Gronk: Bucs Organization Believes In Mayfield

September 17th, 2023

Rob Gronkowski checks in.

Bucs Super Bowl hero tight end Rob Gronkowski knows a thing or two about life in Tampa, and has a few good friends at One Buc Palace.

Gronk shared some Bucs thoughts on FOX after Tampa Bay’s thrilling win today against the Bears.

Joe was intrigued when Gronk referenced an organizational confidence in Baker Mayfield.

“He’s confident. He’s ready. He’s rejuvanated. And I feel like the organziation believes in him, as well,” Gronk said of Mayfield. “He’s got the connection going with Chris Godwin, and especially with Mike Evans.”

Gronk went on to say the Bucs’ run game being effective is “huge” and “critical.” Joe hears that and thinks, ‘just imagine when the run game breaks a few.’

FOX cohort Michael Strahan praised Mayfield for maturity and staying within the offense, and for protecting the ball. Thosse aren’t trademarks of his past five seasons.

“Not looking like he’s improvising plays,” Strahan said. “He’s actually, you know, playing within himself and not trying to do too much. I mean, over 300 yards. Who thought that was coming? I mean, it definitely could be a new Baker Mayfield.”

31 Responses to “Gronk: Bucs Organization Believes In Mayfield”

  1. adam from ny Says:

    gronk should join the party…

    start training hard gronkster and join the party after the bye week…

    you’re needed to pair up with otten…

    wells is cool and all but we need more

  2. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Where the Mayfield haters at??? They were pretty damn loud all off season now nowhere to be found….

  3. adam from ny Says:

    baker’s cookin’ in the pot

  4. HC Grover Says:

    Agree Licht scores again. For 4 million.

  5. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Hi Trask fans, how you doing today? Try not to jump off the skyway bridge on? Not interested in your bandwagon flip flopping either you losers. I will accept it as long as you lock on Mayfields nuts though

  6. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of Says:

    Unlike when journeyman Fitzmagic started out as the hottest QB in the NFL that season, this solid start by Mayfield feels more sustainable… I think he might end up being our new Franchise QB, Bucs Fans.

  7. Mike C Says:

    Grink is done

  8. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of Says:

    Baker Mayfield, Franchise QB.

  9. Don’t tell me it’s raining Says:

    Admin drinking the Haterade today? Don’t be mad bruh

  10. Allbuccedup Says:

    I was wrong Evans will get another 1000 yard season

  11. SlyPirate Says:

    Now if only Joe would show JTS and Zyon some love. It’s time.

  12. Leighroy Says:

    “I feel like” we’re 2-0 and it’s all sunshine and rainbows. “I know that,” or “I’ve heard from my inside sources that” if the results were different the narrative would be too. I mean this is great, but Gronk is just spitballing here.

  13. Goldenbuc Says:

    I was a trask fan in the preseason, but since the starter was announced there has only been 1 qb to root for that’s the bucs QB I don’t care who is starting that’s who we root for.

    Some fans are weird for expecting different.

  14. Baking with Canales Says:

    Eagle Pot Pie at The Licht House next week!

  15. stpetebucfan Says:

    How many fumbles did our RB’s have? Oh that’s right ZERO

    How many ints did the QB have. Oh that’s right ZERO

    How many holding calls did the OL have…I remember the rookie getting one, I remember the 2nd year guy playing in a new spot got one….the most surprising was the offsides on Tristan. Overall 57 yards in penalties but unfortunately they came at just the worst times and more than likely affected the score.

    I’m not griping but actually view that like Joe as a positive now that the Bucs have won. It’s obviously an area that needs work…but again…the OL has only ONE player in the position he played last year. They will get better.

  16. T. McGee Says:

    Just because Mayfield hasn’t played decently doesn’t mean Trask could not have played decently. Winning beats losing, but this game was 3 points against a really bad Bears team until Shaq made a play. It wasn’t some offensive explosion you Mayfield fans think it was. Watch it again sober.

  17. Capt2fish Says:

    Totally….Trask would have thrown for 600 yards and 7 TDs. (Sarcasm font)

  18. go dawgs Says:

    absolutely T.McGee, Trask would of easily had 6 passing tds, 3 rushing tds, probably 400 yrds passing and 200 yrds rushing.. Youre an A, 1, idiot.

  19. Gofortheface30 Says:

    T.McGee – listen I get it, alcohol fetal syndrome is a real thing so I want to be empathetic to your deficiencies, but 450 yards of total offense is likely more than any NFL team will get today. You’re searching, you’re reaching, you’re grasping at reasons to be miserable. You suck, and so does everyone else that desperately pleaded for that milquetoast qb of yours. Take the L and shuddup

  20. stpetebucfan Says:

    Gofortheface Thanks! What game did these haters watch?

  21. NE Fan Says:

    Give Mayfield is due, he’s playing in what many perceive as a bad situation for his livelihood. New HC with a losing record and a new OC that is as green as it gets, not to mention he has to follow Brady no matter how last season turned out. He held it together and got the Bucs a second W. Good for him as long as he doesn’t turn into the past locker room virus he’s k own for.

  22. Obvious Says:

    Let’s hope Mayfield can tow the line like he’s been doing. He has for sure looked the part and IS EARNING the Praise he’s getting. It would be Real Nice if he can actually put it together and Keep it Together.

    He “excepted the charges” when ” this IS your last chance” came a calling and was smart enough to hear out what “this IS your Last Chance” had to say.

    Not important what the “back of the short bus and low class” has to say on the matter. WHAT’S IMPORTANT is that finally “someone” other than Tom is taking the job seriously and HOLDING ON FOR DEAR LIFE!

    This IS what I NEEDED TO SEE to even start to consider Mayfield for the job going forward for my Bucs as a FULL TIME Lover of my team. It’s MUCH LIKE dating my daughter. BUDDY BETTER GET DADDYS APPROVAL OR …… He’s “starting” to look like the marrying type. Only one real way to know.

    We’re gonna need to see how he deals with some hard times and BE ABLE to come out the other side with WINS for my family! “THE TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS!”
    And as far as I’m concerned “we’re still just dating”. If he can “put a ring on it”, You know the one… Starts with SUPER and ends with BOWEL. If he can get us “to the show, win or not” (this season), I’LL HAVE HIS BACK ONE HUNDRED PERCENT👍 💯👍

    In the meantime, we’re “just dating”. Btw, the standards go for ANYBODY that wants to be “part of my Bucs family” Mayfield, Trask, Wolford, or a draft pick. Doesn’t matter! The ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS THAT WE MUST HAVE A FRANCHISE QB! Preferably a “DYNASTY LEVEL” SAVANT….

    Get us there Mayfield and you’ll have a DIE HARD SUPPORTER right here!

    GO BUCS!

  23. NE Fan Says:

    Obvious, pretty obvious statement. If he gets the Bucs to the SB, you will believe in him? Isn’t that every QB?

  24. Ko Kiefer Says:

    If there’s ones position group that needs a major upgrade ASAP it’s the tight ends. Suit em back up Gronk

  25. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Trask fan here. Wanting him to start over baker all off-season. Just wanted to say hi to you guys. Not a baker hater but like I said before I wasn’t a Brady fan either till he dawned a Bucs Jersey. Was never a fan of baker till he dawned a Bucs jersey. My point is still valid. Baker plays like he is all season we can’t afford him next year. What happens when he leaves and we can’t draft a decent QB high not saying that will work look back at Winston era. Only wanted trask so he could keep developing. He did great in TC kept the so called comp close. Dude needs playing time real game action to keep developing. That’s all. I hope baker is successful and who knows maybe he won’t be to expensive next year and baker will be our QB for the future. For now we are 2-0 baby. Let’s go Bucs

  26. BillyBucco Says:

    What a miserable existence for NE Fan to literally spew negativity on every freaking post.
    Why are you here?
    Didn’t you say your sorry team was better?
    Didn’t you whine week 1 about how your sorry team would have beaten the Vikings worse?
    Can you beat anyone?
    Haven’t you consistently bashed Baker?
    You are still trying but why?
    You are a loser!!!
    You are living in the past!! Grow up and please leave!!!!
    Literally nobody here cares about your opinion.
    You have been wrong so who would listen.
    Go talk to your mom, she loves you.

  27. Mark hardt Says:

    Quarterbacks need time to learn the NFL. The best ones sat for a while such as Brady, Mahomes, Brian Sipe. Bakerv did sit some his rookie year. But last year he sat in the middle of the season. He watched, learned, and thought about things. He is better for it.

  28. TB2023 Says:

    I love Baker Haters. They’re awfully quiet. Except for the one with alcoholic fetal syndrome…


    We weren’t good in the RZ. However, Bears did step up and put up a huge fight. Pressured Mayfield I believe 17 times without recording a sack though. Eagles front 7 are going to be much much better. We need to find ways of pushing it into the end zone.

  29. Randy Says:

    Pay Mike

  30. David Says:

    LOL how these hopeful Baker’s fans are following him from team to team and are so excited for him to throw a TD against a lottery team that has lost 12 games in a row without their starting corners. Baker dinks and donks his way until the real sloppy garbage Baker shows up as the Bucs plays the good teams.

    Bucs with Baker barely defeated Bears in last minutes of the game. You will realize how bad of team the Bears are whenever they get blown away next week by KC with a real qb.

    The shorty midget Baker will have fun throwing over the Philly tall DL.

  31. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Patrick Mahomes is 6-2 220. Baker Mayfield is 6-1 220. But yeah, one entire inch (about the size of your micro penis) off and all of a sudden bakers height is an issue. Any more brilliant opinions Trask fans?