Last Call For Dave Canales

July 20th, 2023

Todd Bowles got a good laugh from his new offensive coordinator.

Great story from Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dave Canales on how he got the Tampa Bay job.

So head coach Todd Bowles interviewed 10 candidates to replace struggling Super Bowl playcaller Byron Leftwich. The last one interviewed was Dave Canales, so he explained on the 2B’s In A Pod podcast.

Another candidate was Todd Monken, the Bucs’ offensive coordinator prior to Leftwich that had massive success at the University of Georgia. He met with Bowles but also was under consideration for the Ravens job.

Canales noted he was edge-of-his-seat hungry to get an offensive coordinator gig — a subject he’s hit previously — and during a break in his in-person interview with Bowles, it was announced that Monken accepted the Ravens position.

Canales saw the news and let Bowles know. “Well, Baltimore just gave that job away so I’m really going to put on a show now.” He said that drew a hearty laugh from Bowles.

While hearing Canales tell the story, Joe had to wonder whether Canales had been told by his agent at the time of his Bucs interview that Monken was Tampa Bay’s first-choice offensive coordinator.

Joe thinks that would make sense. Word travels lightning fast among agents and Monken was a hell of a candidate with experience devising rushing attacks, and a guy already possessing the respect of Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and general manager Jason Licht.

If that’s accurate, then Joe also wonders whether Team Glazer made Monken an offer he couldn’t refuse — as in a bag of cash so big Monken’s eyes popped out of his head. And if Team Glazer didn’t make that offer (in this scenario), then why not?

Regardless, Canales obviously crushed his interview and the Bucs have the fresh energy and perspective they were seeking to revive a dead offense.

For fans who study Bowles’ job security, Joe thinks the hiring of Canales is significantly overlooked. If Bowles nailed this hire and the offense quickly looks fresh and smart with a quality running game, even if the quarterback position struggles, Joe thinks Team Glazer would not be in a hurry to blow up the coaching staff.

32 Responses to “Last Call For Dave Canales”

  1. View from 132 Says:

    Team Glazer is likely looking for younger coaching talent so that if Bowles flops but the offense shows life, we have a new Rah Morris type candidate that level jump to cheap head coach with young QB to groom.

  2. HC Grover Says:

    Unless Bowles controls Canales totally. In that case up the gut for none is back and Mayfield has a lot of 3rd and long.

  3. BucU Says:

    Bowles is a liability that’s for sure. We seen that time and time again. In game decision making is awful.
    He shouldn’t have a say at all on what the offense does. He’s unqualified in my opinion.

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Let us not get overly romantic here. Monken was our first choice, but when he snubbed us, Canales got the job by default.
    That being said, I like the hire!

  5. Infomeplease Says:

    From what I see and hear up until this point, the hiring of D. Canales is good for the Bucs. Of course if the Bucs start out 0 and 4, I may very well have a change of heart! I like that he wants to use more motion, spread formations, as well as, design the offensive attack around the players best abilities. We surely didn’t see that here last year. Best of all, I love the positive attitude he brings with him!! This will inspire the players to play up to their abilities!!! Something neither Bowles or Leftwich could do last year. Hopefully Bowles learns from D.C., how important maintaining a positive attitude is, and how to better motivate his players, coaches, and team.

  6. KC Buc Says:

    Good point Joe, I hadn’t considered the angle that success from Canales even with poor QB play could be enough for ownership to continue rolling with Bowles. Now if the offense performs above expectations and Bowles defense underwhelms…Canales suddenly looks ripe to replace Bowles and maybe also groom a rookie gunslinger. I feel like wilder things have happened in the league and it would keep a young offensive guru in house.

    This season can unfold so many ways, I’m excited for the games and the drama this year! Certainly a 180 from the stability of Brady

  7. PSL Bob Says:

    I’m certainly pulling for him. Anything other than Leftwich’s vanilla offense will be refreshing. He can be successful in the absence of stellar QB play as long as the O-line does its job and the game plan keeps the defense guessing.

  8. stpetebucfan Says:

    People can hate on Bowles all they want. I did not like his game management, I certainly hope he doesn’t get too involved in the offense, but I’m not a knee jerk poster who feels the need to post hyperbole.

    Todd Bowles is an excellent Defensive Coordinator. There is virtually no way for Canales to succeed without it making Bowles also successful!

    If the offense produces the defense will be GREAT! More than 18 pts a game, falling asleep in the locker room and coming on so flat in the 3rd Q…a new OL…reasons to be optmistic about the offense. If the Bucs cobble together a solution on the right side of the OL and Jensen’s knee holds up the OL could really blossom.

  9. Marine Buc Says:

    If the Bucs want a “quality” running game they better sign one of the veteran running backs available.

    R. White is OK but if he gets injured we are screwed.

    K. Vaughn – below mediocre
    Edmonds – below mediocre
    Tucker – congenital heart issue
    R. Brown – DivII running back
    P. Laird – below mediocre

    I know some of you are tired of hearing this from me but I don’t care. The two weakest positions on this team are QB and RB. Safety is also pretty weak outside of our two starters.

  10. Dooley Says:

    I’m hoping all the new additions to our staff do well. Canales also let it be known in this interview that Coach Bowles let him know who on the offensive staff he wanted to stay in place and gave Canales the freedom to slot who he saw fit into the vacancies. So that speaks to the jobs Thad Lewis (probably worked with Trask more than Coach Christensen), Coach Van Dam, Coach Gilbert & Goodwin have done.

    Also Canales’ first OC he worked under at USC and year 1 in Seattle was Bowles OC his final year in NYC being Jeremy Bates, son of former Bucs DC Jim Bates.

  11. K2 Says:

    Bowles is a great defensive coordinator and would be hired in a second if he fails in his current job. I believe that Bowles tried to give the offense to Leftwich…and Leftwich failed. If Bowles and Canales share similar philosophies and Canales has sufficient control of the offense (this can work).

    However, Canales will need to have success early in order to gain flexibility to fully run the offensive show. Bowles needs to get better at game management and stop playing like he’s afraid to lose. “You play to win the game!” Start playing to WIN…instead of not to lose… needs to start now. The Eagles are a team that plays to win…no fear…go for it.

    Not every team can have Patrick Mahomes (like Kansas City) but you can play like you believe in your team. So far, Bowles, as head coach, has not believe…was that in Byron or the team. This year will be telling.

  12. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    It seems that GMs around the league are smitten with the idea of hiring a young, stat-minded offensive wunderkind (like McDaniel in Miami for example). Canales definitely came along at a good time to “sell himself” in that respect. He can certainly “talk the talk” and he does that A LOT. I hope he can “walk the walk” and back it up. Either we found a gem or a con man. I’m hoping for a gem and lots of improvement on offense.

    Marine Buc mentions getting a veteran RB. It would be nice if possible given our cap situation. I make no excuses for being a big Lenny fan. He’s been testing the FA waters and has recently either visited or will visit NE. Meeting with a notorious cheapskate like Belichick might open him up to the reality that he needs to take a “prove-it” deal and if he’s healthy and willing, he can be an asset in both phases of the offense. We lack power at the position to be sure and Lenny can provide that. Even with the terrible line (and alleged foot injury) last season, he averaged 2.6 yards after contact and in the passing game had exceptional numbers in yards after catch. Just throwing it out there

  13. stpetebucfan Says:


    I certainly agree with your concern over depth. But IMHO its the rare NFL team that doesn’t have some depth problems at some positions.

    I’ve heard the old moniker that if you have two QB’s then you have none. I disagree. SF had three last season…I do accept that ONE has to be declared the starter but it’s always good to have as close to an equal as possible. This is why I do not get the angst over Trask. If Mayfield beats him out it doesn’t mean Trask won’t get his shot if he has the talent.

    BTW thanks for that post about understanding why I’m so prejudiced against Kareem Hunt and you are certainly correct about Ray Rice and others who have beat on women because of my experience with a father who was a wifebeater.

    Ironically I also have some sympathy for the Rice’s and Hunt’s of the world again due to MY experience. Sons of father’s who beat their women generally turn out one of two ways…they either repeat the pattern…or like me they are quickly triggered by male on female violence. Not a lot of middle space. In some ways I’m surprised I’m still alive…especially in gun toting Fl. If I saw a guy in the Wal Mart parking lot smacking a woman around I’d probably go literally insane..and start something I could not finish.

  14. Lakeland Steve Says:

    No matter how well we play Bowles coaching decisions will probably cost us a game or two like he did last year. It’s in his D.N.A. And I don’t expect a sudden change this year.

  15. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Glass Half Full Guy

    True. We only have @ $1.4M under the cap currently. We still have not signed our 2nd round pick – Cody Mauch.

    However – I believe that either D. White or Mike Evans will be getting a new contract before camp starts.

    This would give the Bucs enough money to sign one of the veteran free agent RBs who are available. It should only cost @ $1.5-$2M to sign one. Zeke Elliot might cost a little more and Dalvin Cook is also an option if we give him a multi-year deal.

    The Bucs will also need a few million bucks to sign emergency free agents during the season due to injury.

    So I don’t believe the cap should be a deterrent to signing a FA RB…

  16. Marine Buc Says:

    @ St.Pete

    No worries bro. Unfortunately – I can relate…

    K. Hunt was really just a person of interest due to his past production, experience, his relatively cheap price and his history with Baker Mayfield.

    I’m not stuck on K. Hunt. I would be fine with Fournette, Elliot, Cook or Mack as well.

  17. Pickgrin Says:

    Thats a cool story about the Monken hire in Baltimore being announced in the middle of Canales’ interview.

    I’m quite sure that the Bucs had offered Monken the job and a nice contract….

    Todd chose Baltimore. Pretty obvious choice really as Baltimore is a fantastic situation to walk into for an offensive coach.

    And Its OK that Canales wasn’t the Bucs 1st choice.

    Sometimes – oftentimes – things work themselves out better when a decision is made as much through fate as by choice….

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    I thought he was the 11th pick at OC, not the 10th.

    In any case, there’s no wonder Monken and everyone else turned down the job – just look at the Bucs QB position, and what Bowles job security level is. No one with a future would willingly want to come here as you’re almost certainly going to fail since you’re likely only getting one year.

    But, if you’re Canales, a guy who was buried on the Seahawks coaching depth chart, who just got demoted last year, who doesn’t seemingly have much of a future (moving upwards, I mean), then why not take the risk. Worst case he’ll go somewhere else as a QB coach after next season – plus pocket whatever money his agent could get out of the Glazers if he was fired early in his deal.

  19. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Rod

    I believe that is an accurate analysis…

    Personally – I like the fact that Canales has nothing to lose this season.

    Sometimes desperation leads to innovation.

    And Lord knows we could certainly use a little bit of that at 1Buc.

  20. Day 1-76 Says:

    All of that and the fact that everyone interviewed accepted other positions. He may end up being a great hire but Bowles was basically running out of candidates because his offensive philosophy is so antiquated. I hope I’m proven wrong but the odds are slim. It’s tough to win every game 6-3.

  21. SlyPirate Says:

    Coaching Turnover Takes 3 Years
    Coaches have their styles, language, and want their players. A new coach typically requires three years to get the team dialed in. Having his defense in place definitely expedites the process for Bowles. We’re now just seeing the offense start to take shape. We should all hope Bowles has success this year to continue the process.

    If not, if the coach is changed, expect a long road back to relevance.

  22. larrd Says:

    This story is another real confidence builder, as far as my estimation of Bowles is concerned. He had to talk to one more guy, then got scooped.

  23. captivajim Says:

    So , bowles now has His coaches–no more excuses for not having His guys

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    For all the consternation about the Bucs’ offense, the bar’s been set quite low already. Last year we only scored 313 total points (and even that included 1 Mike Edwards Pick-6). That’s only 18.4 PPG; we can do this.

    Was looking back through the Bucs scoring history a couple days ago, and back in 1977 the Bucs only scored 103 points over 14 games … 7.4 PPG average. Bar doesn’t get much lower than that (well, unless the team refuses to show up). We improved steadily after that, and managed to exceed 300 points for the 1st time in 1981 … 315 points over 16 games (19.7 PPG).

    Just for reference, in Jon Gruden’s 7 years as HC & OC here, we averaged 308 points per 16-game season … 19.3 PPG over all those years. Think about that: over a 7-year period we did WORSE than we did last year with an offensive ‘guru’ as our HC.
    Bucs only averaged 291 points per season under Raheem (18.2 PPG), which rose to 339 points per season under Schiano (21.2 PPG), fell to 310 points per season under Lovie (19.3 PPG), then zoomed to 362 points per season under Koetter (22.6 PPG). Like I said, we’ve set some pretty low bars in the past, and I’ll be very surprised if Canales can’t surpass 313 points this season.

  25. Woodenman Says:

    Roof cleaner you don’t know if Monken was our first choice and we got snubbed where do you get this crap .

  26. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    The Bucs haven’t even played a game yet.

    I think their chances are as good, as 90% of the other teams.
    I’m waiting till week 2, to bring out my pitchfork.

    Just remember, “sometimes it’s better to lucky, than good”

  27. Marine Buc Says:

    @ DR

    Man that is bleak.

    We better have a top 5 defense and a top 10 running game if we are going to win more than 5-6 games.

    Our GM better get on the phone with Dalvin Cook ASAP.

    Our current stable is lame…

  28. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    With the arm-chair coaching experts chiming in, that are always wrong, I’m feeling much more confident about the Bucs chances.

  29. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Bowles puts the lame in lame duck head coaches. For “Can-Do” Canales…it could actually work out if Bowles is canned a la Lovie and Canales is promoted a la Koetter. Likely won’t play out that way…but it’s possible. Monken was a curious candidate…killed it at Georgia…was good with The Bucs previously…probably used the interview as leverage for a better gig. Baltimore OC is likely a better gig currently.

  30. westernbuc Says:

    Monken should’ve replaced Koetter.

    Obviously it all worked out but we never should’ve let him leave

  31. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Always nice to see all the experts at one place nfl owners should come here for there next gm

  32. IE Buc Says:

    Dan Pitcher, Bengals QB coach also turned down the Bucs OC job. He publicly stated in an interview that he liked Licht and Bowles and that they were building something here but he felt the Bengals were building something special and wanted to be part of their run. He thinks the Bengals are superbowl contenders.

    We struck out on Monken and Pitcher, but I think Canales is going to do an amazing job.