Can’t Cover Mike

July 6th, 2019


Memo to opposing defensive backs: Just when you think you have Mike Evans covered, you don’t.

Where does Joe get this from? Why none other than NextGen Stats, which comes straight from the NFL and not some dude in an Irish dorm room.

NextGen Stats, derived from data recorded via sensors players have inserted into their equipment, is a fascinating look at different stats than what we are used to, and often paints a clearer picture than guesswork (see: dorm room; Irish).

In this particular stat that Joe is focusing on, the stat represents which players are able to best bring down passes despite being covered by a defender. The sensors can detect when a defender is within a yard of a catch point.

Evans, the Bucs’ stud wide receiver, has the third-most catches in the NFL the past three seasons despite having a defender draped all over him. In other words, Evans is one of the best receivers on contested passes.

You can see the numbers below.

If the only two receivers ahead of Evans in this stat are likely bound for the Hall of Fame, that demonstrates just how good of a player Evans is, as if we didn’t already know this.

Joe truly believes Evans has put up Hall of Fame numbers through his first five seasons.

41 Responses to “Can’t Cover Mike”

  1. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Great article Joe, thanks. ME is a gamer all Bucs fans can be very proud of.

  2. Slugglife Says:

    Just needs more YAC. Then it’s Canton worthy.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Absolute stud……one of the Bucs that have very few complaints……add OJ Howard and that will mean many catches for Godwin.

  4. Lunchbox Says:

    I think we can all agree about how great ME13 is. But like so many other great players, unless there’s winning attaches to it, it just doesn’t mean as much. If the defense can step up this year, if the kicking game can be a strength this year, if we can get production from our running game, AND if Winston can cut down on the “what was he thinking?” turnovers, we could have a real shot at the postseason

  5. BigHog Says:

    And except for a few Fritz passes…who was his QB during his short career?… l’ll wait! You can’t change FACTS! Dummies!!

  6. Clw JB Says:

    Absolutely the best player on our team and a sterling example of class, professionalism, and effort every play, every day

    Hope I never see him in another NFL jersey- ever!!!

  7. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Hit him in stride like Johnny Manzeil did and he’ll score !

  8. BA FAN Says:

    The way to keep him a Buc and not see him go home to a Texas Team is to get the Bucs into the playoffs and that is precisely why BA is here and the Glazer Owners have shelled out so much of their cash for so many Asst. Coaches BA needed to develop all the players we have that never have been developed, despite posters claiming the Glazers are “cheap”, NOT!

  9. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Don’t ever take Mike Evans for granted. A player of his talents is extremely rare, let alone to have one like him on the Bucs.

  10. BigHog Says:

    And he did it all with JW3!! …now who made who?!!

  11. Stanglassman Says:

    Also in ‘18-

    2nd in deep receiving yards.
    2nd in most yards per target.
    2nd in most receiving yards outside the #s.
    3rd in contested catch rate.

    Future HOF player.

  12. rrsrq Says:

    Totally disagree with this, Julio Jones got all of his catches uncontested by the Bucs defensive backfield 😂😂😂

  13. Drew Says:


    Recently retired and returned home to Tampa. The reference to the players wearing sensors is incorrect. The players wear what is referredto as an active RFID beacon tag. The tags on each player 3 for lineman and 2 for everyone else transmits what we refer to as active RFID blinks which are detected by location sensors strategically placed in the stadium. The blinks are then processsd by the NextGen software for analytical statistics. There’s the 10,000 foot summary, however I can dive deeper into the system. Just to note, I was an active member of the deployment to NFL with a test manufacturing responsibility. Hope this helps.

  14. bucs4ya Says:

    It’s funny to see stats like this and hearing how Howard is going to have a great year and the watch out for Godwin talk. Then you hear that our QB isn’t that good. I’ll be the 1st to admit he needs to get better with the turn over to TD ratio but look at what he’s done with these receivers despite that. Improve that just slightly and defenses are in trouble. We’ll see things change for the better this year.

  15. SB Says:

    BigHog Says:
    July 6th, 2019 at 9:01 am
    And except for a few Fritz passes…who was his QB during his short career?… l’ll wait! You can’t change FACTS! Dummies!!

    You left out Josh McCown and Mike Glennon

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    @BigHog … “And except for a few Fritz passes…who was his QB during his short career?… l’ll wait! You can’t change FACTS! Dummies!!”

    @BigHog … “And he did it all with JW3!! …now who made who?!!”

    Do you REALLY want to go there BigHog? Jameis’ receivers last year: ME13, Godwin, Humphries, OJ, Brate plus DJax (to spread the defense if nothing else). Quite a collection of receivers to throw to. Jameis started 9 games & went 3-6 (obviously those 6 losses were totally the defense’s fault). Threw for his best completion percentage (64.6%) with 19 TDs (2 per game average), his highest TD% (5.0% of attempts) and his highest passing yds/game average (272 yds).

    Impressive stats IMO BigHog, UNTIL you look at the other side of the fence. As in turnovers? Hmmm, 14 INTs plus 3 fumbles lost in 11 games. So 1.54 TOs/game average. Yuck. In 2017 he had 11 INTs & 7 fumbles lost in 13 games (1.38 TOs/game). In 2016 he had 18 INTs & 6 fumbles lost in 16 games (1.50 TOs/game). And in 2015 he had 15 INTs & 2 fumbles lost in 16 games (1.08 TOs/game).

    So it looks to me like Jameis has had a group of receivers who are excellent at catching the ball in traffic (OK, except for DJax), and yet Jameis’ turnovers per game (especially INTs) have placed him near the top of the NFL for 3 years running. But that’s OK, the defense sucks and he doesn’t have any running game. Got it.

  17. D1 Says:


    You can’t change facts..true.
    But you need to understand them so you don’t change them into something it’s not. Which is what you’re doing….dummy.

  18. BucEmUp Says:

    That number would have been top in the league without desean crybaby I want the ball.every play even though Im not willing to.fight for the ball Jackson on the team.

    Guarantee he plays Philly…
    he wanted Jameis to fail

  19. BucEmUp Says:

    rrsrq exactly….nobody within 15 feet of any wr.making a catch against the bucs

  20. Joe Says:

    That number would have been top in the league without desean crybaby I want the ball.every play even though Im not willing to.fight for the ball Jackson on the team.

    Guarantee he plays Philly…
    he wanted Jameis to fail

    You have no idea how badly the malcontent wanted Jameis out of town, but you are right.

  21. BigHog Says:

    To all my haters …I say that because you’ll sound like you’re mad at me…my only point is that the majority of ME13 “greatness” in this league has come with JW3 at the helm …. is that not factual? And I’ll go as far as to say if either Glennon or McCheckdown was at the helm…ME3 would not be a household name. Don’t be mad at the truth!!

  22. Buc4life Says:

    This article and the article about Howard say it all. We have a very good offense and our QB can get the playmakers the ball. Our defense just can’t stop anyone. Hopefully that change this year with better coaching. Jameis is a winner and our offense should be close to unstoppable, but our defense has to be at least average for us to win. I love the direction of our defense, but we need one more defensive tackle to solidify the line.

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    BigHog … You’re backtracking, and I’m not your ‘hater’ and I’m not a Jameis ‘hater’ either. You wanted to deal in FACTS, which is awesome … I prefer that also. But the FACTS are that over a 4-year span, there’s a ‘Good Jameis’ and there’s a ‘Bad Jameis’. I don’t need to elaborate because you know exactly what I mean.

    Jameis is extremely talented, but he’s not without his ‘issues’. INCONSISTENCY at times has been an ‘issue’. TURNOVERS at times have been an ‘issue’. DECISION-MAKING at times has been an ‘issue’. FIX THOSE ‘ISSUES’ and the Bucs have their own version of Tom Brady or Drew Brees. Let the ‘issues’ continue, and we’ve got Ryan Fitzpatrick II. This is his year to show everyone which one of those he intends to be.

    And BTW, when you make statements like “I’ll go as far as to say if either Glennon or McCheckdown was at the helm…ME3 would not a household name” THAT’S NOT FACT. That’s what we call an unsubstantiated ascertian.

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    Danged spell-check … make that last word ‘assertion’ BigHog.

  25. BigHog Says:

    Assertion … I think not, pray tell me what kind of stats has Glennon or McNown put up seance leaving the Bucs! I’m listening!! I hear all the time about the bad coaching that has been here since JW3 arrived maybe that was or is the reason JW3 has been so inconsistent!! Let’s give BA a chance to work with this young man before we write him off…but I can tell you now if we don’t play better team ball then we are bottom feeders again…we need a running game and better defensive play to help THIS TEAM MAKE A COME UP and yes JW3 must improve his play as well! GO BUCS GO SUHY!!!

  26. Bird Says:

    Big hog

    So mike Evans is only good because of Jameis?
    Pretty sure he caught a td in each game Jameis was suspended (3 games) to start the year.

    Thanks for the laughs man.
    I ca probably guess where you went to college.

    Your thought process :
    When Bucs win , let me guess … Jameis willed them to a Win
    When Bucs lose , it’s the dang defense , special teams , no Oline , lack of running game and poor coaching fault ? Clearly not Jameis fault.

    Let’s take it a step further then , Godwin and OJ and Humphries were only good because of Jameis. 😂. I would be worried for Jameis if it was just the two of you in a room and the lights turned off.

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    BigHog … “I can tell you now if we don’t play better team ball then we are bottom feeders again…we need a running game and better defensive play to help THIS TEAM MAKE A COME UP and yes JW3 must improve his play as well!”

    Now you’re speaking my language BigHog … it’a all about TEAM. Patriots haven’t been a winning franchise for coming up on 20 years now solely because of Tom Brady. Coaching has obviously been a HUGE factor, but even more-so has been the players that Belicheck has surrounded Brady with, on BOTH sides of the ball. They’re the poster child for playing COMPLEMENTARY FOOTBALL IMO. Sometimes it’s the offense that lifts the team to victory. Sometimes it’s the defense. Sometimes it’s S/Ts. Most often it’s ALL THREE.

    Yes we need better defensive play … that’s a no-brainer. Yes we need a better running game … also pretty obvious. Yes we need better special teams play. Yes we need better coaching and play-calling. And yes we need better, more consistent play from our QB. IF we get all that this season, Bucs could very well make the playoffs. IF we don’t … aahh heck, we’ve been down that path before.

  28. BringBucsBack Says:

    BigHog has a point, I mean ME’s college career would have been a nothing burger if it weren’t for Johnny Foolball! 😉

    Joe, tell us just how badly did DJerk worked to get #3 out?

  29. Buczilla Says:

    As long as Mike keeps averaging the numbers he’s put up thus far, for the next 8-12 years he will get in despite the obvious Northeast bias. Peter King and his clique of clowns will not be able to deny him. I’m still steamed that they put Brian friggin Dawkins in ahead of Lynch. What a travesty.

  30. Tye Says:

    Oh what his numbers would have been with an accurate QB… All those throws he had to fight for or adjust himself to catch, slow down for and of course all those thrown 5 yards past him or 3 yards to short…

  31. DB55 Says:

    Mikes best play was when he put that Saints cb on his arse for messing with Jaboo.


  32. Defense Rules Says:

    @BringBucsBack … “BigHog has a point, I mean ME’s college career would have been a nothing burger if it weren’t for Johnny Foolball! 😉”

    Some may look at it just the opposite. Johnny Football would’ve been a nothing burger if not for Mike Evans. Oh wait … did end up being a nothing burger without ME13. A solid ‘supporting staff’ makes all the difference.

  33. BringBucsBack Says:

    DR, my comment was wholly sarcastic. ME caught a ton of Johnny’s lobed passes. ME made Johnny look good, is my point.

  34. BigHog Says:

    Accuracy: JW3 has improved with that part of his game every year! I look for even more improvement …not perfection this year! BIRD, what’s your guess on where I went to college? Happy Holidays to you!!

  35. BringBucsBack Says:


    DB55, I respectfully disagree. That was ME’s worst play! Getting a 15 yard running start to deliver a cheap-shot to a guy’s back is beyond bush-league and dangerous.

    A MUCH better play was in last years’ opener when ME darted past that same DB to find himself wide open to catch a Fitz dime for a TD!! Scoreboard, within the rules is always the best play!

  36. El_Buc941 Says:

    Joe lets not forget whos the QB getting the ball to Evans….Jaboo!and then again ppl say hes

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    BringBucsBack … Sorry, sometimes sarcasm goes right over my head. Kinda like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory kept when a sarcastic comment would go right over his head and he’d follow with ‘Just when I thought I was getting the hang of sarcasm”.

  38. BringBucsBack Says:

    DR, what, my impersonal emoji didn’t clearly communicate my sarcasm?;/. Like the character of Sheldon, most geniuses struggle with social nuances. Ok, calling you a genius is a bit sarcastic;)

    We all appreciate your posts, bud, keep it up. My only request is that you say it with fewer words. You, and a couple of others, put more effort in your posts than the Joes.

    Go Bucs!

  39. JimmyJack Says:

    Defense Rules……..good grief. I just read your 12:30 post and those turnover rates are alaming. Whats more alarming is that Winston was significantly better in those numbers in his rookie season. Roughly a half of an INT more for every game. That is a momumental impact…….That number is supposed to get better as you gain experience. Worse is not a option.

    I know we ran a tougher offense but a entire half an INT more is unacceptable. Too many players regressed under Dirk. Like D.Smith who had his worst season as a pro in year 4.

  40. Br luceletdadogsloose Says:

    First things first , most definitely ME13 made Johnny non-football look good ! Secondly , whenever Glennon who I thought just looked awkward as a QB got the ball anywhere close to Mike , Mike made a play . Just think Steelers game ! Whenever any quarterback tosses the ball to Mike he makes a play . ME13 is one hell of a player and I also think that if jameis hits him in stride and does less of the jump ball or almost out of bounds balls or the comeback route’s then Mike would have so many more yards after catch or YAK yards with ease as he is alot faster for his size than people give him credit for . He ran a what ? 4.55 or something like that ? I’m not looking it up but just from memory that’s pretty close & I bet money he feels alot faster than that in pads against a defender . Jameis does target him quite often but I’m ok with that because it works almost every time . Kinda like I’d be ok with Micheal Jordan taking almost all the shots because he produces almost every time ! We are watching what I had hoped we had in Micheal Clayton a few years ago and when it’s all said and done baring injury I feel like no one will touch his bucs records for a long time . Speaking of injuries , sometimes I hold my breath because I will see ME13 get up holding his wrist , shaking it , or crouched over in pain because he took a shoulder to the stomach but low and behold the big fella goes right back in the game and produces . I can not say enough good things about the type of wide receiver he is for this team and that is one pick I am sure friggen happy we made . I really do hope it’s in the cards for us to start winning and making the playoffs because not would be awesome to watch him step his game up when it matters most and would be a shame to waste a guy like that’s career ! Go ME13 , GO BUCS ! Hope this season is fun to watch and we get to go to the dance

  41. Bird Says:

    br letsletdadogsloose

    Well said. Totally agree. Mike Evans is great cause he is a great player.