“Why Does He Deserve A Chance?”

April 5th, 2023

Baker Mayfield leads a huddle.

Joe may have found the Bucs analyst leading the league in pessimism, though he calls it realism.

Back from a three-week hiatus, former Buccaneers guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996) was shooting arrows at One Buc Palace on his In The Trenches podcast.

Beckles is not high on the Baker Mayfield signing. He said maybe, just maybe, Mayfield squeaks into the top-30 of NFL quarterbacks. However, Beckles says Mayfield thinks he’s top-15, so he’s a bad starter destined to lead the Bucs to “sh*t” and incapable of being backup.

Mayfield isn’t a player for whom the Bucs should boast, “we did our homework on this player,” Beckles said, adding that Mayfield is a lousy leader, too unproven in tough situations and prone to inaccuracy. Competitive nature is Mayfield’s top attribute, per Beckles.

“You think this guy is going to lead a lesser team than Tom Brady had last year. To what?” Beckles ranted. “If we took Tom Brady off the team last year and we inserted Baker Mayfield, how many games do we win? Not eight.”

Deeply under Beckles’ skin is the notion that Mayfield is worthy of another shot to lead a team. “Why does he deserve a chance?” Beckles barked.

It seems Beckles answered his own question — sort of.

Why? Because Beckles believes Mayfield will be handed the Buccaneers’ starting quarterback job over Kyle Trask. And anyone who thinks otherwise, per Beckles, isn’t paying attention.

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68 Responses to ““Why Does He Deserve A Chance?””

  1. Dew Says:

    I dont remember Ian playing QB?

  2. Marine Buc Says:

    With a more competent Offensive Coordinator and an improved running game that won’t rank dead last in the NFL should help…

    BL was in over his head and doesn’t belong on an NFL staff.

    Our offensive line was a shell of its former self with Marpet, Jenson and Cappa all gone. And a Left Tackle who is probably done in the NFL…

    45 year old Brady was throwing to an aloof Mike Evans and a receiving core who looked more like a MASH unit with Jones, Perriman, Gage and Godwin all recovering from injuries at different times of the season.

    No Gronk. No AB and a lackluster Fournette with a so-so attitude.

    Only one real TE who struggled at times during his rookie year.

    Nowhere to go but up for this offense…

  3. sasquatch Says:

    Dumb take.

    “Why does he deserve a chance?”

    It’s not like he went out and killed somebody. It’s not a question of deserving. It’s a simple question of low risk and potentially high reward. Mayfield has had ups and downs, for sure, but he did take the Browns to the playoffs and posted okay numbers. The calculation is that a varied, run-focused attack, that doesn’t put all the pressure on the QB, could allow him to succeed.

    None of these guys “deserve” the work. It’s a business and you get paid if there’s a chance you can help win games. If Mayfield does a decent job, he’s just as deserving as anyone else.

  4. Redeemer Says:

    Oh this is good stuff. Had Baker been the quarterback last year this is a four, five win team. Baker has all the attributes of a petulant child. he cries when things don’t go his way and boasts when they do. There is a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance, and I don’t think baker has figured that out yet. 102 and 64 that’s his td to int numbers. That’s nothing to brag about for a first overall pick.

  5. Couch Fan Says:

    I agree with Beckles. Not that Bakey is bad. I am willing to give him a chance however I do believe This buffoon of a coach will hand him the starting job. Just as Lovie did McCown.

  6. Couch Fan Says:

    Not that Baker is bad*

  7. bucnjim Says:

    Did Beckles indicate who he thinks should be the QB? We are looking for solutions not shi**y complainers. Salary cap + Brady retirement = Mayfield. I’m a Buc’s fan so as long as he is on our team I’ll root for him.

  8. RBUC Says:

    If J.Licht really thinks this thru he will STILL take a QB in this year’s draft. Regardless which of the Traskfields wins the competition maybe neither is the solution moving beyond 2023

  9. Mike S Says:

    Beckles gets it. Unfortunately many do not.

  10. Statisticly Insignificant Reader Says:

    Jason Licht told anyone who would listen he was bringing in a cheap inexpensive QB to compete with Trask and any other QB they may sign. Licht knows full well Mayfield and probably Trask will not be the QB to lead the Bucs to the promise land. Playing this year on the cheap. Payoff the SuperBowl dead money, save some money, sign no high priced retreads, covet thy own players if warranted. Be ready to be major players in next years QB sweepstakes.
    If Mayfield or Trask ball out this year great. Both are short timers anyway.

  11. Mike S Says:

    The promised land of 1-7 through the first 8 games.

  12. Dooley Says:

    Kind of agreed with Beckles on his justified criticism of Mayfields level of maturity, how it effects his ability to be accountable over his own play and how that effects the rest of the team. Nothing worse in a team sport than the teammate that gets called out and immediately start pointing finger, as those are usually your most troublesome eggs even more so if that guy is one of the more talented players on the team. Sets a bad precedence

    What was eye opening was hearing what Beckles had to say about Jensen being tepid about coming back for the last game and allegedly had to be pressured to play. Also kind of wild that Jensen apparently still hasn’t gotten the corrective surgery to repair his knee. Yea, we better damn well draft a center.

  13. zzbucs Says:

    I´ve heard the podcast, I like Beckless sometimes, but wow daddy what a big ego……He only likes the sound of his own voice…..

    One of the most narcissistic guys Ive ever heard,

    He started talking about Mayfield and suddenly Can’t help but talk about himself.

    Boring, and predictable….

  14. BuckeyeBuck Says:

    I take the whole narrative from CLE with a grain of salt. They trashed Baker on his way out the door, and treated Jarvis Landry like a bag of garbage at the same time. Time will tell, but Sean McVay loved working with old boy. A few games will show what’s real and what’s spin

  15. Rod Munch Says:

    I think the team already knows what it has in Trask, and that’s why Mayfield is being handed the job. I’d rather just have just had the team go 3-14 and have a chance at the #1 pick and a franchise QB over going 6-11 with Mayfield and being relegated to selecting the next VH3.

  16. Cover deuce Says:

    He’s not often right, but he’s not always wrong either. A soft reset and one tough year would have put this team in a pretty competitive spot by 2023. Pay off the Brady Credit Card bill this yr and it leaves plenty of cap space next offseason. Plus maybe a high draft pick if Trask really stinks. Short term pain for long term gain would have raised their ceiling at least. The roster as it stands is certainly no better than the one and done play off team Brady had last year.

  17. StonedBuc Says:

    Ian (knee) buckles is a bitter ass old head. Dude is a hater and always has been. So glad he is off the radio. He can stay in his “Trench”

  18. Buc4evr Says:

    Mayfield does not deserve anything, but looks like he will be handed the team on a golden platter. Ugh! Whoever starts it is going to be a big step down from Brady. Think the Bucs will be done with Mayfield after game 4 and Trask will not be any better. I hope I am wrong but have no faith in either Mayfield or Trask. Even Jameis is a better QB than these guys.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    He deserves a chance because we signed him and are paying him $8.5 mil to play.
    The question could be….”does Trask deserve a chance?” Well, it seems to me he has had two years behind the scenes to show what he has and he hasn’t exactly impressed coaches enough.

    Another question is….”Why does Beckels deserve a chance to offer his opinions on JBF?”

  20. BUCman Says:

    I’ll keep saying it: They need to start Kyle Trask and see if he can be our future. We know what Mayfield is and he is not the long term answer. They invested a second round pick on Trask and spent two years working on his development for this moment we are in now. Keep to the plan. Trask should run with the one’s for all of training camp and the preseason giving him the ability to truly show what he has. Mayfield should be plan B and only play if Trask fails. I’m afraid Bowles is too concerned for his job and will play Mayfield hoping for more immediate results instead of looking for our long term answer. Yes, there will be growing pains with Trask but this season is the perfect year for that since we are dealing with large cap restraints as well.

  21. Redeemer Says:

    Baker will be the starter. That much is clear. What I can’t understand is why they didn’t roll with trask and flush the toilet. Now the toilet needs to be plunged next year. Baker maybe worth a couple extra wins, compared to Trask. It tells me that they desperately want that home playoff game, and actually think it’s attainable. It may well be. But this is exactly what losing franchises do. It’s nothing more than a stay of execution that will set them back another year. Almost all teams set themselves up for a three, or four year run. Baker will only make that process slower.

  22. Bobby M. Says:

    Mayfield is a good comparison to see what you have in Trask. At his best Mayfield was a top 15-20 QB….At his worst he’s still a capable starter so if Trask can beat him in training camp, then you have a quality top 20 QB with room to grow. If Trask can’t beat him, then Trask isn’t going to be a starter worth building a team around. Could be a quality backup but not what you hoped for in the 2nd rd.

  23. pewter941 Says:

    Its not about deserving a chance lol. He’s the best qb available under our negative dead cap situation.

  24. Dooley Says:

    @Bobby M

    Yup, yes, and exactly.

  25. pewter941 Says:

    And Im not so sure Baker would not have been better than Brady last year, with how bad our o line was. Brady was so immobile, and Baker is mobile. Baker can scramble and roll out, Brady was a sitting duck who threw the ball away because he was afraid to get hit.

  26. bno Says:

    Mayfield is a midget compared to Trask. On a level playing field Trask easily outplays the midget, who is listed at 6’1″ but who likely is shorter. Trask is as tall – he measured 6’5″ + 1/8″ at his 2021 pro day – as any NFL lineman and as heavy – 235 lbs – as an NFL linebacker. But we know the mantra here on JoeHatesTrask and at One Yucs Palace is to not give Trask a snap with the 1s. Were I his agent I’d be asking to be released or traded.

  27. Dwayne Cone Says:

    Bowles wanted Mayfield for the Jets in 2018. Cleveland got Mayfield at 1 and Jets got Darnold at 3. Jets went 4-12 that year and Bowles was fired.

    Perhaps Bowles thinks he would still be with the Jets had he got Mayfield and this is a Case of looking at what could have been. I am pretty sure if Mayfield starts for the Bucs all year it will be a case of History Repeating Itself.

  28. Eric Says:

    Yeah I rarely agree with Ian but my sentiments exactly! He cocky he’s a leader he’s this he that yet no one mentions he hasn’t played good football in a long time!

  29. Craig Says:

    I have to agree with Beckles.

    The Bowles cleaner is too afraid of anything offense to play only people with “experience”, if the only “experience” is bad.

    How long Mayfly stays the starter is what will define this coaching group.

  30. bno Says:

    Bobby M. Says: “If Trask can’t beat him, then Trask isn’t going to be a starter.”

    You are assuming 6’5″+1/8″ Trask will be competing on a level playing field with 6’0″ Mayfield. Not a chance Bowles gives Trask a legitimate shot. Trask would have to be Joe Montana before Bowles starts him over 1-1-playoff-record Mayfield.

  31. bno Says:

    Bobby M. Says: “If Trask can’t beat him, then Trask isn’t going to be a starter.”

    You are assuming 6’5″+1/8″ Trask will be competing on a level playing field with 6’0″ Mayfield. Not a chance Bowles gives Trask a legitimate shot. Trask would have to be Joe Montana before Bowles starts him over 1-1-playoff-record Mayfield.

  32. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Baker hasn’t earned squat but that won’t matter. We’re in for a rough ride.

  33. DingleBerry Says:

    It’s a rare occurrence, but Beckles is absolutely on the money.

    Mayfield is trash.

  34. Rand Says:

    Mayfield will be gifted the starting job because Mayfield won’t accept being a backup to Trask even if Trask outshines Mayfield during training camp. He would inevitably turn into a distraction and suck the life out of the teams morale.

  35. Oneilbuc Says:

    I think Bowles was fired before Sam Donald got their was he fired??

  36. #99 the Big fella Says:

    Bitter ass unemployed mediocre ex football and radio guy.

  37. Beej Says:

    Was Mayfield wearing white after Labor Day or something?

  38. ThatAintRight! Says:

    I know it sound a little odd or strange, but I really don’t see Baker Mayfield playing that poorly for Tampa Bay next season from a statistical standpoint. I think he’s gonna throw for around 62-64% 4000 yards and 25TDs. You guys gotta remember this squad it’s not a bad team. His OL isn’t horrible. Tristan Wirfs imo is the best OT in the league. Then you got Ryan Jensen who is a mean nasty physical center that like’s dominating. Nick Leverette isn’t a bad LG. He’s pretty good pass protector actually holds his own. Maybe Aaron Stinnie is healthy and comes back to his SB form at RG and then we draft a RT. That OL should form to be a pretty decent squad especially for their age. Then we have Mike Evans and Chris Godwin still. They aren’t washed up. Still premium talent. The Rb situation has me on edge a little bit though. White is average and not much talent behind him either. Expect to throw a lot more passes because the run game isn’t gonna save the day. TE I feel like we’re pretty good with Cade Otton and Ko Kieft. Those guys also really hold their own on the LOS. That being said I do prefer Kyle Trask be the savior, but I don’t think he wins the job. Never been a Florida gators QB fan.

  39. Defense Rules Says:

    Pure speculation on Beckles’ part, and everyone else’s for that matter. This 2023 Bucs roster isn’t anyplace close to being completed yet; still a lot of pieces yet to add, and a lot of training & development yet to come.

    We’ve already added several potentially valuable pieces in Baker Mayfield, Greg Gaines & Ryan Neal, plus gotten back several guys who were injured all or much of last year (Jensen, Stinnie, and hopefully Shaq, along others). We’ve still got the draft to go (with 9 picks), as well as a whole Training Camp to get this thing working together & time to add even more pieces. A lot of our youngsters got valuable experience last year, experience that may or may not, pay off this year. We’ve got a new OC, a new QB coach, a new RB coach & new WR coach, plus several other new coaches.

    It’s become very fashionable in today’s society to be negative about just about everything it seems, BEFORE the hand is even played. Seems like there are always those around eager to lead the charge on negativity. Brings to mind the Latin phrase ‘Illegitimi non carborundum’ that was popularized in WWII by Army General ‘Vinegar’ Joe Stilwell … which is mock-translated as ‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down’.

  40. Student of the Game Says:

    So you think Cleveland and Carolina are good measures for quarterback performance? History disagrees. You choose to believe the perennial whining of OBJ, a problem at every team he has played for. Look deeper. If you played college or pro, watch the games and see what is going on. Eleven guys on the field. Who is missing blocks. Who is dropping passes. Don’t listen to the talking heads on TV. Baker will be fine. I expect to see a lot of apologies from you Negative Nancy types as the season unfolds. Bucs will make the playoffs this year.

  41. ThatAintRight! Says:

    From a W/L standpoint Tampa Bay probably won win many games regardless. We need a lot of help still. Especially at QB. We’re probably in play for the #1 pick next season if I had to guess. Then we probably draft that QB from USC. That’s my best guess at this time.

  42. Stormy Says:

    Has it occurred to any of you that these coaches, who have been watching and working with Trask for two years, already realize what he is (or isn’t)? It doesn’t matter whether the fans ‘see Trask with the 1s’.

    If they were truly sold on Kyle Trask, they would not have brought in Mayfield. They would have gotten an actual career backup in a clearly defined backup role. They didn’t.

    I sincerely doubt they will start Mayfield even if Kyle Trask is clearly better during TC and Preseason.

  43. Hodad Says:

    Why would they hand the job to Mayfield? They have a 2nd round pick, and two years invested in Trask. Licht don’t give up easy on his second rounders, see Spence. Tom Brady was handed the job, Baker ain’t Brady. He’ll have to compete inspite of what the media thinks.

  44. WillieG Says:

    BA loves him, Beckles doesn’t. I’m going with BA.

  45. Redeemer Says:

    Lets just call trask 6 foot 5. I can name you a pile of tall QBs who have a million dollar arm and a ten cent head. Only problem is Trask dosent have a million dollar arm. If he did, he would’ve been drafted much higher. He isn’t what they thought he’d be. That’s why baker is here. Some of you are so delusional it’s not even funny. Trask had his shot at the backup job. If you believe otherwise, You’re just obtuse. There was no grand conspiracy that held Trask back. He simply didn’t take advantage of his opportunities, of which he had plenty. It’s called camp and practice.

  46. View from 132 Says:

    Would ANYONE watch the film from last year? For whatever reason – coaching, distractions, age, other – Tom Brady WAS NOT GREAT. He missed reads, he missed open receivers, he didn’t stand in and get hit, he was even slower….

    Move on, folks. Can Trask or Baker or someone win the same or more games with a defense that might get a turnover occasionally? Yes.

  47. Drsesq Says:

    I’m not a Baker fan but I think the dude has had a new offensive coordinator or head coach almost every year he’s been in the league. Not a great recipe for success.

  48. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Says the guy who never won shizz in the nfl

  49. Dooley Says:

    “He isn’t what they thought he’d be. That’s why baker is here. Some of you are so delusional it’s not even funny. Trask had his shot at the backup job. If you believe otherwise, You’re just obtuse.”

    We went out and got Baker because we had 1 QB on the roster at the start of the new league year, that and the people who are actually in on the decisions being made told us so. Pair that with our cap situation and I’m calling BS on this comment because you’re just filling in blanks you’re not privy to with your imagination. Honestly this is worded in too much absolution to be taking serious and I advise you find whomever pissed in your cheerios.

  50. BigMacAttack Says:

    Beckles isn’t always right but more often than not, he is. He does his homework and yes he can be a blowhard. He is a Buc fan though and wants them to win. I’m more curious about what Beckles thinks of Trask with so little film of him and only insiders knowing where he really stands as a pro QB. At least we didn’t get Geno Smith and if that guy could actually come back to play well, anyone can. But if both Bakey and Trask bust out, I believe JaMarcus Russell is available.

  51. Crickett Baker Says:

    All this blabber and I wonder. What would half of you do if an unknown QB had been picked in FA instead of Baker, and the HC said we were gonna start with Kyle? Those of you who are already out of your minds would be not finding another to jump into, I bet.

  52. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  53. SlyPirate Says:

    TB12 is the GOAT

    The same logic can be applied to practically every other QB you want to swap in.

  54. Bucs since 76 Says:

    Baker only counts 1,700,000 against the cap. He’s worth a look at that price.

  55. Jon Grudin Says:

    Joe that picture of that Big Storm draft beer is getting me thirstier and thirstier. Add that to the Hooters ad that you’re always posting and every time I come to look at the site I end up wanting some wings and a draft beer. That draft day party can’t come soon enough.

  56. Goatfarmer Says:

    What is Beckles’ solution? Sign Lamar or Kaaron and be unable to afford anyone else after this season? Sign Wentz or Matt Ryan? Mike Glennon? Bring Josh Freeman out of his python zoo? Get Shaun King on a treadmill What???????????????

  57. Oz Len Says:

    “Why does he deserve a chance?”

    Right there, there it is. There is a certain social persuasion of fan and especially Football Commentor who hates Baker Mayfield. And gets crazy if he’s even mentioned as a possible starter. How many shots was Geno Smith given? Jamis Winston? Jacoby Brissett? NFL quarterbacks hang around for years and are given lots of shots to play. If they capitalize they might be a starter again.

  58. Goatfarmer Says:

    Oz, there’s also a guy named Kurt Warner. Fascinating history on that guy.

  59. Brian D Says:

    Trash/short-sighted take. Last time Baker was healthy and not trying to steer a sinking ship of a team, he put up really good numbers and led his team to 11 wins and a playoff win over their arch rival.

    Aside from that…who does Beckles think “deserves a shot”? Trask? For what reason? Their options were limited. Baker was the highest upside of their realistic option.

  60. Joe Says:

    Joe that picture of that Big Storm draft beer is getting me thirstier and thirstier. Add that to the Hooters ad that you’re always posting and every time I come to look at the site I end up wanting some wings and a draft beer. That draft day party can’t come soon enough.


  61. Brazen Zebra Says:

    You know, I could say negative things all day long about anybody, TB12 or Baker Mayfield. I’ve gone the negative route many times, and many times I’ve regretted it. In this case, maybe Ian Beckles is right, but sometimes being a good Bucs fan, a wise Bucs fan, is better than being “right”. Baker has credentials. Heisman Tlrophy. Number one overall pick. Rookie QB reciord for passing TDs ahead of Peyton Manning. First playoff victory for the Browns in a long time. Did well with the Rams on short notice. These days in the NFL, you just never know how things are gonna turn out. I thought Stafford was a bad decision for the Rams. Wrong. He wins a Super Bowl on his first try. I thought Cam Newton was a good decision for the Patriots. Wrong. He was a total bust. Give Baker a chance. Let Bowles and Canales do their thing to try and jump start Baker back to greatness. Please, Baker needs your support and your positive thoughts. As Bucs fans that’s the least we can do. It’ll be fun to watch, and interesting drama. Go Baker! Go Bucs!

  62. Tvan101 Says:

    For once I actually agree with Beckles opinion.

  63. Goatfarmer Says:

    I want beer that looks exactly like that picture.

  64. David Says:

    He is exactly right as far as why would anyone think Baker Mayfield is going to lead the Bucs to a better season than what Tom Brady did last year? Even with a distracted Brady and a horrendous OC.
    Here’s to stocking up youth and drafting the QB of the future next year.

  65. Rand Says:

    Brazen Zebra

    You go ahead and just root for Mayfield even though he’s not the starter yet and ignore Trask. Go against everything you just preached about. Me, I’m going to root for whichever QB actually wins the starting job.

    It is supposed to be a fair competition after all, right?

  66. Statguy Says:

    Sign Tebow as the 3rd QB so we can really have a circus LOL

  67. garro Says:

    Joe …Giving this dude a platform for his BS continues to really Piss me off.
    Read Beckles name and hit the Back arrow button immediately!

  68. Joe Says:

    Giving this dude a platform for his BS continues to really Piss me off.

    Ian Beckles already has a much bigger platform than Joe’s site. iTunes has millions of visitors each day.

    There are literally tens of thousands of stories on this site you can read through the free archives. You are not forced to read anything from Ian Beckles if he triggers you this much.

    Joe always finds Ian Beckles’ takes compelling. Unlike Joe and 98 percent of the folks who read this site, Beckles actually played the game. In the NFL. For years.

    If all you want are “I think the Bucs are great” stories, Buccaneers.com is your site. You’d never guess that the Bucs aren’t defending Super Bowl champs from reading that site.