Coach Gives “B” Grades For Lavonte David And Devin White

November 30th, 2022

Lavonte David, Devin White and Carlton Davis have combined for zero interceptions through 11 games. That’s hard to swallow, even for head coach/defensive playcaller Todd Bowles.

The Davis streak is at 20 games, so that’s no surprise. But grouped with the dynamic inside linebackers, it’s even more disturbing.

Bowles hopped on the Buccaneers Radio Network this week and gave David and White “B” grades for their games against the Browns on Sunday.

Tackling wasn’t perfect, Bowles said, and there was “a gap or two they misfit.” And the head coach is seeing lost picks.

“We just gotta break on the ball better because there’s interceptions out there to be had that we need to make,” Bowles said of David and White.

The Bucs sure to do need more big plays, but this wouldn’t even be a conversation if the offense wasn’t miserable.

Regarding David, Joe painfully was starting to think he’s significantly declining, but then he stepped up with a big play on third down on the Browns’ final drive of regulation. So Joe buried that thought.

23 Responses to “Coach Gives “B” Grades For Lavonte David And Devin White”

  1. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Now, can we have the players grade the coach?

  2. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Can they run with a football, and play halfback? I think it’s worth a look.

  3. Rob F Says:

    The offense might not be so miserable if they started with a short field once or twice a game too though…

  4. mark2001 Says:

    I like giving grades, too. Coaching? D- to an F. Brady compared to the average QB? B. Compared to Brady’s standard? C-

  5. D-Rok Says:

    Yep, need grades for coaches.

  6. John Says:

    Wonder what he graded himself?

  7. Hodad Says:

    White is not good in coverage. He couldn’t hang with the TE who caught the 4th, and 9 game tier. Bowles would’ve been better off sending White after the QB on that play, but what do I know? I’ll tell you what I do know, Todd Bowles is no head coach!

  8. orlbucfan Says:

    Really? Can we grade the GOAT? How about a -A for arthritic mentally?

  9. Texas Bucs Fan Says:

    Labonte Davis was a dynamic linebacker; however, his skills are slowly eroding. Devin White has been an average linebacker. His hype is overboard with the media and ability has very little meaning, if you don’t use the skills, one possesses. Too much hype and limited output on a weekly basis.

  10. SB~LV Says:

    DW was made a fool on there first TD .
    Play your responsibility!
    Sucka !

  11. MelvinJunior Says:

    Do y’all honestly, believe that “Belichick” would even dignify that question by giving-out ANY “Grade,” whatsoever… I seriously, doubt it, but maybe he would!? I find it strange. And, WHAT HAPPENED to all those turnovers (30+) we were ‘going to’ create/win THIS SEASON, like they said, during camp!? I was just thinking on Sunday, that damn, it seems-like, literally FOREVER, since we’ve had an INT this season… The, BAMMMM… We Get One, & They Say It’s The FIRST-ONE we’ve had in like, 7-GAMES. SEVENNNNN!!!! LoL

  12. HC Grover Says:

    I have the coach grade system down. Last Sunday end of game clock managing was Bowles 2nd Blunder of the First Magnitude. The other one was the Kupp Blunder that cost us the Super Bowl.
    Bowles Blunders are easy to rank by magnitude. 1st through 5th. Watch what he does and pick your magnitude,
    Bowles is a Blunder Machine.

  13. NEfan Says:

    I will Bowels the same grade I give oralbuc F for F up. How about you don’t go man on a 4th & 9 and put Davis who was getting smoked by Cooper ALL game. Dean was shutting him down and imagine this, the OC made an adjustment and moved Cooper to Davis side. Let’s not forget the Cooper drop when Davis was cleaning his gold grill 10 yards away from the man he was covering. This coach is the ultimate clown.

  14. Goatfarmer Says:

    Coach gets FF grades.

    Brian Flores or Eric Bienemy.

  15. Redeemer Says:

    INTs are a mystery, even for data nerds and analytics geeks. If they could be predicted or taught, we’d see much more of them. Personally I think most INTs come from being in the right place, right time. A confluence of events, that are even more unpredictable. Most INTs come from pressure, combined with good coverage. Some come from tipped balls, and misreads. Some come from inaccurate throws. There is no correlation on INTs from season to season. No matter what metric you use.

  16. MadMax Says:

    You mean an F- graded Coach Turd Bowles is handing out player grades?

  17. orlbucfan Says:

    I will be glad when the joke known as NEfan is gone with his idol. He obviously doesn’t know his butt from first base addressing this issue. And that goes for the rest of the Brady groupies. LVD will be voted into the HOF which fans know.

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s akin to getting an F+! We lost the game and you could argue that Devin’s bonehead penalty helped solidify the loss.
    A “B”grade?! Pffffft! OK.

  19. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Regarding David, Joe painfully was starting to think he’s significantly declining…

    I entertained similar thoughts last year when David was playing hurt. This year he has been generally healthy, and seems like his old reliable self. LVD54 is an old stud!

  20. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Hodad Says:
    “White is not good in coverage.”

    To be fair, he is improved a bit from last season, at least by my eye. He’s not much for playing the ball, but at least seems to be in the right spot most of the time this year.

  21. Redeemer Says:

    Orl, so you are actually defending a coach who was playing for overtime? He already told you he was worried Brady would throw a pick. BTW, Brady has the best TD to int rate in the game. Again you never argue facts. It’s the same old nonsense. The reason you don’t argue facts is because you can’t. Pissing and moaning about who’s a real bucs fan, appears to be your only worth here. I guess you’ll be happy next year with a 5-13 team. This bucs fan won’t be.

  22. NEfan Says:

    Redeemer, correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t a true fan support their superstar QB, not belittle him over and over again?

  23. Your Mom Says:

    Professionals don’t make repeated mistakes like this unless they are totally distracted by something else… a complete lack of belief in leadership would be a good explanation.