Tyreek Hill Says Baker Mayfield Is A Top-5 QB

July 10th, 2024

Two NFC quarterbacks made future Hall of Fame receiver Tyreek Hill’s list of five best NFL QBs.

And one is Buccaneers Pro Bowler Baker Mayfield.

Man, to think Mayfield is viewed as a top-5 guy and backup Kyle Trask was “this close” to beating him out last year. The Bucs better wise up and throw Trask an extension.

Hill gave the share on social media where he named Patrick Mahomes first, followed by his Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Then came Lamar Jackson followed by a pause and the naming of Dak Prescott and Mayfield. 

Incredible praise there for Mayfield from a five-time All-Pro.

Real recognize real.

49 Responses to “Tyreek Hill Says Baker Mayfield Is A Top-5 QB”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    And I believe his opinion is worth more than all the airheaded shills sports reporters at BSPN and NFL Nitwits combined.

  2. GoneGator Says:

    Let the fun begin. 🤣🤣🤣

    Honestly I’m not a huge fan of Tua and would rather have Baker than him. He’s Baker without the edge and with a much weaker arm.

    Dak is shaping up to be Kirk Cousins 2.0… great stats during the regular season, folds in the post.

    Lamar is great as a runner, in a run heavy offense he’s lethal. But shut down the run and his pocket escapes and he’s suddenly mediocre at best no matter how much the talking heads try to convince the fans otherwise

    I’d have Josh Allen in there.

    Mahomes is Mahomes.
    But it is worth noting that he benefited from max stability from day one. Could not have been placed in a better situation to develop and succeed whereas our boy Baker had the extreme situation thruout his career up til NOW.

  3. Larrd Says:

    Tua at two is a red flag!

  4. jarrett Says:

    Mathew Stafford
    Jared Goff
    Jared Allen
    CJ Stroud

    all better than Baker

    Just to Name a Few

    With all due respect

  5. jarrett Says:

    josh allen rather ***

  6. Greg Says:

    I have been rewatching all of the highlights from last year on YouTube and Baker was super fun to watch. He was more fun to watch than Brady tbh. Brady was basically a cheat code for the first couple of years. Baker made a lot of good things happen but it was edge of your seat sometimes.

    As far as Trask? I think we should extend him. Hopefully we don’t need him. He should be cheap.

  7. Anon Says:

    He has to list his QB so just take Tua out and it’s easier to not immediately dismiss.

  8. Saskbucs Says:

    He’s closer to 5 than he is to 25 and that’s good enough for me at 33 million.

  9. Citrus County Says:

    It should come as no surprise that the players in the league (and the owners & staff) know more about their fellow players than anyone else (pundits & charlatans) There is likely only 2 or 3 degrees of separation and word travels fast.

    I’ve always liked Trask and believe he needs his chance to be a starter. That makes him a valuable trade asset. I’d love to see him stay but would rather see him get his chance.

    Once again I say; Baker Mayfield “may” become our version of Drew Brees. It is my belief that Jason Licht is surrounding him with the talent to do so. The only lacking ingredient is the QB/Coach relationship that Brees had with Payton. If Liam Coen can replicate that with Baker he will shine. My only concern is the coaching dynamic. I’m still bothered as to why Todd Bowles is on the headset with Jackie Davidson during games. I don’t want a head coach that needs a Linus security blanket. I want to support Bowles but won’t be heartbroken if Coen ascends.

  10. Citrus County Says:

    I’ll just say it; Todd Bowles should have patterned his career model after Monte Kiffin.

  11. Drunkinybor Says:

    I’ll take his opinion over any those out of shape sloppy has beens, geek boys and simple shiela’s in the media all day every day.

  12. Citrus County Says:

    Last year I predicted that Trask , while still on his rookie contract, would be a valuable asset. After training camp he might just be the ticket to bring in the missing link.

  13. Pickgrin Says:

    “Man, to think Mayfield is viewed as a top-5 guy and backup Kyle Trask was “this close” to beating him out last year. The Bucs better wise up and throw Trask an extension.”

    What a random thought thrown into the middle of this Baker for President commercial. LOL

    Very ‘Ancient Aliens’ like….

    ‘Is it possible that Ancient Astronauts provided someones random opinion as evidence about a future Bucs Quarterback being a top 5 player after said team signed him off the scrap heap? And if so…. Is it also possible that the backup to that QB who competed valiantly to win the starting job but lost out to ‘experience’ could additionally be a nugget of gold amidst a pan full of rocks?
    Arbitrary evidence suggests that could well be the case…’

  14. Oxycondomns Says:

    He should be evaluated for a concussion

  15. westernbuc Says:

    Bad list but last year Baker was a top-10 guy.

  16. ModHairKen Says:

    “I’ve always liked Trask and believe he needs his chance to be a starter. That makes him a valuable trade asset.”

    Just because you’ve liked him does not make him a “valuable trade asset.” Jesus God. How important do you think your JBF comments are? Are the other 32 GMs reading your comments and thinking, “well, that guy on JBF likes him. Thinks he’s a starter. Better do something quick. Let’s trade a 1st round pick. Maybe throw in a 5th”?

    A 2nd round draft pick in the league for 5 years without starting has minimal trade value. He’s not Favre and this isn’t 1991.

  17. Dave Pear Says:

    Let’s see…a future HOF receiver likes Baker in his top 5. Hmmm.

    Naw, let’s listen to residents dwarves like mr mac’cheese or DuhConehead, or the sad fans of the soon to be future program director for “Failure is Success” .

    Let’s see….Tyreek Hill…. Might know a little more about QB play than Osqueeltard…..hmmmm….

    Naa the couch midgets know more about football.

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    Who said Trask was close to Beating Out Baker Mayfield?

    That would be someones opinion. Based on very little opservation. Probably just a few minutes at a few practices opened to the public.

    I dont believe Trask has ever been close to anything except the Gatorade cups.

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    Gotta love lists like this. Would’ve loved it more though if they’d asked Cheetah WHY he chose those 5 QBs. Easy to see why he had Mahomes & Tua on the list (those are HIS QBs), but why Lamar, Dak & Baker?

    o Mahomes: QB Record 74-22 … 66.5% completions – 7.9 Yards/Attempt – 6.1 TD% – 1.8 INT% – 296 Yards/Game

    o Tua: QB Record 32-19 … 66.9% completions – 7.7 Yards/Attempt – 4.9 TD% – 2.3 INT% – 239 Yards/Game

    o Jackson: QB Record 58-19 … 64.5% completions – 7.5 Yards/Attempt – 5.9 TD% – 2.1 INT% – 185 Yards/Game

    o Prescott: QB Record 73-41 … 67.0% completions – 7.6 Yards/Attempt – 5.2 TD% – 1.9 INT% – 258 Yards/Game

    o Mayfield: QB Record 40-46 … 61.9% completions – 7.2 Yards/Attempt – 4.6 TD% – 2.6 INT% – 228 Yards/Game

    Not hard to see the most significant commonality among the first 4: all have solid winning QB records. All have been with the same team their whole career. All have had coaching staff stability. All have been surrounded by solid teams to support them, to include some solid defenses.

    And then there’s Baker. Four teams in just 6 years. Coaching staff instability (multiple HCs & OCs). Only 1 defense supporting him ranked in the Top-10: the 2023 Bucs at #7 (the remainder averaged in the 20’s). Cheetah obviously saw something in Baker that he liked. I’m guessing that he saw his POTENTIAL if supported in the same way the other 4 QBs had been supported. Just a guess though.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    Pickgrin … ‘What a random thought thrown into the middle of this Baker for President commercial. Very ‘Ancient Aliens’ like.’

    Awesome analogy Pickgrin. Joe has this habit of tossing a piece of raw meat into the lion’s den, then probably roaring as they all fight over it. Kinda like chumming the water when you’re surrounded by sharks? Poor Kyle ended up being the raw meat du jour … yet again.

  21. garro Says:

    Of all the human beings on this planet he is perhaps the last one I want any opinion from about anyone! The dude should be in prison.

    Go Bucs!

  22. go dawgs Says:

    why pay trask to hold a clipboard? let him walk and sign another dope to be a backup. Besides he already proved he couldnt hit a wide azz open receiver in the corner of the ends zone when he had to.

  23. heyjude Says:

    And there you go! Cheetah being right on point about Baker. Players and coaches love Baker. They get it.

    Excellent synopsis post and good guess, DR!

  24. Allen Lofton Says:

    Hill got it right on Mahomes but the rest is up for grabs

  25. Oneilbuc Says:

    I can name you at least 10 quarterbacks that’s better than Baker now man come on. Now to all of you who say listen to Hill are just the Baker boys who really believe that crap . Go ask the NFL GMS and coaches you believe a quarterback that’s on his 4th team in 6 years is a top 5 quarterback? Not to mention his contract says he’s not even close to being a top 5 quarterback. You got guys like Trevor Lawrence who I think Baker is actually better than his organization has more faith in him than the bucs have in Baker Mayfield. We still don’t know how Baker is going to play because he haven’t played good 2 years in a row his whole career. Before he came here he just has a season where he had 18 touchdowns and 17 picks. You guys have to be realistic about Baker rather you love him or not. He’s the reason why no one believes the bucs will have a good season and remember if we were in any other the division we wouldn’t even made the playoffs.

  26. Citrus County Says:

    I’ll preface this by saying that those with reading comprehension issues should avert their eyes.

    I am in no way comparing Mike Glennon to Kyle Trask.

    Jason Licht is no doubt a much wiser GM now than he was a few years ago.

    The Glennon/Trask scenario is very much comparable.

    Licht doesn’t seem to make the same mistake twice.

    Trask is a good hole card and Jason is proving to be a good poker player.

  27. BA’s Red Pen Says:


  28. Citrus County Says:

    go dawgs Says:
    July 11th, 2024 at 6:24 am
    why pay trask to hold a clipboard? let him walk and sign another dope to be a backup. Besides he already proved he couldnt hit a wide azz open receiver in the corner of the ends zone when he had to.

    I mistakenly said Trask was still under his rookie contract. He is in fact signed through 2024 at under 2mil.

    I think Jason will find a way to get something for him therefore giving him a chance for another contract even if it is another backup situation. Jason drafted him and then resigned him and regardless of public opinion Trask has done all that was asked of him. There is always a team in need of a QB and I am rooting for Kyle Trask .

  29. Booger Says:

    This season will determine whether or not that closer to 5 than 25 take holds true. We’ll see what happens…There were lots of high quality guys hurt and missed a lot of games last season, too. There’s a lot riding on this season. Especially for both, Baker & Bowles.

  30. Citrus County Says:

    Yes, I know Glennon had started a bunch of games and Trask hasn’t started any.

    There are countless journeyman QB’s in the history of the NFL.

    I want to see Trask keep a high paying job for as long as he can.

  31. SlyPirate Says:


    Baker was the #1 best QB at the Pro Bowl. In a head-to-head challenge Baker outperformed the best QBs in the NFL. It sounds silly but look a little closer. These guys are uber competitive. They all wanted to win. He won.

  32. Dave Pear Says:

    Like a stupid moth to a flame, Osqueeltard pops up proclaiming to know more about good NFL QBs than a future HOF NFL WR. I bet I can’t name 10 cretins with less sense than the Otard.

    And mr mac’n’cheese keeps insisting his fantasy lover won the job in camp without seeing any of the action, insisting that Todd would rather play an inferior player and be fired than play the best player.

    Blind drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.

  33. White Tiger Says:

    Great red meat for the QB conversation that’s already been settled – with a dash of a top NFL receiver scrambling everyone’s brains… add Cheetah’s comment to Josh Allen’s and you might have a counter-narrative under development.

    Baker can settle this, one way or the other, this season.

    Let’s GO!

  34. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Ancient astronaut theorist say yes.

  35. DvaderZ51 Says:

    Citrus County Says:
    July 11th, 2024 at 12:14 pm
    go dawgs Says:

    July 11th, 2024 at 6:24 am
    why pay trask to hold a clipboard? let him walk and sign another dope to be a backup. Besides he already proved he couldnt hit a wide azz open receiver in the corner of the ends zone when he had to.

    I agree with you Citrus. I believe I have found why “go dawgs says” hates Trask so much, besides the obvious UGA reference in his name. He was probably at this arse whooping.

    474 yards!!!

    In 2020 against Georgia, Trask threw for 474 yards, a new record against the Bulldogs and the second-most passing yards in a single game in school history. He completed 30-of-43 passes and four touchdowns, joining Danny Wuerffel and Shane Matthews as the only Gators in history to throw for four touchdown passes against Georgia.

    Probably still has some bruises from that one.

  36. Citrus County Says:

    go dawgs;

    DvaderZ51 Says; Probably still has some bruises from that one.

    dawg, Dvader just put a Ric Flair Figure Four Leglock on you.

  37. heyjude Says:

    SlyPirate, true that. Baker won at Pro Bowl and gained so much respect from other players and coaches too. He also had a seat with the analysts at the Pro Bowl which was fun to watch too. He is a good guy.

  38. Citrus County Says:

    dawg, I’m not an UGA hater. Had Uncle Sam not needed me more than the UGA track team, I might have been an alum.

  39. Bucsmarley Says:

    I’ll put baker at #10 personally
    He’s not better than

    Use take any of them over baker. But maybe baker will surprise us and play 2 good seasons in a row 😂

  40. Robbie Says:

    @ capt.tim the coaches said it after the competition that the only reason they gave it to Baker was experience so yea…..they all said it was close and Jason light said he thought trask had it. And they said if Baker goes down kyle is our guy so I don’t know why anyone would still claim they didn’t hear the same conferences and read the same articles I did, same old gator haters

  41. Dave Pear Says:

    mr mac’n’cheese is another single issue midget. Maybe his mancrush will hire him when Kyle opens his “life after football” business. He’ll probably have some knobs that’ll need polishing.

  42. Patrick Hanrahan Says:

    I always believed in Baker….
    CLEVELAND still doesn’t get it…
    .Panthers waisted and abused….

    RAMS saw the potential

    BUCS made the offer to prove it….Baker stepped up without an EGO.
    Remember the PACKERS win at their House.

    Baker is the man @ BUCS and knows it is a team effort

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    Awesome! Let’s get the Dolphins on the phone and demand a couple of 1st for him!

  44. Rod Munch Says:

    Talking about demanding a couple of 1st for Baker I mean – they want to keep Hill happy after all, and apparently he’s in love with Baker, so lets cash in on it.

  45. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Knew the fangirl crew would come out in droves.
    go dawg the fangirl spewing her nonsensical babble of a lie. Look at the video schoolgirl and take Bakers skurotum off your face. He hit him right in the hands in the far corner where only he could’ve caught it, and Godwin flat out dropped it. Baker don’t belong on that list, maybe 10-15 that’s it. 3 good years out of 7 don’t make you a top 5 qb. Someone must’ve paid Cheetah to say that about him.

  46. Bakersbucs says Says:

    If u get to the playoffs & play rather good just miss the champ.game u must be in the top tier so he is rite bout that

  47. Marky Mark Says:

    He never played for Baker.

  48. Dave Pear Says:

    Apparently fatties know more than a future HOF NFL WR. Who would I listen to, the proven expert or a keyboard fatty with poor eyesight?

  49. Dave Pear Says:

    Robbie – share you psilocybin, or post the transcripts of the evidence you claim to have heard.


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