Fashion Tips From Swaggy

September 16th, 2017

Belly shirt en vogue.

Joe has been partial to the “Howard Stern Show” for some 20 years.

“The King of All Media” was once a revolutionary in the medium. Combine Sam Kinison, Don Rickles and Hugh Hefner with a daredevil mentality like that of a high-wire act, and that was Stern’s show years ago.

While Stern is still one of the best interviewers going, his radio show, even free of the shackles of the FCC currently on SiriusXM Radio, is a shell of its former self. Stern’s show, on top of being groundbreaking, was a daily howlfest. Some of the funniest stuff Joe has ever heard came on that show.

Longtime listeners of Stern will recognize the following. Stern is a huge fan of women — attractive women, hot women — wearing limited attire in his studio. When ladies wore high-cut blouses, Stern would compliment them for wearing a “belly shirt.”

It happened so often that whenever Stern mentioned “belly shirt,” head writer Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling, in his shrill, high-pitched twang, would blurt out, “Belly shirt!”

It became a running joke.

But Joe believes it is safe to assume Stern would frown on NFL players with belly shirts. Even so, that hasn’t stopped shy, practice-hating, kicker-heckling, tree-grinding , non-contact-football-loving Swaggy Baker from endorsing such a fashion trend.

After practice Friday, Jenna Laine of ESPN said she asked Baker about workouts and Baker explained that to work out well a belly shirt is in order.

“I worked too hard for this body not to show it off,” Baker, a rotund man, said.

Baker, bearing his midriff, added he hasn’t fully ruled out becoming a Richard Simmons/Tony Little workout guru after his NFL career.

Who knows, maybe Baker might wind up on Stern’s show some day like Simmons used to. Then again, Joe doesn’t think Baker is weird enough to be the next Richard Simmons.

14 Responses to “Fashion Tips From Swaggy”

  1. Bob the buc Says:

    Please don’t suck….

  2. No_Bucs_Given Says:

    Went to high school with Baker. Hasn’t changed. Genuine and will speak his mind. He also played at Penn State, not shaby. At the end of the day he’s shown up. You don’t last until 29 playing in the NFL if you don’t, especially going undrafted. Yea he’s not McCoy, isn’t that what we wanted? Baker may annoy some here but imagine him vs the opponent. That’s what teammates want. He’s a defensive Hawley with a bigger mouth.

  3. Piratic Says:

    “Joe has been partial to the “Howard Stern Show” for some 20 years.”

    –This explains a LOT.

  4. JimBuc2 Says:

    Joe, do you recall Stern’s famous “speaker orgasm” event. A woman called into his show and he talked her into removing the grill from her loud speaker and placing the box in the appropriate position while on the call and then he proceeded to buzz and burble into the studio mike! Go him in a lot of trouble, but is a historical fact!

  5. Joe Says:

    “speaker orgasm”

    Don’t remember the original airing, but do remember incident. That was made famous in his movie.

    One of Joe’s favorites was when Stern kept complaining that the dump button wasn’t working. So callers were calling in saying all sorts of lewd things and Stern would just scream, “You can’t say that on the radio. The FCC won’t let you!”

    Another when he had a bunch of Japanese broadcasters in his studio and he kept berating them for Pearl Harbor.

  6. DallasBuc Says:

    Bob the buc Says:
    September 16th, 2017 at 12:23 am
    Please don’t suck….

    He will. He does.

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joes new punching bag.

    Well- if we have any chance to be a winning team, we have to stop the run.
    And Thats gonna depend a great deal on Chris Baker.
    Ive seen his film. He will greatly improve our Run defense. When you have a dominant DT like McCoy- who is constantly in the offensive backfield! , then you must have a Nose tackle that can hold the point of attack.

    On Hard Knocks, he showed Baker blowing up the Jags line- before he went over and jokingly heckled to Jag fans.

    Hes gonna improve our run defense.
    Which is good. We have to protect our short CBs from the NFC souths tall WRs.

  8. darin Says:

    Does Saggy take fashion tips too? Wear one of those bosworth neck collars sunday. Maybe thatll get you noticed. Please dont wear a half shirt and leave the trees up in the end zone stands alone. Go Bucs

  9. Dreambig Says:

    i used to listen to Stern everyday. Made a long commute much easier. Love him or hate him, he had your attention every minute (for the most part). I seeee OJ!

  10. BoJim Says:

    Bob the buc Says:
    September 16th, 2017 at 12:23 am

    Please don’t suck….


  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I just can’t bring myself to read anything about Swaggy until I see him play…

  12. Joel Says:

    The Stern Show today is just as good as it ever was. Just because he doesn’t have naked women on daily doesn’t mean the show is a shell of its former self. Ridiculous.

  13. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Baker just needs to go in there and hit em with the Hein.

  14. Joe Says:

    Just because he doesn’t have naked women on daily doesn’t mean the show is a shell of its former self. Ridiculous.

    Joe always thought the “naked girls” element was the most boring.

    Even Stern himself has said the show has changed. Shoot, he no longer has Jackie the Jokeman or Artie Lange working for him. No more Stuttering John. Those guys were hallmarks of the show.