“Cody’s A Tough Hombre”

July 12th, 2011

The Bucs have rolled out another phase of their excellent Xs and Os series on the team website. This time it’s secondary coach Jimmy Lake showcasing Cody Grimm’s sure tackling and instinctive play, and Lake breaks down every phase of Grimm’s interception against the Bengals.

The way Lake raves about Grimm — “Cody’s a tough hombre,” among other superlatives — one might think the 2010 seventh round pick is a new cornerstone of the Bucs defense.

Joe hopes so. This kid almost single-handedly brought the Bucs run defense from putrid to almost average for a stretch of the season before he broke his leg.

One has to wonder whether Grimm’s small frame can handle his level of violence long term. Joe has a good feeling.

9 Responses to ““Cody’s A Tough Hombre””

  1. jvato24 Says:

    Joe, if you look at some of the numbers .. for a few games the Bucs Run Defense was actually above average .. They were actually good .. I have directv and have all the Bucs 30 min short cuts saved ..

    Cody Grimm is a MONSTER.

  2. Macabee Says:

    Grimm surprised me with his play last year and will continue to impress. With Grimm, Jones, Asante, Lynch, Black, and maybe T-Jack in the mix, plus Anderson and Harris on the roster, Who stays? Who plays? Good problem to have, but still a problem.

  3. Travis Says:

    I love how Cody plays, and cant wait for him to get back in action. BUT if Tanard comes back he is the better FS be should start. On the other hand I think Cody would be a much better SS than Jones.

    Ideally id like to See Tanard at FS and Cody at SS, with Ahmad competing for a job in a year or two.

  4. Gary Says:

    Cody is great and him coming back healthy to compete will make our DB core pretty deep.

    I love how they erased the notes in the back on Brees! Someone caught that after the first few videos.

  5. Brandon Says:

    I too believe that Cody’s future is at SS. He will need to bulk up and harden up a bit to make the transition most effective, but I like his experience playing FS helping him to become a better SS (he was a LB in college so playing in the box should come natural for him).

    Whether the starting secondary in the future is Grimm and Tanard or Grimm and Black or Black and Tanard (or perhaps Asante becomes the starter at SS), I like what I see from our safeties.

  6. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Tanard is clearly the best choice to go play center field, deep halves, thirds, or quarters while still being stout against the run. Grimm is a monster against the run, but I’m not exactly brimming with confidence if we have a speedy wideout going deep to Grimm’s zone. I agree with you guys that SS seems like a more natural position for Grimm, he can still make his plays at the line without having AS much coverage assignments deep

  7. Dave Says:

    Hopefully he is bulking up some so he can take the pounding with the style of play. He can’t change his style, then he wouldn’t be that good.

    Kind of like Bob Sanders. Guy was a ebast and made INdy’s run defense respectable…. but in the end he was short lived due to constant injuries.

  8. Dan Says:

    i kept seeing a rookie safety blow coverage with bad angles, and blown assignments.

  9. alan Says:

    if grimm never got hurt we would have made the playoffs and would have smashed the lions.

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