Todd Bowles (Now) Knows When Tom Brady Will Return

August 20th, 2022

Tom Brady update?

So it was all over the interwebs yesterday that Bucs coach Todd Bowles knows just when Tom Brady will reappear at One Buc Palace.

The trick is, Bowles isn’t saying.

Bowles, via Myles Simmons of Pro Football Talk, says he knows “exactly” when Brady will return, although Simmons also shared a post behind a paywall that says Bowles acknowledges that this exact time could change.  Bowles isn’t showing the rest of his poker hand, however, and in so many words, suggested Bucs fans looking for their belts and shoelaces can relax.

In fact, Simmons quoted  Bowles as being somewhat perplexed by the freakout because he’s not worried.

(Todd, we’re talking about the greatest quarterback of all time. If he doesn’t return, the Bucs’ Super Bowl chances are pretty much up in smoke. Of course fans are going to freak if Brady bolts like this in the middle of training camp, an unprecedented move by a franchise quarterback.)

Bowles said Thursday he didn’t know when Brady would return and coaches were not in contact with him. Then Friday he said he knows exactly, though that seems changeable.

So what happened in that roughly 24-hour span? Did Brady text Bowles with an update? Or did Bowles mistakenly give an answer Thursday that wasn’t quite right?

73 Responses to “Todd Bowles (Now) Knows When Tom Brady Will Return”

  1. Jeff Says:

    It’s called Bowles is lying his ass off and has no idea if Brady is ever coming back. He’s not, btw. It’s a Bucs Life!

  2. FrontFour Says:

    The only reason this has become a thing is 1. It’s never happened before and 2. the Bucs and Brady have created this smoke screen and it keeps changing. Don’t need to know where he is, just the schedule. Why all the games.

  3. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    LOL, some say Brady is on the game show “The Masked Singer”, the same on Gronk was on.
    I guess as soon as he is unmasked, he will return, LOL

  4. NCBucfan Says:

    Yeah Chris, Lol

    The whole situation is odd, and opens the door for plenty of speculation. The fact that Brady or his team haven’t released any kind of short statement just makes it stranger and stranger!

  5. dmatt Says:

    Com on people! We’re talking the GOAT, a person with that title along would never abandon, abort, or rebel against his team. Let me put it in layman’s term…don’t get it twisted, this is a TB subject matter, n not an AB.

  6. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    I would think a publicly released schedule would have been a basic courtesy.

  7. SB~LV Says:

    Well it’ll have to be something family related
    If not

  8. allen Lofton Says:

    Bowles answer could mean it’s not media’s place to question decisions made between a player and coach

  9. PA Buc Fan Says:

    It does seem to be true he is working in the masked singer. Everything seems to line up for that to be where he is at. Do you think this will create issues with his teammates? Will there be jealousy that he skipped 2 weeks of training camp for something of this nature? Hopefully he told the ones that need to know prior to camp starting and they are all understanding. This team doesn’t need distractions with the schedule they have especially the first month of the season.

  10. Listnfrmafar Says:

    The Mask Singer makes 100% perfect sense. Correct until he is revealed he can’t leave the show. That’s why no exact date.


    Jeff needs to take up another hobby.

  12. orlbucfan Says:

    Who cares? I’m more concerned with Gabbert. Go Bucs!!

  13. 99 55 47 20 Says:

    Jeff is lost lol


    The name of the Pitcher for the KC Royals that started against the RAYS last night?

    Brady Singer.

    Um…. really?

  15. geno711 Says:

    Stroud always has been in on more Buc’s inside stuff than anyone else. He does not write to be interesting like the Joes. He reports stuff that he knows for certain.

    I do give the Joe’s credit for the Bruce Arians story over Rick Stroud though.
    Fun fact: Joe was the first to report the Bucs had hired a head coach in 2019 and the date it would be announced, and that Joe expected it to be Bruce Arians. Stroud was among other media types who were ranting on Twitter that it was fake news. In fact, it was dead on accurate to the day. –Joe

  16. geno711 Says:

    Just got censored again.

    This time for mentioning the football writer of the Tampa Bay Times.

  17. jehzsa Says:

    Inside info.

    The Real Househusbands of Tampa Bay.

    Have to go into hiding now…

  18. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Told you. Bowles was perturbed at the question when he said he didn’t know. Practice with the Tites had just ended. Lenny just jacked Simmons jaw and immediately someone hits him with the Brady crap. You could see his body language. He obviously had other things on his mind.

  19. Razor Ramone Says:

    You don’t call someone a liar, particularly when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  20. John5 Says:

    There are a lot of sites reporting that Brady is possibly on the Masked Singer, which sucks if it’s true. The main selling points are:

    – his absence timing lines up with the filming of the show
    – he likely signed a contract to do the show when he retired, and then unretired, but still has the contract
    – he signed a contract with Fox to be a broadcaster as well, and the Masked Singer is on Fox

    If the above is true, prepare to throw some more fuel on the AB crybaby fire.


    ^^ Actually John, if that all ends up being true for the reasons you stated…. A Fox commitment that was signed when he was retired….

    With ALL of the DOOM & GLOOM on here for the past 10 days….

    If THAT actually ends up being true?? It’s a fricking relief. WAY the hell better than all of the other scenerios we have to read on here.

    And may be why Todd, Jason & the players seem so unconcerned.


    Razor Ramone Says:
    “You don’t call someone a liar, (Jeff), particularly when you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    Agreed. Todd Bowles deserves a hell of a lot more respect than that.

    I agree with Kentucky Buc above. Todd was just annoyed about the flare up with Simmons, at the time.

  23. Chris K Says:

    Jeff, will you be here when he does return or will you be like the fools who hid and changed their names after the 2020 championship that said it would never happen? I would bet it’s you that doesn’t come back and it would be chalked up to another “it’s a trolls life”

  24. SB~LV Says:

    How long does it take for a sex change operation?

  25. beano Says:

    Total lack of respect by Brady for his team and fans.

    Same lack of respect in talking to the Dolphins while playing for the Bucs.

    What an assclown.

  26. lambchop Says:

    I would find it odd that Brady would be on the Masked Singer knowing it would eat into getting acquainted with new players and potentially a ‘last season’ with a very tough schedule.

    It’s not that Brady needs time with the new players, it’s the new players that need time with Brady. Timing and understanding where the WR should expect the ball to be thrown under tight coverage are things Brady is very particular about.

  27. CrackWise Says:

    TRASK > Brady at this point in their careers.

    When Brady returns, he will announce this is his last season playing. This way all you nutcases will lay off his nuts.

    This Time next year, Trask won’t be feeling the pressure of life without Brady. Yall jack wagons have failed to see the win win for all involved here. Including you, the “fan”. Everyone should be getting on the Trask Band wagon. Everything is setting up so perfect for him next season!

  28. Duane Says:

    The staff and players can put any spin they want on the situation, but it is a distraction. If its really not a big deal, why all the secrecy? The greatest player of all time comes out of retirement, misses time in training camp, says nothing to the large media and fan base that covers him, and we are supposed to believe he is all in? To me, this seems like typical TB behavior for avoiding accountability. Did he deflate footballs during a recent playoff run? Is he cooperating with an investigation in Miami? Is he so concerned with that situation coming to light that he wants to bury his head in the sand? Hope he spent a bit of a time figuring out a way to not look so pedestrian against the Saints. First four games are tough- could get nasty in a hurry. TB12 singing and dancing in a banana suit is not a recipe for success in the NFL preseason. Typically a Bucs Life…

  29. WillieG Says:

    It’s probably something as simple as him having unbreakable commitments that he made during his brief retirement. The Bucs and Brady didn’t say anything about it sooner because that would’ve meant months of speculation about his commitment to the game.

  30. Captain Oblivious Says:

    beano = Ndog with better grammar.

    Why is everybody getting so worked up about Brady’s absence? It was pre-arranged with the team before he un-retired. He will be back next week chomping at the bit to play football. By the end of week 4 he will lead the league in passing and all of this drama will be forgotten.

  31. CrackWise Says:

    Do all of you start speculating and gossiping about your coworkers when the take time off work?

    Yall are a bunch of girls on here with nothing better to talk about.

    There is nothing secret about what is going on. It’s just you want to know more, and people are telling you to mind your own business PROFESSINALLY.

    The only distraction coming from all of this is you people constantly crying about something that is out of your control.

    For those of us in the know. We know Brady and that he is committed. He will be back because coach told us so. The only focus is on getting ourselves/team better each day.

    “The least of our worries is Brady”.

    I know yall won’t stop till you see him back. BUT DAMM YALL ARE SOME FEMALE DOGS.

  32. BucBoy Says:

    “CrackWise Says: TRASK > Brady at this point in their careers.”

    Could be.

    Brady basically did not play at all his first season with the Patriots, playing in only 1 game and throwing 1 pass in 3 attempts for a grand 6 yards.

    In seasons 2, 3, and 4, Brady had RTGs of 86, 85, and 85, very average and nowhere near GOAT numbers.

    It was in his 5TH SEASON that Brady took off. Good thing Patriots fans were patient. I don’t see that in the FSU-infested Bucs fanbase.

  33. BucBoy Says:

    By the way, guess which NFL quarterback had the lowest quarterback rating in the 2021 season? Yep, Justin Fields, the 2021 draft darling of Joe and many Bucs fans. LMAO.

  34. CrackWise Says:

    Well, you made that point better than I did. Much appreciated.

    I am just trying to highlight the positive take aways from this situation. And make fun of the Karens out there.

    So, additionally I would add that the value of Trask on the team, as a young and promising QB under TB12 and now, for a time, without TB12. Makes him more valuable than Brady long term. Sure, on paper Brady gives us the best chance to win NOW.

    Anyone denying what Trask did in collage is missing out on an outstanding record breaking QB that is on our roster. If he was throwing to NFL level talent in collage and lit it up. Imagine what he will do with ACTUAL NFL receivers. AND he will have 3 of the game’s best for at least 2 years. HOPEFULLY, Sterns sticks around cause him and Trask look so good together. ADD our young TEs and yeah.

    Can’t wait to see what Kyle “The Marksman” Trask can do. If he starts this year, I have no doubt that he will keep us in games and not cost us games with Pick 6s at the worst possible times.

  35. Goatfarmer Says:

    Better give Griffin some snaps. Just in case.

  36. SOEbuc Says:

    Been the dumbest question from the beginning. Pretty sure the Bucs knew when he was coming back to the field and likely was having zoom meetings with players and coaches the way Tom is.

  37. SPARKY Says:

    The woman that started the Mask Singer story has already admitted that she was just trying to be funny. Any of you people that believe Brady would leave his team for that are not football fans. Do you know what would be going on if people knew where Tom is? I bet TMZ already has jerks climbing the mountains looking for the Brady family.

  38. BucBoy Says:

    I would also add that the lowest QBR of all NFL quarterbacks in the 2021 season belonged to 2021 draft darling Justin Fields, beloved so by the Bucs fanbase. LMAO.

  39. Richard Dickson Says:

    Yeah, the Masked Singer thing is making more and more sense.

  40. RPK Says:

    Joe failed BIG TIME with this story

    The site has been a joke for the past few days.

    The absurd speculation that TB12 would pull an AB and quit weeks before the season?


    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.


    But that doesn’t mean Joe had to become worse than the tabloids / TMZ and triple down on an absurd theory without telling the readers how unlikely that theory is.

    Joe couldn’t write one sentence detailing how absurd and improbable it would be for TOM BRADY to quit on his team weeks before the season.

    It would have tamped down the DOOM and GLOOM.

    BUT this would not have been good for CLICKS!

    Honestly, I didn’t see people like Skip Bayless or Colin Cowherd go to Joe’s depths of speculation for clicks. It was just too dumb of a theory, even for those clowns.

    Joe took the bait, and his readers along with him.

    You lost a tremendous amount of your credibility with me.

    Clicks > Facts over here at JBF.

  41. beano Says:


    You missed this part of Joe’s post: “Simmons also shared a post behind a paywall that says Bowles acknowledges that this exact time could change.”

    It’s not as settled as you make it.

  42. Capt.Tim Says:

    “Tom Brady is out on personnel leave, and will return on xxxx. The team was aware of this.”

    That statement would not affect Brady, and would solve all the unrest among fans. No problem. Absolutely no reason not to.
    Unless you dont know when or if Brady will return.
    Its really that simple.

  43. Mikejp Says:

    Bucboy and Crackwise do not understand the Stats and How to win a football game. The most important stats is the win percentage over average replacement. In his first year, Brady led the Patriots to the SB while his replaced Probowl and current most expensive QB had a lost season and a 0-2 season. In Football history, there is no such QB. Thousands of QBs has been trying but only Brady achieved that, so the chance to have another Tom Brady in Trask is less than 0.1%. Only idiots take the 0.1%.

  44. BucBoy Says:

    “Mikejp Says: In his first year, Brady led the Patriots to the SB”

    In his first year, Brady played in 1 game, threw 3 passes, completed 1 pass. LMAO

  45. Oneilbuc Says:

    Brady first year was the Patriots had a great defense and the Patriots was a defense lead team for the first 5 years with Brady.

  46. BucBoy Says:

    Further, Mike, lots of mediocre quarterbacks have taken their TEAM to the Super Bowl. It’s a TEAM game. It’s time you learned that.

  47. BucBoy Says:

    “Goatfarmer Says: Better give Griffin some snaps. Just in case.”

    Anyone but Trask, right, Goathumper?

  48. Duane Says:

    The Brady apologists are the most worried. You cry about the coverage of his absence when you can just move on and not post. This is the greatest player of all time- there will always be coverage and speculation. This is unusual for Brady, and it is a meritable discussion. TB12 is just a man, with his own issues and failings. His message has been inconsistent and unclear since the beginning of this year, and continues. Give him a pass if you choose. Save the nonsense notion that his continued behavior is some kind of excusable misunderstanding. TB12 has better PR people on these forums than in his real life. Even more sad.

  49. Hal Says:

    TB12 will return but I am not too sure how committed he is going to be. No Gronk, 3 new interior linemen, a fat Fox contract waiting in the wings. At any rate a not all in Tom is still better than most. We need to ride the horse this year as I am pretty sure this is the last hurrah. Leftwich will get a head job next year and we will have a defensive minded head coach, a new QB and probably without several others who are on 1 year deals.

  50. rob20819 Says:

    Just a shot in the dark, but maybe Tom and Giselle are out of the country adopting a child in Ukraine. It’s required that you fly there to finish the adoption. That takes time, thus the 10 day time frame. Any problems and delays can occur, so Bowles knows where he’s at and sort of kind of when he should return. Adopting another child could be Giselle’s request if he wanted to unretire. Also makes perfect sense as to why no one in the organization is in the least bit concerned that he won’t be back…

  51. rob20819 Says:

    …and why he’s hasn’t been spotted out and about.

  52. CrackWise Says:


    No one is crying about Brady not being here other than those speculating as to his whereabouts. You literally make our point in your next sentence. “This is the greatest player of all time- there will always be coverage and speculation”.

    Just because we chose to listen to the coach and GM vs speculate to the worst-case scenario. (“He will be back in a couple of weeks, and he is the last player we are worried about”.) Does not mean that we are ignoring the possibility of the worst-case scenario. In fact, we are projecting and considering are other options and being positive about them.

    Honestly, the entire thing has been so far blown out of proportion that the ladies of the night are beginning to blush

  53. GOB Says:

    Why all the secrecy? Brady knows this is a bad look. It’s been confirmed that his family is healthy. It’s been confirmed that the team knew about this in advance, and approved it. This is a distraction. The only way this absence would be warranted, would be if a family member was sick, or his marriage is in serious trouble.

    This just shows the degree to which Brady controls the organization. Do you think Bill Belichick would approve an absence simply because Brady’s wife wanted him home? The bucs have sold their souls to Brady. No one player is above the team. This isn’t the NBA. Brady could give two poops about the heath of the organization. The company line on this is wearing thin. GOB thinks they protest too much. Everything is fine, nothing to see here. If they get off to a slow start, this absence will be blamed, right wrong, or indifferent.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    All this panic about nothing.

  55. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    GOB Says
    “Why all the secrecy? Brady knows this is a bad look.”

    Is it really? I don’t think so. The man wanted alone time with his family and to talk to Gronk.

    The ‘look’ doesn’t matter. He’s the best ever and he’s planning to come back. If he wasn’t, we would see our backups getting a lot more work than they are…and Bowles would name the starter for team stability.

    You, my friend, are a victim of the media frenzy. It’s giving them all something to talk about…but it is all talk. Just relax and this will be over within a week or less.

  56. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    It isn’t really a distraction. The team and players all probably know the truth of it…and they are just focused on doing their jobs. When Brady comes back, he’ll take full command and give the team focus.

    A two-week vacation. That’s all it is…and he’s been here for all the other stuff.

    Really not a big deal.

  57. Buczilla Says:

    Brady could be playing checkers with chimpanzees for all I care as long as we win another superbowl this year, but he does look like an a$$ and this is setting a horrible example for young players throughout the league. No doubt, some other superstar player is going to wave his balls about in the future and decide to take off time in training camp just to show that he can.

  58. Capt.Tim Says:

    “No big deal” ??
    3 new Oline men. 2 new WRs, new RBs.
    And “The hardest working, most detailed oriented QB in the league” just takes off for a couple weeks?
    Even though he had the same vacation time as everyone else?
    And the head coach knows, doest know, knows when he will come back?

    Yeah- this is unpresidented. No starting QB( player) has ever done this before.
    It is definitely huge deal.

  59. CrackWise Says:


    Only if said player has an agreement in place prior to signing. Otherwise, those balls will get kicked.

    Honestly, WHY IS NO ONE LISTENING TO THE COACH AND GM. This was all prearranged and it is NONE of our business as to why.

    Yall are making me not like Brady because he is cause everyone to show how fickle everyone really is.

    No wonder people think Biden is some modern era, George Washington. They blindly ignore the facts that are right in front of them. In favor of what “the talking heads” tell them. GROW UP AMERICA

  60. BucsfanFred Says:

    As far as I’m concerned, we don’t need him back till after the Indy game. after that we need to prepare for Dallas.

  61. BucsfanFred Says:

    Let Trask and Gabbert take the lumps while that line gels

  62. Hail2dabucs Says:

    YOU ALL need to chill out . This is the greatest QB to lace them up & at 45 years young he could have stayed retired . You understand that right ? So what would you rather have as a.bucs fan , brady for sure gone to retirement ? Or would you rather have the bucs & brady work out some agreement & he misses just a few pre season games & part of training camp ? I’d much rather have brady and the team clicking on all cylinders by mid season than not . Everyone slow your roll . The man is coming back & we will be right there towards the end again . Go bucs

  63. T REX Says:

    The part where it could move is disconcerting.

    We’ve never seen this before so there should be concern.

    Weird stuff for sure.

  64. 99 55 47 20 Says:

    At least our QB didn’t encourage kids to take hallucinogens like that playoff chokin cheesehead clown

  65. Rod Munch Says:

    Of course Bowles knows when Brady is coming back.

    If you think fans would freak out if Brady isn’t coming back, think about all the coaches that will soon be out of a job if you have a former SB level team being quarterbacked by Blaine Gabbert and goes 6-11.

    The fact the team isn’t trying, desperately, to trade for QB tells you everything. There’s still a few out there, including Garoppolo, that the Bucs would be trying to land. How the cap would work, I have no idea, but they’d figure it out.

  66. Goatfarmer Says:

    Buczilla, brilliant!

    “Brady could be playing checkers with chimpanzees for all I care”

    LMAO that is poetry my friend.

  67. George Says:

    Still think there is a greater than 50 Percent chance Brady does not return.

    Hopefully , Blaine Gabbert can be a serviceable starter this year.

  68. Buczilla Says:

    Lol, thnx Goatfarmer.

  69. Allbuccedup Says:

    Maybe make some money a start a book series Where’s Brady.

  70. Richard Dickson Says:

    If he’d said “I’m taking two weeks off to film The Masked Singer,” there goes the whole point of the show. And since it’s a competition, there’s no telling how long he’d be on it. It depends on the audience vote. He could be there for one taping, he could be there ’til the finals.

    I’m thinking he agreed to do it while he was retired, then un-retired, tried to see if he could get out of his Masked Singer contract, and when he found out he couldn’t, that’s when we heard “Hey, Brady’s going away for two weeks.”

    All speculation, of course, but it checks out.

  71. Smashsquatch Says:

    Brady will be back soon enough. His absence allows Gabbert & Trask much needed reps; while the Goat gets to rest his body & brain. Seventeen games plus playoffs is a grind, at 45 yrs old you want him to have as much recess as he wants. Preseason is all about finding your bench. I see his hiatus as a win win.

  72. Allbuccedup Says:

    Yeah he needs to rest his body with virtually no o-line.

  73. Alvafan Says:

    It’s just not like Brady to sacrifice his preparation time this close to the season starting. He has made his name for being on top of every detail. Reps are extremely important to him. Is there any player more focused on winning than Tom Brady? Has all of those things become not important in this his last season He’s going out winging it? Hoping that serendipity replaces a career of precision detail? If he comes back and doesn’t miss a beat. The prevailing hope of the whole Bucs organization. Then what was the big deal for the last 20+ years?Maybe he has evolved and all that focus to detail has became unnecessary. We shall see.