“We Gotta Find A Quarterback”

August 27th, 2022

“Like I said, Kyle, when coaches talk, it can get in your head.”

Joe was very intrigued by offensive coordinator Bryon Leftwich’s first thoughts when Tom Brady retired in January.

Leftwich shared them on The Pivot, and it won’t make Bucco Bruce Arians Blaine Gabbert fans happy.

“It was like, ‘Ok, man, we gotta find a quarterback.’ We gotta find somebody to go out here and play with because we got a good enough team that can compete, so we gotta get somebody in here,” Leftwich said.

“I was hoping that we could find somebody. … My worry was not that we can find a quarterback, it was just (snaps fingers several times), going through the process of offseason — self-evaluating, self-scouting. And now we’ve got to find a quarterback. And what does that mean? Is it Kyle Trask time? All those things going through your head, so you’re weighing all your options.”

Those takes particularly intrigued Joe considering Bucco Bruce Arians said in late-February that he was prepared to go to war with Gabbert.

During the interview, Leftwich said one of his great regrets is only getting less than a year to work with Jameis Winston, so perhaps Leftwich and Arians aren’t necessarily in lockstep when it comes to QB evaluation.

Regardless, Leftwich’s comments should have the Kyle Trask fan club thinking more about where he stands in the organization. Leftwich had him on his mind as a starter in January, and he just showered Trask with major love this week.

Potentially a big night in Indianapolis tonight for Trask.

40 Responses to ““We Gotta Find A Quarterback””

  1. Rod Munch Says:

    “Leftwich said one of his great regrets is only getting less than a year to work with Jameis Winston”

    Again proving the complete nonsense about the Bucs WANTING Teddy Bridgewater is one of the dumbest fake news stories of the pandemic era.

    Speaking of fake news… ‘Blaine Gabbert fans’… FACT CHECK: False. An internet search returns no results for ‘blaine gabbert fans’.

  2. Chris Tucker@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    LOL, there are no such things as Blake Gabbert Fans.

  3. BUCman Says:

    Trask was way better than his numbers showed last week. He showed great accuracy and touch. However the offensive line was absolutely terrible and gave him no time to set and throw the football. The interception was do to his hand being hit as he threw the ball (OL failure). When he was able to set and throw receivers dropped balls that were perfectly placed. If he was playing with all starters on the field we would have seen a much different outcome. The only issue he had was not looking off the deep safety on a couple plays that almost resulted in INT’s. This is easily corrected with coaching and more game experience. It’s way too soon to give up on him. Of course Trask haters will hate and focus only on the game stats and not by looking at the game film.

  4. GOB Says:

    If Brady had stayed retired, I seriously doubt the bucs would’ve rolled with either in house option. If they had, I think they would’ve lost a considerable chunk of the locker room.

  5. CrackWise Says:

    Please clarify for the “Kyle Trask” fan club.

    We should be worried where who stands in the organization? B. Left is as good as gone next year. You know, because he is such a great coach and communicator.

    LMAO. Bye Leftover. you won’t really be missed, not really. BA is still in the house.

    Besides that. His track record with young promising QBs is not so good. So this is a grain of salt statement.

    Love BL because why wouldn’t EYE-test. But he is not head coach or much more than an assistant coach. He is certainly not in the same league as Todd.

    So Byron, to me, is as good as gone next year. No way he will be allowed to ruin another young QB.

  6. CrackWise Says:

    That said, they would have stuck with BG and Kyle would have backed him up.

    BUT, lets not forget, DRAMA SELLS!!!

    I was gonna listen to the interview. Now I know what its all about. More ah, you know ah, cause ah, thats thing, you know, we had to look at what are we gonna do at QB cause Brady retired.


  7. #8 Says:

    NU powerhouse.


  8. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I can’t get any Big Storm……but

    I got the feeling a couple of quarts of Colt 45 will suffice.

  9. BucBoy Says:

    “Potentially a big night in Indianapolis tonight for Trask.”

    That’s the last thing Goathumper and the Haters want to see.

  10. BucBoy Says:

    BUCman is spot on.

  11. FBC Says:

    Gabbert fans??? Where? 🤣

  12. Uncle Says:

    If Trask is ever the starting QB of the Bucs it’s because they are tanking for draft picks to find the guy they really want. Trask is a rebound moped, and not the kind you ride on streets.

  13. GOB Says:

    Unless an elite QB falls in their lap, (like Brady did) Trask will get his opportunity. The powers that be need to justify the pick. Every sideline throw will be an adventure. Have fun being a 5-6 win team. Hey, they may get to 7 wins. After all BAs still in the house. You Trask sycophants are delusional.

  14. HC Grover Says:

    Trask has looked awful. I hope they give Ryan some play tonight.

  15. Craig Says:

    Trask has an enormous potential.

    He has both touch and accuracy. These are things that can’t be taught.

    If he can get all of the little things down to muscle memory, he will a great QB.

    There are a lot of little, teachable things, though, and some QBs never get a lot of those to work for them.

    Only time and reps will tell.

  16. Costa Rica John Says:

    Trask is the future. Remember when Green Bay fans watched Aaron Rodgers sitting behind Brett Favre? I bet they said some of the same things about Rodgers that are being said about Trask.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Kyle Trask has the size, talent & tools to succeed IMO, BUT … we all know there are no guarantees. Until we see him leading our 1st team against opponents’ 1st teams in the heat of battle we won’t truly know what we have.

    But to put his success or failure solely on BL is unfair. Kyle’s working with a very experienced QB coach in Clyde Christensen, the famed ‘QB Whisperer’ in Bruce Arians, one of the best OCs to come along in Tom Moore, and oh ya, he gets to observe & sit in meetings daily with the Greatest QB of All-Time, Tom Brady. No, it’s not all on BL.

    I think that Tom Brady will retire after this year, and that Kyle Trask will win the job of 2023 starting QB (if for no other reason than that Bucs won’t have the $$$ to bring in a big-name QB). IF Trask does well, problem solved. IF he has a bad year, we’ll get a high pick and (probably) draft a QB. Again, problem solved. Win-win situation for the Bucs. (Well OK, win-lose situation for Kyle, but his future is in his hands; that’s all anyone can ask).

  18. CrackWise Says:

    Clyde Christensen will be our OC when BL heads for greener pasture. You know, like the one you put animals out to pasture on.

    Not saying BL would be to blame. BUT putting doubt in you young QBs mind just for the sake of doing it. THATS JUST DUMB.3

  19. MonkeyMan Says:

    Let’s get real here….No real contender team would ever give the reins to Trask. Not gonna happen. He’s maybe a .500 at best for a season or two and that’s WITH a solid team, and then he fades away into irrelevancy.

    Bucs need a top a proven leader that can win now. Otherwise the team will be dismantled and we will have years of more suffering. Brady has changed everything for this organization. If they give that all away with some terrible quarterback, it’s game over. As fast as Brady built that “winning culture” here the last few season, it will disappear just as fast. Managements job is to do everything they can to hold onto it once Brady departs.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    GOB … ‘You Trask sycophants are delusional.’

    I guess I’m one of those ‘sycophants’ GOB, because I think he’ll ultimately win the 2023 starting job. How well the TEAM does depends on the talent we can salvage once this season ends (we will have 31 FAs & little money to re-sign them, although we should still have a decent nucleus).

    New England finished 10-7 last year with rookie QB Mac Jones. Personally wouldn’t say that he played ‘lights-out’, but he did turn out to be a decent game manager (their offense ranked #6 in Points Scored). Of course, having a very good defense (ranked #2 in Points Allowed) that generated 30 TOs helped quite a bit I’m sure. Of course media & fans have been all over him this preseason because he doesn’t seem to have the same command of the offense. Ya right; media & fans can be quite fickle.

    If Bucs can put together a solid team around Kyle Trask next year, no reason we can’t contend for a wildcard spot, or maybe even win the NFC South. LOTS of variables between now & then.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This statement from BL is far more disparaging to Gabbert than Trask……Gabbett is the primary backup & supposedly next in line to Brady……Trask will have another year to get ready & he may just be ready then…..or, maybe not….

  22. CrackWise Says:

    Excellent point Tampabaybucfan

    Now I will stop being disparaging towards BL.

    Obviously, I am not sold on him as a leader of MEN. And the dumb crap he says gets at my goat.

    Thank God for the GOAT though.

    And DR, you have a future in the JBF poster POD cast for sure!!! LOL 🙂

  23. robert ethan Says:

    Gabbert is light years ahead of Pyle O’Trash. At 24, Blaine was already a 3 year starter for the Jags, and about to turn Squidward into a “social justice warrior” in San Fran. Pyle would be 4th string today except for rhe PS rules.

  24. Darin Says:

    If and when Gabbert plays here I’m a fan.

  25. Destinjohnny Says:

    Without TB12 no free agents, we have to roll with a lot of drafted players….
    4 wins

  26. Wild Bill Says:

    How quickly you Gabbert fans forget how weak he has looked anytime he has played in prime time. I like what Trask has showed this preseason. Especially considering the Bucs gave him almost zero play time even in preseason. They could have at least let him hand off on some running plays and some short quick pass plays. But that is old news. This season has had some real time play and has looked good enough to be on the team for further development. There is a long season ahead and no way of knowing what may or may not happen to Brady or Gabbert. We know that Gabbert is not a super star and not an adequate replacement for Brady. The only way to know what Trask can do is to put him in every chance we get as in when we have a huge lead in the 4th quarter. Play him when we can and see how he does or does not improve over the season. It’s either that or pick up another old vet like Gabbert. Not many old retreads have made it to a superbowl . Some so so qbs have when the rest of their team was exceptional.

  27. firethecannons Says:

    why are we playing any starters in this faux football preseason!

  28. geno711 Says:

    Next year without Brady. No better or worse than New England.

    Just my best guess.

  29. Tony Says:

    I’m kind of surprised they didn’t give that Aqeel Glass a chance to see what he could do. Never know maybe he could be their QB of the future but I doubt it. They’ll never know if they don’t give him a chance. Can’t be any worse then Gabbert & Griffin. I didn’t want Trask from the beginning either because no QBs make it out of there, Ohio St, Michigan or USC. Only ones that did actually do anything from any of those schools were Brady & Palmer.

  30. Aaron Says:

    Shady brady only with 3 points lol should of got out when was on top like my man Brees even Winston went down field for a touchdown in seven plays and y’all talk bout him lol

  31. BUCman Says:

    Well clearly the BUCS had no interest in this game. They didn’t give anyone a chance to shine. They must have their mind made up regarding the final 53

  32. Steven L. Benner Says:

    The title here should read; ” We’ve gotta find a New Head Coach! ” The Bucs have not Won a single game yet under Todd Bowles!!! He’s a glorified Coach under Brady’s leadership! He didn’t do anything when he was with the Jets….some things just don’t change!!! SAD! Definitely not looking like Champions.

  33. Oneilbuc Says:

    If the bucs draft a quarterback next year they will mess him up to. He will be another victim just like all the other quarterbacks the bucs drafted ..

  34. We Have Our Man Says:

    Would love to know how you ever become a proven QB if you never are given the opportunity to play. There are a handful of good qbs in the league, and you most likely aren’t prying them away from their team, getting a Brady or Manning in free agency rarely happens. Why you would prefer some retread that couldn’t cut it with their own team, vs giving the guy who was an outstanding college QB and 2nd round pick a shot. Some of you guys are morons, you don’t actually watch the position, the o line, or the scheme, you just watch the scoreboard in a preseason game and say trask sucks.

  35. brooks Says:

    Trask has potential he just needs some playing time

  36. FlaminTacoBoi Says:

    All you Trask haters are dumb as sh**, we are talking about a guy who has not played at all last year, and has looked pretty solid this preseason. It takes playing time to get any better. Until Trask is playing with competent starters, your opinions do not matter.

  37. Tom lamphier Says:

    Gabberts a former number one pick….it’s just a name thing and bucs are the last team that pay for it..Hes been a bust from day one

  38. Rooster Says:

    Trask has what it takes I believe? He will do well with a first team I see his throws and pose in the pocket with a terrible line, I say don’t let him slip through your fingers and I say this not because I’m a Trask fan I’m saying this from what I see as a old man that’s been watching the game a long time

  39. Eric b Says:

    @ Aaron brees went out on top??? Brady beat the breaks off him , when it mattered, and retired him!! Brady won the damn superbowl that year!! And your talking about 1 series in a preseason game ha ha yeah dont worry well see JW twice this year with all the firepower brady has. Brady had rans beat also last year OTE to winning another 8th ring when defensive failure big time

  40. Rick VG Says:

    We got a lot of Trask in the preseason. Unfortunately I don’t see him him ever being a successful NFL starting QB.