Koetter And Assistants

January 18th, 2016
Talking hiring practices.

Talking hiring practices.

Joe knows NFL general managers, like college athletic directors, have a dossier for potential replacement coaches, highlighted by who to call first in the event of a coaching change.

General managers have such a file for coordinators, too.

Also, it’s easy to understand assistant coaches have an idea of who they would hire if they ever got a head coaching gig. In a video on Buccaneers.com, Dirk Koetter sort of gave viewers a peek behind the curtain at how he came up with his staff.

(For those ready to ask — Joe has received this question already a few times — there is no word from the Bucs when or if Mike Smith or other assistants will be available for interviews. This was discussed at One Buc Palace on Friday. Smith may be available this week or it may be a simple conference call. With the East-West Shrine Game practices this week, and Senior Bowl practices next week, these guys are going to be busy. Also, the following week is Super Bowl week, and the NFL does not like teams taking the spotlight off the event. So Joe wouldn’t be surprised if Smith and the other Bucs assistants are unavailable until after the Super Bowl. It is all very fluid. Might be this week. Might be next month.)

Scott Smith: And I imagine you have been kind of working on [your coaching staff] behind the scenes a little bit already?

Dirk Koetter: Absolutely. Anybody who is being mentioned for an opening for a head coaching vacancy is working behind the scenes, playing that what-if game. You have several guys on your list. What you find out is, other teams that have openings are working for the same guys. It comes down to the relationships you have built over the years. The reputation that you have with different coaches and your network of coaches.

Again, none of this is surprising, but learning the timing would be rather interesting. Did Koetter reach out to friends/comrades right after the season? Before Thanksgiving? The night Lovie Smith was fired?

This is all very intriguing to Joe.

10 Responses to “Koetter And Assistants”

  1. Here we go again... Says:

    Take your time guys…lets to this right. Its a new day in Tampa Bay…AGAIN.

  2. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Buccaneer rebirth! About time we started concentrating on an exciting offense, that’s what puts butts in seats. If we get a good pass rush we will make the playoffs next season

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Think of all the times these guys are together…by these guys I mean the entire NFL coaching and GM fraternity. With only 32 teams that number is not really as great as we might imagine. Most of these guys all know each other.

    You can bet with the college all star games coming up the coaches do more than just scout talent for their teams. There is a LOT of networking that goes on.

    This is true in many professions. Some people need Linkedin or other online networking, others have their resumes in all the important headhunters for their industry.

    The NFL is small enough that these guys do a lot of their networking in person and working together on previous teams.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Any word on our receivers’ coach?

  5. 1BucFanNsaintCountry Says:

    I’m excited about the offense I’m really scared about the defense specially the hiring of the secondary coach Hoke. Hoke has fielded some of the WORST secondaries I’m the league monst recently 2014 for he bears where that secondary was historically terrible.

  6. Upthegut Says:

    A qualified receivers coach please!!!!!

  7. Mike Johnson Says:

    Somebody here said, Bucs rebirth? Give me a break! Our Defense will be up and down with DC Smith. That’s how it was in Falconland with his defenses. I don’t like the selection. And our new Special teams coach? Forgetaboutit! You kiddin me? Look for more of the same with special teams. Like I’ve said, I very cauciously nutral right now. Soo go ahead and have your honeymoon fellow Buc fans. Savor it. Just remember the joys of the beginning..once the losing starts with this former Atlanta Falcons coaching staff. They couldn’t do it in ATL. That’s alls I knows!!

  8. MOBucs Says:

    Mike Smith was an outstanding DC in Jacksonville. Look it up. That’s why he was hired by the Falcons. As HC he won Coach of the Year in 08. He had a mostly successful career in ATL, but allowed his hired DCs to run their own defenses, which was a mistake (especially Mike Nolan). I think everyone will be very happy with this hire when next season is in full swing.

  9. 1BucFanNsaintCountry Says:

    @ Joe
    I really need to know what they were thinking hiring Kaczor for Special teams? The Titans were just as bad as we were in that department. And Home are you serious? Did you guys see his secondaries get shredded in 2013 n 14? Those 2 hirings baffle me.

  10. 1BucFanNsaintCountry Says: