“I Know His Type Of Personality”

April 24th, 2020

Bucs rookie talks Gronk

Sometimes college players behave one way with coaches and on job interviews, and a very different way when they are professionals enjoying their manhood and wallets.

Joe brings this up because Bucco Bruce Arians emphasized last night that new first-round pick Tristan Wirfs is “a very, very humble, quiet guy.” And Joe wrote earlier of reports that Wirfs even has a reputation for being a little soft on the field for his size and strength.

So it felt a little surprising when an enthusiastic Wirfs appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio last night and talked about playing alongside new Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski, who is the opposite of humble and quiet.

“I think that’s going to be a lot of fun,” Wirfs said. “He’s a great player. I know his type of personality; he’s super outgoing. I think we’ll get along just fine.”

Joe’s getting a feeling that Wirfs is going to let loose his athletic freakishness and full personality, especially sandwiched between Gronkowski and so-what-if-I-broke-my-arm Alex Cappa in the running game. Plus a training camp lining up across from Jason Pierre-Paul should be enough to bring out the wild side of anyone.

27 Responses to ““I Know His Type Of Personality””

  1. Sport Says:

    If you can’t be excited and recognize the amazing transformation of this team you are doing it wrong. It = being a fan.

    We have an unbelievable blend of youth, veterans plus cohesive and experienced coaching.

    This is crazy fun!

    Go Bucs!

    In BA I Trust!

  2. JimmyJack Says:

    Sorry if I missed this Joe has Arians confirmed that Wirfs was selected to be RT?

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Actually I believe that Wirfs has a very similar demeanor as Vita Vea……..kind of soft-spoken…..mild…..but a force on the field……Devin White has some of that as did Derrick Brooks…..
    Donovan Smith….the same……others like Godwin are also laid back. Gronk, Jensen not so much…..

  4. '79 Defense Says:

    I just saw a video on the Bucs site with Gronk being interviewed by Casey Phillips. Am I missing something on why Brady hasn’t done anything with them?

  5. ZZbuc Says:

    JimmyJack, or JL or BA one of the two confirm that, not sure who…..But with this weird situation around trainning camps and OTA´s, anything can happen….
    What I am sure is I wouldn´t trade OJ, I wanna see him one more year with TB12…..

  6. JP09 Says:

    @sport well said, these are exciting times to be a Buc fan. Once this bull sh&t virus clears and fans are aloud to attend the games Raymond James will be the spot to be. I can’t wait to see the atmosphere when we take on the Chiefs, Saints and and others in prime time Go Bucs!!

  7. Ndog Says:

    Sport I get why you are excited, and that’s cool heck I wish I was, but just one thing don’t ever trust Bruce Arains, EVER!

  8. ZZbuc Says:

    Ndog….Maybe you are right maybe you are wrong saying what you say about BA, but with all due respect, you are one of the most Pesimistic, negative person on this web page….aren´t you tired? isn´t it exhasting?

  9. Sport Says:

    Ndog – All of us in a non-leadership-or-team member of the Bucs run on limited info. So we get to fill in the gaps with our own stuff. I get that you feel BA did JW wrong. But I have seen you start to move on, unless someone stole your handle. Hah.

    I believe BA will coach you until you stop improving. Cant keep making the same mistakes. In his presser, he (BA) mentioned how he was disappointed in the late season INT’s. Pretty sure JW’s decisions were discussed ad nauseum.

    BA and Licht went out to upgrade at QB…. and landed a whale.

    As a an old colleague of mine used to tell his staff when they made mistakes
    “You are firing yourself”. Seems fitting for JW.

    In BA I Trust!

  10. Trench War Says:

    you mean like Donovan Smith soft?

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    Thanks ZZ……And NDog let us enjoy our draft please. You of all should know that haters should keep their ish away from the true fans.

    We don’t care that Jameis 1of1 said Arians was mean to Winston. The rest of us realize he has a pure agenda. I mean look at his name Duh.

    He is your only source. You know it. And it’s not valid.

    Let us enjoy our draft. Come back next week with your hate please.

  12. What is the bucs 2020 plan Says:

    Nfl… Means .. Not for long….. This is a business… Period!! We have to move forward.

  13. Wombat Says:

    I look at the tape, I see him pile driving everyone in front. He looks for the biggest man in front of him in the run play… I don’t see soft? Joe sounds like he is reporting at the White House, I read a report…. facts, what did you read and who said he was soft?? I remember Davin Joseph being reported as being soft, I never saw him in a game being soft. Soft spoken, yes! The only player I remember being soft on a line is no longer here….ouch!!! Even that sounds like 93yrs ago….

  14. Ndog Says:

    First of all ZZbuc I get your viewpoint but if you know my history beyond this past December you would know that is not true and I am not negative usually but I am simply going to stare how I feel.

    JimmyJack I get what you’re saying and I will not lie and say I don’t check out 1of1 BUT the vast majority of my opinions are of my own and yes many match with what he says and that is because they are true. Just yesterday on WDAE they came out and said the same thing where the Bucs promised Jameis he had a job yet turn around and went after Brady while all the time making James feel like he had a secure location and not to talk to other teams. Also the continuous bashing of James throughout the end of the season when no mention of penalties and horrible defense and horrible kicking and blunder coaching decisions was ever mentioned by Arians it’s just turnovers killed us turnovers, turnovers killed us while completely ignoring every other single negative aspect to the team that he should be accountable for. I know you guys want to move on but I’m not quite sure how any of you are okay with that and when you watch this team play and saw so many false start penalties so many holding penalties so many offsides penalties so many missed kicks so many missed tackles so many blown assignments so many wrong routes so many poor running plays all these things were horrible that had nothing to do the quarterback yet everyone seems to be perfectly fine with the head coach acting like the quarterback was the sole reason we didn’t win more games it’s ridiculous and disgusting and the fact he does it over and over again and people lap it up like kittens with milk is disgusting.

    Lastly I don’t have sources I have eyes I read a ton of material everywhere, 1 of 1 yes but many many other sources as well that confirm the way I feel most times I go looking to see if I’m crazy or if I’m accurate and 99.9% of the time I find that I’m accurate and no one wants to say the truth. That’s the truth, that’s the reality I know that it sucks I hate it too but it is what it is and I accept it.

    There’s right and there’s wrong and what they did was wrong and that’s hard for me to overcome sorry.

  15. Trench War Says:

    ^^^who f’n cares

  16. 813bucboi Says:


    BA bashed VHG…and he’s gone…

    BA bashed OJ…he’s likely gone….

    BA bashed JW…he’s gone…

    JW didnt get the job done…simple as that….

    move on man…. JW is and will always be a BUST in tampa….

    just like VHG….just like OJ(once he’s sent packing)

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  17. Jeffbuc Says:

    Wow ndog it’s not that serious it’s a business. I get the feeling your the guy that no one wants to go out to dinner with. The guy that your steak or meal is never cooked right. Your cocktail is always to weak or something doesn’t taste right. So you send everything back every time. Then complain to everyone to not eat at that restaurant.

  18. Sapp02 Says:

    If you think Devin White is soft spoken I’ve got some oceanfront property to sell you in Nevada lol

  19. Ndog Says:

    Oh yeah there’s this, he did all that to bring in a player that is rapidly getting worse by the year is past his prime by a long shot and probably won’t be able to get the job done, but yeah it’s worth it good call.

    You know instead of just reading what ESPN and Rick Stroud tells you to think everyday if you would actually look off up stuff up you would see countless articles about how Brady’s overrated at this point in his career and done and getting worse by the year, countless articles they’re basically unlimited because it’s fact but again you don’t want to believe that you want to believe your shill so enjoy but don’t you dare be crying when it doesn’t work, don’t you dare.

  20. Ndog Says:

    813 I love how you try to lump Jameis in with Hargreaves to make yourself feel better. Hargraves got cut in the middle of the season while playing for the worst past defense in the NFL which was at the time on pace to break records as the worst ever. Now compare that to a guy who led the number three scoring offense in the NFL was the 8th guy in the history of league throw over 5,000 yards and was replaced by maybe the greatest ever at his position, yeah that’s comparable sure. Dude hate Winston if you want but please don’t compare the two because Hargraves is not even in the same universe as Jameis is regards to ability or accomplishments not even in the same universe get a clue bro.

  21. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog says don’t trust BA. But wants us trust Winston lol. The guy who hides the Uber incident for how long?????????? Then when it finally came out still was being miss leading. Yea ok it I’ll roll with Bruce ✌🏽

  22. PSL Bob Says:

    ZZBuc, totally agree with you on OJ. Too much talent to give up on without at least one year surrounded by this new talent. What a model Gronk will be to have at the TE position.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Cappa is one tough SOB.When is JPP’s next injury off the field going to take place. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear he has Corona Virus is in ICU lost a lung. Comes back and leads the league TFL’s and sacks. Is anyone sure JPP is not the terminator. He will never die.

  24. 813bucboi Says:


    VHG got picked up the next day!!!!….lol….

    and guess what…he’s currently on the texans roster…can you say the same about JW?…..who’s roster is he on currently?….lol

    as bad as VHG was he still came back and got a W with a team that picked off, a guy who led the number three scoring offense in the NFL was the 8th guy in the history of league throw over 5,000 yards and was replaced by maybe the greatest ever at his position, 4 TIMES!!!!!!!!……LOL….

    and that same VHG got a playoff W…..something JW will never achieve…..

    love JW all you want but he’s no different than VHG….a player the bucs drafted in the 1st round that didnt live up to his first round bill….aka..BUST!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  25. 1sparkybuc Says:

    The Bucs lost way more games on atrocious defense and special teams than they ever did on Winston’s turnovers. The team BA quit on him. They gave up. I would still much rather have Jameis than Tom Brady because Jameis was a home grown Buc from day one, and the team had a future with him. Brady is a hired gun and a temporary fix. There is no future beyond 2021 with him. I will root for the team as I have every year since the inception, but this isn’t a team that we built. It will always have a patriot taint and we’re back at square one looking for a QB to replace the guy who set franchise records for us on garbage teams. We finally start building a decent team and we dump the most prolific QB we have ever had.

  26. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Jameis had one season out of five with a decent ground attack, and he had one ACCUSATION of inappropriate conduct. No arrest, no trial, no conviction. Not even one wittiness. Just one woman who saw an opportunity for easy money. It takes a racist to take an accusation all the way to a conviction with no factual evidence.

  27. David Says:

    I didn’t bother reading everything you wrote but I saw how you were trying to take away some blame on Jameis and talk about horrible defense and play calling and penalties etc…
    That shows so much ignorance when it comes to football.
    The Bucs defense was a top 10 defense for more than the second half of the season.
    Jameis single-handedly lost about three games and cost them to playoffs last year.
    The playcalling was fantastic.
    How many points did they put a per game?
    How many yards did Jameis pass for?
    You’re going to find an example of when they had to punt and call it a bad play call? That’s ridiculous.
    Overall their offense was great and the defense got better and better and better. The only thing that did not improve other than a three week stretch in the middle of the season was JW turning the ball over.
    He can’t stop panicking and making bad decisions.
    They gave him five years!!
    I was all aboard to let him have another year with this coaching staff but they ended up seeing too much in him that not would change.
    So bring Brady in when they know the rest of the team is damn good and take a shot at it over the next two years, meanwhile this year or next year get a quarterback in the draft to sit behind Brady to take over when he leaves.
    It’s a fantastic plan, even if it fails.

    But make no mistake, there is absolutely no excuse for the turnovers Jameis Winston had in year five!
    He probably threw at least seven more interceptions that were flat out dropped. And he was lucky they recovered as many fumbles from him that they did.

    They have a crap load of talent and some good coaches –
    so all the Licht bashers
    and Buc pseudo fans who are just flat out negative nonstop…
    Just flocking go away because the rest of this are going to enjoy this ride