Stoking The Rumor Mill

January 19th, 2020

Fire to the smoke?

[UPDATE: 12:46 p.m.] A man who has a direct pipeline to a heavy-hitter Bucs shot-caller threw out another interesting item yesterday.

Joe already brought word that the founder of The Draft Network, J.C. Cornell, who Joe knows has a direct connection to a guy high up the food chain at One Buc Palace, had previously stated there is a “high possibility” the Bucs could walk away this offseason from Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

For those who live under a rock and are just waking up, Jameis is a free agent in eight weeks unless the Bucs re-sign him or tag him.

Well yesterday, Cornell threw out an item Joe is sure Bucs fans will gnaw on, especially those who have taken it upon themselves to have a U-Haul gassed up and parked outside of Jameis’ home.

It seems a veteran west coast quarterback is living much closer to One Buc Palace these days. That would be Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers who, given reports, maybe looking for a new NFL home this offseason.

The plot grows thicker.

Now Rivers is originally from Alabama. So living back in the southeast (Cornell didn’t detail if Rivers moved to the Panhandle or not, minutes away from Alabama) isn’t that big of a stretch. Compare the cost of living in California to Florida and it is a no-brainer.

Joe cannot independently confirm this news and found nothing on the interwebs saying Rivers moved to Florida. Joe’s not saying Cornell is wrong, just that Joe cannot find documentation.

But here is why Joe is dubious that Bucco Bruce Arians would want Rivers. This isn’t the 2010 Rivers in his prime. There is a reason the Chargers reportedly want to move on.

Per heavy metal headbanging Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, an NFL source told him that Rivers’ deep ball is shot. Arians’ offense is predicated on the deep ball.

Jameis, by the way, had the best deep ball in the game this past season.

Could Rivers be coming to the Bucs? Anything is possible, Joe guesses. But it is not something Joe would bet on.

[UPDATE: 12:46 p.m.] Well, here is confirmation Rivers moved to Florida. Uber NFL insider Chris Mortensen texted with Rivers who told Mortenson he indeed has moved to Florida and his NFL future is up in the air.

77 Responses to “Stoking The Rumor Mill”

  1. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Interesting. He has a bunch of kids so at least ticket sales would increase 🙂

  2. Bucemup Says:

    I’ll pass….

  3. ksd0723 Says:

    Rivers owns a vacation home in Destin Fl. That’s where he’s moving to.

  4. Ship Thief Says:

    I am not against this at all.

    If it were to happen, I would imagine that we draft a QB as well… maybe round 2 or 3 (or 4?).

    Rivers just isn’t a long term plan.

    But his attitude, drive, experience, and level of commitment would be a great thing for ANY of these new young QBs to be able to see and learn from (Jameis included).

  5. Ship Thief Says:


  6. Ship Thief Says:

    That said,

    I still think he ends up in Miami and they draft Tua.

  7. Tye Says:

    I don’t know where he heard rivers moved to Florida..

    I assume if given the opportunity, Rivers would want to go to the Titans…
    only an hour and a half from his home town…

  8. BrianBucs Says:

    As much as I know the Bucs need to move on from Winston, Rivers is not the guy. 5 years ago absolutely, hands down. But not now. Even though he has the experience and knowledge and right attitude, his arm just isn’t what it use to be

  9. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Wouldn’t it be something after all Joe’s finger wagging and guilt shaming they bring in Rivers and he puts the Bucs in the playoffs his first season.

  10. Buczilla Says:

    Rivers is a lot older than Jameis and I doubt that he is any better. No thanks. Draft a dude ane let him sit beind Jameis for a year.

  11. Waterboy Says:

    Pass. If the reason for getting rid of Jameis is interceptions how is an over the hill Philip Rivers the solution to that problem?

  12. Waterboy Says:

    It’ll be great watching all of these different scenarios thrown out and debates to kill time during the dead season over the next month and a half but I’ll spoil it for you all now. Jameis will get the tag. They’ll tag him on March 16th when free agency starts and he’ll initially refuse to sign it which would work perfectly into the team’s hands because they would have him penciled in as the starter while still having the opportunity to see what’s available in free agency and for what price and also what falls to them in the draft. The team holds all the cards.

  13. Jameishas2go Says:

    I was thinking about our whole approach to the QB question.
    The BUCS are not going to know initially if any of the free agents QB’s are interested to come here to begin with. So knowing that, how do the BUCS approach this issue?

    So they have to sign, SHAQ Barrett first.
    If they do that they can Franchise Jameis. The reason you do that is because the franchise tag has to be applied before free agency and you can only start talking to free agents and their representatives no more than I believe 24 hours before free agency begins. We will not know what any of these QB’s want to due until just before free agency, let alone how much they want.

    By franchising Jameis, you protect his value if a team wants a QB and cannot get one. As well as protects us if we happen to be that team that needs a QB and cannot get one. Which is probably likely to happen.

    Lets run down the Free Agent options at QB:

    Tom Brady, 43 year old QB that does not have the same arm strength, who is married to a celebrity supermodel and is from the West Coast. LA Chargers are more likely than Tampa.

    Drew Brees, 41 year old QB that is New Orleans through and through, he will be resigned before he hits free agency. Even if he wasn’t he wouldn’t throw away that good will he has in NO by going to a rival franchise.

    Philip Rivers, 38 year old QB that is turnover prone and hasn’t really had the playoff success he would like. Probably the best bets are Carolina, Indianapolis, Chicago, or Tampa, but I don’t think he will take the paycut the Bucs would need to retain other talent. Probably Carolina, or Chicago more like.

    Teddy Bridgewater, 27 year old QB who has an injury issue but is an above average signal caller who probably won’t command salary above 22 to 23 million because of injury concerns.

    Eli Manning, 39 year old QB. Bruce coach Peyton early in his career and Peyton always spoke highly of Bruce’s influence on him. This could be an option. Not one I would prefer but does Eli want to keep on going some where else? I don’t think so, especially at what the BUCS would want to pay, some where in the 20 million dollar range. He will probably retire, unless he gets starter guarantee and the money he expects.

    Ryan Tannehill, 32 year old QB, will be franchised by Tennessee won’t be available.

    Marcus Mariota, 26 year old QB, will likely walk. Destination appear to be Indy, NE or New Orleans to groom behind Brees as Bridgewater did.

    So after Free agency,
    Brady ends up in LA
    Bress back with NO.
    Rivers ends up Carolina.
    Bridgewater ends up in New England
    Manning retires.
    Mariota, declines Indy and goes to New Orleans

    So that leaves us with Jameis on the franchise tag,

    When the draft rolls around, if Tua or Justin slide the Bucs nab Jameis’ replacement otherwise if Bucs draft the best available player and go into next year with Jameis as the QB on the franchise tag.

  14. stravenite Says:

    Believe this is a good scenario, quality player with good leadership qualities and passion, has something to prove !.
    Draft a QB whatever round and let him sit and learn from a HOF
    player who doesn’t bother about looking over his shoulder, much
    like KC did with Mahomes and Smith.

    One point to remember, JW is only one indiscretion away from a permanent ban and then what ?.

    Let’s make this happen.

    PS It could be a number of vets who are available, deep QB options this season so let’s not pick the worst and compare to JW as if that is the only choice !

  15. RODNEY ALLEN Says:

    Maybe JW’s backup but dont see him as his replacement 🤷‍♂️

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    Rivers is a 38-year-old QB who went 5-11 last year with a decent defense (#14) but lousy rushing attack (#28). He threw for some decent yardage (4,615 passing yards for a #6 ranking), with 23 TDs against 20 INTs & 8 fumbles (5 lost). He made $20.8 mil in 2019 and his 2020 Market Value is listed at $27.5 mil by Spotrac.

    Winston is a 25-year-old QB who went 7-9 last year with a rather poor defense (#29) AND a lousy rushing attack (#24). He threw for the most yardage in the NFL (5,109 passing yards for a #1 ranking), with 33 TDs against 30 INTs & 12 fumbles (5 lost). He made $20.9 mil in 2019 and his Market Value is listed at $26.7 mil by Spotrac.

    In what world does swapping out Winston for Rivers make even a lick of sense?

  17. geno711 Says:

    Seems like a lot of fans have watched a lot of Philip Rivers to have opinions. I personally have not watched him enough to have a strong opinion.

    I will say as always that this year has more options than most at QB.

  18. AwShbucs Says:

    Not gonna happen. There was a tweet circulating around the other day that according to an inside source the G’s are adamant about bringing back Jameis and are working on a contract to resign him.

    God willing that’s the truth because that is the smart move. Get the proverbial monkey off this franchise’s back of having never resigned a drafting QB to a 2nd contract. End the Doug William’s curse.

    Jameis is without a shadow of a doubt the best signal caller in Buccaneers history and owns every single franchise passing records in addition to numerous NFL records, and in the words of Steve Young on the subject “you’d be nuts to get rid of him.”

  19. ModHairKen Says:

    This is stupid.

  20. BucHead588 Says:

    Hell no I would personally Guarantee Mike n CG wouldn’t end up liking this Mive I watched Chargers games a cpl of times an the way Rivers would talk to his Teammates an his Expressions that nothing was his fault I’m Good he won’t be in Tampa

  21. Pete I Says:

    Trading the most intercepted QB for the second most intercepted QB is not a great trade.

    Look, I think we are spinning our wheels with the 30-30 man and never expect him to lead this or any team anywhere but Rivers isn’t even a bridge type guy. He is what Winston’s career will be, a big stats guy who doesn’t win anything…at least he has a winning record as a starter.

    Better to tag Mr.Excrement for another year and draft a QB for when Meaningless stats Winston craps out.

  22. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    40 TDs!!!!!!

    That’s all I have to say!

    Stop picking on him!!!

  23. Mr. Reality Says:

    The man has a right to move his family to where he wants. This has nothing to do with the Bucs. Can’t believe some people say it. Rumor talk only.

  24. JP_09 Says:

    Rivers coming here would be awesome especially if we draft a QB (I’d like Eason) that could sit behind him and learn for a year or possibly two. It would almost be like the Bucs formulates some sort of plan. A plan kinda like the one the Packers used to groom Rogers and id have to say that worked out okay. This would also show the vets that your still trying to win now and not solely relying on a rookie.

  25. Mort Says:

    Don’t want. He would likely cost more than Jameis and be worse. And he is waaaaay older. Big ol NOPE.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    To all the Winston haters, how many of those interceptions were the fault of tipped balls and receivers not running correct routes?

    And how many of you would take Brett Farve in his prime over Winston?

  27. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Franchise JW and draft Tua , after 1 year decide.

  28. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    ksd0723 Says:
    “Rivers owns a vacation home in Destin Fl. That’s where he’s moving to.”

    On the beach? I wonder if that one over-engineered, storrm-proof home–the hurricane lone survivor–is his? Wasn’t that in Destin?

  29. JP_09 Says:

    @ anonymous, you could ask that same question for every quarterback to ever throw a pass. Winston is not the only QB who throws pics from tipped balls, bad routes, wind etc. On the flip side of your question, how many DBs dropped INTs that hit them in the hands, yes that happens for other QBs too. Either way he turns the ball over too much it’s pretty simple.

    Another example, Car game 2 in London. Your in FG range you just ran around for 6 seconds took a strip sack and were lucky your team recovered the ball.Now most people would learn from this immediately, what does Winston do on the very next play run, around for 6 seconds get stripped sacked but this time the Bucs lose possession and any chance at points. Like I’ve said in the past he lacks the ability to process the situation

  30. Ndog Says:

    Put it this way anyone who actually watched him play this pay year would be horrified if the Bucs made this move, even the Clueless.

  31. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    Ship Thief Says:
    “I still think he ends up in Miami and they draft Tua.”

    Last I read, Tua still had no idea about his recovery and rehab timeline (hip dislocation, fracture, and surgery) or outlook. He has the potential to fall quite a bit by draft time…

  32. BucFanDuh Says:

    Swing and a miss Joe. Florida is the #1 destination for retired people. It has Zero income tax, means he can sit on his millions without being taxed. Hes pushing toward Destin, FL… which is near the Alabama border… which is where he is from. I see an old man walking away from the game, away from a crap team, and getting ready for retirement. Besides… his weak arm would do very little for the bucs. Move on.

  33. JP_09 Says:

    Someone said yesterday there was an article that 16.5 of Jameis’s INTs were his fault the rest were an excuse. The funny thing about that stat assuming it’s accurate, with 16.5 INTs he would still have the 3rd most in the league behind Mayfield and Rivers. That of course is assuming the Mayfield and Rivers are responsible for everyone of there INTs. So even with all of the excuses and none for the other 2 QBs mentioned he was 3rd in the NFL in INTs. It’s time to move on unless the price is right

  34. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I don’t think Rivers will come to Tampa. It seems more likely he would go to a team like the Colts….where the HC worked with Rivers earlier in his career. Or maybe even the Panthers…who look to move on from Cam Newton….Rivers went to college in N.C.

    But if the Bucs did express interest in Rivers, they would still need to draft a young guy in April, as Rivers would only be a short term rental.

    By moving his family out of California to Florida, Rivers might just be positioning himself for retirement in another year or two, after his playing days are over.

  35. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    LOL, yes let’s take a washed up old QB and waste a 2nd or 3rd round pick on a guy that is projected as a career backup and try to make that work while running of the league leader in yards, top 3 in TD passes and led an offense to a top 3 finish with basically no running game. Yeah that seems like a great idea.

  36. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    JP, did Mayfield and Rivers lead the league in yards, finish in the top 3 in TD passes and lead their teams to a top 3 offense? What is your proposal? You want to bring in the washed up old guy that was 3rd in interceptions last year and can no longer throw the deep ball? You want to bring in Nick Foles who is now a backup in Jax? You want to waste draft capital on the 5th or 6th best QB in the draft?

  37. David Says:

    That would be a horrible trade off. Philip Rivers is just an older Jameis Winston. He tries to force things and throws too many interceptions. One more year to fix Jameis and if that doesn’t happen, trade what they can to get Trevor Lawrence

  38. Bird Says:

    Internet says they own beach house on blue mountain beach florida since 2017

    Its in between panama city and destin fl

    Probably has no bearing on anything other then the same gulf of mexico as tampa

    Will that said …no way bucs make that move…5 % chance…rivers on the washed up end of career
    Unless bucs truly moving on from jameis (which i seriously doubt) and need bridge gap /mentor /veteran for player they are drafting this year to develop . And rivers would have to take serious pay cut cause it comes down to player value and appears they want to keep this defense intact

  39. 941bucsfan Says:

    Rivers could do anything and he had some WEAPONS!!!. Melvin Gordon, austin ekeler, keenan allen, mike williams and Hunter Henry. I dont wanna hear anything about what he he can do in this offense if he couldnt do shvvyt in his old offense

  40. 941bucsfan Says:


  41. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    google is your friend joe. Dude has an offseason home in santa rosa for 3 years & trains up there. Long drive to tampa… will there be a bucs jersey burning party when jameis leaves?

  42. Hodad Says:

    Well if nothing else bringing in Rivers might at least boost ticket sales for know other reason then seeing what he could do for us. This fan base is split in half over Winston, that’s not a could business position to be in. First game of the season Winston throws a pick six to end the game. Last game of the season he throws a pick six to end the game. Both home games! I know I’ve seen enough, and won’t pay a dime to watch him do it again next year. For me there’s no hope with Winston. Draft a QB, and bring in Rivers, at least I’d have some hope for the present, and the future. Make it so.

  43. buc53 Says:

    Lord no!

    Rivers’ current play has the same warts as Winston without the befits.


  44. buc53 Says:


  45. Bobby M. Says:

    Broncos signed Manning….that seemed to work out well for them if the goal is winning Super Bowls. Everyone knows Manning won the Super Bowl with the Broncos….nobody knows who the passing leader of the NFL was that year or even what Mannings stats were.

    Its about winning not passing yds….Effectiveness trumps potential.

  46. DBS Says:

    What’s really funny about it all. The I will spoil it for you this is what is going to happen. O I know what will happen. Or this guy has a pipeline and heard it or was told. Or this guy or gal has a source. The truth? Nobody knows a damn thing. Only when it becomes a proven fact will any of us know what happens and when or where. Other wise it is a rumor, BS or a wild guess.

  47. Craig Says:

    I would much rather see a young QB draftee raised by Rivers than by Jameis.

    Neither Jameis or Rivers is a long term solution. I wish I knew more about Griffin, but that is past the bridge. Maybe he would be a good teacher, but a QB from the draft is a necessity.

    Second or third round will still have a lot pf good QBs in it. Morgan from FIU might fit well. Strong arm and good leadership skills. Smart too.

  48. cmurda Says:

    5-10 years ago, this story might have made sense but today? No way. At least I hope no way. Agree with buc53

  49. jjbucfan Says:

    AwShbucs- what the hell? Steve Young doesn’t know anything about the QB position compared to the people on this website. They are the smartest people in the NFL- it’s like when in the first 6 games, every post game when Arians said those INTs are on the WRs not running the correct routes. I mean what the heck does he know compared these geniuses on JBF. He is just making exciluses for JW3, who cares if he is the dude that designed the plays. He is just trying to lie for JW3 by throwing every WR under the bus instead.

  50. billybob 222 Says:

    Bucs need to get a contract with a QB done this year. QB’s have the least amount of leverage against their organisation in a very long time with all the free agents QB’s that will be on the market. If I was an agent for Jamies. I would want the franchise tag this year then negotiate next year. With that said I think QB’s are way over payed. Also just an FYI. I believe if you are making over 5 million a year working a 100 hours a week 9 months out of a years is a very very sweet deal. I worked 100 hours a week for 7 years straight just to get myself out of the recession hole and made much less. 40 hours a week is for part timers.

  51. Tom Edrington Says:

    Phillip Rivers would get massacred behind our offensive line, he’s a BIG ELDERLY STATUE… many times did Jameis have to run for his life??

  52. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Rumor mill indeed! It’s the off season and all we have. Too bad we couldn’t make the playoffs and at least postpone the “silly season”.

    As far as motivation for Rivers move to Florida…IF indeed its a move or just spending time in another state. OK peasants..a little lesson about taxes…your domicile is what you claim backed by a few docs…voter registration..perhaps..Licenses etc. How many snowbirds do you believe spend the actual legally required time here? I have a second home in Michigan if the tax laws were better there I’d switch docs and call Michigan my home.

    IE You do not physically have to LIVE in a state to benefit from it’s tax laws if you own property or have rental leases that “show” you live there. Nobody checks your bed at night. I’m not a tax attorney and I understand that NFL players are also tied to the area where they play. My “impression” is that if you reside in a non tax state but earn your money in a tax state that state can take a cut. I certainly may be wrong…but I thought I read it’s even pro rated for pro athletes depending on home and road games.

    So I’ll leave it to the experts here to determine how NFL players are taxed by states. But you clearly do not have to ACTUALLY “live” in a state to qualify as a resident.

    Second point…we peasants have no idea what these VAST sums of money really mean. If I have 20 million bucks I’m going to live exactly where I want to live taxes be damned. Rivers is worth 80 MILLION!!!! If he only keeps half that’s a paltry 40 million or roughly 4 million for each of his kids.

    Is there anybody here who would struggle to get by on 4 million.

    NO sentient human is going to make their final decision based on state taxes.

    Rivers said some things at his final presser that I found appealing. Unlike OUR QB he admitted the truth…20 ints is far too much and it occurred because he FORCED too many balls due to what he perceived as Charger desperation.

    He also expressed a STRONG desire to keep playing and vindicate himself!

    With Rivers as with any qb at this point I’m simply going to have to trust BA.
    It’s his call not mine. If he selects “blameless” I’ll still root for the Bucs. If I can root for Warren Sapp I can’t root for ANYBODY!

  53. Reach87 Says:

    Can live with whatever the pros being paid to decide and evaluate come up with. I think I know the answer on the football side. The business side is less certain. Go Bucs!

  54. Mr. Reality Says:

    Here is why this a crap article to a crap rumor: Where in Florida? Key West? Miami? Pensacola? Florida is a big place.

    Yes, Rivers would sell tickets. it woudl level off the Winston dive. Not that the losers who don’t buy tickets anyway can understand.

  55. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Haha Philip Rivers would be a dead end to no where.

    Philip Rivers would give us 2 years of 7-9 and then the Bucs franchise would be set back another decade.

    Believe it are not, we already have a 25 year old QB who can play quarterback in the NFL at a pretty high level.

  56. Mr. Reality Says:

    Stpetebucsfan…..all good points. And what “our:” QB’s final presser…..he be ballin. Check yo sheet. Yup, would love to dump that Winston loser.

  57. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Updated betting odds where Philip Rivers will be playing 2020

    Indy colts -$1 million

    99.9% Rivers will be starting QB of Indy Colts”

    Kobe 1BucMole Faker

  58. Tbbucs3 Says:

    If you wanna argue that Philip Rivers is better than Jameis, fine. I don’t believe he is but it still can a valid argument. BUT, they are very similar QBs and in the same tier.

    So the upside would only be a very slight upgrade (if that) and that would mean your dumping a 25 year old QB for a declining 38 year old QB on the back 9 of his career who are both very similar in skill level.

    That’s dumb. Very dumb. I hope Jason Licht isnt that idiotic but I can’t be totally sure based on some of his past moves.

  59. Mr. Reality Says:

    Okay folks….keep in mind…”better” is not the operative word. Let me ask this question: Is Jameis Winston doing it for the fans, and do they trust him?

    No, I’m not talking about losers here who don’t go to games, who don’t invest in their hometown team. YOU know who you are.

    Do you spend (low end) $200 a game to go watch Winston throw it to the other team? And are you fine with doing that again for another “prove it” year? High end is $1,000 and up per game. If you don’t spend, sure, you have a voice, but it means NOTHING (Defense Rules bookwriter, Jimmy Jack forever loser, talking to you).

    The operative word is “Different.” Fans that matter are NOT going (in general) to pay to sit and watch another Winston sh8t show. The need something else to coax them back. Winstonn on a short term with drafting a QB is the bare min closet this team stays with this major disappointment.

  60. ElioT Says:

    Rivers is a “good ol’boy”

    Florida has plenty of those and beaches.

    And no state income tax.

    Makes sense for them.

  61. JimmyJack Says:

    Gotta think Rivers is gonna try and visit with some FL teams. Wouldn’t be crazy to assume he’s already had some preliminary talks either.

    Also gotta think he wants to sign with a team that has a chance to contend. For that reason I’d rule out Miami. If I was an outsider I’d say Tampa Bay looks like an ideal fit.

  62. JimmyJack Says:

    Mr Reality brought my son to the Atlanta game. Spent less then $100 for the two of us plus 15 for parking.

    Went to a game earlier where only had to pay for myself and cost me under 30 bucks plus parking.

    You clearly Don’t go to games or know what your talking about.

  63. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    PFT posted similar update…not sure he’s an upgrade to JW and is pretty annoying. Getting interesting up in here…

  64. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Arians is not a long term plan.

    Rivers is not a long term plan.

    Are the Glazer boys going all in , going for broke in 2020? We still can’t get past the Saints.

  65. Rod Munch Says:

    Yeah, there’s literally no reason to think the Bucs would have any interest in Rivers – not unless they’re going to sign him and then draft a young guy. But Rivers is basically a less athletic Winston clone at this point in his career – just one with no upside.

    I like Rivers, I like that he’s not a boring dullard and he’s willing to take chances to score points. But all the idiots here seem to think you can win every game 7-3 with this defense and the most important thing, more important than scoring points, is not turning it over. If that’s the case, then Rivers isn’t your man.

    Then again the idiots on this message board also thought Chris Conte was a good WR, Humphries would be a pro-bowl’er once he left Tampa and they said Devin White was a bust after preseason game #3.

  66. Pigsueybucsfan Says:

    What about Alex Smith ,where is he? Just asking

  67. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I would take Rivers if we are not keeping Winston…he would be a good bridge for whoever we draft.

  68. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    GhostofSchiano Says:
    “We still can’t get past the Saints.”

    We causally split with the Saints…just not in 2019.

  69. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Mr. Reality Says
    “Let me ask this question: Is Jameis Winston doing it for the fans, and do they trust him?”

    Who gives a crap about fans??? Most of the fans give up on good player all of the time.

    Rojo? They gave up on him. Vea? They gave up on him before he even played. White? They turn on him when he was drafted!

    I could name a half dozen players who the fans gave up on only to have them change their tune later. The fans know next to nothing. Just look at the Pro Bowl. Fans have ruined it!

    So who cares about what the fans think? An organization has to follow its gut, and the fans will fall in line if they are right.

    You know, like this past draft when fans complained about EVERY pick.

  70. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    What part of Florida did he move to? That would be the real clue.

  71. Swampbuc Says:

    Many of you would do well to listen to Buccaneer Bonzai. But that would require you to think, and stuff. Sorry I suggested it.

  72. Brandon Says:

    Yes, Jameis is the devil… INTs INTs INTs INTs, we know. 30 of them. Favre, the all-time leading INT thrower led the league in them numerous times. Threw well over 300 in his career. Threw 29 the year before he had Minnesota playing the best football of any team until Bounty-Gate. Year 2 in the offense will make a difference, it has to because Jameis is still our best option.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Thats perfect Rivers only threw 20 ints to his 23 tds. Big upgrade.

  74. unbelievable Says:

    Rivers in 2019: 23 TDs 20 INTs, way less yardage and almost no deep balls

    Winston is 2019: 33 TDs 30 INTs, 5k yards and best deep ball in the league.

    How is this an upgrade?

    Also, he does not fit Arian’s system at all.

    Zero chance of this happening IMO

  75. Kevn292 Says:

    Nah, ain’t happenin

  76. coverdeuce Says:

    If they want to compete now and in the future, Rivers has to be the target. Sign him, go after a rookie QB in the draft, and work on upgrading the run game + keeping the defense together.

  77. FortMyersDave Says:

    Hmmm. Destin. West Panhandle which is in the Pensacola/Mobile TV market. Closer to the Big Easy than Tampa (hell Jacksonville is closer). The national media needs to look at a map or take geography lessons.