Defending Tom Brady Ranking

June 16th, 2020

Ranking not a personal attack.

So some fans got irked because former Bucs starting quarterback Chris Simms selected new Bucs quarterback, park-violating, home-invading Tom Brady, as his No. 15 quarterback in the NFL.

For those outraged and angered, Simms said, hold up. You’ve got it all wrong.

Just because he evaluated the soon-to-be 43-year old quarterback as an average signal-caller, Simms said, that doesn’t mean in any way shape or form that Brady can’t lead the Bucs to the Super Bowl.

Appearing on “PFT Live,” seen and heard on NBC Sports Network weekday mornings, co-hosted by the creator, curator and overall guru of Pro Football Talk, the great Mike Florio, Simms insisted Bucs fans are missing the big picture; despite slightly diminished skills, Brady can still get the Bucs a Super Bowl ring

“You can still win a Super Bowl with Tom Brady,” Simms said. “Of course you can win a Super Bowl. And again, it’s about a team. This is the one thing I am trying to beat into everybody’s brains with.

“In [2015], I know Mike you have heard me say this and I will say it again, I don’t care: The worst quarterback in football won the Super Bowl. Literally and realistically, the worst quarterback in football even though they had a team around him.

“And yes he was smart and he knew how to manage the game. I’m talking about Peyton Manning.”

In what would be Manning’s last year in 2015, Simms pointed out, he was dreadful and barely had enough fumes in the tank to get across the finish line.

Manning finished that season with nine touchdowns thrown and 17 interceptions. It was the only time outside his rookie season (with Bruce Arians as offensive coordinator) that Manning threw for less than 60 percent completion percentage.

At one point in 2015, Manning was so awful he was benched and Brock Osweiler made a few starts.

So Joe gets what Simms is saying. It’s a roundabout way of what Arians said when he began pining for Brady behind Door No. 2. Take care of the ball, hit some deep shots using your elite receivers and take checkdowns when available, and the Bucs could make noise come January.

33 Responses to “Defending Tom Brady Ranking”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So…..Brady will be ranked 2nd in the Division behind Ryan…….and of the available QBs……only Rivers is ranks ahead of him…I think, because we don’t know the top 14….but I think all of them were unavailable.

  2. Lamarcus Says:

    I hope BA (67) can learn from prior mistakes and Brady can only throw 15-18 with a 64 percent completion percentage. Just hoping

  3. Pryda...sec147 Says:

    Sims is full of it.

  4. SOEbuc Says:

    And has Brees at 16. We gonna roll the NOLA Aints!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!

  5. Bucsfan77 Says:

    The way I see it is we went from the 33rd ranked QB 15th. Hèll I’m a buc fan I can live with that.

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    The only people who think we didn’t improve at the QB position are the die-hard Winston fans. I’m not sure that those “fans” really root for the team anyway.
    Rankings are all a matter of opinion.
    For instance, on that list who’s been to the most playoff games? SBs?
    Who has the most single-season yards?
    Are we going to argue that Jameis is better than Tom then?

  7. Clean House Says:

    Yeah I know, Jameis Winston led te NFL in interceptions and pick 6’s.

    He also lead the NFL in passing yards, passing yards per game, total offense, and was second place in Passimg touchdowns.

    He played hurt. He had a lousy running game.

    I am a JW apologist 100% believe in the kids talent.

    Believe he is better then 33rd

    He has to be considering he was #1 in total offense

    Seems absurd to me and I believe the Bucs made a mistake.

    By my logic [and by math] even if he was both best and worst, that would put him right smack in the center- middle of then pack at least….

    With many years ahead of him

    I believe the team made a big mistake and I stand by that take.

    Remember children. #1 in total offense is not a meaningless statistic-

    Not all have drunk the whisperer’s koolaid

    It is my pleasure to remind you often.

  8. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Crazy. Has this man lost his spleen or something?

  9. Clean House Says:

    And I’ve rooted for the team and attended games since 86, long before JW arrived.

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    Clean House- By default he’s better than 33rd as a starter and truthfully, if the Bucs don’t land Brady, Jameis is probably still the QB.
    What I will happily remind you often of is that WINS are the only statistic that matter.
    It’s not specific to Jameis. It’s specific to this TEAM. We have not won meaningful games since Gruden left. Let that sink in. That’s not JUST a QB, run-game, defense, kicker, or coaching problem. It’s ALL been a problem.
    With that in mind, you can’t keep waiting for the future in this game. Time will tell on Jameis career.
    As to “the koolaid”, there’s but ONE flavor I want to taste….VICTORY!
    Mmmmmmm, tasty!

  11. Clean House Says:

    It’s not Fantasy football- It’s reality

    JW #1 in the NFL in total offense

    You can all try to troll me all you want but the truth remains the same.

    Back up QB on a division rival or not, JW IS the current #1 NFL player in total offense. Which one of you will tell me he isn’t.

    Tell me this is not a FACT. Not conjecture

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    As a fan since ’86, you should be disgusted at the long-time neglect. It’s always been about winning in this game.
    I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of those running the organization for those failures.

  13. Clean House Says:


    It’s hard for me to blame Jameis for lack of W’s the past few years with the kicking, unwatchable secondary and team penalties- I just don’t buy it.

    We were with in range 9-7 or better this year- kicking, coaching gaffs, no run game (stubborn personnel and coaching decision that is still te same, betting on rookies) yes, Jameis too, absolutely, I agree the pick sixes were atrocious, but last few games he was playing hurt- actually had a broken hand and didn’t even have any starting receivers if I recall.

    There was clearly some disconnect happening in his game, some type of issue but couldn’t this be fixed? This is important, did the whisperer deem him unsalvagable, or did the process not fit his personal coaching timeline?

  14. Knuckle Sandwich Delivery Service Says:

    Now of it matters pal. Jameis isn’t on the roster. So who cares what you think at this point?

  15. Clean House Says:

    I think that the Glazer family has tried in earnest to field a good team.
    They are typically bold and willing to spend money. They do what seems exciting and correct at the time, and leave it mostly to those they hire. I’m unsure they are hiring the right people. Licht GM career seems to be one of trial and error, learning on the job

  16. Clean House Says:

    Do you call people pal, right before you deliver your knuckle sandwich?
    It matters if I want to talk about it. Because it involves the team and it’s direction and personnel choices, I can discuss it if I like, you do t have to read or respond. Your probably a Patriots transplant fan. Ok pal?

  17. Clean House Says:

    People on here blowing off my opinion is why I choose to elaborate on it until I feel it is heard and explained. It’s primarily for me but also for your enlightenment.

  18. BucEmUp Says:

    Manning the worst qb in football….what an idiot

  19. AwShbucs Says:

    Bruce Arians wasnt Mannings OC. He was the QB coach. Tom Moore was the OC.

  20. AwShbucs Says:

    Bucemup, he was talking about just for that season. And he’s not wrong. Manning was horribly bad that season.

  21. BringBucsBack Says:

    Clean House, you are not incorrect on many points and you might be correct about Jameis’ future, we will have to wait on that. However, I think it comes down to simple math:

    Jameis for $30 mil.
    Brady for $25 mil. (as in TOM freaking BRADY!!)

    Who doesn’t make that deal? Who?

    The Bucs had a great chance to replace their starter & took it, much like the Broncos did in replacing Tebow. If the Bucs wouldn’t have landed Brady, they would have resigned Jameis. The arrogance he and his camp displayed prevented a resigning with your/ our team. The entire NFL noticed, too. As an ultimate FU, he signs with our dreaded rival for what is the NFL equivalent of nothing?! He could have backed-up Brady too, right, and been ahead of the game, and gotten more $ than he has now! So much for family.

    In his personal life I wish Jameis well. Professionally, I don’t! He is no longer a Buc and I wish others shared that same opinion because, when he gets the chance, he will try to defeat MY team. I don’t route for the Bucs opponents; never have; never will!

    I’ve always said that by the time Jameis’ brain catches-up with his body, he wouldn’t be here. How much longer should the Bucs have waited? Oh wait, there goes Brady! Tom Freakin’ Brady!

  22. stpetebucsfan Says:


    This is the first time I’ve seen you even admit that JW has a turnover problem.

    And I certainly understand that logic of…worst at turnovers…best at TD’s and yards put together equals average.

    I’ll also give you that when JW is able to harness his clear talent he has played some majestic games. But alas…he’s also played some majestically bad games like two years ago in Cincy…last year in London.

    And so JW has been radically inconsistent from superstar to total dog.

    If last year was JWs rookie season he’d certainly look promising…his second year? Questionable…FIVE YEARS later is still as the Four Tops sang probably before you were born LMAO….”It’s the Same Old Song”.

  23. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    CleanHouse you make me laugh. Clean up the turnovers? You think he wasn’t trying to clean them up? He couldn’t!

  24. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    Clean House says…”I think that the Glazer family has tried in earnest to field a good team. They are typically bold and willing to spend money.” Didn’t you also say that you’ve been a fan since 1986? Malcolm Glazer was everything that you described. But upon Malcolm’s demise his Boys dismantled everything that Malcolm achieved, all to purchase a soccer team in England! They would not allow Gruden to spend any money on talent. But Gruden brought in has beens and guys that would play for him on the cheap, and still went to the playoffs. They sucked every penny out of the Bucs, fired Gruden, and hired the cheapest coaches they could hire. And you want to say they have “tried in earnest to field a good team”? The Bucs have sucked Since the kids took over as owners. And the Glazer boys are the reason. They have been worse than Hugh Culverhouse! So I kinda doubt your being a fan since 1986.

  25. Cainishere Says:

    It isn’t the ranking that got me to post on the ranking topic.
    It was that it was Chris Simms. Go BUCS!!

  26. Cainishere Says:

    Here I will add this, I think Older Buccaneer players Sapp Brooks Barber Sims, Rice, Alstott You guys need to gravitate to this team. Your can help these young guys with veteran experience and life knowledge.
    That is what they need in some spots. If you love the Buccaneers there has to be more experience in that group. Calling all Ambassadors of the Buccaneers.
    GO BUCS!!!

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    Debating over a 3rd string QB for the Saints seems silly to me.

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    “The Bucs have sucked Since the kids took over as owners.”

    I 2nd that!

  29. Bucsfanman Says:

    ^^^Truest statement ever!

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m not fretting. All of this just feeds Tom Brady.

  31. Clean House Says:

    Formerly Tampa 2-

    You may have some fair points about when they dismantled the Championship team, and about the soccer team but eventually they started spending again. And we have consistently gone for the big fish in free agency. Revis, Nicks, DJax, now Brady etc.. plus a bunch of other high ticket hype players- They tried some new things.. Raheem was young talent from our system, had a pretty good first season, deserves a second chance, Schiano a disciplinarian with a good team building history and history of developing great pros, good enough for and appreciated by Belichick.
    Lovie went to a Super Bowl and was a product of our system, trying to rekindle the toughness of Dungy and false narrative of Bucs family. Koetter was an attempt at JW continuity and he had a Super Bowl Head Coach as a DC in Mike Smith- Arians two time coach of the year and propoganda master/self proclaimed whisperer…Brady, obviously Won six Super Bowls- These are all prett good ideas. I hope this latest one pans out- my point, the Glazers have at least mostly attempted to put a good and entertaining product on the field, and usually at least kept intrigue amongst the fan base. The team sucked and they couldn’t win or fill seats. But I don’t think for lack of effort or cash, just strategy, which falls a lot on GMs and lack of continuity with coaching- different coaches wanting different types of players- also isn’t there a salary cap?
    Are you telling me we played way under the allotted cap because they were cheap- I’d have to look that up but I don’t think it’s the case

  32. Clean House Says:

    Also Gruden did get us over the top for a season, but he is hardly known for being a team builder by any stretch, in fact quite the opposite, and my bet is that he had a big role in the dismantling of our championship team.

  33. Cobraboy Says:

    @Clean House: Had Jameis Christ only thrown 15 ints—still a high number—he may STILL be the Bucs QB instead of a 3rd stringer.

    No doubt you know better than 30 NFL team scouting depts.