Bucs Kept Their Promise To Zyon McCollum

April 30th, 2022

How refreshing to hear an NFL Scouting Combine story that doesn’t involve a general manager blowing smoke or a head coaching planting nonsense in the media to confuse other clubs.

This story is about Buccaneers fifth-round pick Zyon McCollum. The Bucs traded up this afternoon to grab him, coughing up next year’s fourth-round pick to Jacksonville to do it.

The pride of Sam Houston State met with the Bucs at the combine and they threw him a carrot. Per McCollum speaking this afternoon, via TampaBay.com writer Joey Knight’s Twittering below, the Bucs told the young cornerback that they’d draft him if he ran a sub-4.5-second 40 yard dash.

McCollum crushed the sprint and was in the 4.3’s. Within hours, he said, the Bucs advised his agent that they would make McCollum a Buccaneer.

It sure is odd that the Bucs would tell a guy they are going to draft him — seven weeks before the draft. Seven!?! The prospect or his agent could go out and tell other teams and screw up the Bucs’ plans/hopes.

Regardless, Joe is glad the Bucs kept their word. That should give McCollum a ton of confidence.

34 Responses to “Bucs Kept Their Promise To Zyon McCollum”

  1. William Walls Says:

    Committing to a life of integrity is never the wrong choice.

  2. BUC CHEEKS Says:


  3. PSL Bob Says:

    Damn! In this day and age, that’s remarkable. I love what this team has become, both on and off the field.

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    Just blowing smoke, I’m sure lots of guys are told they’re going to taken by a lot of different teams. It’s like the super hot chick at work saying, sure, we can get together sometime, yet each time you show up at her house unannounced she pretends like she didn’t say that, she tells you to go away, to stop leaving dead birds on her car seat, to stop climbing the tree outside her window, to stop sending Richard Marx mix tapes.

    This kid just got lucky, most don’t.

  5. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    Soooo…passing out hats ahead of time and making draft promises ahead of time. The draft has changed alot since Joel Buchsbaum’s time.

  6. Bucs Guy Says:

    I don’t like trading future year draft picks normally. But I think this was smart. He provides insurance against CB injuries, provides much needed ST help, gives him a year to learn so he can replace SMB or Dean if the Bucs don’t re-sign both of them next year. That’s a lot for a future 4th rounder. Great move JL.

  7. Bucamania Says:

    Same high school as Mike Evans. Good stuff.

  8. Buczilla Says:

    Cool story.

  9. Jason Says:

    So I wonder how many other players were promised the same thing by the BUCS and other teams, but for whatever reason it didn’t happen. Wonder if anyone will put that story out there. Lol.

  10. ModHairKen Says:

    Love the name. Love the story. Love the time in the 40 and he wants to be here. Excellent!

  11. Casual Observer Says:

    Good question, Jason. But I still love this pick.

  12. HC Grover Says:

    I bet this draft ends up being one of the best ever 4 the Bucs. Put the Pirate Ship in the yard and plugged all her leaks. Now slap on a coat of bottom paint in the 7th round and set sail for the Super Bowl.


  13. Beeej Says:

    Every single pick we made was SERIOUSLY investigated, I like that

  14. Biff Barker Says:


    Good point. The last TE from Washington did’nt work out to well. We want Buccaneer men.

  15. PassingThru Says:

    I hope it works out, I remember he did great at the Combine but being a small school guy his draft stock was limited.

    You never know with these small school guys. I still remember an undrafted free agent from West Alabama….

  16. Kgh4life Says:

    Zyon has elite physical traits but he needs to be coached up, those college coaches did him a disservice.

  17. Alexstotle Says:

    @Rod Munch, or when she gets mad her tires are slashed and blames it on you?

    This kid just got lucky, most don’t.

  18. SB~LV Says:

    Yeah ! That is a cool YouTube video. Kid expresses himself very well.
    Smart , fast, now can he play with the big bad boys?

  19. firethecannons Says:

    To Zyon McCollum:
    Awesome story, welcome to our team!!!!! we are super glad to have you and need you, no doubt you will get plenty of playing time. You have accomplished so much and yet you have so much out in front. You are special! Cannot wait to watch you tear it up!

  20. SOEbuc Says:

    WILL SOMEONE ANSWER A QUESTION FOR ME??? these guys are pushing Goedeke that he played RT and now he’s just moving to RG so it will be an easy transfer. Isn’t he fighting for the LG and Shaq is RG??? Pretty pathetic when these guys have no clue they’re making fake statements…Or am I wrong???

  21. NCbucfan Says:

    Yes SOEbuc, I was thinking the same thing. Those idiots are clueless! Shaq will play on the right side! Goedeke will take Marpets place.

  22. Dooley Says:

    Awesome pick, will love to see where Bowles plugs him in at once he gets to camp, hope he gets some reps at Safety, as a CB we know he’ll eventually get blitz opportunities and it’d be especially interesting to see if he gets to field kicks. McCollum is like giving our staff a ball of clay.

  23. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    we traded in to the 6th

  24. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    according to espn draft round tracker

  25. David Says:

    Look around different sites about this kid. Since 1987 he is graded as the most athletic cornerback EVER. 6’2”, 200, 4.33 , almost a 40 inch vertical. Plus he has an hands
    Several sites have him as a big time late round sleeper.

  26. Allbuccedup Says:

    Bucs just draft another tight end looks like Gronk might be done.

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Blocking TE & ST player…….still room for Gronk

  28. PassingThru Says:

    Ko Kieft is a blocking TE. Slow but athletic, wasn’t asked to receive in a run-heavy offense.

  29. SB~LV Says:

    Wonder if they have plans to convert the latest TE to another position?
    Odd pick

  30. WVBuc Says:


    I speculated that possibility as well. As long as Wirfs and Smith are here and our best two options at Tackle, Kief probably remains a TE, but a switch to OT wouldn’t be shocking. Plenty of people give Donovan Smith a lot of credit, more than I’ve ever seen in him. He did have a strong season in 2020 but last year was rough here n there. If Kief can hold a bit more weight…maybe?

  31. Steven M. Says:

    As sure as Brady is back, so will Gronk.

  32. Anthony Says:

    Happy for the Picks. And I believe the schools that these guys come from are about winning only. I know that’s their job but they have these young guys for 4 years and it’s also their responsibility to get them ready for life beyond the collage ball. Whether that’s football pro. Or anything else. So I would like to see these schools run more pro style offense and defense and correct the quarterbacks mechanics while he’s with them I believe this helps everyone

  33. Mark Hall Says:

    Awesome story! One thing I have noticed with this front office of the Bucs is they are drafting and getting guys that played together, went to the same schools, and/or from same hometowns. This is how you create a unified and winning locker room. Losing teams usually have problems in their locker rooms or within the organization. Good pick up and welcome to BucNation Zyon!

  34. Eric b Says:

    Good to hear someones word is still valid these days.. used to be your word was everything, it means alot to me and i live my life my that as well. LFGO UNFINISHED BUISSNESS