How Immature Is Jameis?

February 10th, 2019

New comments. New questions.

At 25 years old with 54 games started, America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, has proven to be an immature football player.

His career has been marked by inconsistency with turnovers being the ugliest hallmark.

Unfortunately, Jameis has been very inconsistent off the field, too.

Also, Joe quickly is getting more concerned about Jameis’ mental makeup. Based on recent comments by Jameis to 3 Point Conversion Radio, apparently at Super Bowl festivities, Jameis feels a past NFL coach of his didn’t really believe in him. But more important, Jameis seems to think that affected him.

See the video below: Interviewer Raphael Haynes shares with Jameis that he talked to Bruce Arians and the coach said he came to Tampa in large part because Jameis is the QB.

Raphael Haynes: For [Bruce Arians] to have your back and trust you like that, how does that feel?

Jameis Winston: Man, it’s a blessing, man. This is one of the first times I’d a had this in four years, really. You know, so I’m really blessed to be with him and his coaches that he going to have with us. Man, we ready to get rock’n and rollin’!

So which Bucs coach (or coaches) does Jameis think didn’t fully believe or trust in him? Lovie Smith? Todd Monken? Dirk Koetter? Mike Bajakian?

And why does Jameis think that when all of those guys publicly raved about him and his work ethic and drive and effort? Heck, Monken, now with the Browns, did it last week when he wasn’t even asked.

Keep in mind Jameis has spent very limited time with Arians since he was hired (league rules forbid it) and Arians himself said he doesn’t really know Jameis as an adult.

Joe thinks Jameis’ comments here reflect another layer of his immaturity, especially for a guy who did plenty to lose the trust and faith of coaches, fans and teammates.

The good news is, if Jameis really believes all this, then the change to Arians could really do wonders for him mentally.

66 Responses to “How Immature Is Jameis?”

  1. Grt1 Says:

    Coach Koetter is a good coach. I just think he threw anyone and everyone under the bus. With exception of his boy Mike Smith. I think that’s where the lack of trust happens .

  2. AlteredEgo Says:

    SMH….typing like that gets one called a hater….listen this was all hashed out pre Jameis being taken 1st OVERALL…just what does “the most NFL ready QB” mean ?…thanks for reminds us

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    Joe – What it reflects is the lack of leadership at one buc circus tent…. bucs never back or suoport players. Anyone who thinks Jameis didn’t have backing of his coaches for 4 years really wasn’t paying attention. –Joe Glazers are more concerned with losing quietly with choir boy hypocrite career losers than standing by and developing talent…no one fears talent and personality or confuses passion with bad character more than low standard bucfan

  4. Turkeysadwichtime Says:

    Koetter never wanted him. Plain and simple

  5. bucfanforever Says:

    PATRIOTS bring mentally strong players into the mix. Buccaneers I guess don’t.

  6. Hodad Says:

    Jameis has never thrown any of his coaches, or team mates under the bus during their time together with the Bucs. Now he’s speaking up a bit about how the last four years really was for him. I would hardly call that showing immaturity on his part. Koetter, and Bajakian have been his only pro coaches since he’s been drafted. It’s time we all turn the page, leave the past behind, and see if this new staff can take Jameis the man to a new level. It’s put up, or be gone time for Jameis, and quite frankly other Buc players who haven’t lived up to expectations.

  7. Playoffsorbust Says:


  8. Bucafan951 Says:

    You call it immaturity but I call it an insight into how bad things were with the last few coaching staffs 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Has anyone asked Koetter about how he felt being lied to and having to plan his final season without his franchise QB for the first three games? Did he feel like JW threw him under the bus?
    Just sayin’. It’s all in the past and there is plenty of blame to go around for JW’s first four years. But I would feel better if he occasionally just looked in the mirror.

    I share Joe’s concern but again…I realize I am the optimist..and perhaps am just hoping for pie in the sky…but the JW I saw the final six games was a newer mature version. Last year was a very painful lesson for him and I think he ultimately benefits.

    JW will never be a glib athlete…he says things that simply shouldn’t be said for a franchise QB. Some will love his honesty but his words have a bearing on the entire franchise.

    I look forward to his play at QB…I think he will excel this year.
    I fear his comments and hope somebody else emerges as the face of the franchise.

    And so I conclude with a question for Joe and everybody. I concede I do not know the answer.

    Is it possible for someone besides the QB acting as a spokesperson/face of the franchise. JW’s performances on SB radio row made me wince more than once.

    His performance on the field the last six games had me cheering. We can win with a ratio of 11 TD’s for every 3 ints if Bowles succeeds.

  10. Not there yet Says:

    Joes you can’t have it both ways. You were the first ones to come out and say Koetter didn’t have his back the year before when he got injured and Koetter would’v admit when the injury took place. I believe he’s strictly talking offensive coaches not Lovie. His quarterback coach was a nobody and still is. No one actually coached and had any level of accountability so I’m not gonna fault him for excitement of having a competent head coach for the first time in his career

  11. From76 Says:

    Patriots bring mentally strong players in???? Hernandez….gronk???? Ochoa??? Man this list could be long. Patriots have Brady and if they didn’t they would have been the Browns. Brady is why they win.

  12. Waterboy Says:

    Saying good things publicly about a person compared to observing their actions, body language and things they don’t say sometimes paint a different picture. I agree with Jameis, I don’t think Koetter was ever fully on board with him. Maybe there was a legitimate reason why, only time will tell. Now whether Jameis should insinuate that publicly or not is a different discussion.

    One thing that really got my attention was something Jimmie Giles said after the press conference when they announced the hiring of Bruce Arians. He said something along the lines of being really glad that he took the job and “Jameis needed that”. That along with a lot of other things that I’ve been hearing and reading lead me to believe there was a lot going on behind the scenes with the Koetter/Winston.

  13. Bird Says:

    Just another excuse . All it is.
    Arians is the QB whisperer. He is here to win now. I don’t want to hear it’s a new system this time next year. Arians and koetter run very similar systems with downfield passing.

    I think Arians will improve his game. No question. It’s just how much we will have to see.
    There is nothing wrong with average numbers and ratings as Jameis Has been to date. A game manager ?

    But for 25 mil which it will be next year? Is that worthy of average play. Aka Derek Carr and Gruden are debating same thing.
    Time will tell.

    Thanks for the article “logical joe”. Good read.

  14. Loyaltotheend Says:

    I’m just here to laugh and read all the excuses people will undoubtedly post

  15. BOD24 Says:

    NOT America’s QB, Joe…… that’d be Patrick Mahommes.

  16. Waterboy Says:

    Average annual pay scale for QB’s:

    12. Eli Manning $23,200,000
    13. Philip Rivers $23,000,000
    14. Matt Ryan $22,800,000
    15. Derek Carr $22,500,000
    16. Case Keenum $21,000,000
    17. Blake Bortles $21,000,000
    18. Jameis Winston $20,922,000
    19. Marcus Mariota $20,922,000
    20. Alex Smith $20,400,000
    21. Jimmy Garoppolo $19,600,000
    22. Andy Dalton $16,200,000

  17. BucEmUp 7 Says:


    Jameis is going to be a steal is this years fantasy drafts tell ya that buddy!!! Career year!!!!!

  18. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Koetter “was “ a good coach
    His last 2 years in Atlanta and his time in Tampa shows his best years are in the past

  19. kyle Says:

    come on joe, i know there is not much news right now but throwing spit at the fan is a little beneath you, dont you think?
    ?? Feel free to explain what is “spit” here. Jameis spoke and shared a compelling thought. No matter the time of year, Joe would share this about Jameis or any other player. …And there is plenty of news and things to write about now.–Joe

  20. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Koetter is the one who broke the trust
    Once Bucs made decision to keep Jameis after suspension was announced, then Koetter needed to go “all in” with Jameis.

    Instead, Koetter wouldn’t commit to when Jameis would start, then he benched Jameis way too long after a bad game, and would never commit to when Jameis would be the starter again.

    In between, Koetter went back and forth on who would call the plays, and placed loyalty to a friend over team’s best interests (Smith episode)

  21. JohnnyB Says:

    Man, Jameis clicks are gold aren’t they? Quite the headline for a total non-story. Almost as good as “How Desperate for Clicks is Joe?”
    That’s cute and a very uninformed take. Jameis stories are very, very rarely the most read around here. As you know, Jameis is polarizing, therefore a percentage of people don’t have an interest in hearing what he has to say. Call it what you want, but Joe isn’t going to ignore the franchise QB sharing his opinions on his Bucs tenure. THat’s the job of the fading, alleged mainstream media –Joe

  22. donuts Says:

    When the Bucs did not change Bajakian out last year just to give Winston a new voice, it spelled doom for the Bucs. Koetter was stubborn and it cost him his HC job.

  23. BringBucsBack Says:

    Arrested development! #3 should be a mature 25 year-old in about 8-10 more years. I wish life waited on me!?

    This time next year we’ll (he’ll) be blaming failed expectations on the new playbook!
    …the year after that on BA’s failing health
    …the next year on BA’s retirement
    …the next year on the new HC
    …the next year on “trust” issues with the new HC
    …the next year on the stadium temperature
    …the next year on Nike’s new cleats
    …the next year on the cheerleaders’ new outfits
    …the next year on the flight path of Haley’s comet…blah freakin’ blah blah

    I thought these guys get coached-up on what to say & what not to say? Talk to me about that Stanford scholarship!?

    JUST ONE more woman!

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’ve been a Jameis supporter…..but that doesn’t mean I am blind to his shortcomings.
    I guess the past 4 years of Jameis being propped up and put on a pedestal by Joe hasn’t bolstered his self-confidence.
    As a supporter I say……”MAN UP, JAMEIS” it’s time to produce… have failed off the field and you are struggling on the field……you have the talent and smarts to be a winner……prove it”

  25. Jerry Jones Says:

    Insert filler story here》

  26. Cobraboy Says:

    His mental weakness is showing. Not good.

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Joe thinks Jameis’ comments here reflect another layer of his immaturity, especially for a guy who did plenty to lose the trust and faith of coaches, fans and teammates.”

    This really is the silly time of the football year. Never in a million years did I think I’d say that the most realistic assessment of Jameis is coming from Joe. Folks need to stop making excuses for Jameis … and Jameis needs to stop making excuses for himself.

    Jameis started every game since he was drafted except when he was hurt, right up until the time that he got suspended. Koetter didn’t suspend him; the NFL did. And they did it because of ‘stuff’ that Jameis did. Jameis has a lot of talent, and from all I read is very intelligent, but he sure displays a LOT of immaturity to go with that talent & intelligence. Note to Jameis: leaders don’t whine & leaders don’t throw mud at their coaches. Talk is cheap. Grow a pair & show people by your actions on the field that you’re worthy of being the top 2015 draft pick.

  28. Oneilbucs Says:

    Brady has always had a good defense and team around him. Look at the super bowl. Defense wins championships and that’s what we need. I have never bought in the hold quarterback thing. The quarterback position is the most over rated position on the field. The Patriots running back had 5 touchdowns in 2 games. Go look how many times Brady got dack and how many points the offense put up throwing the ball. The national media just gives Brady all the credit. We need a running game and defense and we will win again.

  29. Dapostman Says:

    Like other pro sports you are only as good as your last game. Or last 6 1/2 games.

    64% comp % > improvement
    13/2 real TD/int ratio > improvement
    278 pass yards game > improvement
    26 rush yards game > improvement

    Jameis Winston had an epiphany about playing QB in the NFL AFTER he was benched and that is what was needed. All that matters now is the future and can he continue to improve.

    The major issue with Tampa is they have yet to have their epiphany about their defense, OL, running game, special teams or kicking game.

  30. down in the dirt Doug Says:

    I see Koeter as the gambler that only plays the 25 cent slots.I am positive that when Jameis looked into Koeters eyes he saw distrust.I see BA as the gambler that pushes all his chips to the middle of the table and goes for broke.BA,s eyes will look confident and loving to Jameis.He has told Jameis that he will kick his ass on the field,but will always have his back .

  31. Topcoach1978 Says:

    I dont believe Joe typed this ….someone please got to his house and check on him… someone has him tied up and is typing on his keyboard cause I know he didn’t write this about his beloved Jameis!

  32. Fritz50 Says:

    Sorry, guys,not every positive statement about the current regime is a sign of vast Imaturity. Public speech by a public figure is almost always a an exaggeration of anything positive & avoidance of controversy. Reading anything more into his statements than that is a big stretch & only time will tell, in the end. That’s my opinion & a big fat raspberry to both sides of this non-controversy.

  33. Bird Says:

    O’Neil buc.

    Please tell me what you are on? I want some. I’ll send you my address.

    The Qb is the most overrated position on the team? WTF.

    I guess that’s why they are expected to lead , first in and first
    Out of building. Get paid the most. Etc etc

    I will mark you down as Brady = Jameis poster. They are the same. Got it.

    Don’t you think they were able to run so well cause the defense has to respect the pass /Brady and can’t stack the box. Defenses don’t make Brady beat them . Defenses do stack the box against the Bucs. They make Jameis beat them. DBs around he league have said as much. They respect his talent and physical tools but drool from the mouth cause he turns the ball over. Plus. Did you see how many times Brady checked at the line pre snap and called the correct play.

    Quarterbacks win and lose the game every Sunday.

  34. Jim Says:

    Just like when the Joes and Ira said time to dump Fitz ’cause we can’t have Winston looking over his shoulder. Sad. Look, Koetter played Fitz because he needed to win, badly. And in fact Fitz still has a higher winning percentage than Winston, so no need to look further than that. So Winston lead the NFL in interceptions because Coach didn’t like him? Sad.

  35. DooshLaRue Says:

    Somewhere 1987 is crying.

  36. kyle Says:

    joe, definitely appreciate the take. ive listened to his interviews that were provided from superbowl week and i just dont see the immaturity take. I think he is definitely trying to repair his image and genuinely excited about the new staff. It takes years to become a polished public speaker regardless of the industry. Remember, he didn’t graduate college, he wasn’t a rhodes scholar. Hes a football player.

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    @Kyle … “Remember, he (Jameis) didn’t graduate college, he wasn’t a rhodes scholar. Hes a football player.” Uhh Kyle, Jameis is now 25, makes over $20 mil a year, and has thousands upon thousands of folks who focus on everything he says. He may not be a Rhodes Scholar, but we’ve all been told many times that he’s very intelligent. In his position as starting QB & assumed leader of this franchise, he needs to be very thoughtful about what he says & how he says it. If not, he’ll get skewered in the media, just like he has been. True leaders don’t need excuses; their actions speak for themselves.

  38. Artie Says:

    I’m so glad he was resigned! Now i won’t have to waste time following the bucs!! Last place or bust

  39. Old School Athlete Says:

    I appreciate that Jameis is honest and doesn’t give cookie-cutter responses that would draw no scrutiny, but also give no insight. I totally understand how a coach’s confidence in an athlete affects on-field performance. Should it affect effort? No, but confidence is a huge factor for success in sports, just like it is in the working world, relationships or anything else.
    Joe, I see you’re taking a lot of heat for posting “another Jameis article”. Well, I appreciate every bit of insight you can share about my Bucs, especially going into this time of year. You help me and the other real fans get through the off-season! Let the trolls drift back over to the Saints blogs. Go Bucs!

  40. Robert Says:

    This is simply an extension of their entitlement attitude. It’s never their fault.

  41. gotbbucs Says:

    I see GMC has taken him under his wing and taught him how to deflect blame on to mystery coaches and injuries.

    This guy got accepted into Stanford? He can barely speak english.

  42. gotbbucs Says:

    This will be another year where this team will be in a position to actually grab a franchise QB and pass on it for this clown.

  43. Oneilbucs Says:

    Bird you just another person that don’t know nothing about football. You listen to what ever the national media say . Rogers had 35 td passes and 5 interceptions and they still didn’t make the playoffs. If you don’t have a running game or defense you are going to lose. Look at every team that won the super bowl all of them had a running game and defense . Joe Montana had hall of famers on both sides of the ball . The Ravens had a defense and running game, the Broncos, the Patriots, who has guys going to the hall of fame, the eagles had a good running game, we won with a defense and running game so that’s why I will always believe the quarterback position is over rated. I’m not a national media guy I can see for myself. Look at the Colts they got Andrew Luck why he didn’t play in a super bowl game. I thought he was the best young quarterback. If you can’t run the ball and play good defense you will not win regardless of who your quarterback is.

  44. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    The moron made it perfectly clear that he’s a racist when it comes to his coaches. Good luck with that, Arians……

  45. AlteredEgo Says:

    Like fruit if it’s picked too soon it never matures…

  46. quickdrw21 Says:

    Yet another wasted year for Bucs fans to watch Winston give the ball away and blame everyone else. When will we learn. Grrr

  47. Bird Says:


    Wow. You just made it better. Thanks .

    Born In largo , do in 1975. Born a buc fan. Season ticket holder now from Orlando. So I’ve watched plenty of buc ball.
    So let me get this straight.

    Joe Montana-over rated. So the offense and defenses won his Super Bowls. Check

    Aaron Rodgers. Overrated. Didn’t make the playoffs. Even though all of his receivers injured and another receiver was playing running back. No weapons like Jameis had. Check.

    Andrew luck. Overrated cause he didn’t win super bowl. The same guy who actually had a shoulder injury /mri confirmed tear and 2 shoulder surgeries , could barely throw an nfl football in offeseason. Yet Jameis was reported to some mysterious booboo on his shoulder that no one could find. And you were gracious to give him that excuse for rough play. Jameis not over rated.

    Dude. I’m sure I probably know you by your former poster name? Don’t be scared. Everyone knows you went to college in Tallahassee.

    Wow. I mean just wow. Again , send me those drugs that are making you hallucinate. Sounds like fun.

  48. Oneilbucs Says:

    The statement Jamies made was right on. White people some of yall hate the truth. Jamies was only saying that because Leftwich was a black quarterback in the NFL. That is a true statement. Black quarterbacks have and always will get judged harder than white quarterbacks . They don’t get the same passes as white quarterbacks and that’s just the truth. Elie mannon had way more turnovers than Jamies has his first 4 years and no body said cut him . You people hate the truth. But let’s see how many passes that Sam Donald gets cause his team suck and they will say it’s his team just like they did Luck. But they will never give any other black quarterback that pass even if it is the team.

  49. westernbuc Says:

    The coaches protected him, even when he got Mike Evans suspended, when he got himself suspended, and when he threw pick after pick. Jameis, for whatever reason, thought he should start after the Bengals debacle. Dude is entitled with nothing to show for it

  50. BrianBucs Says:

    Arians will be very disappointed just like the others before him in coach killer Winston. You can’t squeeze honey out of a lemon

  51. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Crap take. Out with the old. Famous Jameis for president 2020!

  52. VFL98 Says:

    This might be the worst article I have ever read on here. I can’t even comment how ridiculous this is. Really Joe?? You can do better! I know it’s the off season but wow this is really trying to create a mountain out of a mole hill.. Very disappointed!!

  53. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t care what’s going on right now. New Coach, new day, new opportunities. I think if Jameis listens to BA and his new coaches, he can take it to the next level.

  54. Issaic haggins Says:

    I loudly pointed Winston’s immaturity and false I’m a victim mind set and the reason I did is ,I knew more would be coming !! I truly think his mind set is as poor as it ever has been and I’m a Jameis fan but I have seen a whole new level of ignorance going all the way back to not really apologizing to the U Driver . Totally classless and mentally Weak !!!

    I suggest the Bucs get Jimbo on a retainer because he may be the only one that has ever got Winston’s attention!!

    Clearly this bozo doesn’t realize he ruined the 2018 season with his actions and affected fans , players careers , coaches careers and so on and so forth !!

    I believe he lied to the owners. , coaches , family and many many others and didn’t lose any sleep over it . I think it’s clear it has actually reinforced and fertilized his I’m not wrong I’m the victim and everyone’s against me Bs mind set. Well when you get away with it like Jameis has it becomes a mental disease and I believe he may have a very very severe case of it !!!

    I will also say this is were strong owners take control of young adults that are riding the wrong fork in the road and I don’t believe the Glazers possess this quality .

    I don’t know who his true support team is but it isn’t good and they are most definitely are guilty of not wanting to upset the star athlete .

  55. Buc1987 Says:

    Too many “Bucs fans” have too much “want to” in seeing Jameis FAIL no matter what.

    Look at the CONSTANT posts of pleading their cases as to why he’s no good…blah…blah and why and what.

    I have NO EFFING idea why though….

    Bird does it make you feel good that the Bucs QB sucks donkey b*lls according you? Loser….guess what?…the next one prolly will too….

    Doosh…you’re just…. I don’t really care….you don’t really matter….resident troll I guess.

    I want the Bucs to win. I have not seen that Winston is standing in way of doing that. On the contraty actually. Some of you see that he is. I guess.

    I think Jameis Winston will be the Bucs QB beyond 2019. Until then feel free to ROOT AGAINST our starting QB.

    Pathetic the lot of you.

  56. Pete I Says:

    “I want the Bucs to win. I have not seen that Winston is standing in way of doing that. On the contraty actually. Some of you see that he is. I guess.” So far he has been standing in the way of winning. No guessing involved. Jameis has been immature to date. Leftwich did more in the NFL than Jameis ever likely will. But he has a chance to end all that. Play well this year but more importantly WIN games.

  57. FairMinded Says:

    This is a reasonable take. How can Jameis say he hasn’t had support (basically) for the past 4 years? I’d need to hear more from him or Koetter on that because until this last season when Fitz was lighting it up, even when he would implode in-game, the coaching staff publicly built him up never tore him down. Take personal responsibility Jameis or you aren’t going to grow

  58. Bird Says:


    Cmon now. Ready my posts. I feel he has been average to this point. Nothing more nothing less. Somewhere around 16-25 range. And that is even with more losses then wins. He doesn’t get to be excused from being part of the problem with me. I don’t point the finger at everyone else like YOU do.

    Look again. I already said arians will make him better …But how much better. Worth 25-26 mil better is what he will make next year with tender or deal.

    Get your facts straight. Cause I know you went to school in Tallahassee and Jameis is your favorite player. He is not mine. Not even top ten on bucs cause of everything he has done on and off field. But he is a buc so I support him.

  59. Bird Says:


    And dude. Cry yourself back to sleep. And stop being a hypocrite who is critical of other players but Jameis is off limits. I am critical of Jameis- absolutely

    Jameis actions have allowed me to be critical of him. You know the guy involved in two off field incidents with women and even tried to point the finger as her as the liar. And then wasn’t honest to the owners about it. Crazy actions on the field.

    I mean he was never charged with anything but you feel no big deal. So get off your high horse and come at me like that. I mean it’s just amazing how homers take off your glasses when looking at Jameis. He has earned the right be talked about.

  60. Bird Says:

    O’Neil buc

    Awesome. Now you are playing race card. Go back and look at O’Neil buc comments on qbs being overrated .
    Montana and Rodgers and Andrew luck. – overated.

    Now it’s the race card.

    Pretty sure cam newton , russel Wilson and Patrick Mahomes are black and are the leading jersey sales in nfl. 3 of the last popular players in nfl . And they have won a lot of games for their teams. Yah. People hate them. Give me a break.

  61. Bobby M. Says:

    A buddy of mine, who is a die hard Seminole and Bucs fan, ran into Famous Jameis at the fairgrounds while standing in line for some ride. He said he didn’t ask him for an autograph or pic, but merely said hi and that he was cheering for him this year. Apparently Winston was disinterested and wouldn’t acknowledge a supportive fan standing right beside him in line for several minutes. My buddy didn’t bash him but said it was a weird interaction.

  62. AlteredEgo Says:

    Bobby M. Says:
    February 11th, 2019 at 8:10 am
    A buddy of mine, who is a die hard Seminole and Bucs fan, ran into Famous Jameis at the fairgrounds while standing in line for some ride. He said he didn’t ask him for an autograph or pic, but merely said hi and that he was cheering for him this year. Apparently Winston was disinterested and wouldn’t acknowledge a supportive fan standing right beside him in line for several minutes. My buddy didn’t bash him but said it was a weird interaction.
    I can totally relate to any pro player that simply wants to enjoy private time in public….here is a perfect example
    PLayers name…..
    He was so wonderful with me and my son, had a great talk and got an autograph I was not even looking to get
    same player
    I hate the selfish phony ,what a fraud ,it’s all PR show…he was rude ,curt and made my son cry in the car ride home I am going to burn his jersey…LOL….I mean really LOL….

  63. Oneilbucs Says:

    Bird I said the quarterback position is over rated those guys you named are good quarterbacks. But you just answered my question Rogers team was not good that’s my hold point it’s a team game not quarterback. And to your race card comment that’s what most of yall white people love to say when someone tells the truth. We need defense and a running game. Joe Montana played with hall of Famers on both sides of the ball you can’t lie and say he didn’t. I want a defense and a running back and we will win . Bird stop listening to what the national media say bro you are brainwashed by them. What ever they say you believe them . Are you mad we got a black quarterback? Now go say race card cause I just spoke the truth about you and a lot of white people on this site.

  64. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Warren Moon was a black QB who was truly victimized by the “black QB” stereotype that you wish to drag out. Forced to the CFL before finally getting his shot.

    But come out of the past and into 2019! Black QB’s are all around the league and if I’m not mistaken a black QB won the MVP this year.

    I’m not suggesting that racism is dead. As long as blacks keep getting gunned down by cops, sometimes shot in the back, there is a problem. And I get that it exists in other areas of society.

    But the NFL is probably the farthest along. You will probably wish to bring up the lack of coaches and I would accept your point. But at QB…nothing could be further from the truth. It’s simply show me the victories and I do not see your color.

  65. Bird Says:


    What are you talking about. Who cares about color of qb?
    When do I listen to national media as you claim ?
    Get a clue.

    Dark Prescott , deshaun Watson , Lamar Jackson , Jameis Winston , cam newton , Patrick Mahomes , russel Wilson , Tyrone Taylor , teddy bridewster all started games last year

    And every other position is 75-80 % not white.
    You mad?

    The only buc Jerseys I have are Leroy Selmon , Derrick brooks , Mike Evans and lavonte David but keep it coming. Clueless

  66. J.T. Cross Says:

    It’s deeper than immaturity, which is why Winston won’t be the Bucs after 2019, and why he will never be a leader in the NFL. Immaturity is just one symptom of lack of accountability. You can’t constantly say something is on you, that you need to get better, and then don’t. You are not accountable when you don’t truly accept consequences and own them. Why does this loser think an African American OC is better than what he had? Because he can related to him? Really? Like what? This is 2019, not 1959. Just like at FSU when he refused to believe he was suspended for a game, Winston acted like his place was to play. Winston is not dumb. He knows the right answers to buy him another day. but he doesn’t live them. Just like the Uber sexual misconduct the NFL concluded he was guilty of after lengthy investigation…Winston runs and hides looks for his apologists to save him. He is lucky she didn’t go to the police then. Winston “looking over his shoulder” when Fitz tore it up the first two games? A leader, and man who is accountable, doesn’t look who is coming to get him from behind; he looks to see where he needs to go and sets course. Keep this loser off our stadium. When his big plays drop off with his INTs because Bucco Bruce makes him take better care of the football, he will blame Arians AFTER he leaves. That’s what cowards do. Winston has never owned up to anything. Why do people think he will start now? We can get a QB like Geoff or Mahomes or Wilson or Watson…who get better and better, and aren’t an embarrassment to mankind off the field. It’s been four years…and anyone who thinks Arians and company are going to fix him…is dreaming. Don’t even raise the bogus claim about potential or best QB Bucs ever had. The first overall pick needs to be elevated about ALL QBs, not Bucs additional past mistake. Loser on the field, loser off the field, never accountable. Of course he is immature. This team cannot turn a corner until this chump is gone.