“I Will Be Around”

July 6th, 2019

Another Bucs legend is confirmed

JoeBucsFan.com intern

They’re on their way.

Plenty of former Bucs will be making their way to training camp this season at the request of head coach Bucco Bruce Arians.

Buc legends Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks already confirmed they will be among the group returning to the practice fields of Tampa Bay.

Add one more to the list.

Buccaneers Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson will be out there as well. The iconic safety had two interceptions in the Bucs’ dominant 48-21 victory in Super Bowl 37 over the Raiders, and he soon will monitor the “totally fixed” Bucs secondary.

The thing is, he initially wasn’t asked by Arians to come out.

“Well, actually I reached out to him,” Jackson told JoeBucsFan.com in an interview. “I showed up to his press conference day when he first got introduced as the head coach. I was there. I’ve been out with coach Todd [Bowles]. I’ve watched some defensive film with him twice. I will be around. I kind of walked away from coaching college football (Alabama State) to be here with my kids and to be around the Bucs as well and I will be out there. He gave me the OK and you will see me around One Buc this year.”

This isn’t the first time Jackson has attempted to make his presence known at One Buc since hanging up the cleats. He was a consistent guest during the Greg Schiano era until he was told by the former head coach that he and the children he brought out to Friday practices were no longer welcome.

It seems that outside of a few occasions, many former Bucs have not been given a consistent warm welcome back from coaches.

This summer, that attitude ends.

17 Responses to ““I Will Be Around””

  1. Dave5928 Says:

    Classy. Dexter Jackson was a game-changer. Very nice person, too. Back in our Super Bowl championship year, Dexter lived in a regular Joe apartment upstairs from me. My toddler nearly single-handedly derailed the Bucs because she kept that poor man awake more than a few times. He was always super nice and very cool about it. I’m glad to see him back in town and to know that he’s done well for himself after his pro career ended.

  2. DB55 Says:

    Mike Alstott and Simeon Rice to round out the bunch? I’d ask for Dunn and Keyshawn but their Allegiances are probably somewhere other than with TB.

    Either way, like Suh said, it’s a mentality. Football always will be and always has been about ascertaining your will upon your opponent. Praying we can get back to that mentality promptly.

  3. BringBucsBack Says:

    Dave, that’s cool! Thanks for the share.

    It seems that Bucs fans are not the only ones fed-up with the suckdom? Great!

  4. Magadude Says:

    “totally fixed.” Boy I hope so.

    Ah, Shiano.

    While Jackson’s work was short yet monumental, I wonder if it’s enough to ever get into the Buc RoH.

  5. Stonedbuc Says:

    If a coach doesn’t want alumni around it generally means he doesn’t want the criticisms from the players. Weak.

  6. Patrick Says:

    I’d like to see Brad Johnson there

  7. Race to 10 Says:

    Greg schiano didnt even know who dexter jackson but sure go ahead and leave that part out to play to the crowd that actually think he was a good coach for some reason

  8. BucEmUp Says:

    The fact that ownership didnt step in and insist that the oranozations former platers be welcomed into the building whenever they want show the lack of balls and reapect from the kids who took over the team.

  9. Mikadeemas Says:

    Yeah, cool Dave. Rewatched our Superbowl recently for the first time. We were B.A.! Funny though, I forgot we scored the last two(pick six) TD’s in the last 3 minutes. GO BUCS!!

  10. JP_09 Says:

    They should have highlights playing throughout One Buc of the greats.

  11. BringBucsBack Says:

    JP, I have wondered for years why they don’t do that. Loop it 24/7! How would that not help with culture change?

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    I’ve heard the idea that Donald Penn is a guy some would like to see show up at One Buc as a mentor…….I guess he is retired now?

    I’d be pretty excited to hear about him at camp because I would think there is a good chance he would come out of retirement for a legit contender that has an urgent need at OL midseason. Nothing wrong with having a guy like that in your back pocket……especially when your serious about winning!!!

    GO BUCS!!!

  13. Prada...sec 147 Says:

    Great read joe

  14. down in the dirt doug Says:

    You can never have too many roll models. A real shame that many of our former coaches could not see the wisdom of having our former greats around our present players.

  15. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Hope the former legends that visit will say something to the Glazer kids about changing the Uni’s..

    C’mon Sapp give ’em Hell about it..

  16. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    This “fraternity” thing has always been a big deal for me. I applaud Bruce Arians for placing importance on this. We need these guys to be proud to be BUCS. — Nothing better than special past BUCS players, who are proud of it and want to want to share that.

  17. Ozzie the Sports Junkie Says:

    Apparently a group of men thought at first to be transient hobos were escorted off One Buc Place recently.Turns our it was a pack of former Bucs kickers looking to help dial in new kicking candidates ..or get a meal from team cafeteria.Reports say former lead foot Kyle Brinza lead the charge along with former Shawshank Nick Folk abd Chandler ‘george’ Cantsanzzya..
    They had been living at the Dale Mabry Red Roof Inn manager Jermey McNicols reported ..when reached for comment the Asst Manger and pool attendant of the motel Rob Agyuo was quoted “he never saw the men himself “as he parked 20-40feet wide of the parking lot repeatedly …Details to follow