Brady Gets What Brady Wants

October 24th, 2020

“Jason Licht doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to sign Clay Matthews. Trust me.”

There is no question that if not for park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting Bucs quarterback Tom Brady, nutcase/cancer Antonio Brown would not be with the Bucs.

Judy Batista of writes that for Brown to be just a good, productive teammate and not be a cancer and/or a quitting diva who just may try to torpedo the team to get his way, one must fully ignore a track record that makes offsides-jumping, Lightning-trolling, belly-shirt-wearing, practice-hating, kicker-heckling, tree-grinding , non-contact-football-loving, chicken-wings-grilling, playing-time-squawking, TV-cooking-star, half-sack slob Swaggy Baker look like a Derrick Brooks.

But most confusing is why a team like the Bucs, which is so clearly aiming for a Super Bowl, is willing to take on one of the most combustible people in the game, even if it would satisfy the star quarterback. It’s worth remembering that when last Brown was regularly in the news, he had forced his way out of Pittsburgh, suffered a foot injury from cryotherapy, refused to practice with the Raiders because of a dispute over his helmet, nearly got into a fight with the Raiders general manager Mike Mayock, forced his way out of the Raiders and then had his brief stay in New England before the Patriots released him as the troubling allegations surfaced and the league’s investigation loomed.

The big reason Jay Glazer shared last night is injuries. The Bucs are banged up at receiver with both Mike Evans and Chris Godwin hobbled all year.

Joe is suspicious that Evans and Godwin may be more hurt than the Bucs are letting on.

Joe doesn’t know why people are so convinced that all of a sudden, Brown will straighten up and fly right. Joe read on social media last night people suggesting that Brown can’t freak out like he has in his last three stops because of the culture the Bucs have.

Wait a minute. The Rooney clan in Pittsburgh doesn’t have a culture? Mike Mayock (a Bill Parcells guy) and Chucky don’t know how to build a winning culture? Bill Belicheat doesn’t have a culture? Odd.

Does Joe hope — there’s that disgusting four-letter word again — Brown will become a model citizen with the Bucs? Of course! But Joe also wouldn’t bet $5 on it happen.

Joe has noticed people saying Brady will keep Brown in line. Why should Joe believe that? Isn’t Brady already 0-1 in making sure Brown behaves?

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  1. BD Says:

    I think Byron Leftwich might have had a little to do with it also,.they were teammates at Pittsburg no?

  2. lambchop Says:

    I just hope the GM and HC have the balls to dump AB the minute he acts up. Given our salary cap, this signing is for peanuts and I’m hoping that keeps that trigger finger itchy the minute he does something to torpedo our locker room.

    If Brady doesn’t like it, he can go to another team next year. The Super Bowl isn’t more important than selling out to Tom Brady on his farewell tour.

    If it works out, great, but I’m not counting on it. AB has mental health issues.

  3. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Maybe Brown’s issues stem from a concussion he suffered with Steelers, maybe the man has psychological issues, whatever it is, he loves Brady and he chose Brady over R Wilson of Seahawks.

    Bucs are in win now mode- they’re not winning SB with both starting WR out or ineffective. If it doesn’t work, they’ll cut him.
    Nothing like Buc drama…

  4. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Brady & Belichek both the GOATS loved AB in NE; obv brady has a relationship and knows AB; great move for pennies. AB would have stayed in NE if not for the alleged stuff that came up. Lose OJ replace with AB; bucs go all in with an suited 89 lets see in February

  5. Aaron Says:

    I believe the rape allegation happened before his time with the Patriots – really not fair to say Brady failed to keep him in line.

    I think the Bucs will give AB a very short leash, but it is a “Bad Look” for the organization to say the least.

    Crossing my fingers that AB has grown up and just plays. Hopefully, this will also allow Evans to take some time off and get right.

  6. Jerry Says:

    Why so much hate? If he works out, great. The second he becomes a problem, we’ll drop him immediately. We signed him for peanuts with likely a behavior clause. This has zero risk.

  7. Steven007 Says:

    Joe, I don’t think anyone’s convinced of that. But what Brady wants quite clearly is to win. He thinks this helps us do that and he obviously convinced the brain trust at one buc place of the same. We shall see.

  8. TheBradyBunch Says:

    Here is the deal Joe, he is not coming in as a #1 reciever. He will be playing behind Godwin and Evans even if they are hobbled. His job will be to play for Scotty Miller/Justin Watson and they will cut him at the first sign of trouble. It is not like he is coming in here to save the team. He will be a small piece of it.

  9. Rico 210 Says:

    Ah, the doubters. It appears to be some are getting squeamish. Relax have a drink, smoke one. Trust what’s going on right now. We’re going all in for the big show. SB at home!
    Go Bucs

  10. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Joe just let him see the AXE in the corner of the locker room, if he breathes wrong cut bait and fish. 1 year incentive laden deal. Do you really think he is going to come to Tampa Bay and be the same, I think he holds together for this season then all bets are off. Everyone has seen the malcontents around Brady in NE. Winning is an elixir. Cyril Grayson- follow the bouncing ball, Scotty Miller #4 receiver T Johnson < AB. WR room as you know is a walking MASH unit. It is painful to watch Mike Evans just try to walk some times, let alone run routes and get beat up more. Chris has missed so many games from the end last year until now. Also the mysterious disappearance during camp SUPER BOWL OR BUST

  11. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Hopefully AB is on the proper meds, and takes them.

  12. Chris Boyd Says:

    I can only assume tb12 has been in contact with Antonio throughout this season, and has tried to mentor him, and has been brutally honest work him. Hopefully he has drilled into his head that this is his last chance, that his antics have nearly cost him a place in this league, not to mention the 10s of millions in voided guarantees. I may be naive bit I’m actually expecting a fully buttoned up brown for the rest of the season. But I’m also hoping BA and co will cut ties the second he acts up

  13. AtlBuc Says:

    Actually, in New England AB’s conduct with the team was above reproach.

  14. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Not this team.

  15. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    If it isn’t obvious by now, it should be.
    What Tom Brady wants, Tom Brady gets!
    Both Evans and Godwin have not been 100%, and OJ Howard is gone for the year.
    We signed him for peanuts, and we can always cut him, if it don’t work out.

  16. Rico 210 Says:

    AtlBuc Says:
    October 24th, 2020 at 10:29 am
    Actually, in New England AB’s conduct with the team was above reproach.

    AwshBucs Says:
    October 24th, 2020 at 10:30 am

    That is all.


  17. Pryda...sec147 Says:

    Stfu haters and doubters keep add to the chip on our backs, Raiders & Chiefs got better this week with additions we did the same thing.

  18. Mitch Says:

    I guess it’s a winning football move. My gut doesn’t like it though. AB’s character has been the complete opposite of what Bruce preaches about in the locker room. I don’t care if Tom thinks he can manage him or mitigate egos in the locker room. I don’t care if he successful on the field. I don’t like the move on principle and I don’t think I will come around even if Tampa wins the Super Bowl. This is a stain on the season in my eyes. It’s a cold world for sure and this is a great example of of the people and organization compromising values to win.

  19. Dingo Dubois Says:

    I have listened to a lot of interviews with former steelers players who played with Brown. They all say he is not a cancer at all. Perfect teammate. No as a person? Seems like trash. But this is football, bunch of bad dudes play the game and we just got a real bad dude. Hopefully it pays off

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    Jeesh…I stay off the site for a day and they sign AB.

    W-T-F I don’t how I feel about it.

  21. Tnoles Says:

    Joe, your ridiculous always taking the negative approach. This guy isn’t going to screw up the locker room there are too many solid guys like JPP. Do you think Jpp, Suh and the likes are going out up with this guys antics? Hell no! He will be on his best behavior with a chip on his shoulder. I’m glad we got him and not Green Bay, Seattle or the Saints because some of those teams were willing to scoop him up no problem. It’s a playoff move and injury insurance and a smart move come December and January!

  22. FactTeller Says:

    Hey Joe-
    Since the “culture has changed” on the field… 38 unanswered, undefeated at home and a new mentality, how about YOU continue the culture change OFF the field and in your writing.
    Enough with this click bait negative fluff ish where you put down OUR players etc.

    The past is the past and he is a BUC now so lets show some positivity and class for a change. #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee

    He will put his hand in the pile and work just like everyone else
    Go Bucs!!

  23. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    “The Rooney clan in Pittsburgh doesn’t have a culture?”

    Sure enough. The Rooney/Tomlin culture is bully a player and military veteran who wants to honor the flag during the Star-Spangled Banner.

  24. Sesteprenelicus Says:

    My guess is that a guy like Brown has a hierarchy in his mind, and Brady would be above him in that, given his GOAT aura. So if it could work anywhere, my guess is it would be here.

    Although it’s hard not to feel like this is the sewer where everything flushed down the toilet ends up.

  25. BillyBucFan Says:

    Come on Man.
    Everybody knew Brown didn’t wanna be in Oakland.
    That was like watching a 10 year old girl do a recital.

    He wanted to be with Brady and was only let go because of the looming suspension.

    It’s not like the best RB in the last 25 years didn’t do the same thing in Pittsburgh.

    Looks more to me like the Steelers don’t take care of their own.

    Now L Bell is with the Chiefs. Goal accomplished.

    I don’t see any difference here.

  26. Jerseybuc Says:

    I am not a doctor but from what I have witnessed over past couple of years with AB I believe he is mentally ill. No coach or teammate will fix that. This won’t end well for us.

  27. Darin Says:

    He needs years of therapy before he has a shot. No chance he plays 8 games here. Hope to goodness he doesnt hinder the progress we are starting to see.

  28. SB Says:

    I have been a fan since 76.
    The Bucs just lost my respect.

  29. Dano407 Says:

    I’ve been telling my friends Evans & Godwin are hobbling out there. This is why Brady got his way . Evans & Godwin’s injuries are more serious than people think & this isn’t getting any headlines in the media.

  30. Cobraboy Says:

    I read that Brady set up AB with a long conversation with Tony Robbins about his present and future.


    If AB has his head in a positive frame, this could be a monster win.

    If not, I don’t think he destroys the team.

    Surely he understands his opportunities in the NFL are getting slim.

    Very intriguing wait-and-see.

    How do you game plan against Evans & AB wide, Godwin in the slot, and Gronk at TE? IMO, the only way is to seriously pressure Brady.

  31. Cobraboy Says:

    Neither Godwin nor Evans are remotely healthy. I have seen them hobbling.

    The team knows it. Brady knows it.

    If the team is all-in this season, what other choices do they have? Grayson?

  32. Cobraboy Says:

    An AB with a good attitude and chip on his shoulder is a very dangerous animal.

  33. adam from ny Says:

    wait, but i thought brady loved cyril grayson…(and foles lol)

    this signing is going to alter team chemistry and the locker room…

    the question is how much

  34. adam from ny Says:

    honestly after sports, brady might get into politics…

    and be running for president some day…

    i can see it down the line…dude holds a press conference like no other…

    he’s like butter at the podium…

    remember jameis at the podium…how bad was it

  35. adam from ny Says:

    if the goal is to just use AB as a hired piece of meat to get key receivers healthy it is an interesting and daring plan…

    the moment AB feels shorted, sheet will hit the fan in bucsville

  36. Cobraboy Says:

    @adam: Brady never talks trash about anyone, especially a teammate.

    I suspect Brady and AB have had numerous conversations with team chemistry and behavioral expectations being some of them.

    After AB’s first explosive play (New Orleans?) Buc fans will memory-lapse his past and get lower frontal stiffness about the present and future…

  37. Kalind Says:

    I hope they let themselves room to toss him at a moments notice. It’s the only reason I would have signed him. Complain? Fired. Want the ball? Fired. Argue about a drill in practice? Fired. Run a route too slow? Fired. Say or do anything that anyone can perceive as negative? Fired.

    I don’t care if it’s mid-game. Get your sh!t and get out.

    If they gave him those conditions and he agreed, great. I wouldn’t suffer 2 seconds of the clown show. The INSTANT there’s any sense that it MIGHT becoming, just cut him.

  38. TampaTown Says:

    All of this could have been avoided if we had just resigned Breshad Perriman

  39. Roster Says:

    OMG we signed the guy for what is hopefully 13 games. That’s it… we are not signing him to a 5 yr guarenteed contract. If we win no one will complain. If we end up 8-8 then whine all you want.

  40. Buc1987 Says:


  41. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Kalind – Totally agree, AB is worth a shot,but Bruce just carry the AXE around that locker room. Any crap and the AXE falls, Very Simple. GO BUCS!!!!!

  42. bojim Says:

    If he can act like a responsible adult for a few months I’m cool but I think this will be on TB12 either way.

  43. Mike Johnson Says:

    As my ole Uncle you to say, be careful what you wish for Boy.

  44. Allbuccedup Says:

    Mark this down Bucs will sign James White free agent running back next year. Brady gets what Brady wants. Probably won’t sign Godwin or Shaq they won’t have the money. Plus Licht won’t offer Godwin very much because he didn’t catch enough passes. Godwin will get a lot more elsewhere, so will Shaw.

  45. Kgh4life Says:

    Don’t Brady realize he already have two pro bowl quality wideouts? The Bucs don’t need a cancer in their locker room.

  46. Bush's Coke Spoon Says:

    Cobraboy Says:
    “I read that Brady set up AB with a long conversation with Tony Robbins about his present and future.”

    Another secret society type. I shoulda known, what with Brady’s fashion and hollyweird connections. SMH

    New York Post May 17, 2019 · “Self-help guru Tony Robbins is accused of sexually harassing fans and staffers — when he’s not berating victims of rape and violence in expletive-filled rants, according to a scathing new report.”

    Buc fans will memory-lapse his past and get lower frontal stiffness about the present and future

    You reminded me of Pablo’s elongated arc. LMAO

  47. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Kalind … Very well put… But that’s not how they will be!! What if he comes in and had 3 100 yard games in a row… What if THAT’S when he starts what he is known for?? Will they be as quick to bump him off as they would be in the first week?? …. I think this was a horrible move and destroys what they were building here!! Which is still in it’s infancy!! Structure and chemistry are key to turning around a franchise!! This could have cascading effects that lead to NONE of the current receivers on the team and a bad 3rd round QB 3 years from now!! Look at teams that have had guys like this come in… Usually it’s not just -let’s get rid of him and that fixes it- no those type of people usually bring 4 or 5 others down with them!!…. Maybe I’m wrong and I hope I am… But after people in this team worked so hard and made all the right moves just to bring in this type of human being…. I’m stunned!!! It screams of desperation and they aren’t desperate!!

  48. lambchop Says:

    Everyone who thinks this is a no brainer, the guy hasn’t played football in TWO YEARS! This is not the Chiefs picking up Lev Bell.

    He’s not going to come out guns blazing. I would have rather given more playing time to Tyler Johnson, Scotty Miller, and Justin Watson if Evans or Godwin are healthy.

    We literally beat the Packers without a breakout game from either one of our top 2 WRs because of our defense and running game.

    I hope the leaders on this team are vocal in keeping AB in check, cuz Tom’s not going to be one of them.

    If this experiment fails, it falls squarely on Tom Brady.

  49. All lives matter Says:

    Screw it …let’s just throw in the towel. That’s what this Joe would have us believe. The most hypocritical pessimistic writer on this team of three. He even rails against other sites that are optimistic all the time like The team page for Christ’s sake. smh

  50. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Is it lambchop, or Chicken Little? The sky is not falling, Mr. Little.

  51. Davenport Says:

    This is professional football, not a church choir. You get pjauers of all kinds of backgrounds, quirks and attitudes, tje only judgement is: can they play?

    AB is no different than Randy Moss, Terrell Owens or Keyshawn Johnson. Maybe not the best character guys, but they contribute at a high level.

    Would i have an issue if AB was my next door neighbor, yes. But on a 53 man roster with already strong personalities, i am good with it.

    We are trying to win the Super Bowl not be the favorite at the church social.

  52. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Just win baby. At the end of the day does this improve our chances of winning a SB or diminish them.

    AB is a generational talent…so is ME13…and perhaps CG14. Simply imagine the playoffs roll around and we have these three healthy!!!

    Now mix in Gronk, Brate, and our RB’s…ROJO and Fournette will be a great 1-2 punch by the playoffs.

    Our OL can block but this will get down to coaching IMHO. I agree with Cobra that with this kind of offensive firepower the only way to stop the offense is to get to Brady. I think our OL and TE’s can handle their own but can our RB’s and and TE’s handle the blitzes.

    About the only card left for DC’s to play will be exotic blitzes to get to Brady.
    Very few teams will be able to simply rush four. If our coaches have the game plan and plays called correctly we can make them pay for their blitzes.

  53. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Arians and AB hates each other

    they dont respect each other and called each other out

    what happened?

    Brady hates Leftwich playcalling and scheme

    Brady wont make a fuss of Leftwich ineptitude but he must have AB”

    Kobe Faker

  54. orlbucfan Says:

    I hate the Methuselah signing and am not totally sold on his BS. Problem now is if the yahoo gets injured, the backup QB is worse. Typical damn if you do, damn if you don’t.

  55. jcscycles Says:

    Dingo is right. Former Steelers say nothing but good things about AB as a teammate and a man. With the injuries in the past year to Evans and Godwin, this is a good and necessary move. If all three are healthy, then this is a once in a lifetime dream team. If Evans and or Godwin are hurt, or even slowed by the injury-recovery-reinjury cycle, then it’s still a good and dangerous receiving team. I’d still like to see a Clay Mathews signing, too.

  56. NDog is an idiot Says:

    Waiting for NDog to start whining the JayMiss didn’t get what he wanted!! Wha wha wha!!! Life’s not fair for JayMiss!!! Boo hoo

  57. David Says:

    Hate it.
    I hope he never gets to play a game.

  58. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:


    That is all.”

    I think the Little General Greg Schiano disproved that theory.

    Hey Joez, it’s almost Halloween and I haven’t even taken a peek at a 2021 Mock Draft yet.

  59. David Says:

    ME and Godwin may be banged up but they appeared to be getting better. Bring someone like this in could hinder them with Brady which could be resentful on their part, and I wouldn’t blame them

  60. REDZONE BA Says:

    Lambchop – Agree with your post 100%. Signing this PITA is a head scratcher. The headline says it all – and Brady IS running the team. Will be a matter of time before AB blows a gasket, no matter how often he gets Brady huggies – it is his nature. And he will cost us a game somewhere down the line with his antics. Seems Brady is not convinced he can win a SB with the weapons on the roster.

  61. Soggy Says:

    If you think Brady is going to let one person hurt his bucs team. you have not been paying attention, brady got him here and the first sign of trouble he will be gone, no worry about it, Brady gots the plan.. relax everybody enjoy it..

  62. BigMacAttack Says:

    I can understand the skepticism but why not sit back and see how it all plays out? How much harm could he really do anyway? It’s not like they signed a QB who throws 30+ interceptions in a season. Enjoy the ride because it’s the first time in years we’ve had anything positive to cheer about. Licht makes 2 moves in a week and Joe complains. If Licht did nothing, Joe would still complain. But I get it, it’s Joes’ job and he has give the pros and cons.

  63. Cobraboy Says:

    AB went YEARS without “blowing a gasket.”


  64. REDZONE BA Says:

    BigMac – We have no choice but to sit back and see how it all plays out. Deal is done. Skepticism is based on concern of disruption to team chemistry adding a player who has a documented history of selfishness throughout his career. Now that AB is on the roster, I hope for the best, albeit with baited breath, as I expect a tantrum at some point that will take away from the prize of SB.

    As one (unnamed) NFL Exec shared in an article about 2020 Bucs “This is a transient team” who has to win this year”. Signing AB is an exclamation point on that statement. Hope the gamble pays off.

  65. Cobraboy Says:

    It’s difficult to say “I trust the GOAT”, “I trust BA”, and “I trust JL” and also say TB, BA and JL don’t know what they’re doing.

    If I was a Buccaneer, and my goal was to win a Super Bowl, and AB walks into my locker room, I am one happy camper.

  66. 123urout Says:

    AB will just be one of the arrows in our quiver 🙂 . So, just relax and enjoy the show. If he shoots straight, then great orherwise, we just throw him out.

  67. Blu Says:

    Yall just became Kansas City of the NFC and people are complaining yeesh. Byron Leftwich better get his ass in gear with the playcalling he doesnt have an excuse now. Got 3 top 10 recievers and Gronk is coming into form.