Le’Veon Bell Proves His Worth

January 2nd, 2022

It blows Joe’s mind to see Le’Veon Bell contributing in a big January game for the Buccaneers’ title quest.

What a strange season it has been.

Bell, 29, the former all-everything and defiant superstar running back, was out there today against the Jets, pressed into duty with Ronald Jones injured and the depth chart down to Ke’Shawn Vaughn.

Yes, it was Bell who the Bucs trusted to block for Brady and be a smart outlet out of the backfield on the game-winning drive against the Jets.

The Bucs pulled Bell off the street just before Christmas (thanks to the Jason Licht machine) and there he was catching the three targets that came his way today for a total of 30 yards.

It’s obvious Bell’s hands are smooth and his chemistry with Tom Brady appears to be something more than what you’d expect from two guys that have spent little time together. Yeah, Lesean McCoy made a few plays early last season, but Joe already feels like Bell is an upgrade at emergency running back — which has quickly become an important position.

Bell said after the game that he’s already comfortable with the Bucs’ playbook and he expects his comfort level to improve rapidly, “nothing I can’t pick up.”

30 Responses to “Le’Veon Bell Proves His Worth”

  1. cmurda Says:

    Great points Joe. That really was impressive by Bell today. Really cool to see this guy turn back the clock. It seems Brady has that effect on his teammates. I definitely think Bell is proving to be a great signing. I was pretty indifferent to the move initially but I’m far higher on it now.

  2. cmurda Says:

    PS Lets go Cards and Vikes.

  3. Gettinthebucs Says:

    He’s gonna be big in the playoffs for us. Dude made a big impact in his limited snaps. Pass pro looks super solid.

  4. Nprbuc Says:

    Licht just keeps snagging gems! Bell didn’t look like. He had been away from the game for more than a week. Great at h for Bucs at the right time!

  5. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Very happy with Bell. A bit slow of foot, but fast of mind.

  6. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Bell is not intimidated in critical situations. I agree, he looked slow but great hands. Brady loves good veterans. That defense is pathetic and no adjustments, how is this team going to get by Roger’s, Murray, Stafford or Dak? How many 10 yd passes down the middle? Tyrone and Minter SUCKED!!!

  7. Listnfrmafar Says:

    FYI, Winfield won that game as much as TB12!

  8. Derek Says:

    Great job Bell stepping up today

  9. JimmyJack Says:

    I could see Bell take on a bigger role then what we signed him for now that Brown is off the team.

    I might expect him to get more looks next week to develope repore with Brady.

    He looked like he is in good football shape today………Givd Byron 2 weeks to game plan this and Bell might be a key player for us on our title run.

  10. Bamabuc Says:

    Any idea what has happened to Scotty Miller I know he was hurt but we sure don’t see him making an impact?

  11. Coburn Says:

    Wasn’t much ot a runner, excel that TD run, but nice hands. I also thought Vaughn shower some really nice hands on an early dart Brady threw and I remember a nice blitz pickup where he upended the guy. He had some runs where he didn’t have a chance from the snap, but like what I see from Vaughn. Weird they shut Rojo down so early. Just gotta figure out how to use these guys. Dunno why Arians seems to hate Rojo. Am I right in thinking he may have missed a blitz pickup earlier that got Brady hit? That might be why

  12. cmurda Says:

    ROJO got injured.

  13. Ron says Says:

    Bell has a chance to be a difference maker on our offense as he is able to effectively draw the defense in for the short screen pass and open up the field. The key for him is to not look for the homerun and do his stutter step but to focus on catching everything and use his quickness to pick up the most yardage possible. In doing so he will open up the field which we have not been able to do with the backs we have, Fornette was close but Bell is better at spacing in the screen game and will give Brady a great drop off option and slow the pass rush. This in turn will open the field, so even with the players we have lost we can still have a deadly offense if we can get the receivers to space better on their routes.

  14. Wild Bill Says:

    Tryon made me really miss JPP. That game winning pass was vintage Brady. But he keeps throwing too many passes at the receivers ankles. And Tryon is not even a shadow of JPP.

  15. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Wild Bill, please let us know when he threw passes at ankles?

  16. David Says:

    A few blocks in a few catches out of the backfield here in there… That is all that is needed from him in the playoffs.
    Vaughn and Jones can run the ball (although Jones was horrible today but the run blocking wasn’t that great either so there’s that)

  17. David Says:

    On another note… Go Cardinals!!!!

    In San Fran next week against the Rams!

  18. David Says:

    Wild Bill

    If you’re talking about the touchdown catch that should have been , that was low and away, that was not a bad pass at the ankles. It was thrown low and away from the defender exactly where it should have been thrown and it was right in Johnson’s arms and he dropped it.

  19. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Good night Cowgirls!
    Let’s go 49ers!

  20. Wesley Says:

    I want more Vaughn.

  21. Coburn Says:

    Cmurda. That explains it, my kids were acting up so missed a lot of commentary. Anything serious? Hopefully not

  22. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Just have Bell block and catch, he’s good at that.
    He can’t run anymore.

  23. Austin Says:

    Bell was the best receiving back in the game before McCaffrey, that’s definitely his strong suite. Going to pay off big

  24. Austin Says:

    If he rocks the playoffs, gets resigned, and has a whole off-season to get in Shape and perfect his roll in our offense, look out baby

  25. SOEbuc Says:


    I’m excited about Vaughn and his future with the Bucs. Likely #2 RB in 2022 behind Lenny. He has been getting through the hole with speed. I think it’s a matter of time and snaps.

  26. Steven M. Says:

    As an aside. The Jets Echols who picked off TB was Echols.
    After the game he took that ball to Brady and asked him to sign it.
    Tom did. Tom is either the most humble man or slightly nuts,
    for signing that ball that got picked off. If someone sacks him, will he sign that person’s jersey too ? I love TB but …

  27. Brandon Says:

    Bell has hands…. but no legs. His speed is gone.

  28. Tbtb12 Says:

    Steven M:
    Read the SI Sportsperson of the Year article; you’ll get an insight into Brady. Humility personified

  29. Bobby M. Says:

    Vaughn is looking better and better each week.

  30. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Truly great players can always rise to the occasion. AB certainly showed us last week that he could take off for weeks and then come in on a “bum?” ankle and lit up Carolina.

    I predict Bell will light up some defenses as well. I also can imagine seeing Bell on the field with Playoff Lennie. Saw him split wide yesterday and imagine the guessing games if you have both Lennie and Bell on the field. Brady can read defenses like not other QB and he can dump to whichever one of them is open if he doesn’t have ME..Gronk..Grayson…in the open.

    Lennie runs with more authority…Bell is more elusive with decent power.