it didn’t feel good to watch the Titans absolutely maul us out there tonight. Sure it’s just the preseason, but we were definitely out-muscled at every phase. Throw in the TB12 stuff, the way Bruce was bounced, Todd’s uninspiring stint in NY and it sure feels like the wheels could come off at any moment.

  4. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Rod Munch. Brady is very smart and knows about self preservation. He’s not gonna get himself killed, especially if the team won’t make the commitment to protect him. Every fan and analyst who hate Brady are salivating at the fact that he will end his career on his back this year. Unfortunately, with the current state of our OL, it might just happen. He should’ve retired after the SB win. Not many players get to go out on top. He won post Belichick. He had nothing to prove after that point. Elway did it the right way

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    Bucsfan13 – You think the team isn’t going to do whatever Brady wants? LOL!

    OMG, the level of dramaqueen around here is insane.

  6. T REX Says:

    o line is in trouble

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Licht will take care of business….period.

  8. Kody Says:

    Brady will be back. The huge question is what will he be coming back to. An OL that can’t protect him??

    Can’t believe the Bucs didn’t grab Tretter to protect their #1 asset, Brady.

    The thought of Brady spending his last season getting sacked and mauled can’t be too motivating for him. So not surprised he’s off trying to have a little family fun before he gets pulverized every week for 5 months.

  9. Colonel Angus Says:

    Damn these comment sections have been taken over by the mentally weak. Game over man!

  10. Bird Says:


    I agree. We have all these new poster names. And people are losing their mother loving lives. We literally have crazy people on here. Almost crying in their posts. I mean is trask to the future still alive? Dang 5 year olds. Again , we have the worst fans . IQs around 20. Yah yah brady is on the masked singer.

  11. LakelandSteve Says:

    Hopefully Licht can pull off some type of 11’th hour miracle and get us an offensive lineman who can come right in and start. Tough task but either in free agency or a trade pick up an interior lineman. Can J.C. Tretter play guard or bring him in to play center and move Hainsey to guard. Something, anything at all.

  12. Goatfarmer Says:

    Geezie probably had Brady doing house chores all evening and didn’t let him watch the game. Of course they’re in New Zealand or Lower Labiastan or somewhere, but still – keep the nose to Geezie’s grindstone, Tom. Your the greatest football player to ever step on a field, so it’s time you let Geezie call all the shots. You’ve earned it.

  13. JimmyJack Says:

    The one thing thats not sitting well with me is last week they said Brady will be back after Tennesse. Now all the sudden the goalposts are moving? Now its before the season?

  14. AB Says:


    Elway had been toast for years and rode TD off into the sunset.

    Same with Manning – hell, he didn’t even start when healthy over a scrub that season for several games.

    Brady was still in prime condition – way easier to ‘leave on top’ when your game has visibly deteriorated so much that you are a shell of your former self vs you are still playing at a MVP-like level.

    What I don’t get is why isn’t there more of an expose of the TB12 method and AG – a lot of the team is on it and working with him, right? Football is a violent game and injuries afflict every team but they sure seem to have a ton of serious injuries over an almost 2-year period.

  15. kyle Says:

    forget brady.. at this point who is going to be blocking up front??? tkras, fat donovan, and ian beckles??? jesus the injuries are ridiculous.

  16. kyle Says:

    oh well, time to start watching preseason basketball. im quitting the bucs

  17. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @AB. Yes, but why wait until you wind up playing like trash. The cliff comes fast. He could’ve easily left the game in good physical condition. The team employs well paid trainers for the players. Guerrero is Brady’s personal trainer. It’s been working for Brady for many years because he’s so well disciplined. That can’t be said for other players. The team needs to find new trainers, but they don’t need to hire Guerrero. His focus should be on Tom only.

  18. Jerry Says:

    The Bucs have been throwing around all sorts of words and half-truths concerning Brady’s absence. So I don’t trust any of what they say right now. Actions speak louder than words. The fact there is absolutely NOTHING from Brady’s camp despite increasing rumors is concerning.

  19. Kody Says:

    Man, the Bucs have bad luck. Two starting OL lineman seriously injured in camp/preseason? At this injury rate, there won’t be anyone left to play by midseason.

  20. Gus Says:

    Something about the way the coaches have been answering this question tells me they are not certain about anything and they are panicking internally.

    I don’t buy what they are selling and something is up.

  21. Goatfarmer Says:

    Time to start night drinking.

  22. Goatfarmer Says:

    And, BA – please subtly save the face of your appointee by quietly coming back to run the team. It’s looking like a whole dump truck of turd is going to empty on Todd, who you wanted to set up for success. A 5-12 season and excuses doesn’t equal that. Todd needs to go have the growth from his stomach removed, that surgery will require an interim head coach for many weeks. Time to make it happen.

  23. captivajim Says:

    bowles is NOT smart enough to be head coach ….and –he does not communicate too well .. the titans HC came on the field to see what happen & began applause when Stinnie was put on cart -not bowles !!!

    he is in over his head —that’s why Arians is ON the practice field Everyday

    things have to change –otherwise we will not make the playoffs!!!

  24. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Jerry. Have you not followed Tom’s entire career? He rarely responds to anything. He just doesn’t. Him not responding is not concerning at all. He’s spoken to the team. They know what’s going on. That’s what matters. He doesn’t owe the media or fans anything. Stop being entitled.

  25. Crickett Baker Says:

    Brady has a contract. He will be back “exactly after the Titan game.” How long after is what nobody states. The defense played as badly as the offense. Mistackles abounded. I think my high school Plant Panthers could have beaten the Bucs tonight.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I’m gonna post this because I haven’t heard the term used, not even last year, when AB did that ROC A WEAR exit …cray-cray, ungrateful, stupid, Prima Donna is the term I would use ….don’t get upset with the messenger cause it is what it is …..This whole I want a vacation in the middle of training camp thing is the Ultimate Prima Donna Moves one can make!

  27. sasquatch Says:

    Whatever the hell all this absence has been, the team has done a p!ss-poor job of communicating about it. It’s no wonder people are coming up with theories and suspicions that he may not be returning.

    If it was indeed pre-planned, then why on earth would they not have communicated to the media in advance of the absence, if for no other reason than to squash the speculation?

  28. sasquatch Says:

    captivajim Says:
    August 21st, 2022 at 12:45 am

    bowles is NOT smart enough to be head coach

    That’s ph0uecking stupid. He’s well known for being a smart guy. Hmmmm, I wonder why you may be thinking he’s not smart enough… Could it be… Hmmmm, I can’t imagine what might make one think this particular person isn’t smart enough… What might it be?

    Perhaps you are NOT smart enough to comment on a football thread.

  29. Bird Says:


    Triggered bunny lass sas. As always. So sensitive. Always goes to the same conclusion every time cause well we all know why

  30. HC Grover Says:

    Brady will be back but…if he get hurt the Bucs are done for this year. Gabbert is mediocre and Trask looks like a lost cause.

  31. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Good against good (some starters playing) score 0-0

  32. Jeff Says:

    LMAO! Duh, ok! Bucs are panicking. He ain’t coming back.

  33. orlbucfan Says:

    The problem is the OL, punt coverage and Leftwich’s first down play calling. Someone really needs to hit that guy in the head to rattle his brains.

  34. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Bowles mishandled the whole leave of absence badly. BA was direct and left no room for speculation. Brady informed them they he needed to take a leave of absence and will return after the preseason against the Titans. That’s all Bowles had to say to the media when asked. I had no doubt Brady would be back next week.

  35. GOB Says:

    Why ask BA? The HC the GM and owners are the only ones that should be commenting on this. This only furthers speculation that Bowles isn’t in command. If Arians truly wants Bowles to succeed, stay away from the mic.

  36. PSK Bucs Fan Says:

    When Brady is back he will make the line better, wait and see. He has had inexperienced interior lineman before and made it work.

  37. Mark A Swygert Says:

    I’m tired of the whining about Leftwich’s “predictable” play-calling this pre-season. Vanila play calls are exactly what you should expect in the preseason I hope we run it up the middle on nearly every first down against the Colts, so that when we go play-action against the Cowboys in the first game that actually counts , it will work and somebody will come up wide open. If we remain predictable in the regular season, then you have reason to whine. I think they are putting expectations on film to elicit a desired response from the opposition. Some of you guys seem to think this is still the bad old days when our team culture required us to “learn how to win”.

  38. DBS Says:

    Bucsfan13. You were on her spouting off you had a feeling he was not going to be our QB in 2022. Quit trying to tell people different now. Want to go back to the archives?

  39. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @DBS Yes please check the archives. I’ve been steadfast in my belief that Tom was entitled to his privacy and is committed to this team.

  40. DBS Says:


  41. DBS Says:

    BucsFan13. I will not print them all. Go back to Aug 5, 2022 9:47am when you state I predicted he would not play. Many more also.

  42. David Says:

    I really don’t understand why this is even a story. They said he’s taking a couple weeks off for personal reasons… Why isn’t that the end of it?
    I know it’s weird but why does there have to be constant speculation even to the point that he may never return? That seems ridiculous to me.

    Besides, since Arians has taken over, this organization has been extremely straightforward and doesn’t BS, they tell it like it is.

    I’d be surprised if he’s not back to play a little bit in the last preseason game