Jameis Watch: “I Guess They Just Love Me”

January 18th, 2015

Jameis 1107Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, former national champion Jameis Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon and Josh McCown.

It’s Joe’s daily nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback to wear No. 5 ever in the state of Florida.

Joe knows Winston haters will somehow find fault with the video Winston shared on Instagram yesterday. You can watch via the SI.com cut below.

Joe really feels sorry for these folks. Frankly, Joe likes seeing Winston’s sense of humor, and his willingness to post video of himself not looking his Sunday best.

Buccaneers officials should take note. The ducks seem to soothe Winston. Perhaps the team should start looking now for housing that has mallards in the neighborhood.

104 Responses to “Jameis Watch: “I Guess They Just Love Me””

  1. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Dead horse, blah blah blah, JBF marking out to Shameis, the next guest for a hotel on Orient Street, blah blah blah, (Remainder deleted. Joe doesn’t tolerate baseless insults. –Joe)

  2. Jerseybucsfan Says:

    Let’s see how many people are going to use this video as a reason not to draft wintons

  3. Luther Says:

    Hopefully he is signed before the draft. I want this kid working with the playbook ASAP.

  4. Mr. Patrick Says:

    How can any right-minded Bucs fan think that Lovie, Licht and the Glazers will draft and make the face of their franchise a guy that they know at least half of all Bucs fans think is a Rapist and criminal?. They really don’t want to continue to look at a half full Ray Jay on Sundays and see more fans wearing garnett and gold than red and pewter. Something like that may fly in NY, LA, Detroit or Chicago, but not in Tampa, Florida

  5. MakeLovieNotWar Says:

    What HC is going to want to draft a QB that is going to yell at him on the sidelines when things go bad? It may have worked with Fisher, but I’m not sure Lovie is going to tolerate that.

  6. JSmalls Says:

    @Mr. Patrick

    Have you been to RJS the last several years?.?. Anyone they select in the draft will not affect the attendance at all. It’s so dead in that place the only variable that needs to change to affect attendance is WINS! I’m in the Jameis camp but regardless, the brain trust at One Buc will make the selection that they think will bring WINS!

    This sorry attempt of threats in regards to fans not supporting Jameis is futile because there’s no one supporting this teams as things stand now.

  7. Luther Says:

    @Patrick there is enough evidence on the web to conclude that Winston was involved with the girl and it was consensual. I had concerns at first but I now think it was a cash grab. The case was dismissed and so I’m giving the guy my vote as our QB. He’s the best QB in the draft and I don’t think it’s close.

  8. Eric Says:

    Looking forward to the commish calling his name as the number one pick.

    He deserves for his play and all the BS he has endured from NYTs and BSPN.

    And all the jerks that continue to call him a rapist when the retired Supreme Court Justice held an exhaustive hearing and cleared him.

    Just drove by the stadium. Only David and McCoy are on it. Plenty of room for Jameis.

    Gonna be a great day.

  9. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Why would anyone find fault with this video? I’m one who has been terribly concerned about Jameis off field activities. This video actually comforted me.
    I’ve always felt that people who like and attract animals are actually good people because animals have that sense about them. This humanized Jameis in a way I haven’t seen and if the Bucs are going to draft him they better start assembling these kind of clips to counterprogram the nasty stuff that has been said. I’ve never been a Jameis “hater”! I’ve always thought he should go back to school and rehabilitate his image. He’s not going to do that so it will be up to the Buc PR staff to begin that rehabilitation the instant L&L decide to pull the trigger on him at #1

    And I mean the instant they make the decision. They don’t have to announce their intentions or even have fingerprints on the PR. They can leak stuff to the media all day long and show the other softer side of Jameis. The same thing that got him into trouble, his gross immaturity, is endearing in a different setting and context…like enjoying ducks. His childlike quality there comes across as sweet and innocent instead of arrogant and self entitled.

    What HC is going to want to draft a QB that is going to yell at him on the sidelines when things go bad?

  10. bucrightoff Says:

    Jameis is a head case. Mariota has to sit a year, at least. Leonard Williams is by far the best player available, is plug and play,and is a defensive guy too so Lovie can actually have some involvement in him. Seems like this one is kind of obvious no?

  11. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Actually think either qb is worth #1. Just imagine what we could get without them – trade down to get more picks? L& L sure haven’t had much luck on FA,

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Forgot to answer MakeLoveNotWar..

    What HC is going to want to draft a QB that is going to yell at him on the sidelines when things go bad?

    Plenty! Can we all say John Gruden! Remember his confrontations with Keyshawn on the sideline. Gruden would have started his mother’s rapist at QB if the thought it would win a ballgame.

    I’ve seen other yelling matches in the NFL. Personally I do not like it but I can easily accept it if the coach and player are ok with it.

    I don’t see Jameis yelling at Lovie like he did Jimbo. Two totally different styles and a completely different relationship. Jimbo feels fatherly towards his players and take them under his wing. Jimbo himself can be emotional.

    Lovie OTOH is the antithesis of emotional and confrontational. Jameis would have nothing to yell out because Lovie would simply ignore him and walk away. Yelling at coaches is a two way street. Volatile coaches with scrunched Chucky faces or father figures like Jimbo invite that kind of behavior.

    Flat liners like Lovie do not. Chuck Noll used to say…We drafted you, we think you have talent, we’re paying you to do a job, you’re adults and I’m going to treat you like adults. Get it done!

    I suspect Lovie will have the same message for Jameis has Noll has for his players.

  13. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Luther
    It’s a total PR and perception instance. Bucs know that choosing Winston will alienate their entire female fan base, plus they also know that at least half of their male fans have wives who help make ticket buying decisions. Winston may be the best QB prospect in a very weak QB class but you have to look at the entire picture. And then if worse goes to worse, what if they draft him and he does something like that or something else concerning the police? Signing Winston would be like signing Tebow in the respect that the media circus comes to town. Do you really think they want to be concerned with all of that?

  14. BFFL Says:

    I haven’t heard any scouts talk about the fact that Winston’s play declined this past season. It was obvious he gained weight and looked much more sluggish in the pocket. I wouldn’t expect him to be better than his freshman year but the drop off was significant.

  15. Eric Says:

    His play declined cause the noles lost 13 guys to the nfl draft.

    But going 13-0 leading multiple come from behind wins isn’t much of a decline.

  16. Bogiedr Says:

    Why does no one remember the Payton Manning lawsuit for essentially sexual harassment? Don’t believe it? Look it up, article in usa today, 2003. There is hope for Winston.

  17. Jaybo Says:

    Its a shame that in today’s world all you have to be is accused of something and you’re guilty. For all the Winston bashers I hope your not the same ones who wanted to bring in Incognito or Manziel. Winstons issues are off the field, Mariotas issues are on the field, I’ll take my chances with the more NFL ready QB and have faith he keeps his nose clean. Again it’s easy for me to say this because it’s not my money or job on the line

  18. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Eric
    That is a very good point. Last year his very good team made him look very good. This year his mediocre team made him look very mediocre against weak competition.

  19. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    A sophomore slump is hardly unusual. But as someone said whenever you take an underclassman you are making a gamble.

    In a perfect world Jameis would have gone back to school and rehabilitated his off field image and cleaned up his int’s with a really great junior year.

    Oh for the old days when players played through their senior years. Didn’t eliminated drafting gambles but it certainly increased the odds of success.

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s getting to be a stretch to find daily material for the “watch”…..I don’t see anything at all wrong with the video….a harmless & appropriate answer to some of the Oregon fans barbs at Winston.

    The rape allegations don’t bother me as much as they did earlier….the problem with them is that if there is anything remotely similar in his future….they will be a problem for him….and it will be easy to attract accusations….Winston will need to watch the crowd he hangs with and will need to be extremely careful with his personal relationships…..something a young person with instant money usually has difficulty with…..we will see…..for those of you who know the character…..Jameis will need a “Ray Donovan” in his future….

  21. BFFL Says:

    Oregon lost some of their best offensive weapons but Maiota’s play did not decline..it actually improved.

  22. Bucnut2 Says:

    This is PR guaranteed. We’re going to see a relentless well disguised effort to soften and repair his image. The only question is wether people buy it like they did Johnny football effort a year ago…

  23. Jason Licht Says:

    Ben Rothlesburger Looking to be traded from Pitsburgh. I’ll take hime over anyone at this point. We have the weapons he needs. Just fix the line and bring in Big Ben!!!!!

  24. Eric Says:

    The ducks had some key guys out in the championship game which hurt their chances as well as Marcus’ play.

    True of any QB.

    Has Brady duplicated those seasons when he had Moss?

    Manning through 55 td’s two years ago. The difference? Surrounding personnel.

  25. Mr. Patrick Says:

    “No QB with character issues has ever had a successful NFL career” – Chris Landry

  26. JBuc Says:

    I can understand some peoples concern about off field issues with Jameis as I think it does warrant discussion. However, this crap about him yelling at Jimbo on the sideline is just stupid and shows ignorance regarding Both Jameis and Jimbo. Jimbo is notoriously demanding of his QBs (much like Gruden) and has been with Jameis since his very first game. If you watch each and every FSU game you will see a constant dialogue between both as Jimbo calls the plays and is constantly coaching Jameis after each series. Jameis sometimes gets heated or matches the intensity of his coach. I want my QB to show that intensity. It tells me he is invested in what the team is trying to do.

    This guy wants to win. He is a winner. If you are a Bucs fan than you know we need that type of player. Warren Sapp is an absolute ass to the nth degree but I would take 11 of him on my team if the goal is to win championships.

  27. Eric Hernandez Says:

    Winston’s interceptions increased as the season progressed. It should have decreased as he became comfortable with his weapons. They shows more of an issue then just breaking in new WR. Mariota lost three of his top targets and threw for 300 yards.

    One thing no one talks about is did Winston want to come out this year? I think giving the choice he would have rather stayed at FSU. Is he mentally ready for football as a career. Not that he won’t be in time I’m only saying as of now.

    Side note for Joe, Winston is NOT Andrew Luck. Not close. Winston is immature I don’t know if he is a good guy or not but there is no debating he is very immature. You want people to look at on the field vs off the field? How about when it comes to Mariota you look at the QB and not just the system.

  28. Bucnut2 Says:

    It is really a shame that some many of us are local. That fact really skews this debate on both sides. I’ll say this, people on both sides think they are objective when in fact they are not. Too bad he didn’t play in the big 10. We could have a real debate about him. I wonder how much support he would have if he’d gone to Ohio state. Not much is my guess.

  29. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    @Jason Licht

    Not that I doubt you but I’m obviously very interested.

    Ben Rothlesburger Looking to be traded from Pitsburgh.

    Can you share where you heard that story? Hard to figure why BR would leave the Steel City where he is a hero unless he’s had a falling out with Tomlin which is certainly a possibility. Two very strong willed alpha males.

  30. Bucnut2 Says:

    So many

  31. Couch Fan Says:

    What HC is going to want to draft a QB that is going to yell at him on the sidelines when things go bad?

    LMAO, Yea who wants a QB that actually gets mad at losing, i much prefer to see the QB cry like a girl after the game is over and can do nothing about it. As long as he acts like a good puppet for the coach. What a monster.

  32. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    It’s getting to be a stretch to find daily material for the “watch”

    Agree. I don’t have any problem with the Joe’s pounding this other than we’re starting to run out of material.

    Both QB’s strengths and weaknesses have been very well documented by this group by now.

    But it’s the off season and so what is left. I suspect I’m like you and would like the other stuff Joe has been posting and he could easily come back and remind us that we have a scroll wheel or a finger to wipe past these Jameis posts.

  33. Barry Says:

    If it looks like a duck (Winston) , walks like a duck (accused of sexual assault), quacks like a duck (Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, duck Whisperer), Then gentleman it’s a duck (Red Flag(s). Joe wouldn’t be gambling drafting Winston if he had to bet his own money. IMO #NowayInHellBucsDraftThisGuyWinston

  34. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I talk to animals all the time. It’s only if they talk back I’d be worried!

  35. Taskmaster Says:

    I can’t wait for Jameis to be selected by the Bucs. By all accounts one of the hardest working guys in the film room, great teammate, and an absolute fierce competitor.

    Veteran Boston College defensive coordinator Don Brown told SI that “(Winston’s) competitive nature is off the charts” and that “he will fight you on every play until his last dying breath.”

    After his suspension from the Clemson game here is a quote from the dad of the back up QB. “Everybody can say what they want about Jameis in the media and stuff. My whole family, we have nothing but the utmost respect for that kid for what he did for Sean (last) week. From Wednesday on, he prepped Sean and was by his side the whole entire time. Another class act, after the game he went up to Sean and he goes, ‘I want to meet your parents.’ We were in the locker room and the kid came up to us — and he didn’t have to — shook my hand, gave my wife a hug and said, ‘Congratulations, this kid did a great job, and enjoy the moment.’ “

  36. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ St. Pete

    I don’t have a problem with the debate over QB……I am concerned that it will continue well beyond the choice and the choice will certainly not be liked by many.

    Joe has plenty of other articles on all things Bucs so, a daily on Winston isn’t really a problem even though it is getting a bit monotonous.

    This is the beauty of print….it can be skipped….the page can be turned..

    I actually have been reading the posts to try to find something new….usually to little avail….

  37. BucDaddy Says:

    To all of the haters. Jameis is NOT a criminal, NOT a rapist. He has never been in jail and has never been convicted of anything. Being a high profile player he is and will be a target for all sorts of people trying to get their 5 minutes of fame. He has learned from his past behavior and will be a Buccaneer.

  38. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Lovie, Licht and the Glazers just have too much Integrity to draft Winston. Lovie wants to be a football coach and not a district attorney like Jimbo was forced to be

  39. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Defense Attorney ^^^

  40. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “i did not have sex with that woman”…..”I am not a crook”…….statements from recent Presidents…..unfortunately a person has to defend themself from either past actions or past accusations….this will be part of the legacy Winston will always have to overcome…..true or not….you’re in the public eye and your business will always be public.
    Winning will always mitigate things…but even winning can’t completely erase the cloud…
    Hopefully, he will take all this as a warning to live the cleanest that he can and perhaps motivate him to win even more…

  41. Taskmaster Says:

    In regards to all the off the field issues, watch videos and interviews from him. It’s very clear that he is the definition of a class clown.



    Plenty more out there but you get the idea. Some of you guys make posts making him about to be nothing but a thug criminal which couldn’t be further from the truth. I think that the off the field issues are simply maturity issues that can and will be easily fixed as he gets older.

    Not even going to give the rape accusation the time it deserves. Proven innocent over and over and over again. Read the details on the case, flimsy enough to not even warrant being charged.

  42. Eric Says:


    Great post. There are many many stories like that about Jameis.

    But I doubt the haters will listen……

  43. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Those cloud will always be there, and the Bucs or any other team will always have to worry about the appearance of new clouds

  44. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s not just a group of haters & lovers…

    Its not being a hater to be a skeptic…..I am less skeptic about Winston’s off-field issues than others…but still remain a skeptic…
    I am also a skeptic over Mariota’s readiness….

  45. cmurda Says:

    This guy could film a video of himself giving to the homeless and you Winston haters would talk about how it’s fake or Winston is trying too hard to repair his image. There is nothing this guy could do to satisfy you yet all any of you can bring up his off the field concerns. None of you have been able to critique his on field play which makes me 100% confident that he is the right choice. If, and only if, his off the field concerns are too much for the Bucs to risk then they will not draft a QB with the #1 pick. No way on Earth will the Bucs draft Mariota. This team can’t afford a project guy that needs a year or two. Nobody has time for that. It’s either Winston, trade down or we get a different position player. Let’s hope Winston checks out because that could turn this franchise around. Say what you want but the man is a leader. His teammates love him and he lost 1 game in 2 years. Simply amazing.

  46. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Mr. Patrick

    Absolutely…that’s why I say I’d be OK with either QB but would sleep better with Mariota….the question is…..will the Glazers?

  47. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    As someone who clearly worries about the challenges Jameis would bring if we draft him, I don’t want us to go overboard.

    First off I think we can all get past the pranks..crab legs..bb guns and it’s down to the ALLEGATIONS. While those allegations are for a horrible crime, they are just allegations.

    If Cam Newton can survive stealing computers from fellow students and having his old man find an SEC team willing to spend 100,000 for Cam’s services, which btw they wisely or luckily never accepted, and still get a pass..Jameis will get the same treatment.

    I do not discount the folks who worry though. Jameis has virtually NO margin for error in his personal life and he’s soon to be wealthy along with famous and the women will be coming out of the woodwork.

    I’ve never had that problem. LOL. Don’t know how it’s handled. I suspect with bodyguards who can also serve as witnesses should Jameis decide to dip his wick. And does anybody here really expect Jameis or any 21 year old healthy young male to remain celibate? The easy solution of course is to find a steady squeeze and keep your nose clean.

  48. Mr. Patrick Says:

    There is so much attention now being paid to Winston’s off the field controversies that his on field play is being ignored. And that could be a great thing for him as people may not see that he is highly overrated. Being the so called “most NFL ready” of a very weak QB class does not make him ready. He looks like the second coming of Byron Leftwich and will be a turnover machine in the NFL. He will find out quickly that playing against NFL defenses is much different than playing against the ACC pansies that let you build up wins and big numbers. Byron Leftwich was a hard worker and intense competitor also, but it didn’t make him a franchise QB

  49. Erik with CleanAthletics.com Says:

    I honestly think the absolute best we could hope for from Winston would be to play like the Josh Freeman from his 1st 2-3 seasons (and to stay out of trouble and don’t get addicted to partying/drugs). Remember all the clutch plays and comebacks Free had back then? I think their overall skillsets are very similar; although Winston had alot more success and a higher profile, obviously. I still prefer Mariota overall, but I’ll support whoever we draft. I just don’t see the Glazers allowing Winston to be the pick….

  50. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    The only similarities I see between Jfro and Jameis is that they’re both big man beasts who can run when needed and display strong arms. Jameis seems FAR more accurate to me than Jfro ever was. Jfro had a horrible reputation for accuracy coming out of college which Dom and Rah overlooked.

    Jfro was a head case from day one it just got worse. He made questionable decisions but he had heart and courage and when he was still running he could offset that lack of judgement and horrible accuracy.

    I think the biggest mistake the Bucs made with Jfro was when they cut his legs out from under him. The best we could have hoped for with Jfro was a less accurate Cam Newton.

    The story of the 20lb weight gain from Ryan Leaf’s final college game until the draft is illustrative. I’d definitely ask Jameis in for the complete physical and his weight would be one place I’d watch. If he comes in lean and mean he’s serious.

  51. Taskmaster Says:

    Where are these horrible QB comparisons coming from? Josh Freeman? Really? From a scouting report when Josh Freeman was coming out of college.

    Weaknesses: Accuracy was abysmal in junior year … Locks on to receivers and shows below-average field vision … Wildly inconsistent; runs hot and cold … Questionable leadership … Intangibles will go under the microscope by pro scouts who can talk to KSU players and coaches.

    I haven’t heard a single person question Jameis’s accuracy. Sure he pressed a lot this year and forced some throws he shouldn’t have but accuracy an issue? He can put the ball damn near wherever he wants similar to Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers.

  52. Eric Hernandez Says:

    I am a Bucs fan living in Los Angeles. What I wouldn’t give for a fair and balanced review on Winston and Mariota. I know I’m not getting it here. I don’t know Winston so I would comment on if he is a bad guy but he is immature. There is no debate on that. On the field he has problems too. That is not hating that is a fact.18 int’s is alot. Will be able to handle being the face of a team. This is the NFL not FSU, he looked to think he was untouchable, the NFL will touch the shit out of him and suspended him if he thinks that. I haven’t seen that from Andrew Luck or Russel Wilson.

    All that said he is an amazing talent. I remember seeing him the year before and loved watching him play. I was a big fan. I rooted for him and FSU against Auburn. As a Bucs fan whoever they pick just wanna see the team win.Whether it’s Winston or Maroita as long as we win true Bucs fans should be happy no matter who you wanted before hand.

  53. lurker Says:

    mr.patrick should change his name to mr.exaggeration

  54. Taskmaster Says:

    Look at the monster stats Freeman put up his freshman year at Kansas State.

    103 rating, 270 attempts 140 completions 51%, 6 TD’s to 15 ints, 1,780 yards.

    Jameis is light years ahead of Freeman in terms of throwing ability. One of the worst comparisons you could possibly make.

  55. ufcguy Says:

    U guys are idiots making him out to be the next Josh freeman. He doesn’t even party. The kid is smart and loves football. Josh is a joke and mentally weak. Winston had more pressure than any single person in this forum . Let’s see how u perform when u are 20 yrs old and being accused of rape and being dragged through the mud. He never let it affect his play once. I’ll take him here in Tampa all day

  56. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Lurker should change his name to Mr. Blinders

  57. Eric Says:

    Yeah that Jameis Winston is horrible. Remember how he totally choked in the championship game when his team was down 18.

    And when he took them down the field on the winning drive with just over one minute left?

    Absolutely pathetic.

    Btw did Andrew Luck ever do that?

  58. lurker Says:

    ok, patrick, 88% of bucs fans think you are wrong 98% of the time!

    see how easy it is to make stuff up like you do? but keep spouting your crap about 50% of the fanbase would be alienated and 100% women won’t go to games…just your usual bs.

  59. lurker Says:

    so if we draft winston i hope you will leave these boards and not watch bucs’ games, mr.patrick.

  60. Mr. Patrick Says:

    And why were rhey down by 18? Can’t come back from those mistakes in the NFL

  61. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Lurker – Are you kidding me? If the Bucs do draft Winston that’s when the circus will start

  62. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Mr. Williams will look great on the Buc’s D-Line next to Mr. McCoy

  63. lurker Says:

    the bucs didn’t tank for a dend that they can get in any draft or freeagency. they will get a franchise qb that you cannot usually get in freeagency. we will not be in position to draft a qb again if we finally start winning.

  64. Matt Says:

    Mr. Patrick, stop clogging the comments section w ur extreme and baseless opinions. You’re not adding anything to the convo.

  65. Taskmaster Says:

    Mr. Patrick. “He will find out quickly that playing against NFL defenses is much different than playing against the ACC pansies that let you build up wins and big numbers”.

    Total defensive rankings of the teams Jameis played against.
    6, 11, 14, 15, 26, 28, 40, 46, 71, 79, 87, 91, and The Citadel. He did not play against Clemson, the number one team in total defense.

    So to recap ACC defenses finished 1, 6, 11, 14, 21, 26, 28, 33, 40, 46, 61, 67, 79 and 117 in total defense.

    I would say that he actually played a pretty tough schedule.

  66. Eric Says:

    Patrick you must have missed the pats raven game.

    NE came back from 14pts down twice.

    Brady recovered from a bad first half.

  67. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    FSU schedule was Oklahoma st, citadel, Clemson, nc state, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Louisville, Virginia, Miami, Boston College , UF. That’s a weak arse schedule. And he threw 17 picks playing that schedule, double that in the NFL, where there are no unranked teams.facts are facts.

  68. Taskmaster Says:

    Buc-O’s 82, “facts are facts.”

    Yes indeed facts are facts. This is not a fact “That’s a weak arse schedule.” That would be called an opinion.

    This is a fact. Total defensive rankings of the teams Jameis played against.
    6, 11, 14, 15, 26, 28, 40, 46, 71, 79, 87, 91, and The Citadel.

    It is my opinion that playing 8 out of your 14 games against top 50 defenses is pretty good. Remember there are 125 teams.

  69. Luther Says:

    Hard to throw interceptions when you throw on your first read 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. Winston throws the full route tree. Mariota lovers can’t see past his dreamy eyes and speed. Take the pinup off your walls and watch the tape.

  70. Buc-O's 82 Says:


    Facts are facts – only 1 of those teams was a final top 20 team, and that was Clemson, 1 poll shows them 17 and the other at 20. Facts are facts. You can spin it all you want, the rest are unranked.

  71. Couch Fan Says:

    Winston doesnt control who he plays. Who cares who he played. Mariota played a weak ass schedule to. You people will pull any excuse out your ass to try to validate your point. LOL. I personal favorite is the guy who says you should double Winston INT totals “cuz its the NFL”. Awesome crystal ball there.

  72. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Of course some of the ACC defenses were ranked high, they all spent the year playing each other, lol

  73. Mr. Patrick Says:

    So now you’re comparing Winston to Brady? Wow, best laugh I’ve had all day. I know Brady is a fierce competitor also throwing tantrums on the side line and yelling to get his team fired up and to play harder. But I never remember Brady running over to scream in Coach Bill’s face

  74. Taskmaster Says:

    Buc-O’s 82,”Facts are facts – only 1 of those teams was a final top 20 team, and that was Clemson, 1 poll shows them 17 and the other at 20. Facts are facts. You can spin it all you want, the rest are unranked”.

    My bad I thought we were talking about Winston and the defenses he faced. But sure lets just say that he played a bunch of unranked teams.

    Wake Forest was 125th in total offense, dead last. Their defense was 40th. I wonder why Wake Forest sucked this year? When evaluating a QB is clearly best to look at their opponents overall W/L record instead of the defense.

    AH here is another example Virginia was 87th in total offense and 21st in total defense. Virginia should have stepped up on offense this year to improve their record so Jameis would look better. /sarcasm

  75. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Interesting……3 of the 5 worst ranked QBs were Bucs….

    Dilfer, Doug Williams, Brad Johnson….

    I am hopeful we now will have 4 of the top 5 (means we might win another SB) or a QB we have on our team at one point will) Mariota or Winston…..keep hope alive!!!

  76. lurker Says:

    mr. exaggeration, just use search…it is not that hard


  77. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Lurker
    Nice try, but there’s a huge difference in screaming at your OC and your HC

  78. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is what we have determined thus far on Winston
    Yelling at coach….not a problem
    BB gun fight…..not a problem
    Rape allegation…..not a problem
    Public cursing…..not a problem
    Taking Crablegs….not a problem
    Autograph-gate….not a problem
    18 Interceptions….not a problem
    difficulty with diction…..surely not a problem?

    Here is what we have determined thus far on Mariota

    NFL readiness….problem

    OK coaches/owners…..make your choice!!!

  79. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Lurker
    HC means head coach and OC means offensive coordinator just in case you had to Google it

  80. Loggedontosay Says:

    Mr. Patrick Says:
    January 18th, 2015 at 12:19 pm
    How can any right-minded Bucs fan think that Lovie, Licht and the Glazers will draft and make the face of their franchise a guy that they know at least half of all Bucs fans think is a Rapist and criminal?.

    The Glazers needs to replace thr half of the fan base that thinks he is a rapist and criminal because they are idiots. By the way “rapist and criminal” is a redundant phrase.

  81. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Logged
    Yes, you can be a criminal without being a Rapist

  82. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    None of us truly know what the Glazers will do with this pick….and I strongly believe that they will be very involved.
    The NFL readiness of Winston coupled with his demonstrated skills may outweigh the off-field risks….especially if he has unanimous support from Lovie, Licht & Koetter….
    Or….they may rather take what they beileve is a safer route….go with Mariota and take the time necessary to develop him.
    These are their two choices….clear and not so simple….
    I don’t think they are thinking about trading down with the pick….but that may depend on the offer.

  83. CC Says:

    “Josh McCown is an excellent free agent pick up for the Bucs”……….Chris Landry

  84. lurker Says:

    oc is a coach…now you want to play semantics? so let us know, in your opinion, who it is ok to yell at as a player. not headcoach but every other coach and assistant? ok to yell at gm, owner?

  85. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Maybe with an OC, an offensive system and a decent O-Line he would have been. Remember, he has a 2 year deal

  86. lurker Says:

    i’m still waiting for your stats on half the fanbase who will not go to games if winston is drafted. what is the total fanbase for the bucs so i can understand your numbers. please enlighten us, mr.exaggeration.

  87. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Lurker
    Considering any of those people can bench you, vut you or fire you, I think I would be smart enough not to scream at any of them

  88. Mr. Patrick Says:

    cut ^^^

  89. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Lurker
    Did you leave the other post because a couple of the other posters called you a racist idiot?

  90. Taskmaster Says:

    Sorry didn’t link the Gator game properly.


  91. lurker Says:

    i’m called racist by the good ole boys defending their own…lol

    and thus i’m an idiot…far from it with the moronic posts here. but whatever.

  92. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m starting to get the feeling that some of you don’t particularly like eachother……”Can’t we all just get along?”

    Really….this race thing reared it’s ugly head with the Glennon/Freeman debates and now seems to be an undertone with Winston/Mariota

    It’s hard for me to believe that it is an issue in any way…

  93. Bill Says:


    Georgia Tech is ranked 7, 8, and 12 (depending on the poll).

  94. Bill Says:

    Louisville is also ranked in all 3 final polls.

  95. CoachTravis Says:


    The reason ACC defenses were ranked so high is because they played ACC offenses

  96. Taskmaster Says:

    @Bill, I give up. One day of reading the comments and it’s just not worth it. This site has some elaborate trolls or neanderthals.

    Nybucsfan “There’s three quarterbacks in the NFL like Winston Johnny football and Ben Rothlisberger.”

    That post pretty much sums up the comment section. LOL

  97. Taskmaster Says:


  98. SuperSam Says:

    2 Jamies watch articles in between 3 other articles, wow. Pathetic. We haven’t even drafted the guy and im already sick of him.

  99. jb Says:

    Lovie is the best possible head coach for Jameis. You all better get used to him in Pewter & Red, because he’s gonna be our quarterback come April 30th around 7:15pm. These threats that you’re no longer gonna support this team if he’s selected are ridiculous! Don’t let the door hitcha in the butt on your way out the door, but don’t come running back screaming about how you’ve been a Buc fan for 30 years when Jameis has us back in the playoffs in a year or two.

  100. Luther Says:

    I’m going to Publix to get some crab legs for the draft.

  101. Ronnie Says:

    Dead horse, blah blah blah, JBF marking out to Shameis, the next guest for a hotel on Orient Street, blah blah blah, (Remainder deleted. Joe doesn’t tolerate baseless insults. –Joe)

    Its not baseless to say you’ve got rugburn on your knees from your love affair with Jameis though

  102. Justin Says:

    “Really….this race thing reared it’s ugly head with the Glennon/Freeman debates and now seems to be an undertone with Winston/Mariota”

    How is it racist when it is evident that Jameis behaves himself like an immature fool/ hardass wannabe

    While Mariota conducts himself with class and no sense of entitlement.

    The truth hurts.

  103. Buc's #5 Jameis Says:


    For all those who get their ego’s satisfied by talking NEG. about someones intelligence, I think this is the least of Winston’s concern’s. Here is a clip of him and other High school stars with Trent Dilfer..

  104. ADown88 Says:

    Not sure why the female fanbase would stop beings fans if we drafted Jameis… First of all, there were multiple investigations done and all of them completely cleared Jameis of any wrongdoing. Makes me mad that if someone is accused of something it automatically means they are guilty, even if the justice system proved it to be untrue. Secondly, I know 3 female Bucs fans (Mom, sister and fiancé), and all of them love Jameis and want him to be a Buc. Although that is a very small sample size, I think you are overestimating the amount of females who are dumb enough to assume guilt to something he has been cleared of. Just sayin.