December 1st, 2019

Has happy receivers.

In a sense, the Bucs had Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, open up the playbook.

Six different receivers caught passes today from Jameis. And that, per Jameis, helped Breshad Perriman have his best game as a pro. He and O.J. Howard each had five catches.

“When we are able to do that, we are rolling,” Jameis said of distributing the rock. “It makes it tough on the defense. We are blessed to have Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, who are both 1,000-yard receivers.”

Though Jameis didn’t say it, it could have been that Howard and Perriman caught more passes because the Jags may have been shading coverages to Evans and Godwin.

But Jameis did admit he had a happy bunch of receivers today.

“Everybody likes to eat,” Jameis said. “So it’s always good to let everyone else get fed.”

54 Responses to “Distributing”

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    You couldn’t find a more flattering picture? lol

  2. Wesley Says:

    2nd half play calling was terrible.

  3. Gettinthebucs Says:

    @Joe. I got a serious question for you. First and foremost I love the site. I’m not a complainer. But I really want to know if traffic on the site is better after a win or if it’s better after a loss? Much, much better after a win. Far fewer comments, but a lot more visitors and stories read. Been that way since Day 1. –Joe

  4. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    Just keep doing this Winston. The problem with the Bucs this year has been, they play 2 good games then they stink the next 4 that’s Winston and all others on this team.

  5. ViejoSombrero Says:

    Squinston has a 59.9% completion percentage this season.

    JAGUARS AVG. Points per game????? 24.3

    middle of the road QB who has lots of talent and sometimes makes you say WAOW!!!

    There are lots of guys like this in sports who can show you flashes, basically tempting you to believe.

    I have been fooled too many times to get back on the wagon so quickly against the 23rd ranked defense and a TOTAL LOSER IN NAPOLEON DYNAMITE FOLES….


    We all thought the RAMS “We’re sooo good oh waow look!”


    I really want you to come out with a big article next time when Winston Chokes ad throws 4 Pics that says


  6. nano107 Says:

    Viejo Sombrero needs to be banned Joe

  7. unbelievable Says:

    ^ another triggered troll.

    You guys have gotten so boring.

  8. Sharthappens Says:

    Here we go again. Pad stats and win meaningless games when in fast we should be losing in order to drafts a serviceable QB in next years draft.

  9. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Gee… he finally learned the value of throwing the ball away and spreading the ball around… not bad for the to smart for Stanford and the most NFL ready QB in 2015… actually the 6th round WB that played the second half for the Jags already looks better than Jameis

  10. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    The local sharter is a clearly a Jameis Basher… It doesn’t seem to matter where the Bucs pick except the year when Winston was drafted.

  11. H8JWLveBucs Says:

    How bout this idea Jameis MAKE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS idiot then u can smile and look stupid all day long

  12. DooshLaRue Says:

    You couldn’t find a more flattering picture? lol

    You’re not a fan of the glassy eyed mongoloid look?

  13. ViejoSombrero Says:

    Nano107 u r a Chode

  14. LaMarcus Says:


    Object of the game is just win baby!!!! Seems like the NFL is not for you. That’s ok it’s not for a lotta ppl mainly on this site

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    Shart obvisous signs of progression today signaled by claiming second place in the division.

    Don’t you never forget….meaningless is nothing more then opinion. Now you set at home young man…..We going to RayJay and don’t need your kind killing the party!!!


    We getting good and it feels good too!

  16. JimmyJack Says:

    H8…..How bout you let us get good first then we’ll get great. Impatient slob.

  17. ModHairKen Says:

    Sharthappens is a loser. He wants to lose to get a better 1st round draft pick.

    The Bucs won. If you are a fan, then you are happy.

    If you are happy but complaining about the team’s play, as if it should be perfect, then you need to take a Xanax and find a way to enjoy this win.

  18. ViejoSombrero Says:

    LaMarcus we all know how sensitive you are to ANY stats that show your hero in a negative light.

    It’s ok to turn a blind eye, I know that for guys like you its hard to accept.

  19. LaMarcus Says:


    Problem is that I don’t need stats to tell me what’s going on in the games. Stats are for the uneducated fan who don’t understand what’s happening in the games.

  20. JimmyJack Says:

    Hey bunghole…..I want 20th draft slot and I’m gonna love every little minute of it.

    I am gonna be having a party when we finish in 2nd of the South. You can go cry to Ma Ma about how much you hate seeing the Bucs win.

    Don’t worry you can jump on the bandwagon next year. By then we may still have one free seat next to the men bathroom.

  21. ViejoSombrero Says:


    “Uneducated fan who don’t understand”
    hahahahahahah . LMAO

    We all learned in elementary school, that the first part about being “educated” my guy, is learning some basic grammatical rules.

    What an Idiot!! No wonder you are in the “Winston Worshiper” club.
    Say hi to Ndog at the meeting for me.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    Hit em where it hurts. Grammer. Go on Facebook nerd. This is about football.

  23. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Continuous difficult pass routes

    All the passes to OJ was low completion percentage in tight windows

    OJ still caught them


    Just toss the ball to OJ on the slot and watch him create havoc

    Run the shallow cross with OJ and watch how no defense con defend it


    To run the ball in the gut and punt when you have

    OJ, Godwin and MeMe

    With a competent OC/ playcaller (Monken)

    We would be 9-3 and in the playoffs”

    Kobe Faker

  24. MTM Says:

    Year 5 and Winstons signature wins are Atlanta and Jacksonville. Both with horrible records. Sure sign this knucklehead to 5 yrs and 120 million. So this franchise can continue its run at mediocrity for 20 yrs straight.

  25. ViejoSombrero Says:


    Lmao well done sir.


  26. Not a blind bucs fan Says:

    Sad day in Tampa Bay for winston haters.The bucs are improving,it may be too late but momentum can carry over to next year.

  27. ViejoSombrero Says:

    @Not a blind bucs fan

    “but momentum can carry over to next year.”

    Is this gonna be the line for Winston every Fn year bro, because I could swear that was already said like 12 months ago.

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    Viejo…..Your memory must be bad. We ended last season losers of 4 straight and firing our entire coaching staff.

    Whatever momentum you are speaking of never existed.

  29. ViejoSombrero Says:


    Winston played well to finish the year, not talking about WINS and LOSSES.

  30. ElBajito43 Says:

    Winnie-Pooh made some good, actually REALLY GREAT THROWS TODAY!!!
    I feel sad to know that these days of “Good” Jameis are numbered.

  31. JimmyJack Says:

    Oh OK…..You were talking about Winston I was talking about the team. Kind a big difference but my bad since I misread. Worth noting that blind Bucs did say the Bucs are improving……so it’s not all about one guy.

    Another thing is that there was a narritive and perception that Winston looked “neutered” last year so the notion about momentum is very debatable.

  32. JustWINstonBaby Says:

    @MTM did you forget the Rams game? Even the Giants game, Winston still put us in position to win.

  33. ElBajito43 Says:


    This is actually a very important point. Winston seems like a guy who may need lots of confidence and thrives on risk taking.

    It is going to be hard for a player like him to look over his shoulder or feel like each and every INT is going to get him benched.

    I am guilty of piling on this guy. I admit that it is possible that PAPA BWUCY BWUCE knows exactly how to get in this guys head.

    There is NO POINT in keeping a JW3 type player to go conservative

    None whatsoever. So maybe it is true that with the emergence of a DWHITE DOMINATOR and SHAQATTACK, JAMEL DEAN ETC ETC


  34. ElBajito43 Says:


  35. JimmyJack Says:

    Bajito…..I noticed a little trend today.

    Starting last week the defense seemed to turn a corner. Since then Jamies has seemed to do better in the decision making department. We just may see that he can play more poised if he feels better trust in his teammates.

    I won’t go too overboard on that theory just yet. I’ll let the season play out and see how it goes. Time will tell. But will admitt I am encouraged with his play lately……..really since that Seahawks game.

    This game reminded me of the game in Carolina. Our defense played well and our QB made some needed played and avoided costly mistakes………We also have proven to put up huge plays and points at times when needed. Not needing to win so many games via shootout is key.

    Call me crazy but we can win a lot of games with the way we are playing right now.

  36. ElBajito43 Says:

    It’s scary how explosive the team could be with defenders causing turnovers and the AIR ASSAULT on display.

    I am gonna ask God to soften my heart. Maybe just MAYBE JW3 can be the “Prodigal Son”

  37. Oneilbucs Says:

    You people are a trip !!! We ran the ball I believe 23 times and we only had a total of I believe 55 to 60 yards rushing and all you stupid fantasy football people are talking about Jamies???? Man I know his race got to have something to do with it with most of the hate towards Jamies.

  38. unbelievable Says:

    What’s crazy is that a couple bad plays / blown calls go differently and this team could be sitting at 7 – 5…

    Oh well.


  39. JimmyJack Says:

    Bajito…..You my sir have a proper attitude. You have been quite negative about our Bucs which is understandable given our past & performance in many games this year.

    Nice to see you give credit where it’s do. That prooves to me you put the team above your own opinion. That’s called loyalty my friend. Much respect to you!!!

    Now it’s time to see this team surge and keep breathing life into this fanbase…….Maybe given some time you may have to kiss and make up with Jason Licht who I know you’re no fan of(again understandable)……..That one may take a bit more time though.

    GO BUCS!

  40. July Joe Says:

    BACK TO BACK games with 200+ passing yards IN THE FIRST FLIPPIN HALF from Jameis … the kid is a gunslinger extraordinaire, not some garbage yard QB like Bortles and DAK this year.

    Kid could have easily had over 900 passing yards the last two weeks combined if they were in shootouts.

    JAMEIS IS GOING TO GET PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, JAMEIS WINSTON and HIS Bucs are 4-1 in games where the defense gives up 27 or less points … with the one and only loss being the Titans game that Arians ripped his WR’s for running the wrong routes on two picks and the refs stole a possible game-winning fumble-return-TD from Devin White.

    It’s almost like Jameis could WIN at a .800 clip if the defense just plays a little worse than league average rather than giving up 30+ every game!!!!

  41. Reach87 Says:

    Most ignorant post of the day, “…win meaningless games…”. Dummy…every game is important. Not gonna give you examples cause you wouldn’t get it. Sad. Go Bucs!

  42. ElBajito43 Says:


    I went to church today so I realized I was “DECIDING” when I needed to just let it play out

    after some of the Dimes that JW3 dropped in a breadbasket and the scramble run for like 15 yards deciding immediately to take charge! It is hard not to deny the potential

    TBH man, the thing that got me was seeing LAVONTE jumping up and clapping 👏 yelling as hard as he could when JW3 ran for the First down.

    If the stoic quiet leader that is LAVONTE is showing that kind of belief in him that right there


  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    Bajito…..Great observation about Lavonte……Don’t hear nobody talking about it but what’s gotten into him this year? He has a big presence on the field and has been very vocal this year.

    Defientally a different kind of player this year. Gotta think coaching has made the difference

  45. Craig Says:

    I am not going to over react today. Jameis had a decent first half today, I’ll admit that, though Perriman made some great catches of obtuse balls.

    The problem is still the lack of a long ball and that Jameis can’t play a whole game. 68 yards in the second half? I can see Jacoby Brisset’s smile from here.

    The other thing is an analogy to working with others. Have you ever worked with someone who thought they were so important that they won’t stay home when they are sick enough to infest half the East Coast? That is Jameis. He can’t throw on a bad ankle and should have sat out the second half.

    If he is important to this team, he should have sat out the second half.

    Is there something more as to why he didn’t sit the second half? Is there some fear of seeing his backup play?

    There are still more questions than answers with Jameis.

  46. Nate from MT Says:

    Best part of my day was finding another Bucs fan up here. That makes 7 (in Montana). Fire the Cannons! Why am I always in moderation?

  47. unbelievable Says:

    Lavonte has finally become a vocal leader on this team.

    It’s great to see.

  48. Not a blind bucs fan Says:

    Mike Evans get’s a pass for not looking for the ball in the end zone.The one that wizzed over the top of his helmet

  49. TexBuc Says:

    Two wins and Winston will be under center next year. Hoping we trade down in the 1st round and stock up on the trenches.

  50. Pa bucs fan Says:

    Craig the second half was a play calling nightmare. Blaming Jameis for 11 up the gut runs and 3 3 and outs is pretty far fetched.

  51. Bucc941 Says:

    But Minshew threw an interception

  52. lambchop Says:


    I feel like Lavonte has taken a more vocal lead with the departure of McSoftie and Kwon. He knew there is no way to pass the Buc (pun intended) to someone else that either is new to the team or younger.

    But, at the same time, I think he was one of the players who ripped into Swaggy after that offsides against the Panthers. So, he’s probably one of those guys that quietly leads by example, but if he speaks, people listen.

  53. lambchop Says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the season and how Jameis plays and how the defense plays. I’m just wondering why it took this long to get things to click.

    My biggest fear with Winston is, if and when he gets paid, will that accountability remain? He has shown in the past few games that he can make the smart play by throwing the ball away, running, or taking a sack.

    But, I’m begging for one more game where we’re down early. I want to see how he handles a come from behind win. He’s so erratic in those situations and you’re not always going to be out front on good teams.

    One thing I can concede is, when the defense is playing as well as they are, it has to lift up the entire team. I’m sure it impacts the way the offense and ST play.

    We have to sign Shaq Barrett. I’m ok with JPP And Suh moving on. We can get Nassib at an affordable deal. And then go hard for a DE/DT/S in the draft. I’m hoping JPP and Suh see the turn around and enjoy being in this scheme, it might help with negotiations. JPP might want to finish off his career in Tampa.

  54. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    I have to admit….when I first glanced at the headline and the photo, my mind said “Disturbing” (not distributing). Appropriate.