Brady, Bucs Working Out “For Some Time”

May 20th, 2020

New report emerges

So the paparazzi caught park-violating, home-invading Bucs quarterback Tom Brady and some of his new teammates working out at Berkeley Prep High School yesterday morning. Cool!

And while NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport confirmed with the NFLPA that this is kosher, Jenna Laine of ESPN reported it was hardly the first time Brady had a group of Bucs together for a workout.

In fact, Laine added the workouts “have been going on for some time.”

Laine also mentioned what Brady and those who join his workouts are doing: taking what they are learning from Zoom meetings with coaches and applying those instructions.

Mike Evans, was among those Bucs practicing, ought to make a call to his buddy Louis Murphy. Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, where Murphy played, is fairly secluded. Joe remembers years ago in his newspaper days trying to land an interview with Joe Paterno when Penn State was in an Outback Bowl and practicing at Lakewood. Unless someone was maybe seven-feet tall, nothing on the field was visible from the street or sidewalk, and little if anything from the parking lot.

Oh, and hey, Kevin Negandhi, you smooth BSPN anchor, Joe offers a few words of caution: Don’t joke about a regional god who was rudely run out of a park or accidentally strolled into a perfect stranger’s house without using a doorbell. People get their briefs all bunched up about it.

Sheesh. The Sickness must be messing with people’s minds more than Joe guessed.

20 Responses to “Brady, Bucs Working Out “For Some Time””

  1. Sport Says:

    Joe – it’s a joke when you say it a few times at most. It becomes beyond the pale in every F***in article. But that’s how you roll…

    Can we now stop the articles about how the greatest QB in history is going to struggle throwing the ball to his new receivers because of a few missed OTA’s.

    In BA I Trust!

  2. Architek Says:

    Man I cannot wait until “Toe meets leather”!!!

  3. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Ha! Assuming it’s in the same place, I played on that field as a visitor in the fall of 1983. Let’s hope Brady has more success than I did that day.

  4. tickrdr Says:

    In case someone didn’t listen, she reported that Gronk has also been at some of these workouts as well, but wasn’t at the one captured yesterday. No mention of Chris Godwin though?


  5. Bird Says:


    Yah. I prefer the positive coverage here When jameis was pushing the car down the street in the offseason. Or remember when he was throwing into nets in His back yard. I mean that was viewed as heroic. Such a great teammate And hard worker . Nobody worked harder then americas qb. Cause that hype mattered

    Who is this tom brady guy? Almost a criminal. 😂
    Its really terrible the bucs are getting All this air time and coverage thru the nation

    And unfortunately you ‘Ve had the sickness for 5 years
    And its obvious it will not be going away anytime soon

  6. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Joe you used the wrong word. These people be getting their panties all in a bunch. Wedged so tightly they can’t think straight!

  7. Buddy Says:

    Why was Brady the only guy with the new helmet change? He had the new black face mask and Bucs Flag on his helmet. The other guys had on the old logo and Pewter face mask. The equipment manager already sucking up to Brady?? Everyone knows he sells jerseys out the backdoor without TEAMGLAZER knowing,he keeps the money for himself for jerseys and helmets that aren’t his.

  8. MtBucsFan Says:

    Everybody was probably using their helmet from last year. Being Brady is new thats his first helmet.

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    No duh. They probably started to get to work the day after Brady signed.

  10. cgmaster27 Says:

    Keep on keeping on with the nicknames joe. I laugh at all the kids getting riled up over it like Tom is their long lost daddy. Get a sense of humor people. If you don’t think it’s funny, don’t read it.

  11. Joe Says:


    Thanks! 👍

  12. Hodad Says:

    This is crazy, NFL star players looking for places to work out. NFL teams have multi million dollar facilities, with the best of the best people who could keep the players much safer then looking for a high school field to throw passes. There’s no cure for Covid, but it seems the virus is making people take crazy pills, because even a kabillion dollar industry like the NFL is doing more harm, then good by having their players look for somewhere to work out.

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:


    “it seems the virus is making people take crazy pills”

    Are you slamming our President?

  14. Show me the TDs Says:

    @cgmaster27…I don’t get “riled up”. The monikers are childish and lazy writing. Once or twice or maybe a little creativity or change-up might be good for a chuckle. I’m glad that at least one person likes their inane monotony, though.

  15. kyle Says:

    Great Job Jenna!! Wow did she look amazing, not only intelligent but beautiful!!

  16. lambchop Says:

    Wait, Joe mentions the home entrance and park ouster every single time he talks about Brady, but a guy on tv can’t mention it? Kettle, meet the pot.

  17. stpetebucsfan Says:

    She also said the players at the workouts have given Brady rave reviews behind the scenes. He’s throwing it well…and it’s only May!

  18. Hodad Says:

    St. Pete, the pres don’t need crazy pills, he just be that way.

  19. JameisAlmighty! Says:

    Bruce Arians is about as trustworthy as a fox in a hen house. Except the difference is the fox gets the job done. With all of that talent last year, it’s a disgrace Blubber Arians still has a job. What gets overlooked is how Famous Jameis put up all those numbers with Byron Sandwich who was a first year OC… then Draft Blowing, Pompous Idiot Licht actually signs Brady. Then to top it off Gronk. And somehow OJ Howard is still on the team. What a circus. This franchise is more frustrating than watching Ronde Barber bash Winston After a TD pass. Ronde, what a hack. Blubber Arians and Byron Sandwich… Unless Brady teaches the coaches how to cheat, this once promising season is doomed. Cut Brady!

  20. Mike Says:

    Tmax is that you?