Thank President Joe Biden

July 9th, 2021
Joe Biden

“Let him play!”

Credit where credit is due.

And this time, the order came from the very top.

Per WUSA-TV in Washington, D.C., it seems the decision to allow Navy cornerback Cameron Kinley to delay his commission so he could join Bucs training camp was made by our Commander in Chief. Yes, it was President Joe Biden who righted a wrong and reversed a public relations blunder by the Navy and ordered the move.

This opened the door for Kinley, an undrafted free agent, to attend training camp with the Bucs after his success at rookie minicamp, report Darren Haynes and Jonathan Franklin.

“I am confident that Cameron will represent the Navy well in the NFL, just as he did as a standout athlete and class president at the Naval Academy. After his NFL career is over, he will continue to make us proud as an officer in the United States Navy,” said Biden in a recent statement about Kinley being allowed to pursue his athletic dreams.

(Yes, Annapolis-grad Kinley still must fulfill his naval commitment. It’s only delayed now for football.)

Joe first thought Buccaneers co-chairman Ed Glazer’s warm relationship with the previous administration, reviled by Biden and his people, was working against Kinley and that the strange decision not to delay Kinley’s commission was in part related to Glazer’s ties.

That’s just how politics works.

Biden demonstrated a good conscience here. Since we are not at war (thankfully), Kinley can do the Navy a whole lot more good trying out for or even making the Bucs than he can working in the shadows at some otherwise forgotten, nondescript outpost he would have been assigned to like Saratoga Springs, Okinawa, or Charleston, S.C.

Anchors aweigh!

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