“We Kind Of Let It Get Out Of Hand”

August 17th, 2021

Lame spin

Joe is really getting sick of the Chiefs’ spin on the Bucs’ Super Bowl clobbering of Kansas City.

All-Pro Travis Kelce admitted a months ago that he thinks the Bucs scored a one-in-a-hundred-times kind of result, fueled by the Chiefs not having the right mentality entering the game.

And it seems Patrick Mahomes feels about the same way, per his comments to SiriusXM NFL Radio today.

“I think it took me about a couple weeks to get over [the Super Bowl loss]. I’ll definitely think about it more in my lifetime,” Mahomes said. “But I think it took me a couple weeks to kind of get past it and move on to the next season. I think that as as team we just got to understand you have to be ready to play every single day. It think going into the Super Bowl, it didn’t start off the way wanted to and we kind of let it get out of hand.”

Do these guys just not realize they got their asses kicked by a better team.

Mahomes went on to talk about the importance of being ready “from the get-go” and never mentioned the Bucs.

If the Chiefs really weren’t ready to play, and Joe is not convinced of that, then why isn’t anyone questioning the leadership of the key Chiefs and the ultimate failure of their head coach?

Joe sure is rooting for a rematch in February.

44 Responses to ““We Kind Of Let It Get Out Of Hand””

  1. Buc50 Says:

    I hate the narrative of they had injuries like the Bucs weren’t injured as well. Todd Bowles adjusted and Andy Reid did not. THE END

  2. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Joe his legs and butt are still sore from all the running, sacks, hits he took and all the time he spent on the ground. His mouth is connected directly to his butt so you know what the only thing that’s going to come out.💩💩💩. Sore loser, I’d like to see them lose to Buffalo in the Championship Game, to be oh so close but so far away!

  3. Biff Barker Says:

    So, KC didn’t get ready to play the SB and NO won the division?
    That’s great. Give them both a participation trophy and an ice cream cone to sit on.

  4. 40Forever Says:

    3 FG? I’d zip my lip if I were them.

  5. Bucschamp Says:

    Go to KC planet forum, they are all overconfident out there

  6. Bucs&Bolts Says:

    Mahomes ovveratted they won’t make it back to the Super Bowl.

  7. PassingThru Says:

    KC will be back, but there are serious question marks that will cloud this team.

    The OLine was rebuilt, but it isn’t as good as the OLine they started with last season. Their LT Fisher was a Pro Bowler, their RT Schwartz was an All Pro as recently as 2018. Together they were one of the strongest OT tandems in the NFL. They replaced those two with a relatively untested third rounder who opted out last season, and a LT (former RT) who is a better scheme fit for a running team than passing team. They upgraded at LG, have a quality rookie prospect at C, and another untested no-name at RG. It will take time for them to gel, but forget the talking head narratives about the major improvement, this OLine could be a serious problem for them this season.

  8. Alan Collingwood Says:

    Let them continue to make excuses. Suits me just fine!

  9. IrishMist Says:

    First they have to get past the Chargers and Raiders in their own division, then make it past the Bills, Browns and Ravens. All that while Frank Clark is dealing with legal issues and Mahomes is playing on a toe that will probably never be the same. I’d give them less than a 40% chance of even making it back to the Super Bowl. The Bucs appear to have an easier path in their division and conference this year.

  10. Steven007 Says:

    Blessing in disguise. Let them offer up plenty of chalkboard material. Means nothing since they got their butt kicked, and provides fuel for those who need it.

  11. Leighroy Says:

    “Didn’t start off the way we wanted to..” I mean jeez, it was still 7-3 20 minutes into the game!

    No, KC failed during the middle and had no chance by the end. Not prepared to start the game is a load of BS. They threatened plenty at first but we held them off. I think they were ready for the start then just got flat out beat.

  12. Drunkinybor Says:

    Like I said before…Have you ever seen a losing Superbowl team whine to the media like this before? Sore freaking losers and it makes me think they will never win another. Mahomes ” We have to be ready to play every single game.” “We let it get out of hand.”. These chiefs have got be joking right? With all crying and whining whaaa whaaa. They were not ready after having two weeks to prepare to WIN A SUPERBOWL! Horse manure they got beat down by a better team. They are clearly mentally weak just admit you lost by the better team. The Bucs were more prepared, more hungry, and more physical. I knew they were going to lose against us because they started drinking thier own Kool-Aid. Acting all surprised What’s this we are losing….Impossible. that Nick guy on tv guaranteed a win and every body picked us!

  13. Crickett Baker Says:

    He didn’t “get over it in a couple of weeks”. He is still suffering from PTSD imo. I do hope we get the chance to do it again.

  14. Izod Says:

    Before we start trashing the Chiefs, there is a chance we could see them again in the SB, and they will be better prepared and actually have all their starters on the OL healthy and angry. The result could be more like the first time we saw them last year and not the last time.

  15. BillyBucoff Says:

    It’s easy to see how fluid Mahomes is and believe they are simply the best.
    He can’t do it alone and now every freaking team in the league, knows how to beat them.
    I truly believe Atlanta showed the blueprint a few weeks earlier and Bowles perfected it with a better roster.

    They have had way more turnover, a new offensive line that hasn’t gelled as a unit, Frank Clark is a way bigger liability than AB, and their defense is lacking, especially against the run.

    Why in the world would you pick KC?
    Because people are followers and have limited true information, and their analysis is based on last year.

    As a true Buc fan it shouldn’t piss us off. Brady is used to this.
    We have vision into what this team can be, based off of hours of reading these posts and watching training camp etc.

    I’m really not worried because this team will back it all up.

  16. BillyBucoff Says:

    Oh, and there is a legit chance we have the DROY on our team.

    Go Bucs!!!!!

  17. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Yeah we got lucky against the Saints, Packers, and Chiefs. I’m not buying it one bit. Props to Washington fans for not making excuses.

  18. Pine Hills Says:

    As my daddy would say … paraphrased … if the dog didn’t have to stop and take a dump he would have caught the rabbit. But nature called, he took his dump and the rabbit got away.
    Hope you had some Charmin with you patty boy.

  19. Alan Collingwood Says:

    I think the Chefs were expecting a coronation, not a football game

  20. August 1976 Buc Says:

    lol lol lol lol The tape does not lie, watch again Mahome Boy and weep some more. lol lol You got beatdown, and it was on the biggest stage lol lol How many yards did you run for your life behind the line of scrimmage? Oh thats right 497 yards. lol

    KC was “BEATDOWN PERIOD”, just watch the Super Bowl 1 more time Mahome Boy lol

    The Vaunted Chiefs reduced to “would a, could a, should a”…… lol lol


    GO BUCS!!!!!

  21. Pine Hills Says:

    Hey, Joe, you want a rematch in Feb?
    I’d rather see them play the patriots in Feb.

  22. Topdoggie Says:

    Not ready thats a joke. Crying about losing both tackles. Not so much a joke. They had two turnstiles in there. I remember well that feeling for a lost several decades. Makes me not only thankful for our line but decent debth.

  23. BuccaneerScotty Says:

    they would have lost to the 49ers if Jimmy G could have hit a wide open wr. down the middle of the field!! nobody talks about that ! they should be 0-2 in sb’s

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    The more they yap, the worse they look. Lose with some grace for crying out loud. The game was not even close.

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    @Leighroy … “Didn’t start off the way we wanted to..” I mean jeez, it was still 7-3 20 minutes into the game!”

    Great point Leighroy. Bucs & Chiefs were 2 heavyweights duking it out for the same piece of pie. Like you pointed out, one-third of the way into the fight we were only ahead by a mere 4 points. To the 9-minute-remaining mark in the 2nd qtr, BOTH defenses had held tough. On their first 4 drives, Bucs’ defense held the Chiefs to 3 punts & 1 FG. On our first 4 drives, Chiefs’ defense had held us to 2 punts, 1 TD & 1 out-on-downs.

    But then … 21 minutes into the game … we whooped their ass big-time, on BOTH sides of the ball. On the next 4 drives (a tad over 20 minutes), Bucs’ defense held the Chiefs to 2 more FGs plus got an INT & held them to minus 1 yd at the end of the half. Meanwhile, in that same next 20 minutes, the Bucs offense scored 3 TDs & 1 FG on our next 4 drives to take total charge of the game. Neither team scored for the rest of the game as our defense shut them down (out-on-downs TWICE PLUS 1 INT).

    Bucs stomped them in that middle 20 minutes & never took our foot off their throat after that. The Chiefs are an excellent, well-coached team IMO, but that day they got their asses kicked. No excuses on their part will change that.

    And oh BTW, I believe that the key play of the game occurred at the 9:18 point of the 2nd qtr (a little over 20 minutes into the game). Our defense had held the Chiefs on 3 downs & they were at their own 17-yd line. Their punter (Townsend) punted 56-yds & Mickens returned it 3 yds BUT … Chiefs got tagged for offensive holding. On the re-kick from their own 9-yd line, Townsend kicked it 29 yds & Bucs too over at the Chiefs 38-yd line. Chiefs defense then imploded, committing THREE critical penalties (one negating an INT) & we ended up scoring a TD. That opened the floodgates … the Chiefs CHOKED BIG-TIME at a critical point in the game.

  26. Blumpkin Says:

    I thought millionaire athletes were always ready to play. Been told
    my whole life they don’t need motivation and that they are always ready. Hence the big contracts.

  27. ClodHopper Says:

    LOL He’s talking like the Super Bowl was a trap game.

  28. Bobby M. Says:

    Let them keep talking…..Brady & Co. will look for even the smallest amount of disrespect for motivation.

  29. Buc92’ Says:

    Man like Devin White said after the game, we knew we had this because we play physical bust your a** Defense… The chiefs are finesse on both sides the ball…


  30. SeffnerBuc Says:

    The narrative that the Chiefs have put up is pretty laughable…especially when you consider that after the first qusrter of the first game, the Bucs outscored KC 55-19. And, Kelce says it was a 1 in 100 type game? So stupid…the Bucs were a better team…it’s not that hard, guys.

  31. Panthers suck! Says:

    Losers come up with excuses to why they lose.
    L = L

  32. BuccaneerButters Says:

    See the funny thing is the narrative never was “Oh the tackles are backups” throughout some of the regular season, and into the playoffs since they lost them early and then late until they got utterly embarrassed. It was always “The Chiefs offensive onslaught will destroy the defense like they did before”. Then Shaq and JPP and the gang showed up and now all we hear is “We weren’t healthy”. I grew up going to Chiefs games as a kid (Grandparents were season ticket holders) and was genuinely happy for them when they won it and was excited, albeit nervous to play them this year. Now after Kelce and Mahomes saying what they said? They can pound sand. Go back to the basement where they were for decades.

  33. allbuccedup Says:

    Too many up and coming AFC teams, the Chiefs won’t even make the SuperBowl.

  34. Razor Ramone Says:

    Not ready for the Super Bowl? Right…

  35. alaskabuc Says:

    If you weren’t ready to play in the Super Bowl and didn’t have your mind right, then you aren’t the better team. These guys are saltier than Cam Jordan.

  36. Bradley Brown Says:

    The kicker should take that comment personally…

  37. Bradley Brown Says:

    Actually, the Buccaneers did get really lucky. They were the fifth seed in the playoffs, so that means they got the weakest division winner. Washington flat balled-out, and an empty stadium helped the Buccaneers. Same thing with the saints in the Superdome and the Packers at lambeau Field. If those houses had been full, there might have been a little difference in the momentum.
    Just like when the Patriots came back against the falcons, 10 things needed to happen in order for them to succeed. There were a bunch of things that had to happen in order for the Buccaneers to win. Fortunately, all of them did, and the result was the most magical season in NFL history. But luck, circumstances, and other factors really helped.

  38. AMI_Chris Says:

    This doesn’t bother me. All good teams think everything is about them. “If we play our game, no one can beat us.” But the other guys get paid, too. Some players are better about acknowledging that than others.

  39. SlyPirate Says:

    Victors don’t have to say a thing.

  40. Timbucs2 Says:

    If you aren’t amped up and “ready to play” in the dang Superbowl… I’m not sure you’ll ever get the

  41. Buczilla Says:

    Scoreboard dude.

  42. fern Says:

    if we meet again we beat them.
    Their defense can’t keep up with our offense
    KC D is soft

  43. Cobraboy Says:

    Excuses show mental weakness.

  44. Andrew Says:

    y’know? I’m sorry to say this because so many people love to call Mahomes the next GOAT, obviously trying to put him in the same conversation as Brady…and believe me, I think Patrick Mahomes is an incredible athlete– he’s a lot of fun to watch…but… I sense a real immaturity in Mahomes that just doesn’t seem to live up to his athletic talent. Sorry Patrick, all props to you…

    Whereas, to the absolute contrary, as a New England resident and formerly HUGE Patriots fan, all I ever saw from Tom Brady from the get go (Day 1!) was amazing poise, grace, pluck and remarkable maturity…at ALL times! I think they call that kind of thing LEADERSHIP. And it is INCREDIBLY rare, especially in the quantities Tom Brady shows.

    I’ll never forget the time TB12 stormed out of his postgame presser after a bad Patriots game visibly disturbed, saying,”yeah, and mostly we all showed a lot of SH*T out there today!” End of press conference…He never, EVER makes excuses. His post game line, win or lose, is always “…yeah, we did some things right, we did some things wrong, but mostly we just have to learn and get better…we just have to execute better…”
    And throughout his entire career, even as he gets older every year, that is all I have ever seen him do…get better. I’m so proud of his move to Tampa Bay. I’m so in awe of him…I love him…Enjoy every moment left we have to watch him. We are all so privileged. None of us will EVER see another athlete, competitor or human being of the caliber, as GREAT, as Tom Brady. Amen.