Bruce Arians: Tom Brady Never Brought Personal Troubles To The Field

February 9th, 2023

Tom Brady bailed on a week and a half of training camp and Devin White even said he was praying for Brady when, as White called it, Brady had “personal problems going on.”

That scenario sure gave Joe a vibe that Brady’s personal issues did affect what was happening on the field. And then there was a surprise late-summer weight loss Brady had that may have affected is performance in some way.

Joe could give other examples of Brady being not quite Brady this season, but Bucco Bruce Arians wasn’t going there today.

Arians is in the frenzy at Radio Row in Phoenix and he sat down with an show broadcasting live. Arians said he wasn’t surprised by Brady’s retirement but he also wouldn’t have been surprised if Brady came back to the Bucs. “Tom can still sling it,” he said.

“It was such a tough year personally for him and I was so proud the way he battled through this whole thing and never brought it to the field,” Arians continued. “It was hard on him but what a great, great human being. Great teammate.”

Joe found it interesting to hear Arians stress how Brady struggled but kept it off the field completely. Joe’s not sure Brady did keep it off the field, which was one of many reasons Joe thought Brady was primed for a bounceback season in 2023.

24 Responses to “Bruce Arians: Tom Brady Never Brought Personal Troubles To The Field”

  1. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I think Bruce would know better than others if Brady’s issues affected his play on the field. Bruce has more credibility than the people who were screaming that somehow his personal issues seeped onto the field. Moreover, Bruce would have no issues with calling out Brady if he thought his personal issues were a problem. Bruce wouldn’t hold his tongue. On the field, the problem was a bad OL and a historically bad running game. Brady himself also regressed a little. It wasn’t bad that we still couldn’t win with him, but the pieces around him weren’t good this year.


    There has never been a single indication from either Bruce or Tom that there was any issue between the 2….. and there has been plenty of opportunity.

    Yet people continue to run with that theory.

  3. SteelStudBuc Says:

    I personally think Tom was on the nose candy… he looked gaunt and 20 lbs lighter… got divorced, played poorly at times… I think his break from camp was to get him cleaned up… we all make mistakes… it’s how you bounce back.

  4. WillieG Says:

    The weight loss had to affect his performance. The stress had to affect his concentration and focus.

  5. StAugBuc Says:

    A$$hole comment for the win

  6. NEfan Says:

    Brady is a huge family guy so the divorce had to be devastating for him and that’s what caused the weight loss. So it was Brady that caused the digression of the Bucs this season. Whew and all along I thought it was a loser HC and incompetent OC. Well Brady is gone, can’t wait to watch Bucs in SB next season. Arians the quitter is a joke and he ALONE destroyed the Bucs.

  7. D-Rok Says:


    Bro I get what you’re saying, and your arguments have some merit. However, I’d characterize it more as, Arians set a chain of events in motion, but wasn’t necessarily the culprit directly. Yes, he made a few bad choices like thinking BL and Bowles are good coaches. Who knows, they might be good coaches, but they were NOT last year.

    So I disagree with you a tad on BA’s exact role in our crappy season, but he isn’t above reproach, speculation, and some criticism, also.

  8. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    But here you are everyday sucking Brady’s d fan boi

  9. Anonymous Says:


    First of all it was the Sabateur Leftwich was the Loser! Secondly, the “incompetent” ones were Bowles and Licht for not doing something about that Benedict Arnold. Thirdly, I’d rather have e Brady in there versus our current options but you can stop pretending now that Brady was busy walking on water. His play was lousy and He Certainly played his part in the loosing season. He Did Not Play To Usual Standards and he WAS part of the problem. You are waisting your time trying to convince anyone otherwise.

    WITH THAT SAID, he is and was the best option this organization currently had and I certainly would have rather been in a fox hole with him rather than the other two options. He DID carry the team on his back by himself for an extra 2 ot 3 wins that otherwise probably wouldn’t have happened. It’s not that he isn’t getting credit for the good he Certainly DID. He also has to take credit for the poor performances he Certainly had this year as well. You’re a little to far left on the subject and not being honest. BUT YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT

    It’s been fun sparing with you from time to time. So when you headed back to your team blogs? BTW, I don’t see them making it to the Super Bowl either. And I haven’t seen Tom Brady interested in the Patriots in a while. Good luck getting back to the Super Bowl without him.

    O WAIT……

    GO BUCS!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I’m starting to think that NEfan is one of Arians girl friends that he dumped before he got married and she just WILL NOT forgive him. I guess nobody has ever asked you so I will.

    What is the bone you have to pick with Arians? He’s ever done Tom wrong so I don’t understand. What’s the story NE?

  11. #99 the Big fella Says:

    NEfan never was a bucs fan , only a Brady fan..So every chance he gets to talk crap about the bucs he does..He started out a really nice guy on here until others started giving him a hard time about his opinions.. Honestly please find another site to hangout with.. between you and the other 4 guys that constantly bash it really gets old..I’m sure the patriots would love to have you back..Sincerely a true Bucs fan who rides good or bad.

  12. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Brady had an MVP season and won a SB while his mom was dealing with cancer. I say a divorce doesn’t even match that stress, and it didn’t affect his concentration. A historically bad running game was the biggest issue that stressed Brady. I trust BA when he says that the divorce didn’t affect Brady’s performance. BA is a straight shooter. He called out Brady earlier this season for playing poorly. So when BA says his personal issues didn’t affect his performance on the field I believe him. Fans have run with this narrative, and don’t care if it isn’t true.

  13. sasquatch Says:

    Bruce is being kind, and giving Brady credit for battling through it.

  14. Redeemer Says:

    BA screwed us, plain and simple. He cared more about protecting his guys then what was best for the team. What makes you look more valuable than having your underlings fail? The man has a problem with self importance. While I’m raging, he wasn’t nearly as responsible for the success in 20-21 as he likes to think he was. They out talented teams. Didn’t the guy stop calling plays after the bye two seasons ago? I actually think BA is happy how things turned out. Im sure Brady went through hell this season, but I doubt BA would’ve helped matters any. the sooner they cut bait with him and all his minions, the better as far as I’m concerned. Oh yeah and culture change? That happened when Thomas Edward Patrick Brady joined the club.

  15. NEfan Says:

    Jeff’s grandpa’s comment isn’t worthy a rebuttal.

    D-Rok, I have to believe after working with these men BA knew exactly what their capabilities were. It was obvious BA had an agenda and it was to get his guys a job while using diversity as a metal he could hang around his neck. His late retiring purposely left the Bucs with very few options to find alternate coaches. Sorry, I find that deceitful and unethical, he’s trash.

    Speaking of trash, Jeff’s grandpa, obviously his name is to remind Jeff who is grandpa is because Jeff has no idea who is daddy is. Your comment is not worth a rebuttal.

    #99@ On the contrary, many of the Bucs fan base are mongrels, not from Tampa. I have grown to enjoy watching many of these players and became a big fan. I have no use for the coaching staff and like many found most of this season unwatchable.

  16. Big Red Says:

    I watched every single down this season. Sometimes more than once. It was rough.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    What the?
    I wanted to enjoy a little back and forth with NE. Why are my comments delayed? He might have been a chicken and not responded BUT I DOUBT IT! He likes the confrontation. It gives him something to do.

    So what about it? Why are you delaying my comments so long much less at all? There is no cussing or Extra Heavy confrontation.


    Besides, I’d like to get the truth from him. What he wrote is absolute HOG WASH! All the sudden he cares about Arians ethics? Yeah Right!

    Seriously NE, why the bone to pick with Arians?

  18. Redeemer Says:

    You “true bucs fans” never cease to amaze me. Is it loser ville you want in perpetuity? So you had to borrow Brady to become relevant. That’s okay. True bucs fans want to win. You were as happy to kick Brady out, as you were apprehensive about his arrival. Don’t lie. Calling him washed is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard on here. Let’s go through the facts one more time. Bottom 5 line in both pass and run blocking. Next gen, not me. No QB threw into coverage more than Brady this season. Historically bad run game. Bad OC, bad HC. I seriously wonder if some of you enjoyed winning!! FAKE BUCS FANS. Belichick made a huge mistake. He was trying to be a year early. It ended up being three years early. BA is the man most responsible for this mess. Yet some of you still regard him as a savior. BA is about BA. He could give two poops about the organization.

  19. Anonymous Says:


    Brother it’s clear that you haven’t had the bad luck of being divorced. Especially with children. I’m sorry to say that I have and it was one of the worst times in my life. For a very long while the “entire” situation consumed my days and nights.
    If you was unfortunate as I and some others have been in that regard, you wouldn’t dismiss the Very High Likelihood that it MOST ASSUREDLY affected Tom No Matter where he was or what he was doing. At least for a little while (meaning some months) You can choose to believe that Arians stated it the way you wrote it or you could choose to believe what “actually” came out of his mouth.
    What he said was Tom didn’t bring it on to the “field of play”. He did not say that it didn’t affect him. Arians has been around for a few years in his life and you can believe that in the business he’s in, he’s seen A LOT of divorce and KNOWS BETTER than it didn’t affect him.

    May your excellent luck hold up and you don’t EVER find yourself in a divorce. (Unless of course it was clearly for the better) which was FOR SURE my situation.
    Still, I have kids and it was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my entire life….

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Alright, I’m going to stand up for BA a little because some are running with a ball to SPECULATION VILLE without any true proposition.

    I know how it looks! It looks like BA just laughed out loud and wrenched his hands together and said HAHA! I’m going to screw over the Bucs and all the fans for Giving me my dream job! I’m going to make them pay for Giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and WIN A SUPER BOWL! I’ll make them pay for Giving me a shot at getting into Canton when I had NO CHANCE OTHERWISE!

    CAN YOU GUYS SEE HOW DUMB THAT SOUNDS? So you contend that, that was his plan all along WHILE claiming he’s a ego maniac! If he’s such a controlling FREAK as you claim, then WHY didn’t he keep the job? I’ll tell you why and it’s time that you fellas STOP TWISTING IT! BECAUSE I’M GOING TO CHASE YOU ALL OVER THE PLACE WITH THE TRUTH!


    IT WAS….. his health.

    Your right in the regards of there was no time to switch coaches. That’s correct. BUT IT WASN’T A DIABOLICAL PLAN YOU NUMB SKULLS!

    You’re hating a man that was and is fighting for his life. I sure hope you feel great about thumping your chests and claiming it was a diabolical plan. You guys look BAD! Did you not get the news when it happened??? Where in the H3LL have you been? Maybe you should look it up. That’s some good advice guys. HE STARTED LIVING IN THE HOSPITAL FOR A BIT! Check it out…..

    And OF COURSE he wanted his guys to get the job. One Benedict Arnold didn’t and the other did. THERE WAS TIME TO SHOP FOR NEW COACHES OTHERWISE! GEEZ! He didn’t know things would go the way they did AND HE DIDN’T HAVE CONTROL OF THE SITUATION EITHER WAY! It’s just how the cards fell.

    You want to hate the guy that was scared for his life? WOW! Well you keep on trucking but you keep in mind that EVERYTHING you’re basing that on ISN’T THE TRUTH!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry “WASN’T TIME!” Spell checker isn’t working right. (OK, IT MIGHT BE MY LOUSY WRITING SKILLS!)

  22. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Well said Anonymous, most people have biases and are to proud to change minds when they are proven wrong and it keeps them coming up with ridiculous excuses.

  23. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey, SteelStudBuc. I got divorced I went from 289lbs to 184lbs in 34 days. I was not on the “nose candy” it was stress and depression and a lot of coffee. I had a Dr. appointment right before our split and had blood work taken. Had a follow-up 30 days later. Dr. Clay and his staff did not recognize me. In the end, though Dr. Clay told me it saved my life. They had to redo my blood work because my BP weight went down so much, Dr. Clay said you now have the BP of a teenager and at 40 that was awesome news. All my blood work was vastly different and the weight loss was incredible to me and the life I have had since then in 2006. I am still doing well at 57 in march and now weighing 223. I look and feel awesome. At 6’4.85″ and 223lbs soon to be 57 with a visable sixpack I have a bp of 123/72 81 heart rate. I see no issue for why Brady lost weight, and I can say I sincerly doubt it was due to any “nose candy”.

    Go!!!!! Bucs!!!!!

  24. Ed McSherry Says:

    Not sure how much should or can be “read into” Bruce Arians’ positive comments about Tom Brady; he’s been consistent in his support of Brady though-it-all: remember his comments going back to 2020 when he said, “”Having Tom Brady at quarterback is like having a ‘second coach’ on the field.

    No one will ever mistakenly take that quote as being attributed to Bill Belichick.