Culture Of Losing Alive And Well

January 4th, 2016


Yes, the Bucs achieved infamy yesterday when they became the first NFC team since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 to finish in the basement of their division five straight years

That’s enough for Bucs fans to want to punch the refrigerator door.

Despite all that Lovie has tried, all that Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht has tried, the losing culture of the Bucs’ locker room is worse than the MRSA. It’s why Americas’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, flipped out last night. And it is why the Bucs, until proven otherwise, are losers as a collective unit, Lovie said today.

“Until we win, that will be the case,” Lovie said of the losing culture in the locker room. “Right now, that’s how it has been. For a long period of time. Until we do something about it, we will have to live with it.”

Also, when asked about Jameis’ undressing of teammates that don’t sufficiently concern themselves with winning, Lovie didn’t have any issue with what Jameis said.

“I don’t muzzle Jameis,” Lovie said. “He needs to be more vocal.”

67 Responses to “Culture Of Losing Alive And Well”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    It all starts at the top. And when the Glazers morons have produced last place teams almost every year since they took over, this franchise really won’t be anything but losers as long as they own it. I mean I want Lovie gone for sure, but I’d keep Lovie for 5 more years if it meant forcing the morons to sell.

  2. BucFan20 Says:

    HE needs to be more vocal? So exactly what are you going to do to address the problem dumbazz??

  3. JollyBucsFan Says:

    Does anyone really expect anything but a 6-10 season out of lovie next year? seriously? sorry but lovie took over an underachieving 4-12 team that wasnt as bad as its record and turned them into a 2-14 team, dont preach to me that 4 extra wins was an improvement. If he was even a decent coach he would have had as at 4-12 or 6-10 LAST year. and better this year. sorry but 8 wins in two years, dont preach improvement. that is absolutely a garbage record. 4 straight losses to end a season? dont preach improvement. Lovie is GARBAGE GARBAGE GARBAGE and that is not changing anytime soon.

    Lovie must go and should have been gone after the Titans game and after the Redskins game

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    Most real buc fans only want ” to punch the refrigerator door.” if lovie is still the head coach!!!! And that will be because the bucs are just wasting the 2016 season!!!!

  5. 911bucs Says:

    “Until we do something about it, we will have to live with it.”

    That’s great another year wondering if he’s going to do something about it.

  6. Formerly GlennonGrad Says:

    As much as we dont want to emulate the revolving door Cleveland Browns, I really think the team would be better with Smith out of said door.

  7. The Buc Realist Says:

    The door only revolves if you have the wrong head coach!!!

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The losing culture starts with the press and fans calling games meaningless….sooner or later they are.

    How about we have a press that holds our owners, coaches, players and fans accountable….where are the balls?

    Lovie went through his press conference without being tapped…much less pounded!!!

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    He should have been asked….”Do you think your Sons have done a good job”….and if so, elaborate.

    Of course, he wouldn’t answer the question….but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be asked the obvious… one has the cajones…

  10. CC Says:

    Keeping Lovie for another year only to fire him next year is meaningless.

  11. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Lovie’s answer is baffling. His team’s have missed the playoffs in 7 of the past 8 seasons, posting losing records in four and an 8-8 record in one of those. He sat out of football one year. He promised a winning team right away, but posted the worst record in the NFL in year one. He cut a future hall of fame CB, and several other players who are starting and/or performing well for other teams. He also made numerous catastrophic FA mistakes, and one horrendous unforced hiring error. How exactly does he change the losing culture, and what metric is the Glazers using to assess the likelihood Lovie will change it in the coming months? Man, I don’t get it.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Joe stated that ASJ doesn’t seem to be able to extend to make catches…

    Joe trashed ASJ….calling him a likely bust in his article yesterday…..

    How about Joe asking Jon Embree, Tight Ends Coach…..what’s up with that….

    I’ll be waiting to hear his answer…

  13. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs are like a roulette wheel, except the ball never drops into their spot. Last place woeful Bucs are a freaking joke imitating a pro football team.

  14. Ray Rice Says:

    THE YUCS! Toast to THE MESSIAH. “Fuk the fun. You MF’s need to step up and show some balls.”… Aunt Geraldine replies in his Pedro Cerrano voice… ” We are here to have fun guys. Soak it up fellas. Nothing wrong with losing. Just have fun and be careful out there.”

  15. CC Says:

    This has got to be the softest media in the nation when it comes to asking tough questions.
    Is it because Brooks has Lovies back and we don’t want to piss him off. Brooks said mid season,we need more time for the players to figure out this defense. So how much time is needed?
    Last time I checked his arena team is still trying to figure out how to win.

  16. mike Says:

    we are sooo far from being a good team.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ CC

    If it’s Brooks….then someone from the media needs to crawl up in his a$$ and make him very uncomfortable.

    The bottom line with smaller market media is that they are fearful that tough question will get them ostracized.

  18. Jerseybuc Says:

    It is laughable that DB said the players need more time to figure out this defense. Every QB we face has no trouble at all figuring it out. We are an open book to the rest of the league, but apparently we haven’t read the book ourselves.

  19. JollyBucsFan Says:

    Tom Coughlin is not being retained by the Giants, HIRE HIM PLEASE

  20. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Already seeing mock drafts of us taking a CB when the starting DE for Clemson and Alabama being taken AFTER we pick at #9. Really? This will be a very important and telling off season as to what could (hopefully) mean Lovies job. A repeat of last years draft and a better Free Agency could help the team win more games next year. Anything less than 9 wins and good bye lovie.

  21. JMN Says:

    @ Tampabaybucfan

    Exactly! I quit listening to press conferences years ago cause the Tampa Bay media is afraid to ask the tough questions and press a losing coach. It just turns into the coach getting away with puff talk, which Lovie is an expert at.

  22. JMN Says:

    My biggest fear is that Lovie will get 8 wins next year and that will be good enough for him not to get fired. I hope the Glazer’s make it a playoff push or bust for Lovie next year.

  23. Gerald McRuud Says:

    I’m not just a client of the culture of losing for men wearing pewter, I’m the president!

  24. Bucs_fan13 Says:

    I really wish that people would actually listen to Winston’s post game speech. All you lovie haters can go find a different Team. Jaemis will carry this team on his back no matter what. This site sucks now because of you fake fans.

  25. rayjay1122 Says:

    Pirating and Buccaneer football are both not victim less crimes.

  26. Bucco Brice Says:


  27. NPR fan Says:

    Now Jameis needs to get more vocal? Lovie is a soup sand which who doesn’t have a clue how to discipline or motivate his team. He can’t be gone soon enough though Joe will cry for weeks as the greatLovie made the right choice in bringing Winston here. Like I said before, he had a 50/50 chance of choosing right and ” his” decision wasn’t made in a vacuum. You are giving this loser way too much credit Joe. He needs to be gone if we want a team to cheer for next year.

  28. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    The bottom line with smaller market media is that they are fearful that tough question will get them ostracized.

    And you’ve worked in the media and so you understand this is a a reality…they will get ostracized.

    And I agree with you the smaller the market the worse it is and if it’s a college town forget it! Working in Gainesville, Tallahassee, Columbus, Tuscaloosa…all the smaller college towns are the worst because those coaches and the alumni just have way too much power. Media in those towns stand up to somebody like Saban or Urban at their own peril.

    In the giant markets it’s not a problem. So many reporters, so few get private interview time and so the Press conferences can get wild. It’s almost the opposite where the media starts asking questions just to stir the pot for ratings.

  29. Joe Says:


    As soon as Bucs make Embree available for an interview, Joe will be happy to ask.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    JMN….all I want the media to do is press one question or two. One question is for Jason Licht to define what he meant by “we don’t expect our fans to be patient” when they were doing all that shopping for the garbage FA’s they picked up as they gutted our roster.

    The second is holding Lovie accountable for arrogantly saying on numerous occasions that “we were a 4-12 team last season”. Trying to justify gutting the roster. Only to go out and win 2 games. No one said a damn word after that season about the way he came into this team running his mouth and talking down about the previous regime, only to look worse when the season hit. NO one, NO one in the media said a peep?

    That’s just garbage. If this was NY. Hell hire Coughlin if he’s not too old and wants to still do it. He’s like a Schiano, but with credentials. Works for me.

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe Says:
    January 4th, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    As soon as Bucs make Embree available for an interview, Joe will be happy to ask.

    Thank you Joe…..because it is certainly possible that he still has some remaining shoulder limitations that aren’t enough to keep him from playing.
    I have seen highlights of him extending….and I recall a couple of spectacular catches before the injury.

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ St. Pete…

    I’m in a very small market and I hired a News Director that was very aggressive with his questioning…and they practically ran him out of town….he was sufficiently neutered.

  33. Bucs Believer Says:

    [Caution: As always taking personal shots at WDAE on-air personalities can and will get you banned. You can disagree with them all day, but don’t let things get personal. — Joe]

  34. 813bucboi Says:

    @realist….so who do you suggest we hire?…let me guess…someone who did a $hity job this year and got fired…GO BUCS!!!

  35. 813bucboi Says:

    for those of you who said look at dan Quinn and look at todd bowles…guess what…their season is over without an playoff appearance and they had more talented teams than lovie…GO BUCS!!!!

  36. biff barker Says:

    Fake fans or fake team?

  37. bucrightoff Says:

    813bucboi Says:
    January 4th, 2016 at 3:44 pm
    for those of you who said look at dan Quinn and look at todd bowles…guess what…their season is over without an playoff appearance and they had more talented teams than lovie…GO BUCS!!!!

    Right…and their teams are 1-2 players away from Super Bowl contention and the Bucs are 12-15 players away. So what’s funny again? That we’re in significantly worse shape than both those teams, and they have significantly better coaches? Ok then…

  38. mike Says:

    @813 are talent level is equal to or greater than ATL. Yes the jets have more talent but they also played much better competion and won 10 games. We played the easiest schedule in the history of the nfl and went up against rookie and back up abs all the time.
    Hire chucky (pagano)

  39. JollyBucsFan Says:

    Bring Tom Coughlin to Tampa!

  40. OnlyGodnoles Says:

    Hi all I am happy that the idea there is a losing mentality at one bucs palace is been acknowledged in all quarters that is a good step, as the saying goes the first step to any recovery is acknowledging there is a problem to borrow that well use phrase…”I am tampa bay buccaneer football team and am a loser”.

    Having said all that I hope lovie poured himself a stiff drink this morning he is one lucky SOB that he was not fired based on yesterday performance. If it wasn’t for the spontaneous outburst from JW in defence of his coaches I don’t think lovie’s job was as secured as most people think this is the second time JW has bailed out lovie I think they are even now.

    The inertia is real as demonstrated by JW at his presser I sure hope JW wins this war. As for JW he has the off season to improve on his game i.e deep ball, climbing the pocket from what we have seen over the course of the season fans can rest assured he will be working hard in the lab

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    Fake fans?

    If someone was a fake Buc fan or bandwagon-type they wouldn’t even bother posting a comment or even come to the site for that matter.

    Fake fans? SMH

  42. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Why WDAE keeps this ass clown employed is beyond me. He is ignorant and can not even pronounce his words correctly. Dude is a joke!

    @Bucs Believer

    I completely understand your frustration. Steve is simply the Donald Trump of area sports pundits. He doesn’t need to be accurate, he simply needs to feed the frustration. And the Big Dog gets ratings just like Trump.

    Now from a professional standpoint you are correct…he DOES have a great set of pipes which is great for radio..but he is clearly a former golf pro and not somebody with a day’s training in journalism or public speaker.

    But he is an entertainer and that’s why they pay him. I disagree with him, do not admire his talent, but I do respect his success.

    The one thing he does that drives me nucking futs..and he’s not the only one…is a horrible interview….it takes him forever to frame a question and frequently he’s hemmed and hawed and said so much that he’s actually answered his own question.

    But I get why the Joes are there. Ratings!!! It is after all a business and so I not only respect the Big Dog’s success but the Joe’s taking advantage of some cross promotion.

  43. Buccfan37 Says:

    Teflon Duck Lovie, no criticism sticks and it just rolls off his back.

  44. HIRE JIMBO Says:


  45. Clw JB Says:

    with the schedule we have next year, we will be very lucky to match 6 wins with this staff, they may work long hours JW, but they get out coached on game day week after week…

  46. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Lovie WILL take us to the promise land if given time. Next year will be a winning season!

  47. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    And I assume he would fix our defense? Like he did on his own team?

  48. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    He was never a golf pro.

  49. BucIt941 Says:

    I’m not worried about Lovie being the HC anymore, Winston made it clear he is taking over this team as the true leader both vocal and through improving on him self! There is a shift in this team and I completly agree the losing mind set needs to go! This is the BIGGEST reason why i was begging for us to get Winston! He has the Fire AND personality to bring a new culture to this team

  50. WinterHavenBucFan Says:

    The team takes on the persona of the coach. That says it all!! I don’t think the players have any fear of the coach….which they should. I’m afraid the mistakes we continue to see will live on… many times has Lovie said, “we’ll get that cleaned up.” I stopped watching his press conferences.

  51. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    I know it won’t happen, but it should: Hire Chuck Pagano.

  52. lurker Says:

    “Until we do something about it, we will have to live with it.”

    really coach?!? you cannot change the mindset and the loser mentality is ok with you?


  53. Espo Says:

    All these wet dreams about which coach we should hire. Guess what? We have one already. At least for another year. Accept that which you cannot change.

  54. BucFan20 Says:

    Ya Ya Bozai. And it was You who said the Bucs Would WIN the final four games. You lucked out. You just did not say final four of what season!!

  55. ATrain Says:

    Bonzai. I Bet this team does worse next year…

    Hey Joe HOW about a contest on the Bucs Win / Loss next year.

    Lovie doesn’t have It…The Passion to win..

    It shows in all the EXCUSES HE makes..

    Lovie said next year we would be a winner. Right

  56. SteveK Says:


    Thank you very much for bringing up the failures of this team, and their loser mentality.

    Jameis Winston is a breath of fresh air. I really appreciate his vocal leadership and calling out the “why” our team is here. Jameis Winston puts it all on the line every single day, and as a working class American I greatly appreciate it.

    Some of these Buccaneer players are not here to put it all on the line to win a championship.

    I can’t wait to see our roster changes over the next few months.

    For fukc’s sake, can we please get a new defensive coordinator/coach. I love the Schwartz suggestion.

    Lovie mentioned doing a better job this time around in free agency. Let’s effing see it.

    I really hope Lovie’s hand picked Defense can cover a slant pass next year. If we continue to not adjust on defense and get our @sses handed to us, then Lovie should only get 8 games next year.

  57. SteveK Says:


    I really appreciate your point of view, and that you believe Lovie deserves a 3rd year. I must ask, did you think Schiano deserved a 3rd year? I believed Schiano was deserving of a 3rd year, and he did much more to earn in than Lovie has to this point.

    Why was Schiano so quick to get the hook, and Lovie has won 19% less games but he catches not sh!t at all for it?

    For the reasons Schiano was fired, I feel that Lovie has more than earned his firing. It is competely crazy to think Lovie is going to win us enough games to get us into the playoffs next year.

    I love that Jason Licht is talking playoff run for next year. I really expect the playoffs from Lovie next year. At the very fukcing least, I expect Lovie’s offensive defense to ADJUST. If we see more of the same type of butt whoopings, with opposing QBs completing 70%+ of there passes, then he should be fired immediately following the next beat down.

    Buc fans should not be patient for Lovie, he’s won less than Schiano or Raheem.

    And, with our schedule next year, who thinks we make the playoffs? HA! Lovie couldn’t handle Oregon 2.0 in week 1, Case Keenum and the Rams, Ryan Mallet and the Texans, and Kirk Freaking Cousins and Brother of Chucky…

    I am sorry to rant, but Lovie lacks accountability to the fans. Schiano would take live phone calls, and he wouldn’t even flinch. Lovie can’t take live calls because he can’t adjust, just like his flipping defense.

    Why is it ok for Lovie Smith to be so terrible? Why can he start Mike Jenkins at CB and give up on Johnthan Banks? Why do we have 3 secondary coaches, and a sh!tty secondary? Why did Lovie take the play calling responsibilities away from Frazier, only to be about the same or worst. Why can’t our defense get off the field on third downs?

    Our defensive guru, head coach Lovie Smith, needs to get his sh!t together.

  58. LargoBuc Says:

    Alot of people hate bigd, for many reasons. But its easy to blow him off becausr his views do not line up with a certain group on here. So he’s an idiot. Neither do Derrick Brooks’ so he’s called an a$$ kisser, despite not being employed by Lovie, or the Bucs. Neither do Jameis Winstons so, they just dont acknowledge his comments, at least until they come up with something.
    Look, Lovie has made mistakes, esp year one. But coaches cant change a players mind set. They can only try to get players with thw right mind set. And to be fair, he hasnt done a good job of that. Except for a few, most of the fa’s brought in have sucked. They either cant play or they lack heart and pride. Lovie has to know that he can not afford another bad free agency class. And honestly, a playoff or fired policy is more than fair for Lovie. Next year is year 3! After 2-14 and 8-24 overall, playoffs are mandatory for year three. Someone said Lovie would get a parade if Lovie got to 8-8. Maybe this year, but not next year. But where most of us differ, is that I beleive Lovie earned year three. I’ll take a franchise qb, a crappy seconday and 6-10 over no qb, a secondary thats decent but should be better with a future hof’er at corner, and 4-12, ANYDAY.

  59. Buc1987 Says:

    SteveK..dayum I think that’s the most I’ve ever seen you type. Been thinking a lot huh? Meeee tooo

  60. SteveK Says:


    Jameis could have played just like he did, and the defense could have been better.

    Schiano was more deserving of a third year.

  61. LargoBuc Says:

    Wether or not Lovie deserved a third year, Schiano did not. He lost the locker room. When the locker room is lost, there’s no recovering from that. I get you dont want Lovie back, and thats fine. But just know that going on about Schiano deserving a third year, does nothing to reinforce your stance on the current regime.

  62. SteveK Says:

    Schiano won 3 more games than Lovie, and was dealt a QB mentally breaking down, and losing an All-Pro OG to MRSA.

    Considering the circumstances, and the results after two years, Schiano should have been considered for a third year if Lovie remains intact.

  63. SteveK Says:


    I got a new computer for Christmas, much easier to type on than the phone.

    I hope your stomach is doing better.

    Sorry for the long winded rant, just needed to get that off my chest. I am all good with Lovie getting another year, but there d@mn well better be some major changes.

  64. LargoBuc Says:

    Schiano lost the locker room steve. Thats it. No mas. If Lovie lost the locker room, that would be it. And other than mrsa, I have mo sympathy for Schiano’s circumstances. If Freeman was having a breakdown, he should not have been in uniform. If im gonna hold Lovie accountable for Mccown, then Schiano gets held accountable for sticking it out with Freeman. Granted most of the blame falls on Freeman, Schiano didnt exactly handle it to gracefully either. And did I say he lost the freaking room?
    Your entitled to your opinion, bit Schiano accomplished nothing in this league. Btw, Im not hsre to defend Lovie, in fact im pretty tired of it. But listen to Ron Rivera comments. At one point last week he gave Lovie alot of credit for teaching him alot of what he knows about the league. In fact, the defense they use in Carolina is nearly identical to the one we run. Just something to ponder.
    And oh yeah, Schiano lost the locker room 🙂

  65. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Dammit, Colts resigned Pagano, just when I nearly had Bucs management convinced to make a run at him. 😎

  66. Couch Fan Says:

    you can say schiano lost the locker room all you like, it doesnt make it fact. This team quit just as much as any schiano team had so by that standard Lovie lost the locker room to. See I can do it to!

  67. Bucs Believer Says:

    @st petebucsfan…. I understand the explanation and i appreciate your comments. Joe has informed me that he thought my comment was personal and it was not. It was simply a response to the attacks on people on this site. I will simply listen to all the sound talk and opinions during the day and listen to other radio at 4.