Departed Bucs Super Bowl Teammate Talks Playing With Tom Brady

August 17th, 2021

Tom Brady

It wasn’t just Tom Brady who impressed the 14-year veteran that played alongside him last season.

Joe’s talking about emergency backup QB Drew Stanton, signed by the Bucs in December to be an emergency COVID backup Bucco Bruce Arians could trust. Stanton spent many years with Arians in Arizona.

Stanton is retired (for now) and working on Arizona Cardinals broadcasts. Joe listened to Stanton recently on 98.7 FM in Phoenix, where he was asked about learning from Brady.

Joe enjoyed Stanton’s answer but mostly the part about the perfect gameplan.

“To just sit back and watch him operate and do these things, how meticulous he was in his preparation, but he’s always one step ahead,” Stanton said.

“And whether that’s on the field, off the field, he is so concentrated in his efforts and devotion to be as good as he can possibly be when the lights come on. And it’s no surprise; he is so prepared. And we went into that [Super Bowl] and I was like, ‘There’s no way we’re losing that game.’ “I saved the gameplan because I was like, ‘This gameplan has no holes in it. here is nothing that Kansas City that would stop us or falter us from being able to go out there and put up a lot of points.’

“And it just so happened we didn’t need to because that defense was absolutely humming.”

So who crafted that gameplan? Was it a Leftwich special? Was it Arians’ greatest masterpiece? Did Tom Moore have a magic touch? How heavily was Brady involved considering he had experience against the Chiefs’ defense?

One day Joe’s going to learn more about the chief architect of that perfect gameplan, as Stanton described it.

25 Responses to “Departed Bucs Super Bowl Teammate Talks Playing With Tom Brady”

  1. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    “One day Joe’s going to learn more about the chief architect of that perfect gameplan, as Stanton described it.”

    Get cracking Joe!! That would be a helluva post. Enquiring minds want to know!” Or in the famous words of Albert Popwell, “I got’s to know”

  2. Pickgrin Says:

    Offense was pretty good – BUT…..

    The perfect gameplan for SB LV was developed and executed by Todd Bowles and the Buccaneer defense!

  3. Bucs since 76 Says:

    The defense did their job but the offense scored 31 points. So we needed both offense and defense to win the Super Bowl.

  4. Ftmyersbuc Says:

    I think they chewed clock after the lenny td in 3rd qtr. They could have scored 45 easily if needed imo. Also consider the 0 pts when rojo got stuffed. But once they saw how our pass rush was they knew all they had to do was chew clock and not turn the ball over. So both offense and defense plans were truly masterpieces. Todd bowles was Definetly the def. Architect but on offense im sure it was a combo of BA, BL, Moore, and TB12

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    Bucs since 76 Says:
    “defense did their job but the offense…. ”

    Holding Mahomes and the high scoring Chiefs offense to 9 points – in the biggest of games – the least points scored by a Mahomes led Chiefs offense in Patrick’s 50+ NFL starts….

    Yea – thats just a tad more than “they did their job”. SMH….

  6. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I think the offensive game plan was a combination of all the above mentioned, but the defense was Todd Bowles masterpiece.

  7. EA Says:

    Not to take anything away from the GOAT but that master plan that won the game was crafted by Todd Bowels.
    It’s going to be an exciting year, can’t wait.

  8. Biff Barker Says:

    Bowles gem is a roadmap on how the defend KC. Our front 7 won that game IMO. You don’t shut down an offense like KC as much as slow them down and have enough offense to outscore them. That’s how we beat GB.

  9. David Says:

    For those posting about the defense… Yes, the defense was remarkable and they have had all their accolades, deservedly so.
    Let’s not forget the offense put up 31 and they basically took most of the 2nd half off. They were more conservative, taking time off the clock.
    There’s no doubt in my mind they could’ve put up 45+

  10. David Says:

    This is why I thoroughly expect to see them average 34+ points a game this year.
    They averaged over 30 the last 8 games, with a lot of mistakes still (GB second half ints!)

  11. David Says:


    Both sides of the bar were fantastic and they definitely could’ve put up 45 or more.
    As far as the game plan, I’m personally sick of this argument about –
    is it Brady!? is it BL?! is it BA…
    It’s a damn team people!
    There’s no doubt in my mind that they all have input.
    There’s also no doubt in my mind that BL is the main architect

  12. Stanglassman Says:

    No teddies was huge.

  13. Duane Says:

    It had to have been a group effort from a bunch of experienced minds that considered EVERY possible situation the Chiefs D would put them in, and how to take advantage of it.

  14. Pewter Power Says:

    I doubt after 20 years Brady is suddenly telling coaches what the game plan will be. Coaches coach and players play so give the coaches their credit even though I’m sure it was a joint effort, Brady isn’t doing the coaches and gm’s job geez give it a rest already

  15. Mark Says:

    Because pewter power knows best! Lol

  16. BillyBucoff Says:

    Thing is it’s not a job for Brady.
    He loves it.

    Remember the story of Brady sliding plays under the door?
    I’ll say 50% input from Brady actually because he knew Gronk would be a viable option if things went south.

    He looked prepared like always and our offense is good.
    Might be great this year.

    I envision a 62-3 blowout this year and definitely about 5 pure ass whoopings.

  17. Pewter Power Says:

    Guess Brady whiffed on the game plan that saw them get blown out at home by the saints

  18. Trey Long Says:

    Apparently some fans don’t realize the offense helped the defense by scoring 31 and another long drive that chewed up time, forcing KC to play desperate catch up totally abandoning the run. Thats when the pass rush went crazy. It all worked together.

  19. Razor Ramone Says:

    Jaymisspick 6, I see you. Being this is a 44 magnum, the most powerful hand gun in the world… Love some Dirty Harry.

  20. Scooch Says:

    Sometimes a team just runs on all cylinders. Sometimes you go against another team where some of your key starters are out ie: Kansas City offensive line. I live in New England and have seen the Patriots run on all cylinders and look amazing. The next week, Julian Edelman is out because of injury and the Patriots look horrible. It’s a team sport. When you are healthy and have all your key players and have a great game plan, more than likely the better team is going to win. Todd bowles had a great game plan. BL had a great game plan. The players on both sides of the ball played great. If only one of those things doesn’t happen then we are having a totally different conversation which brings me to my point….. It is a team sport and everybody is responsible for the win

  21. Myles Says:

    Ya it’s also probably isn’t to hard since Mahomes was playing with a second string O Line. Bucs lose that game everytime if Mahomes had a fair O line. He literally had to start running everytime he hiked the ball. Ya good D but it shouldn’t of been hard for them to beat a secondary O lone. Mahomes got screwed in that Super Bowl, you give him a mediocre O Line and he lights the Bucs on fire. Also week 14 my team the Saints whooped your ass royally, worst game of Brady’s career you guys had to add an extra O linemen just bc of that game. And the only reason you beat the Saints was bc Brees had 10 fractured ribs and a collapsed lung and was playing injured, if we had Winston in we prob win, I would of said Hill to but he had Covid along with a bunch of other guys, and Trey Hendrickson who tied Myles Garrett for second in sacks last year was out that game, him and Cam Jordan where the reason we royally whooped Brady’s ass in week 14, also making Ariana have to add an extra O lineman to protect Brady’s old steroid using lying cheating ass. Lmao everyone forgets he cheated Super Bowls by literally spying on the other team and knowing there plays ( doesn’t get much more cheater then that ) , that’s his first 3 Super Bowls, 2018 Saints would of beat him if we didn’t blatantly get cheated by the worst No Call in NFL history. And he should of been DQed immediately when he was cheating deflating his balls and trying to blame the ball boy, when a guy on defense was the one who noticed and exposed him, then he lies on National TV and says it’s the ball boy, when every NFL QB in the league said that would of given him a huge advantage playing in the cold like they where and also it would be IMPOSSIBLE for him as a professional QB to not notice that, especially someone who is so particular and takes so much into his warm ups, how did he not notice that ? And then is such a scumbag he blames the ball boy? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if the Saints took Brady up on his offer to play for the Saints his first choice over the Bucs. Which is so cowardly to ditch the team that made you just so you can go to a super WR team ( best WR core I’ve ever see ) and he was actually rated 17th if you go by QBR in last years season. The Defense and the fact Mahomes didn’t have a O line is the ONLY reason Brady won again. Brady reminds me of Lance Armstrong a cheating , lying , sociopath , scumbag. Instead of celebrating with his kids he’s throwing Lombardis completed wasted from boat to boat? And he has to be snuck off by someone and he could barely even walk he was so drunk? Real classy…. I don’t think you would EVER see Drew Brees behave like that he would have his family and kids next to him. Real GOAT Breezy, didn’t have to cheat and was the BEST off field guy you could ever want.

  22. Myles Says:

    Lol you moderate and only put up the things you like. Wow real biased website huh? Sad

  23. gallant205 Says:

    Hey, that sounded like a rant, Myles. Wipe your lower lip, boy.

  24. Joey Says:

    Wow Myles, tell us how you really feel, lol. Love the mini want about the moderators who did post your rant. Sometimes you can have the best team in the world and just misfire on all cylinders. The Chiefs just weren’t clicking and the Bucs were. Mahomes sure tried his hardest, amazing throws. He might have had 2 touchdowns had the players caught the balls he threw right in the face mask, can’t say they didn’t see the ball. The Bucs defense was on fire which why Mahomes ran more yards backwards than forwards. Also, part of the Chiefs problem was penalties, you don’t win Super Bowls by giving away yardage, throwing away a pick and letting the other team trade a field goal for a touchdown. The Bucs offense was tight, too. That’s why Brady eventually chose the Bucs, they had great players who needed to be molded into a team. I know you love Winston, but he didn’t lead the Bucs to any Super Bowls. He’s 17 years younger, but even if he plays to 50, he’s not achieving half of what Tom has. I’m not saying he isn’t a good quarterback, but he’s not a Brady, Brees, Rodgers or a Mahomes.

    As for Tom Brady, you obviously don’t know him at all. Coming to a new team, all the old accusations, supposedly cheating by him or the Patriots, accused of being only a system QB created by Belichick. So Brady came hungry and when that chip is on his shoulder, look out.

    As far as your nonsense about Tom being drunk and not celebrating with his family and kids, you obviously need eyeglasses. First off, absolutely, Tom did get plastered, the first time in 7 Super Bowl wins. He doesn’t normally drink so yeah, a couple of shots and he was cooked. Ever since he became a dad, his children are at the Super Bowl and when old enough, the celebration parades. It’s a lot harder to have kids enjoy it when it’s 20° in Boston, so 80° is perfect.

    Back to the boat parade, you accuse Tom of not having his kids there, granted his oldest, Jack was back in NY with his mom. However, both of his younger children were there and Gisele was up at the front of the boat. If you actually paid attention during that now infamous Lombardi toss, you can see both of the kids. Benjamin is about 6-8 feet away on the other side of the stairs. Vivian is literally at his feet, less than 3 feet away. So even if you didn’t know they’re were the only children on the boat, you can’t miss the kids unless you desperately need glasses.

  25. Andrew Says:

    Wow Myles…reckon you shore dew tawk a lot Mister.