Ditch The Chairs

June 12th, 2019


You spoke and the Bucs listened. Boy, did they listen.

A year after reducing the number of training camp practices open to the general public, the Buccaneers came to their senses and decided to cater to their rank-and-file supporters.

Perhaps Bruce Arians played a role in opening up One Buc Place to the masses. It could have been the Glazers with a directive or Chief Operating Officer Brian Ford with a nudge.

What matters is the Bucs did the right thing.

Instead of only six fully open dates, the general public in Tampa Bay has been invited to view 11 practices as Arians and his staff of 103 assistants try to end the NFC’s longest playoff drought.

A year ago, season-pass members, the military and private groups were privy to nine practices, three more than the general public. Now, the Bucs have engaged in a course correction, with a ratio of 11 fully open dates and just four reserved for specific groups.

“Coach Arians, his staff and our players are eager to continue their preparations for the upcoming 2019 season,” Ford said. “Our entire organization is eagerly anticipating the start of our 11th training camp at our state-of-the-art training facilities at the AdventHealth Training Center.

“With 15 practices open to the general public and select groups, our fans will have plenty of opportunities to come out and experience the excitement first-hand as we usher in this new era of Buccaneers football under coach Arians.”

The bleachers are back,. Buccaneers co-chairman Byran Glazer often visited fans or cruised through unnoticed.

There is more good news for members of Buc Nation — the covered bleachers are back after being dismantled and tossed in the shed. And with dual workouts slated on two practice fields simultaneously, bleacher bums are assured of a close look at these new-look Bucs.

Details Matter

Jason Licht has said repeatedly that an organization should quickly own up to mistakes on the personnel side and move on. Guess what? The same philosophy holds true on the marketing side.

Buc fans were encouraged to walk around the perimeter of all three practice fields last summer, lugging their own chairs in broiling heat for an up close and personal experience.

It was a noble idea, but it wasn’t practical. Instead, Buc supporters will now have it made in the shade when camp opens July 26.

There is one change, however, that involves sweating the details. The days of routinely moving into the indoor facility for the latter stages of practice are over.

Embracing pain

Barring a late-afternoon lightning storm, Arians plans on staging his workouts on grass. Above all, he wants to simulate regular-season game conditions.

And although the indoor facility is a wonderful addition to One Buc Place, Arians would prefer to use it only when necessary. Practicing in wet and windy conditions could help this team deal with inclement weather when it counts.

Yes, the details matter.

It’s refreshing to see this franchise acknowledge that the bulk of the team’s fan base doesn’t attend every home game. We all understand the push for season-ticket sales, but that marketing drive shouldn’t come at the expense of the casual fan.

Besides, casual fans become season-ticket buyers when circumstances change.

This is shaping up to be an exciting training camp — and the Bucs just made it even more intriguing. That’s a win for the fans and an indication this organization intends to be more accessible.

The pads are coming on in late July and the Dolphins will be rolling into town in mid-August for a pair of joint practices. Bring your passion and your optimism to camp.

One more thing … ditch the chairs.

23 Responses to “Ditch The Chairs”

  1. 813bucboi Says:

    things got better once dirk and smitty got sent packing!!!!!!!

    the problem has been lack of coaching…..

    fans will get to see what a real NFL practice looks like….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  2. Magadude Says:

    I had talked with Brian Ford personally about the bad call of ditching the covered bleachers. It was just too hot for too many to hang around. Also, carrying lawn chairs around and planting them whereever creates its own hazards (and liabiltties).

    He agreed there was still work to do. I’m glad they did it. Also a good call on more practices.

    Not everyone has a nice comfy golf cart to sit in. BA needs to consider breaking up practice with a trip indoors if he expects players to be able to concentrate that long. Even in games, they get a breather/break. My bet is he changes his mind fairly quickly into camp…especially when cramps and other heat stress symptoms start kicking in.

  3. Magadude Says:

    Practices aren’t much different than they have been…more use of more fields, maybe some different drills, but they haven’t looked much different from previous years….save for Schiano’s way…which was unique and not very impressive.

  4. Succaneers Says:


  5. Barbosa Says:

    The team with the worst winning percentage the last 10 years have better do everything they can to cater to fans.

  6. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    Right there with you 813 coaching has been the root of all our problems !!! Let’s sit back and Enjoy BA and our new look Bucs !!! 🙂

  7. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    Well, if the Bucs are in a listening mood, DITCH THE CURRENT UNIFORMS PLEASE. Bring back creamsicles, do a complete re-do, whatever, as long as the current abomination-unto-the-lord uniforms go away.

  8. CitruscountyBUC Says:

    Now if they will just listen and course correct on the uniforms things will be looking even better!!!!

  9. UnderMeBucin’Hat Says:

    The uniforms remind me of a bad si-fi movie where they try to show what they think uniforms will look in the future. Like Roller Ball or something

  10. 813bucboi Says:

    the only time the uni’s bother me is when we lose….lol….

    all jokes aside, i hate when we wear the red jersey with white pants….thats a horrible look….otherwise the red on pewter is sweet….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  11. UnderMeBucin’Hat Says:

    Yes red on pewter – Best color combo in the NFL. I hate the all red most

  12. D-Rome Says:

    Buc fans were encouraged to walk around the perimeter of all three practice fields last summer, lugging their own chairs in broiling heat for an up close and personal experience.

    I preferred this but I can understand that for less able-bodied Bucs fans that could be a big challenge.

  13. Jackpc1 Says:

    I have bad memories of the orange and white creamsicle uniforms with two decades of futility. To me, the 1997-2013 pewter and red uniforms were about respect and winning. If we go retro, I rather see the uniform the Bucs wore in SB XXXVII.

  14. RODNEY ALLEN Says:

    I miss the last uniforms never was a fan of these or the creamsicle ones. Honestly hope we never go back to them. Maybe go to something like the last ones with a touch of the creamsicle like these have but better numbers n maybe more pewter

  15. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Bruce isn’t ashamed of his club…. not afraid to display them for all to see. He believes in them. If they pick up on this and believe in themselves……… the sky is the limit.

  16. gilhealy Says:

    You’re right, Demon.

  17. Joe Says:


    First, nice job on covered bleachers.

    second, remember Arians coached in Arizona (not exactly cool summers there) and also played and coached in the south in college football (Mississippi, Alabama). Am sure he knows all about practicing in the heat.

  18. Magadude Says:

    Joe, agreed, thanks. But as you know, Arizona heat is much different because it’s so much dryer. I lived in Vegas for three years and it would get to 110 easily but felt great outside, ESPECIALLY in the late afternoon and evening. But yes, AL and MS experience is something I’m sure he’s good with, so thanks for the point. To be honest, I worry about his own endurance out there. Hate for him not to use the facility we all screamed about getting, and as you know, practicing in the environment they in through mid October hasn’t really reaped rewards in home record. 🙁 Maybe this year will be different.

  19. Succaneers Says:

    1-5, no one cares about the Sucaneers, but the 12 or 13 losers on this site who have nothing better to do all day then read every article

  20. Magadude Says:

    I think the uni’s can get addressed every five years if memory serves me right. I know some used to say the logo on the helmets was too big…but I love it, and think the previous ones indeed look too small now. The pirate flag logos are better than Bucco Bruce because kids can draw them easily. I was 12 year old trying to draw it and usually just gave up. And in 1976, there were no scanners or internet pics to cut and paste. Plus, no pirate that I’d ever seen looks like THAT. The book called “The Yucks” by Jason Vuic is a great read to get lots of history on the logo, especially the unflattering story of how they approved Bucco Bruce. I don’t like the newer pewter, but the sweaty butts don’t show as much on TV…they don’t look so haggard with minimal playing time–they needed to change that. I know for a fact that was a marketing/PR concern. The orange in some form has to stay for heritage. Not too much, becaise lots of oranage was always mostly experienced and associated with losing. I’d like to keep the current red and pewter with less (or no) pewter on the jerzey, and a different font for the numbers. None of it really bothers me anymore though because I’m used to it.

  21. DooshLaRue Says:

    Damn succaneer…… you are officially the saddest clown on this board…. and that’s saying something.
    Why bother if you hate the team so much?
    Is it just in case we do suck, then you’re right and can remind us if your negative genius?

    That’s sad man.

    Go rub one out and take a nap.

  22. Miller5252 Says:

    This is just a no brained to me. It’s a business that gets it a lot of it’s money from fans. So why not open it up as much as possible, make the fans as comfortable as possible, and give the fans an experience that they can’t get anywhere else. You do that you fill the stands and get more people rooting and buying the gear for their team. Go outside the box and do it different and better than any other team and the cash will flow. Winning also helps but make it about the people.

  23. Old School Athlete Says:

    If reading all the Joe’s articles makes me a loser, so be it.