The Roller Coaster Of Jameis

December 9th, 2019

Sometimes when Joe hears Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians talk, Joe hears Bear Bryant.

The Alabama legend, who Arians once worked for, was big on character and you can hear that time to time from Arians. For example, earlier in the season he told his team they would learn who has character by leading the team to a win to avoid a two-game losing streak.

Well, that didn’t happen and maybe that character took time to develop but here the Bucs are winning four of their last five after coming back to beat the Colts yesterday at the Den of Depression.

Now Arians isn’t used to a team coming back from turnovers to win games. He joked it’s a good thing he is young and healthy to withstand the roller coaster ups and downs of Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

In fact, Arians brought up the Bear Bryant trait of “character” in talking about Jameis’ resiliency and ability to come back after playing Santa Claus to beat the Colts yesterday.

“I haven’t been around too many [that have],” Arians said of quarterbacks pulling teams from a hole they dug. “That usually crushes a guy. The first one [interception], we have 50 minutes – let’s go. But, the second one, after we created the turnover and give it back, to then go down to win the game just speaks a lot about the guy’s character.”

Jameis, Arians noted (and so did his teammates to Joe yesterday after the game), sort of has the mentality of a cornerback. When corners hit college ball or certainly the NFL, they learn to forget plays almost immediately. Get burned? Forget it because here comes the next play.

Jameis throws a pick? He hears Arians tell him “Keep firing” and he acts as if an interception never happened.

And then Jameis goes out and throws touchdowns.

The guy’s name is all over the Bucs’ record book for passing yards and touchdowns and he is just a hair from leading the league in yards and touchdowns. And people actually want to dump the best quarterback this team ever had not named “Steve Young?”

Jameis is on pace to throw for 5,000 yards, only done 11 times in NFL history and folks want him run. What team does that?

But yeah, Andy Dalton.

93 Responses to “The Roller Coaster Of Jameis”

  1. DooshLaRue Says:

    The team overcame JayMiss.

  2. CJ Brooks Says:

    The kid throws 3 picks, yes. He also accounted for 5 TDS. He all but carried the team yesterday. He has 2 comebacks in his last 3.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, Jameis Winston seems to have memory lapses with many things, on and off the field, especially if it affects his behavior with ladies he interacts with. So of course, when playing a kid’s game and making terrible decisions, he forgets about that too. It’s not as hard to do. Some may say he has no conscience, which would explain why he continues to make bad in-game decisions, like the additional two throw into traffic that hit Cols players in the hands and would have been picked off by most average defenders. If you want an empty stadium and never a chance at better than 9-7, bring Winston back. If you want amazing risky throws late in the season when the games don’t matter, bring back Winston. All those Colts fans were there because the Colts had a QB who for decades built up the fan base, won games, made them proud, was an example in the community. Not a liabilty to his team on and off the field. All hail Jaemeis.

  4. Clean House Says:

    Hope he breaks 5 k
    I think he should be able to take things to a whole other level
    So talented, and plays with heart. Has a good mentality to keep pressing on.
    Still a young guy. Sign him long term

  5. Warthog Says:

    If they let Winston leave he’ll probably win a Super Bowl with another team.

    He’s not perfect. And he’ll never be a HOF qb. But he’s good enough to win a championship with if the rest of the team is built right.

    Guys like him don’t go on trees. If he walks there’s no guarantee the Bucs will be able to replace him with anyone better in 2020.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Bruce Arians is giving Winston all the rope he needs to hang himself. The Bucs won yesterday not because of Winston, but despite Winston. When BA said to “keep firing” I don’t think that meant he didn’t care about errant throws and stupid decisions in general. He meant likely to just shake it up. And oh yeah, Jameis went and threw touchdowns, two more INTs including on the would-be late game TD drive where any other decent QB would drive down the field. A good team would have taken the ball back and run out the clock. Winston is lucky his D showed up just enough to get the ball back for him. He won’t often get another chance late in the fourth quarter.

  7. PragueBucsFan Says:

    Full game uploaded to YouTube

  8. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Mr Excitement/Santa Clause could have won many more games if he could stop
    keeping opponents in the game with turnovers. This victory is a good confidence builder for Jameis , but in order for the team to be a consistent winner he has to get a handle on the turnovers, IMO. In recent weeks I have seen Jameis attempt to throw the ball away only to get penalized and suffer a loss of down. This is unacceptable for a QB of his experience.

  9. Bob in Valrico Says:

    You have to credit Leftowich for identifying matchups and weaknesses in the
    defense in the passing game. He is part of the reason this comeback was possible, IMO

  10. Anonymous Says:

    If Jameis Winston can keep his nose clean off the field, he makes better decisions in throwing the ball, and can limit his turnovers, he could be a good player in this league.

    That was said in September 2015 after his first NFL was a pick six. Five years later, this team still has not been to the playoffs, have pretty muched stunk it up the whole first of the season thanks largely to Winston…and people are saying the same thing. Insanity or stupidity–or both?

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Bob in Valrico … That one grounding call could’ve been the difference in the game. Jameis just heaved in up when he was in the grasp of that defender. It landed harmlessly over near the sidelines (but behind the LOS) but that looked like pure luck to me (since he was ‘in the grasp’ and being taken down). It’s THOSE types of plays that drive me nuts because there’s absolutely no excuse, even for a rookie, to do something like that IMO.

  12. runnerdoc Says:


    There just aren’t a lot of people that can give you 5000 yards or 38 points while losing 4 possessions to turnovers. Moreover, all these receivers and Jameis have done a lot of work to get the passing game to this point. That locker room believes and plays for him. It’s not a plug and play situation with another QB The Bucs are going to go with Jameis while trying to improve the running game and get his INTs down. Just as they should do.

  13. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Exactly, its the equivalent of a turnover and momentum killer IMO. Also the second one in recent memory. Trick is, if you make one costly mistake to not be a repeat offender.

  14. AwShbucs Says:

    Doosh… yeah because Jameis’ near 500 yards and 5 Touchdowns produced had nothing to do with it right?

    I get that you dont like Jameis, but to pretend as if he didnt contribute to winning the game is simply an asinine assertion.

  15. '79 Defense Says:

    I was just looking at Aaron Rodgers stats. 23 TDs and only 2 ints this season and only 82 interceptions in his 12 years as a starting QB.

    By comparison, Jameis has 81 interceptions in his five year career. One less than Rodgers who has been a starter seven more years than Winston.

    I want Jameis to stay, but would he ever get a handle on it?

  16. ATrain Says:

    Ok y’all do realize TE Bucs came back to win against the Colts

    Umm ‘‘tis won’t happen against a New Orleans

    I get it it’s a win which as fans we are starved for

    But stop and look at Jamies’ throws
    One is great next four are ducks

    Also our WR and TE are awesome they way they catch behind themselves most of the time

  17. ATrain Says:

    Wonder what word puts me in moderation all the time

    Is it “JAMIES”

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    By the end of the game I was free-basing Tums chased with Crown Royal!
    Now, just imagine for a second a ‘clean’ game. It doesn’t have to be this hard. I have never seen a football team so hell-bent on beating itself! It’s crazy!
    Sheer horror followed by sheer excitement!
    Great win!

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Favre was a rollercoaster too. It took years for him to calm down…and he never scored so many points or had so many yards.

    Winston will always throw picks. Some will be his fault, some won’t. Hoping he’ll have games without them feels like a pipe dream. But can we live with that so long as he wins?

    I can.

    But only because I know he will eventually mature and reduce them…probably about the time he gets better oline play.

    As to his yards, I tried to warn everyone that Arians did not like running the ball when he was hired, and people scoffed. Now you know.

    Rojo could have had 1,000 yards this year if Arians had stuck with the run more.

  20. SteveK Says:


    Can you acknowledge that all the turnovers are no recipe for championship, or even making the playoffs?!

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’ll say this: the CBS crew were impressed by Jameis.

  22. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    Nobody is denying that Jameis has a boatload of talent. The issue is that its hard to imagine the Buccaneers being a postseason contender (playing with the big dogs for high stakes) with such a mercurial quarterback. He’s had five years to show that he can play at a high level with consistency and *learn from his mistakes*. He hasn’t shown us that. “I will tolerate you until I can replace you.”

  23. Anglican Says:

    Love the Bucs but let’s not get lost in the quality of teams in this 3 game streak. I doubt he would be able to throw 3 picks and then come back against the upper half quality teams in the NFL. Our record is proof. GO BUCS

  24. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    What other team would TAKE him?

  25. Adam Lakers Carolla Says:

    it’s called sports entertainment….and Mr Excitement delivers!

  26. isrBuc Says:

    Could he dug us out of such hole against a playoff caliber team?

  27. Bobby M Says:

    My old b-ball coach used to say, you live by the three, you’ll die by it. We struggle far more often then we thrive….We play from behind far more often then we lead….We lose far more often then we win.

    We are never even in playoff contention despite having a “franchise” QB on a discounted salary. What do you think this team looks like when we are forced to give him more money? You think Barrett, Suh, JPP, Nassib…..all those guys can be resigned? Without even two of them, is our secondary even competent? Then there’s Dotson…and the running game. This is what folks don’t seem to grasp, it takes sooooo many resources to make Winston look even capable. You start taking away pieces, the defense only gets worse…..Now those 10 pt holes Winston puts us in by giving the ball away are 14 pt holes. This is what Arians and the entire staff recognize. It takes the perfect game, scheme and luck to put a W in the win column. Its not going to work at the cost of $25 million per year to Winston. You go year to year, the number and cap hit get worse…..You go long term, you risk crippling your team for the next 4 yrs.

  28. Bob in Valrico Says:

    The reason nearly 500 yards and 5 touchdowns were required is because Jameis also contributed to 17 of the Colts points. 300 yards,three TD’s and Gay’s field
    should have been all that was needed to put this game away, IMO. To put it in perspective This game and the Cleveland game several years ago were the only
    victories, I can recall when Jameis was so upside down on the turnover ratio.

  29. isrBuc Says:

    @Bobby M 100%

    Not sure what BA and his staff recognize though. And with bucs making decisions, I always suspect their first consideration is P.R

  30. Ed Says:

    Character and determination vs poor decision making and no playoffs in 5 years. A 5 year resume that is good/bad. When you evaluate the highs and the lows of JW and remove the emotion of how well he plays when he’s on a hot streak and how poorly he plays vs teams the Bucs should be able to beat at home, you really have this overall body of work that hasn’t changed much over the years.

    Jameis Winston has been too inconsistant to lead his team towards a playoff run but he has been brilliant enough to set all kinds of team records.

    If the Bucs can run the table you have evidence that he can be a winner but you can’t reward him with a cushy contract because when the Bucs were playing meaningful games in Sept/Oct he was so erratic, which has been a constant in his career. He has always been better the second half of the season except the Bucs have already been out of playoff contention when he begins to relax and play better.

    2 year cap friendly deal if he wins out, otherwise time to change the batter. He isn’t deserving of a 5 year top level NFL contract.

  31. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    It’s so funny you people who want him run say it’s a team win when he gifts the ball even though his arm accounted for all 38 points and the win and the defense gave up 27 points but when he doesn’t make many mistakes and has a very good game putting points on the board you people make more excuses why he had nothing to do with the win absolutely refusing to give him any credit. That’s why you’re haters. This man could win there Super bowl and still you’ll hate him.

  32. DooshLaRue Says:

    He sucks, therefore I hate him.

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    Since Jameis has been here (2015) Bucs have had TEN games with a turnover differential of MINUS 3 or greater … we’ve won TWO of those (against the Colts & Browns). That 20% chance of winning is actually higher than the NFL historical average.

    If you look at our games starting in 2015 in which we had a turnover differential of Minus 2 (or greater), we’ve won 3 and lost 24. That’s an 11% chance of winning if the turnover differential is MINUS 2 (or greater), which it’s been in 35% of our games 2015-2019. Putting it mildly, THAT’S NOT GOOD. You’ve automatically condemned yourself to between 5-6 losses each season JUST because of turnovers.

    Of all of Jameis’ INTs though, the Pick-6s are the ones that drive me nuts. Our defense doesn’t even have a chance to clean up the mess; Jameis cleans it up himself by donating 7 points to the other team’s coffers. Got me thinking about how many Pick 6’s he’s thrown since 2015. Looks like the number is now TEN … in 67 games (27-40 record).

    Not good, but actually he’s got a long way to go to catch the NFL leaders for Pick-6s. Tops on the list? Yup, Brett Favre with 32. Followed by Dan Marino (29), Joe Namath (28), Drew Brees (27) and Peyton Manning (27). Jameis has some interesting there. company.

  34. Eric Says:

    We got Favre 2.0..

    Except Favre fumbled more than Jameis. And they played good defense on his teams.

    But let’s dump him and get Dalton. Or maybe Nick Foles. Alex Smiths broken leg should be healed by now. Or draft a rookie and break him in for three years, if he doesn’t bust out.

    He is who he is. When he tried to play it safe last year the ints went down but so did the TDs. Embrace it and build the defense.

    Go Jameis. We have a low IQ fan base, pay them no mind. Keep slinging it.

  35. tmaxcon Says:

    You character pansy arses realize jamesi has not done a damn thing off field questionable in over 4 years and had less collegiate suspensions than Vince young of Tampa bay 55…. i realize facts dont fit your agenda

  36. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Low IQ fan base. Yeah, that’s a good response to record setting turnovers. Listen, America’s Grop…..errrr, Quarterback will NEVER…I repeat….NEVER win a Super Bowl ring. Good teams will create so many freaking turnovers, it will be a rout in a playoff game. Colts? They’re not a good team, and still, look what they did to America’s Turnover Machine.

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

    This is exactly why Jameis throws so many picks…..his ability to forget the last play is a double-edged sword…..If he kept what he did wrong in the back of his mind….he might not do it again.

    This is who Jameis is……and because of it, he doesn’t deserve huge bucks….but we can win with him if we improve the rest of the team.

  38. tmaxcon Says:

    Jameis always trys to win ill take that everyday and twice on Sunday over the coaching scared and trying not to loose that plagued this franchise during the one dimensional dungy the clown era…

  39. Licht Headed Says:

    Take away the racists and FSU hating GatorAIDs and the Bucs fan base is knowledgeable. If the Bucs allow Winston to walk, he will get multiple offers and win a SB long before the Bucs. The Bucs will choose between 12 and 18 in the draft so good luck with acquiring a QB that will hit the ground running. If and when rookie matures, Buc playmakers will be lonfg in the tooth or gone.

  40. ModHairKen Says:

    Well, it’s almost contract season. And Jameis better remember one thing: He did not get to where he is by himself. He’s not going to have these receivers in another town. He’s not going to have a coach that tolerates him like he has been in another town.

    So before he gets all high and mighty about the money that he thinks he deserves, he better remember the synergy of where he is.

    A little bit less money and all of these tools is better than going to Cincinnati. I don’t think he’s ever been below 50 degrees in his life.

  41. ClodHopper Says:

    The people who agree with me are smart. We are the real fans. We understand the game of football and we have high iqs.

    The people that disagree with me are dumb. They are phony fans. They’re also racist and low iq.

    -Both sides of the Jameis debate.

  42. DooshLaRue Says:

    Yeah, all rookie QBs take 3-5 years to develop…..

    Except for:

    D Watson
    Lamar Jackson
    Dak Prescott

    But yeah, let’s stick with JayMiss because we just can’t do any better.
    Talk about low IQ fans….

  43. Hodad Says:

    For all the good Jameis is doing with regards to yards, and TD’s, we’re still a sub .500 team. If he would’ve thrown one TD in the second half of the Giant game, instead of the one pick, we win that game. If he doesn’t throw the pick six in the 49er game, maybe we win that one. How about the five turnover game in London, didn’t have a chance in that one with all those blunders. Let’s crown Jameis for over coming his mistakes, THIS TIME. There have been other times we couldn’t over come them. Most of his career in fact, look at our won, loss, record since Jameis has been our starter. He’s lead the league in turnovers for five years running. He has more picks then any other QB this year by far. We’re out of the playoffs again. We’ll stay out of them as long as Jameis keeps winning the interception crown.

  44. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    Everybody is an idiot if they don’t see it my way

  45. Dan Says:

    It’s simple Joe. People want him run who understand that when you give the ball away you will never win meaningful games and although you can skirt those odds like we did yesterday this simply won’t be the case most of the time. Anyone who wants Winston to stay has to be willing to accept loosing more than winning. You can’t win consistently if you throw interceptions it’s not hating it’s football basics.

  46. Touchdown, Tampa Bay Says:

    None of you are God, and have zero right to say what someone deserves. You act like it’s coming out of your rent money! Jamies will get what Jamies will get, and it Will Not affect your household. Okay?!

  47. Sleepy903 Says:

    The colts have a decent Defense. Top 15 in a lot of defensive categories. Their offense is what has held them back. So people saying The colts are a crappy team they are still in the playoff race after their franchise QB retired suddenly. They are actually a pretty good team. A Team that probably would love to Sign Winston to a 3 year deal. They have a pretty good defense in place and weapons with an elite offensive line.

    Be careful what you wish for. While Winston could be starting for another team next year heading going to the playoffs and we are breaking in a journeyman QB or even worse a rookie QB trying to lead a team of Vets to the playoffs. Solidify the O-line and get an elite running back. Resign our D-linemen and make a push.

  48. ocala Says:

    Everyone knows Jamies needs to cut down on the turnovers, but he also is an incredible talent which is easy to see.

    If Jamies hit free agency my guess is he would become the highest paid player in the NFL.

    I understand the frustration with the fans and his turnovers, but it is very obvious that he is an elite talent.
    The Bucs defense has improved a lot during the last few weeks. If the Bucs can get Jamies an average running game and an average offensive line then I am confident the Bucs are playoff team next year.

  49. tmaxcon Says:

    Touchdown, Tampa Bay Says:
    December 9th, 2019 at 7:57 am

    None of you are God

    Speak for yourself!!!!!!

  50. Allbuccedup Says:

    Sign Jameis to a 4 year 100 mil but only 50 guaranteed because of ints. Seems fair all the way around. If he takes the Bucs to the playoffs in the next 2 years or doesn’t either way we have an out or rewrite his contract.

  51. Bobby M Says:

    QBs chosen after the 18th pick….I put an “X” to those going to the playoffs…HOF for future Hall of Famer

    Brady X HOF
    Brees X HOF
    Rodgers X HOF
    Prescott X
    Wilson X HOF
    Garappolo X
    Cousins X

    Bucs had the #1 pick….Titans had #2….both blew it. Bears traded up….completely whiffed on Trubisky. The idea that the top picks are the best option is grossly flawed. Nearly every playoff QB this year came in the 2nd rd or later.

  52. Pugs&Bucs Says:

    The man can lead the NFL in TDs and yards with no running game. He’s anchoring HALF an offense and Has a top 5 O.

    Get him a legitimate RB and a new RT.


  53. tmaxcon Says:

    sapp would not have had to carry those has been you low standard fools call legends if he had jameis putting up over 20 points a game…. this defense still sucks and is hardly even close to fixed….. improving from the garbage levels loser lovie and mike smith brought them down to does not make them fixed. jameis has to put 30 for this team to win

  54. Eric Says:

    Favre has the most fumbles in NFL history. Because, like JW he never gave up on a play and got blindsided a lot.

    Won a Super Bowl with many playoff appearances.

    But I doubt that would have happened had the pack had the bucs recent defensive teams. There is where we need to continue to improve.

    Not a smidgen of a chance the Jameis is going anywhere. Arians is way too smart for that. But keep on hating and crying. It’s entertaining.

  55. Ra'Shad Says:

    Anonymous do you know something that we don’t know? You keep referring to something that happened years ago. And that’s so cat of you to post under the name Anonymous.

  56. Slugglife Says:

    So our criticism of JW is based in racism. Why is that always the fallback excuse? Newsflash dipsh!t- we don’t want a white QB who turns it over so frequently either.

    How is that so hard for you to understand? Are you implying that you’d rather lose with a black QB ? Or that we would prefer to lose with a white QB?

    Wouldn’t it be a loss either way? But yeah, it’s racism. Meanwhile we heap praise on the remaining minority members of the Bucs. Makes sense. Sorry the world is so tough for you to live in with people who may not agree with you. Thoughts and prayers.

  57. Colonel Angus Says:

    Resign Winston for 3years-60million, guarantee 30 of it. His body of work has shown he is not good enough to lead a bad football team to the playoffs, most QBs aren’t, maybe a handful are (Wilson, Mahomes and you could probably throw Lamar Jackson and Watson in that mix). Give Winston a top 12 defense, running game and better offensive line play and we can win consistently. To do that we need money to resign defensive players like Barrett and JPP at least, rebuild the O-line and add a few quality free agents. We need depth players everywhere. Need to get a play maker in the return game. I believe the Bucs are close, but we need that cash to improve the overall team. If Winston comes back and wants 25 million plus, let him walk, too many holes to fill. I’m no hater nor am I a nut hugger, I’m a Bucs fan. Never cared who played for the Bucs, as long as they show up to win for those 3 hours on gameday. If Old Scratch himself played for the Bucs and balled out, I’d sport a jersey with 666 on the back.

  58. Tval Says:

    Anonymous SAD. MONGO SAD. LOL!!!

  59. Tval Says:

    Half of Bobby M’s list ARE GARBAGE. LMAO!!!!!

  60. Capt. Tim Says:

    To some fans, Stats are very important.
    To others, Winning is important.

    Its really easy to rack up stats, when the game is lost- or the Season is over, and you are just slaughtering your fellow pigs.

    Some teams, once the season is over, want high draft picks.
    Drafting 5th in rounds 1, 2, and 3 gets you some pretty good players ((hypothetically)
    Meybe even some premium players.
    Drafting 20th in each round- not so much.

    But we have beat some really bad teams, so Hurray!

  61. tmaxcon Says:

    Capt. Tim

    bucs have gotten 2 picks right in 43 years selmon and sapp…. bucs can’t draft loser… you never ever play to lose

  62. 813bucboi Says:

    Bob in Valrico Says:
    December 9th, 2019 at 5:36 am
    You have to credit Leftowich for identifying matchups and weaknesses in the
    defense in the passing game. He is part of the reason this comeback was possible, IMO


    BL deserves tons of credit……

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  63. D-Rome Says:

    I’ll say this: the CBS crew were impressed by Jameis.

    Not when he threw three INTs and heaved one into the end zone while being chased which should have been a 4th INT.

  64. Tc Says:

    Don’t look now but Jamie’s is on pace for 5000 yard season and is one of the leaders in Td passes. Entertaining as hell, would you prefer a qb like Alex smith. He is high risk, high reward but what has changed with them starting to win. The defense is making a couple of stops.

  65. AwShbucs Says:


    All 4 of those QBs took over playoff rosters…

    Jameis took over a 2-14 team that still has yet to field an average defense.

    Build the defense, and we’ll contend for a championship.

  66. ou812 Says:

    Stats!!! Win /Loss stat is the only stat that counts 27 wins 40 losses in a five year career!!!
    That’s around 8 losses a year !!! for 5 years!!! He is a loser and he is good at it !!!

  67. ou812 Says:

    Don’t give me that he’s on a bad team all #1 draft picks go to bad teams they are supposed to make your team better not the other way around.

  68. BrianBucs Says:

    Bucs just have to be glad that Jacoby Brissett was having accuracy problems yesterday or they would have lost.
    Also, the 2 plays that determined the outcome of the game were made by the defense

  69. Richard Dickson Says:

    There was that sideline shot yesterday of Jameis looking at either the film or the coverage on a tablet after one of his picks. And he just drops the tablet and puts his head in his hands. That moment may have done more to win me over to him than anything he’s done on the field. These turnovers eat him up. He’s as upset over them as we are. Granted, that doesn’t necessarily translate into correcting the issue, but seeing him that vulnerable for a second, it got to me.

  70. AwShbucs Says:


    When was the last time we went 2-14?

    The one year Jameis had a good defense, for less than half a season, we went 9-7.

  71. orlbucfan Says:

    There are repeated comparisons between Fameis and Favre. Another fact is that JW has had to endure 3 Head Coaches in 5 seasons. Favre never went through that nonsense. Stop and think about it!! ME13 has gone through the same mess. LVD has endured 4 HC changes in his 8 years. Stop the coaching merry-go-round Glazer Boyz!! Try it!

  72. mike Says:

    Great article Joe, but you just look like a clown when you keep mentioning Andy Dalton because Bruce liked him out of college and one… exactly one writer thinks Andy is a possibility. I don’t like Andy and don’t want him but he is a good.

  73. Buccernutter Says:

    Some of these comments, smh. I mean do we really consider wins/losses a qb stat in tampa? He has an average of a 30th ranked defense and 29th ranked run game the last 3 years. I’m not sure how many of you think a rookie or a qb that is not elite (rodgers, brady, mahomes) can win games with that supporting cast. Elite qbs may not even be able to compensate. Some of you will say, “well he has evans and godwin, anyone can put up stats with them.” How much more productive do you think those guys can get?!?!? They are already top 3 in the league! You think they’re gonna set records all time with rodgers or brady? No, they will most likely regress due to less interceptions. It won’t be enough to win with a 32nd ranked pass defense that we currently have and no run game while leading the league in sacks allowed!

    The one season jameis had a decent run game, he was 9-7. The defense still sucked. He was pepsi roty and a probowler in his first season and 5-11, 5-11, and currently 6-7 with another bottom tier defense, ol and run game. Give the guy a supporting cast on the ol and defense and we’re going to make a run. That’s what the offseason needs to be focused on! I mean last year the holes were run game, ol, kicker, and the entire defense. It looks like the front 7 is resolved if we can keep some of these monsters like jpp and shaq, we finally found a kicker!, and the d backs are greatly improving. Rojo could be the guy but he needs more touches so we’re not there yet with the rushing game. We need to land a few more pieces on the OL, a true #1 cb, and either improvement from jones/barber or a workhorse at rb and this team is not only in the playoffs,but making a run.

    Wins/losses are unfortunately not a stat indicative of deciding jameis’s future and for those that disagree, well your analysis is lazy.

    I can’t wait til they announce jameis is back. The ones that don’t like him are so much angrier than those that support him. I wonder why. LOL

  74. Buccernutter Says:

    I’m sorry, the one season jameis had a decent defense he was 9-7. The run game still sucked. And the defense was only good for the 5 week hot streak.

  75. Buccernutter Says:

    His rookie season he was pepsi roty and a probowler with a good run game. See how successful he is with any compensating factors?

  76. suckin less Says:

    You posters on here crack me up, even with all the ints he still scores on average 28 to 38 points a game and you want to blame him for all of our losses. he comes in and gets hammered play after play and still manages to score but yall want to run him out of town.

  77. tnew Says:

    This Bucs have finally sandblasted the loser mentality that was so prevalent in the Koetter/Mike Smith era. These two guys could’ve written a book on how not to develop a QB. No defense, poor kicking, no running game but ask the QB to do a lot, while publicly lambasting for every turnover. Siding with a known malcontent WR both publicly and in the locker room. Lovie Smith did a better job in setting up Winston for success (and I am not a Lovie Smith fan) in one year than Koetter did in 3.

    My thought….. I think Arians saw it early. Winston required a hard reset. BA has said it several times, Winston is starting at zero with him. Sucks that it is year 5, but that is better than Winston leaving and having his reset elsewhere..

  78. whaaatttsss uuuup Says:

    your love affair or crush with winston is getting a little “lover boy” and it is weird …. you had a chance to talk to the sack leader of the nfl and you ask him a question about jameis (yeah i could tell that was your little weird voice!!)….. that is rude, ignorant, insulting and just plain creepy!!! it has gone too far man!!

  79. Buccernutter Says:

    meh I think it’s weirder to somehow twist cheering on a player of your favorite team as something homosexual.

  80. MunkeyJaboo Says:

    Let’s let the guy leading the league in yards and touchdowns go!

  81. Rene Says:

    He needs to win at least another 2 games. If he keeps ints down it might happen.

  82. TOM Says:

    If I was a HC I wouldn’t want Winston as my QB. I already have to many gray hairs.

  83. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Thank you Richard! I saw that too. Looked like he was almost crying about it but you know what? He tucked it away the next time he was on the field he acted like it didn’t happen. He didn’t get all gun shy, he continued to let our rip! That is the mindset of a winner! These fans up here need a better mindset instead of denigrating him as a human being or taking his character. Best believe some of these purple up here have done worst than he ever did!

  84. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    We should destroy Detroit because this offense is humming even with the turn overs it’s Houston he needs to really watch out because they have a very good offense but a decent defense. That should be a high scoring game.

  85. T REX Says:

    LOL. Who cares how many yards you throw for? It’s about wins and losses, right Joe?

    Hey Joe, how does the NFL determine wins and losses? Yardage? No. SCOREBOARD.

    Why do you want to ruin us fans for another year or three with that loser at QB. He stinks out loud. We’ll never win anything with Jameis at QB. He’s a revved up Jeff George. I won’t tune into any games if they bring back America’s Turnover Machine. RJS will be EMPTY but fsu fans will be gobbling up that Winston knob though. Disgusting.

  86. T REX Says:

    Jameis is NUMBER ONE..



  87. Buczilla Says:

    Lol, who the heck is advocating for Andy Dalton? I don’t read every response, but I read a lot of them and I have yet to read of anyone that wants that schlub. I just don’t want Jameis and his gosh damn buffoonery quarterbacking my team anymore. He is not worth young franchise qb money so why continue to waste our time with him? Giving this cat a huge contract like the Rams gave Jared Gosh is beyond outlandishly stupid. He’s going to be franchised at the very least so Licht and Arians can save face, but a long term deal is nuts. Maybe by some divine intervention, Jameis gets his head out of his a$$ next year, but I have 0 faith that it will happen. We recently beat 3 bad teams and barely beat an average team with Jameis being all over the place in each one. We will never contend with such erratic qb play. He is not the second coming of Favre folks. Geez, not even close.

  88. Richard Dickson Says:

    I also saw a comparison of Winston this season to Peyton in 2001, his last “bad” season, and the stats are almost identical.

  89. July Joe Says:

    Jameis has been HATED by idiots his entire life … he was hated as a little kid in Alabama when he was in Pop Warner, got death threats and all sorts of hate mail when he chose to go to FSU instead of Alabama when he was a high schooler, gets hated on by idiots in Tampa even when he sets records.

    It’s nothing new to him; he knows the world is filled with complete morons.

  90. Mike Johnson Says:

    Me Entertainment is a good name. But Jameis is surely more like a..Cardiac Kid of sorts. He can both take away your heart and give it right back to your all within 15 to 20 minutes. My wife calls him, Mr..Helter Skelter because you just never know what Jameis you’re gonna get. But you gotta give Jameis crdit for not staying Down. He gets right back up after several F ups and if you are not careful will..Beat your Butt. He’s Mr. Resilliant that’s for sure.

  91. T REX Says:

    @ July Joe – Winston is closing in on the record for losses as a Buc QB. This franchise has been bad and Winston is going to be NUMBER ONE IN LOSSES if they bring him back. Only the Bucs. But hey he throws for a lot of yards, great!

  92. July Joe Says:

    ^ T REX … a perfect example of one of the MORONS I referred to.

    Of course JW will hold the record for losses, as he’ll be in Tampa longer than anyone else when it’s all said and done.

    Right now he holds the career yards, TD

  93. July Joe Says:

    By the time JW is done he’ll likely hold ALL Bucs QB records … he already owns the yards and TD records … he’s 12 wins from holding the wins record and 9 losses from the loss record … still 32 INTs away from the INT record …