Reborn Brady

June 16th, 2020

“Tom, should I throw the ice scraper away? The maid said it is too small for her to use to clean Derek’s master bathroom. That Minka girl was so uncouth.”

Former Bucs defensive tackle and former “Monday Night Football” analyst Booger McFarland told a national podcast that park-violating, home-invading Bucs quarterback Tom Brady moving his soon-to-be 43-year old bones down to Florida from New England will make him play like a new quarterback, both mentally and physically.

Adam Rank of seems to agree.

The roll of the dice by the Bucs to bring in Brady, per Rank, can work in one of two ways: a spectacular disaster or a tremendously shrewd move.

… Because getting Brady at 43 might be a little bit like showing up to a party a few minutes before it shuts down, when people are all, “You should have been here a few hours ago.” Dave Grohl showed up and did an acoustic set. Gordon Ramsay was making small plates. Now you’re there, and there’s just three dudes hanging out in the corner, and the only drink left is White Claw. Now, that’s not to say you can’t have a delightful time. And maybe your presence is enough to get the party going again. Because one of the last times we saw Brady, he was losing at home to Miami (which cost the team a first-round bye). And that playoff loss to Titans was painful to watch. Like Muhammad Ali in some of his later fights.

But you could also see this working out well for Brady, because there is nothing like a fresh start to reinvigorate you. Getting out and playing in the Florida sunshine later in the year instead of the dreary cold of New England has to help. Plus, look at the receiving corps. It’s the best Brady has had since 2007. And Gronk is joining the fun. To me, it would be a lot like dating Rachel Hunter. It might not be Rachel Hunter when she was the SI swimsuit cover girl in 1994, but it’s still Rachel Hunter. This is going to be amazing.

As former Bucs quarterback Chris Simms noted yesterday Brady doesn’t need Hall of Fame numbers with the Bucs (something Bucco Bruce Arians has been saying in a roundabout way since he began drooling openly for Brady in February.)

With the type of defense the Bucs expect to have, if Brady can guide the Bucs to, say, 25 points a game, the Bucs should be in OK shape come January.

Last year, the same Brady so many said was declining led an offense with little punch to 26.3 points a game, seventh-best in the NFL.

10 Responses to “Reborn Brady”

  1. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    He may be 43 and in decline but he’s not going to throw 30 int’s.

  2. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Of course he’s reborn. It’s a way to postpone midlife crisis for two years.

    Brady has worked so very hard to achieve his current position…on top of the football world. HARD work, intensity that probably offended some around him, he paid the price to become the GOAT and so he deserves this golden opportunity.

    And it is truly GOLDEN!!! It’s the biggest reward versus the smallest risk investment I’ve seen perhaps in a lifetime.

    IF he sucks…everybody will simply say he hung around a year or two too long.
    At 43…with SIX…COUNT THEM SIX SB TITLES…there is literally nothing he can do to tarnish his career.

    OTOH…is there anything he can do to add to his legend? He’s already run out of fingers on one many rings does he need. Well if he wins this one in this way…horrible franchise…in their home stadium for the SB…finishing off the great buddy movie with Brady and Gronk…shoving right up BB’s backside…

    OH there is a TON of positives awaiting Brady if he succeeds with very little downside except for the bad taste of this season. How big of a risk is there that the Bucs will go 7-9?

  3. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    “…led an offense with little punch to 26.3 points a game, seventh-best in the NFL”

    And with very little in the way of weapons.

  4. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    So what is Brady’s record in warm weather?

  5. Joe Says:

    So what is Brady’s record in warm weather?

    LOL Off the top of Joe’s head, not so well in Miami.

    The quarterback who has a lot of toe-stubbings in nice weather is Aaron Rodgers.

  6. VdubVW Says:

    receiving corps…..BINGO
    Go Bucs

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Imagine Brady’s legacy should he bring a Lombardi back to Tampa.

    I’m sure he does…

  8. Buczilla Says:

    I’m much more worried about our lack of a proven running back and defensive depth than I am Old Man Brady. He’ll be fine and a vast improvement over the guy who joined the aints.

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    STOP WITH THE 43 BS!!!

    No one mentions he was #5 QB in 2018 and still healthy. But now they talk how God awful his team was last year and his countless weapons on the Bucs. Brady wants to end his career with a bang Simms and he’s always trying to put up HOF numbers cus he loves football and is the GOAT franchise leader. Family has enough money and obviously wants to spend time with him choosing the city of TAMPA over LA. Can’t wait!!!

    GO BUCS!!!

  10. Clean House Says:

    Hey it’s a gamble- trading in a 26 year old #1 NFL player for total offense #1 passing yards, #1 yards per game #2 TDS for a 43 year old 6 time Super Bowl winner NFL ultra legend.

    I’ll be more than glad if Brady wins two Super Bowls for Tampa and will be the first to offer heavy apologies.

    I will say BS… you are not full of BS
    Licht, you had it all under control all along.
    Jameis, you being #1 in the NFL in some very important categories like total offense was obviously a mirage and the great self proclaimed whisperer QB guru saw through you. You suck after all. I will
    Say Jameis, all of your tireless hard work and extreme talent had absolutely nothing to do with any of the success of the Bucs receivers, at all.
    I’ll say, Jameis, you don’t need to have an unbroken hand or otherwise healthy body, or healthy receivers for your last games, or any running game at all.

    Because that’s what everyone else is saying.

    Hopefully I’m just a delusional fool.

    Hopefully Brady can be the first to beat Father Time.