4,115 Passing Yards For Jameis Winston, 7 Shy Of NFL Lead

December 8th, 2019

Life is getting more challenging for the throw-Jameis-overboard crowd.

Oh, Joe has no doubt this group will be loud and proud no matter how this Bucs season ends. And that very well could include Jameis Winston leading the NFL in passing yards.

You read that correctly.

Through 13 games, Jameis has thrown for 4,115 yards, seven shy of Dak Prescott for the NFL lead. No other quarterback is within range of those guys.

It’s a stunning total. Unlike Prescott, Jameis has no running game. None. That plays out week after week after week.

Yes, one reason Jameis throws so much is because he sometimes digs a hole for his team and has to yank them out of it. But Jameis has proven this year to be a prolific and versatile passer. Take today, Mike Evans goes down and the inevitable changes in the Colts defense didn’t faze him a bit.

Today’s career day for Jameis (456 yards) was no fluke. The guy can sling it in all kinds of ways.

Those damn turnovers, though, can Jameis ever shake them? Because that’s not the kind of play that wins in the playoffs.

However, Blake Bortles was a play or two from the Super Bowl two seasons ago, and he played rather inconsistently for the Jags that season and well in the playoffs. So don’t tell Joe that Jameis can’t at least do the same.

68 Responses to “4,115 Passing Yards For Jameis Winston, 7 Shy Of NFL Lead”

  1. ocala Says:

    I am confident Jamies is going to be offered a sizable multi year contract to stay with the Bucs.

  2. SteveK Says:

    We won’t win a super bowl with all these turnovers. We barely beat a .500 football team today and we got lucky. If Jameis turned the ball over half as much ( still a good bit) then we’d be in the hunt. We suck in large part of the turnovers.

  3. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Only the Bucs would get rid of a QB that leads the NFL in passing yards…

  4. Rod Munch Says:


    My apologizes to anyone that has suffered anger in their life.
    Also my apologizes to all bears.

  5. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Why is it that we are considered to be haters when the starting QB gives up 10-14 points a game AT LEAST. I get the defense struggles but when they have to deal with that early way more times then not. its a huge problem

  6. Jean Lafitte Says:

    does that include the 80 yards he got for his pick 6?

  7. MidwestBucsFan Says:

    Life is getting more challenging for the throw-Jameis-overboard crowd.

    3 interceptions today, including a pick-6.
    Comfortably leads the league, and may still end up leading the league even if his thumb sidelines him for the rest of the season.

    Not challenging at all for that crowd, actually.

  8. wantstastayabuc Says:

    Yes, Winston can be the Blake Bortles of Tampa. There Joe, you’ve “won”!

    This is silly. His great feat today was to help dig the team out of the hole that he himself dug. Great. So he beat a bad team that almost won with his help. That’s our future?

    At some point you have to give up the fanboy obsession with this guy.

  9. #1bucfan Says:

    JOE. Justin Watson finally got a opportunity today an made something of it. He’s got so much potential with the size and speed he has. Think he gets more with ME13 going down?

  10. Bucnut2 Says:

    Winston get yards for the Bucs opponents as well.. Winston is a VERY generous QB which is why we will never go anywhere with him at QB. He is 3 things, A stat machine, a TO machine and most importantly a LOSER. Blame whatever you want, this guy does NOT win. If you are into entertainment without wins, sign this guy. I you want to win, move on.

  11. Rod Munch Says:

    LOL! All the triggered dopes angry we won…

    Anywho the real surprize today was Gholston having a half a sack. Who even knew he was still on the team.

  12. Youngbucs Says:

    “Stats are for Losers.”

  13. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Brett Farve was a great quarterback that threw a lot of boneheaded interceptions. The Packers stuck with him because they were winners. Wins change perception. That being said, the Packers still drafted Aaron Rogers. Why? For the long term future and “just in case”. I would love to see Winston franchised and a quality quarterback drafted early. After 2 years under Arian’s tutelage, if we are “winning” and the interceptions are manageable, then long term contract.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Yes indeed…..JW is very good (excellent) and very bad (horrible)…..Oh….what to do.

    Everyone keeps saying he’ll get a huge multi-year contract,,,,,,but others wan to dump him…..let’s split it down the middle and offer him a team friendly deal with some incentives…..make other teams beat the deal…..I wouldn’t be afraid to let him test FA and match his offer if need be.

  15. Anglican Says:

    No mention about a league leading interceptions qb?

  16. BigHog Says:

    You are playing like that gunslinger! Fearless as you step up in the pocket and find your target! Never bothered..Never shy, BOLD and LOUD…The leader that we need …Great Comeback..would not have happened without you!!! FAMOUS. FAMOUS. FAMOUS!!

  17. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Only LOSERS here are the Bucs fans b!tchon after a win.

    Calm down football Karens.

    Go BUCS!!!!

  18. SteveK Says:

    Let’s see Jameis do it Joe, Jameis’ turnovers are more than anyone. Show me playoffs and not a team going in a hole. Each year bc the QB gives it away too damn much.

    We won today, but’s it’s not an equation for success. Laughable to see the denial of turnovers.

  19. Jean Lafitte Says:

    exactly what I’ve been saying Tampabaybucfan

  20. JP_09 Says:

    He’ll also lead the league in turnovers, why is everyone afraid of competition at the most important position on Offense? And I’m talking serious competition not a slouch, imagine the numbers he would have if he cut his turnovers in half

  21. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Stop with the Favre comparisons. Brett won games, he wasn’t 26-40

  22. Deez days Says:

    Lol at the people who think passing yards is important for a quarterback… let’s look at why we are out of the playoffs and what his Win Loss record is … you want to look at numbers? Look at his TD-INT ratio

  23. Jamiesforprez Says:

    Winston is the man! These games are too action packed and I love it! Don’t worry, most of the guys yelling about Winston have about 3 accounts each and talk to themselves like it’s such a huge crowd. Winston is that dude, and you can’t do anything about it. Everybody get your pipes and smoke it! Haha haha.

  24. LongSeason Says:

    Jameis gives every reason to make him walk the plank and every reason to toast him. Maybe he just need to be dramatic. For us older fans, we’re getting too old for this $—! I think I may end up with an Arc Reactor in my chest before this is through.

  25. Jamiesforprez Says:

    I guess these receivers are out here throwing to themselves hahaha. Come on.

  26. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I’m not in the 23 million plus camp. No franchise tag. You gonna tag someone you tag Shaq. If a team outbids us then so be it, we move on. We find a guy that can produce at a 70% completion rate and can manage mistakes, and make him a star.

  27. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    You know what he does lead the league in right? Interceptions. And he’s been the consistent leader in interceptions all year. Grrrr right back at ya Munch!

  28. 541Buc Fan Says:

    The problem is simple for the Hate JW Crowd. JW isn’t a top caliber QB. Wilson, Mahoney, Rogers, Jackson need less help to win games. Teams can get away with paying those guys more $$$ because they need less help.

    JW needs an o-line, run game, and defense. Paying JW top money diminishes the quality of the supporting cast (which we desperately need) and would relegate us to more losing seasons.

  29. Jean Lafitte Says:

    541Buc Fan says,
    JW needs an o-line, run game, and defense. Paying JW top money diminishes the quality of the supporting cast (which we desperately need) and would relegate us to more losing seasons.
    *chicken dinner*

  30. SteveK Says:

    Thank you 541,

    Exactly. Jameis is middle of the pack QB with all the production/turnovers considered. Certainly not one that is franchise tagged or paid that kind of money.

  31. D-Rome Says:

    All of the advanced metrics show Jay-Miss is a below average QB. Only goobers look at yards and think that is something special. You can’t ignore the bone headed passing decisions. We will never know how his brain works or what he sees but there is no fixing it.

  32. D-Rome Says:

    By the way, the Favre comparisons are a joke. Favre was an MVP by his fifth season. Compare Jay-Miss to his current contemporaries. He is below average.

  33. TexBuc Says:

    Winston will be our starting QB next year. Bring on the Lions and lets go for 4 in a row. We have now won 4 out of the 5 games.

  34. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Dewey Selmon, it would really help if you read my comments before you comment, you wouldn’t look so foolish.

  35. TexBuc Says:

    Many seem so afraid Winston WILL be back next year and that BA actually believes in him.

  36. Chimichanga Says:

    Can’t believe Bucs fans are complaining about the win despite how hard it is to come by. YIKES. Be a fan of the Patriots maybe you won’t have anything to complain about.

  37. WillieG Says:

    The Bucs lucked out today. JW spotted the Colts 17 points. That’s what matters. Yards don’t mean a damn thing. People who think otherwise are severely lacking in football IQ.

  38. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Let me see…… Brissett didn’t throw a pick yet they still lost because he only threw 2 tds. Jameis throws 3 picks but scores 5 tds,70% completion rate and the Bucs win. So all you Einsteins out there what free agent qb out there can give us the wins we need? What rookie can come in and do the good things he can. He never gives up or tanks and grinds no matter what. The biggest difference the defense is finally doing what they’re paid to do, make some stops. They don’t give up a 46 yard td on one play and make a stop this game takes on a different look. We can win and lose with the young man. Don’t get me wrong I want less turnovers and more good consistency as well but I I love his aggressive attitutude and never giving up. He has a must win attitude something you need in your players.

  39. wantstastayabuc Says:

    NDog and Munch (and one of the Joes), I think WillieG has something to say to you.

  40. Oneilbucs Says:

    How many yards we have rushing this year??? And the team is still ranked number 3 in offense. So if Jamies is trash then why we are ranked do high in offense,???? I understand you guys hate Jamies but come on. If Jamies suck then Bret Favre sucks as well. Or maybe Favre got passes because he’s white and you guys say Jamies suck because he’s black and a black quarterback can’t be called a gun slinger because he’s black. Give this guy a running game and he will win a championship!!!!! Go bucs….

  41. The Coroner Says:

    Joe – and how did that work out for Bortles?

  42. Capt Kidd Says:

    Jameis is like your favorite ex-girlfriend: When he’s good, nobody’s better! But when he’s bad nobody’s crazier! LOL

  43. Dan Says:

    Count me in as 100% a part of the dump Winston now crowd. How anyone who has watched this guy for 5 seasons destroy our hopes to win and make zero progress could want this guy is beyond me. If we keep him he will keep throwing tons of picks. We have way more than enough evidence and to hope he will just somehow snap out of it it beyond ridiculous.

  44. TexBuc Says:


    that was good…..lol

  45. Buccnbeliever Says:


  46. Buccnbeliever Says:

    #2 If you have seen growth with Arians this year, AND I HAVE, they need to extend Jameis. Yeah, interceptions, but he’s improving. He will cut down on interceptions next year if they draft a legit RB1.

    You can’t let a guy like him out of the building with the team buying in like this.

  47. J Says:

    He won the ducking game! Did the defense let up points?

  48. wantstastayabuc Says:

    Capt Kidd,
    Good stuff! lol

  49. orlbucfan Says:

    JW the schizo QB. I would also like to give kudos to Matt Gay and our punter. They had good games today.

  50. TexBuc Says:


    Well said!

  51. Defense Rules Says:

    One of the game announcers today used the word RESILIENT in describing Jameis. He was complimenting Jameis for being able to forget bad plays (like Pick-6 INTs) and then turn on the jets & make some great plays to follow. Very appropriate I thought and a great quality in a QB I admit.

    Whether it’s enough though to take a team to the playoffs AND to the Super Bowl against VERY good playoff teams is debatable. Jameis NEEDS a strong defense to ‘clean up his messes’ and strong defenses don’t come cheap. Jameis NEEDS a quality OLine to protect him and quality OLines don’t come cheap either. He also NEEDS effective weapons (RBs, WRs & TEs) and those certainly don’t come cheap. And therein lies the rub … How to afford all those things that Jameis NEEDS to get us to the promised land. Because without them, we’ll be just another break-even team that continually misses the playoffs. And that ride’s getting old.

    Odds are quite good IMO that Jameis will be back. Coaches’ egos always seem to convince them that they can ‘fix Jameis’. Personally I’m not so sure after 5 years of WYSIWYG (y’all remember WYSIWYG … What You See Is What You Get). I just hope that if & when Jameis is re-signed, it’s a team-friendly deal that allows us to afford those other ‘niceties’ (like defense, OLines & weapons) that can carry us to the playoffs. If the Bucs’ hierarchy breaks the bank to keep Jameis, we’ll be condemned to more years of mediocrity I’m convinced.

  52. PragueBucsFan Says:

    Id rather have Jameis than the Colts qb or andy dalton or trent dilfer. Not many as dynamic as JW. 3 games left to decide. Jameis is 25 and his ceiling is very high. Or the Bucs could resign Mike Glennon would you prefer him?

  53. TexBuc Says:


    Exactly how I feel. Many forget how young Winston actually is when accessing his immaturity at times.

  54. Gettinthebucs Says:

    The talent is there. This is something that is clear as day. If he can cut down the turnovers the sky is the limit.

  55. Defense Rules Says:

    Oneilbucs … Lots of folks invoke Jameis-Favre comparisons but if you take a look at Favre’s career, you’ll see that’s not REALLY a sound comparison.

    For instance, disregarding his year 1 with Atlanta (played in 2 games), Favre was 50-27 in his first 5 years (with the Packers). He threw 147 TDs against 77 INTs (1.9 TD/INT). His Packers made the playoffs every year except Brett’s first year with them (1992), and won the Super Bowl in his 5th year (1996). Favre was voted to the Pro Bowl 4 times in those 5 years, and was named First Team All-Pro twice.

    Jameis on the other hand has almost finished 5 years with the Bucs and is 27-40 after today’s game. He’s thrown 114 TDs thus far against 81 INTs (1.4 TD/INT). The Bucs have yet to sniff the playoffs these past 5 years. Jameis has made the Pro Bowl once.

    And in case you’re wondering, the 1992-1996 Packers’ defense was outstanding. Their running game was meh (below average) and Brett really only had one WR who excelled; some guy named Sterling Sharpe. Many folks call him a gunslinger, but he was a gunslinger who knew how to win (a very good trait for gunslingers to have).

  56. Couch Fan Says:

    Or the Bucs could resign Mike Glennon would you prefer him?

    We have not won many more games now than we did with Glennon despite the fact Winston has a much better team around him than Glennon did. I personally just want someone that does more to help us win than lose. You cant say that about Jameis most of the time.

  57. TexBuc Says:

    so having the #3 SCORING offense is not enough to win games??

  58. BucsNY96 Says:

    I’m just a reporter, reporting the news…

    First 67 career starts:

    Peyton Manning
    17,190 yards, 117 TDs, 84 INTs, 61% completion rate, 85.4 passer rating

    Jameis Winston:
    18,399 yards, 111 TDs, 78 INTs, 61% completion rate, 86.9 passer rating

    Make whatever excuses you want, those are the #s. But the media would make you think Jaboo is the worst thing that ever happened to QBs SMH

  59. Bculaw Says:

    Those calling JW a middle of the road QB are missing the bigger picture. He’s an elite QB AND a bottom tier QB wrapped into one. Everyone wants to dump the bottom tier JW. The problem is that many don’t want to be on the losing end of dumping a guy that ends up being more consistently elite. He’s going to be at or near the league lead in yards and TD passes while leading an offense that is unquestionably explosive. It’s also an offense that unquestionably demands a lot from the QB in the pocket – particularly given this team’s inability to establish any semblance of a run game. Let’s not forget, Palmer had 24/22 TD to iNT his first year in arians’ system. The next two, he was an MVP candidate. Jameis shows flashes that make you think he can make that kind of leap. It’s a team crushing decision when you hitch your wagon to the wrong QB.

    It’s even worse to give up on the right QB.

  60. D-Rome Says:


    Compare Jameis’ stats to Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Rodgers, and his elite contemporaries in **HIS** era, not one from 20 years ago. The NFL was very different 20 years ago and Manning’s numbers would have been inflated in today’s game.

  61. TexBuc Says:


    Nice stats

    Some love to call Winstons “int” a stat, but any other stat that shows a positive is always a useless stat.

  62. Rod Munch Says:

    D-Rome – “Compare Jameis’ stats to Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Rodgers, and his elite contemporaries in **HIS** era, not one from 20 years ago. ”

    Our QB isn’t a 1st ballot HOFer at 25 years old… LOL!

    Mahomes has had a historic start to his career – literally the best start ever. I’m a huge Winston backer but if we can call up KC and trade Winston, Evans, Shaq, OJ and four 1st for Mahomes – then lets make it happen. But you can’t make that happen.

    Wilson, when he was 25 years old (his 2nd year), was throwing for 3300 yards and known primarily as a rushing QB in a run first offense. He didn’t develop into a complete QB until maybe when he was 27, although a lot of people would say he wasn’t a complete QB until two years ago (29). He benefited early on from a top defense and a very strong rushing game and playing in a very weak division. But again, if you can trade for Wilson, then do it (although I’m not giving up nearly as much for him).

    As for Rodgers, when he was 25, his first year starting, the team was 6-10 despite him passing for over 4000 yards and throwing 28 TDs. Of course if he did that with the Bucs people would say he’s a loser that can’t win – that the only thing that matters is the 6 wins and they’d want him cut to sign Mike Glennon. Again, if you can make a trade for Rodgers happen – if you think this defense is good enough to win with – well then make it happen. Of course in GB, where he had a much better defense than this Bucs defense, the prior two years he had a total of 10 wins.

  63. Dapostman Says:

    Down 35-21 with 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter Winstons WINS the last 21 minutes 17-0.

    The dorks are still upset because their WDS is on overdrive. Winning the 4th quarter usually means winning the game dorks.

  64. Eric Says:

    We are very lucky to have Jameis. Cracked hand. No Evan’s, yet racks up over 450 yards and four passing tds.

    Clutch down the stretch. So many great throws.

    Viva la Jameis. So fun to watch.

  65. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Favre had a great ol, run game, and defense. Jameis still doesn’t. It’s getting better, but it’s not all there just yet. Any QB can throw 3 interceptions. Very few can account for 456 yards and 5 tds, even against a bad team.

  66. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Lafitte, MidWestBucs, wantstastayabuc, Bucnut, etc. Sorry ya all, you have no hope, you just can’t fix stupid!

  67. Ed Says:

    OK Joe is correct that Jameis is #2 in passing yardage. So what? Look at the top 5 yardage leaders and their team’s w/l records:

    Prescott- 6-7
    Winston- 6-7
    Rivers- 5-8
    Goff- 8-5
    Ryan- 4-9

    Thats #1-#5, maybe the Rams make playoffs, maybe. Dallas can win an NFC East but thats not a given. Now lets take a look at where the 6 NFL quarterbacks on 10 win teams that will be in the playoffs rate in yardage:

    #6 Tom Brady- 10-3
    #8 Russell Wilson- 10-3
    #11 Aaron Rogers- 10-3
    #12 Jimmy G- 11-2
    #20 Lamar Jackson- 11-2
    #28 Drew Brees*- 10-3

    Joe, as you see, stats are for losers, yardage doesn’t mean anything when it comes to playing winning football. All that matters is who the winners are and whether they get homefield advantage in the playoffs.

    Now the most telling stat for you all INTERCEPTIONS:

    Least: Every one of these teams probably will make playoffs.

    Aaron Rogers- 2 (10-3)
    Patrick Maholmes- 3 (9-4)
    Kirk Cousins- 4 (9-4)
    Russell Wilson- 5 (10-3)
    Lamar Jackson- 6 (11-2)

    Most: Only one of these teams will definitely make playoffs and Rams make very well lose out to the Vikings as a wild card.

    Jameis Winston- 22 (6-7)
    Tom Brady- 19 (10-3)
    Baker Mayfield- 16 (6-7)
    Phillip Rivers- 15 (5-8)
    Jared Goff- 14 (8-5)

    So before you make the case that leading or near leading the league in yardage thrown, you must look at the overall stats, low interceptions are more related to winning than high yardage. It is about wins, right?

  68. runnerdoc Says:

    What do all 6 of the NFC QBs making the playoffs have that Jameis doesn’t have? That’s correct, a defense and a running game. The one exception to the rule is Tom Brady not having a running game.

    It ain’t the interceptions stoopid.