Have Bucs Failed Jameis?

May 26th, 2019

Organizational support.

When Louis Riddick talks, Joe listens.

The former NFL defensive back for Bill Belicheat and former director of pro player personnel for the Eagles and Redskins, and current BSPN talking head, recently outlined a list of how to establish support for rookie Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins (Riddick doesn’t believe he should start).

Inspired by that list, consultant, author and minister Brian Dodd published “10 Things Organizations Must Do To Set Young Leaders Up For Success.”

Joe has decided to go through each of Dodd’s 10 points to see if the Bucs hit the mark or not with Jameis.

Organizations Must Properly Evaluate Young Leaders: Maybe. Jameis sure tried to be a leader. He seemed to have the qualities. Joe believes the Bucs were accurate in identifying these traits in Jameis. However, Jameis’ off-field mishaps, especially the hassle with an Uber driver in Arizona, at least temporarily derailed this goal.

Organizations Must Put Young Leaders With A Great Manager Or Supervisor: The jury is still out on Dirk Koetter and of course, Bucco Bruce Arians. Inept Lovie Smith was actually good for Jameis. Joe heard from someone who would know that Lovie ordered Koetter, then the Bucs’ offensive coordinator, that he was not to put Jameis in a potentially bad situation. And Lovie also demanded a running game (something Koetter mentioned back in 2015), which helps a young quarterback. No one suggested Koetter wasn’t good for Jameis when he nearly won Offensive Rookie of the Year, and the following season as head coach the Bucs won nine games and narrowly missed the playoffs. Then all hell broke loose and eventually Koetter threw in the towel and benched Jameis. If you read between the lines when Arians was first hired, it almost sounded like Arians believed Jameis’ issues were a lack of confidence, something Jameis never lacked before. Again, Joe cannot answer this one. Yet.

Organizations Must Provide A Great Culture For The Young Leader To Thrive In: Fail! Initially, it was all good. Jameis had three perfect veterans to learn from, Vincent Jackson, Logan Mankins and Evan Smith. Sure, Smith initially didn’t care for Jameis because he thought people had already coronated Jameis as an elite starting quarterback before he took a snap in the NFL. Smith eventually warmed to Jameis, and Jackson and Mankins absolutely loved him. But Mankins retired and a year later so too did Jackson. Then, the Bucs brought in a couple of jackasses from Washington and it blew up the locker room. If Jameis is not retained for the 2020 season and you ask Joe what happened, Joe will point to the day the Bucs signed offsides-jumping, Lightning-trolling, belly-shirt-wearing, practice-hating, kicker-heckling, tree-grinding , non-contact-football-loving, chicken-wings-grilling, playing-time-squawking, TV-cooking-star, half-sack Swaggy Baker and malcontent DeSean Jackson as the turning point in Jameis’ time with the Bucs.

Organizations Must Reward Young Leader Performance: Not sure about this. Guess the team has done this by picking up Jameis’ fifth-year option.

Organizations Must Surround Young Leaders With Emotionally Healthy, Veteran Leaders: See above. Initially, that was the case but signing the Washington Whack Jobs changed that. So the Bucs failed here.

Organizations Must Provide Training And Mentorship For Young Leaders: Maybe. It was smart that the Bucs brought in journeyman backup Ryan Fitzpatrick. Jameis did learn from him (Jameis became more of a runner at Fitzpatrick’s urging). Then, thanks in part to DJax’s antics, Fitzpatrick became more of a rival than a mentor. The fact Koetter benched Jameis and fostered the notion that Fitz was the top quarterback suggests the Bucs failed.

Organizations Must Be Patient With Young Leaders: Yeah, the Bucs are patient with Jameis. A lot of teams would have released him by now. Jameis returning for his fifth season shows patience.

Organizations Must Put Young Leaders Alongside Competent Co-Workers — Don’t Put Eagles With Turkeys: Again, see above. The Bucs initially did this until they decided to blow up the locker room with the Washington Whack Jobs. And the defense! Where does Joe begin with that? MAJOR fail.

Organizations Must Provide An Advocate, Champion, Or Cheerleader For Young Leaders: Fail. Koetter, at least publicly, many, many times supported Jameis. Apparently, that wasn’t always the case behind the scenes. This surfaced when Koetter benched Jameis.

Organizations Must Evaluate Young Leaders On Production, Not Just Potential: Joe is thinking the Bucs have succeeded and failed at this. Jameis produces stats (good and bad) except the most important one. But Jameis also doesn’t play defensive end, linebacker or cornerback. Jameis is still a bit of a mystery so Joe can’t say whether the Bucs succeeded or failed here but there is evidence they did both.

So in these 10 elements have the Bucs failed Jameis? Mixed bag. We will know much more seven months from now.

If Jameis can’t have enough success with Arians to be brought back for the 2020 season, then the Bucs might move on.

Joe suspects we will see Jameis wearing a Bucs jersey next season.

66 Responses to “Have Bucs Failed Jameis?”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think it is reasonable to say that the Bucs and Jameis failed each other.

    All of these areas are important but providing a defense and a running game is more important.

  2. '79 Defense Says:

    “Lovie ordered Koetter, then the Bucs’ offensive coordinator, that he was not to put Jameis in a potentially bad situation.”

    Such as a situation where his very first NFL pass could be intercepted for a touchdown? –Man, even for a loss, just let him dump the ball off to someone out of the backfield.

  3. Leighroy Says:

    Interesting analysis and I agree w the comments about the “Washington wack-jobs.” Truly was a turning point…

    I do disagree though on the “benching” comments. Jameis deserved that benching against Cincinnati after 4 INTs and Fitzpatrick lead the Bucs to a comeback tie after being down as bad as 24-6.

    In the long run that benching sent Jameis the message that his performance can’t be dog spit and retain the starting job given Fitzpatrick’s abilities. When he came back in against the giants, he lead us back into keeping that came closer than the runaway and 2 great performances against the 49ers and Panthers after that.

    Hopefully that benching was another turning point in Jameis’ career. It pretty much has to be or else he won’t be a Buc in 2020.

  4. SteveK Says:

    No excuses for the #1 overall pick and our QB in 2019.

    The team failed him no worst than he failed us with his suspension.

    Now or never, and we as a fan base deserve not to cherry pick statistics to make an argument. Just win some ball games and it will make things right.

    Lose, and fans will analyze the “how” and “why”. It starts with taking care of the ball TD:Turnover Ratio. We need to be at least 2:1 in order to get to the playoffs or close to it.

    IF we are taking draft by week 8, then expect a new QB in 2020. You can’t pay top dollar for a QB that isn’t even top ten, and the 4th best in his own division.

  5. SteveK Says:

    At what point does the #1 overall pick and QB establish themselves as a top flight QB? It’s year 5, and their salary is $20 million+. Now that the QB us the draft pedigree and the salary, we need to win and see results.

  6. SteveK Says:

    I just hope this year provides clarity with Jameis. I can’t stand another “maybe”. It’s yay or nay time!

  7. JA Says:

    Here we go again:
    “America’s Crotch Grabber.”
    Empty Skulls, you have been cued.

    Louis Riddick sounds like the team leader at your local Apple Store.
    “Organizations Must Provide Training and Mentorship For Young Leaders …”
    Now there’s a pukka idea. I thought you just hired someone and turned them loose.
    It appears Louis has a knack for stating the obvious, but the effort does not go unnoticed…

  8. Pick6 Says:

    Short answer is yes. Coaches have been sub par and the 2 biggest support mechanisms a young QB can have are a run game and defense, which have both been comically bad for 75% of his career.

  9. Destinjohnny Says:

    We have failed on most levels with a lot of players
    But Jamies hasn’t helped his cause

  10. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Red meat for his detractors. The Bucs have a very bad team and aren’t going to win much next year. The haters will pound their fists and say he has to go even if he plays well and reduces the turnovers. We don’t have the smartest fans. Just like they bad mouth GMC, they will focus in on one player and demand that he be ousted. It will be interesting to see if Arians and the owners will cave to the pressure. No doubt when they finish up with 2-5 wins there will be pressure.

  11. Pick6 Says:

    I can’t think of a 1st round QB drafted since Jameis other than Josh Rosen who has come close to the trifecta of garbage Jameis has experienced with his coaching, defense, and run game. In cases like Goff and Mariota we have seen what a difference solving 1 or 2 of those issues can do for a QB. Heck, the one year the defense wasn’t flirting with all time worst stats Winston led the team to 9 wins

  12. BigZ Says:

    Oh yeah finally it took four years to figure that out. He has a poor to average offensive line at best his first year head coach was Lovie Smith, past his prime who had what track record developing qbs? Then koetter who was never a NFL head coach and finally the bucs decided to get a quarterback coach as his head coach who could actually develop him. Look around the league all young quarterbacks who have been successful have a running game. some things have changed dramatically in football and some things haven’t i e running the ball in the red zone. Jamis doesn’t kick field goals or extra points doesn’t rush the passer and doesn’t cover receivers. too much blame on Jameis yep he was suspended just like many other players in the NFL. When Jameis is emotional maturity reaches his physical maturity than look out, but unfortunately the Bucs will move on and will start all over again. James will have a successful career with a successful organization which the Bucs obviously are not.
    This is not the NBA people were one or two players carry a team.

  13. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Did the Bucs fail jw3????? Maybe, But what you do not do is pay top dollar for a rehab project!!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite what the sheep and local media have said, the “real” answers was to trade down, to get the team ready for a QB!!!!!!!!!!! It was premature at best to put the guy on a pedestal and act like he was the “savior” and post pictures as the messiah!!!!!!!!!!! Its funny to hear all of the excuses for him!!!!! When other QB’s played for the Bucs and everyone knows that the team had deficiencies then????? The sheep and local media “held them accountable” but not now?????? Its just a huge game of favoritism in this town with no consistency!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Intern Zach says: “Mr Realist”???

    The Buc Realist says: ” Yes Intern Zach”!!!!

    Intern Zach says: “Do sheep cry”?????

    The Buc Realist says: “They do in Tampa”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. SteveK Says:

    Bull spit on all the fan boys crying for Jameis!

    Jameis has the opportunity to demonstrated, through his play on the field, that he is the man for the Bucs QB job. Please, please don’t cherry pick stats and make excuses for the #1 overall pick from 2015. At what point is that dude expected to “get it” on and off the field?

    For goodness sakes, you don’t pay $20million+ for arguably a kid-level QB.

    Of Jameis is somewhere between 14-19th best QB in the league, why the heck wouldn’t you draft a young guy-pay the peanuts- and see if you can get better QB play that that?

    It just makes too much damn sense not to put all your eggs on Winston’s Basket, unless he earns that through wins/playoffs/no shenanigans.

  15. SteveK Says:

    Mid-level QB*

  16. SteveK Says:

    Take off your Josh Freeman blinders? And see it for it it is. So far- not good enough, but there is a chance if Jameis plays well that he sees the extension

    I’m not a fan of the franchise tag, that just makes the situation stickier and more expensive.

    We are already in salary cap purgatory because Jason Licht is bad at FA. We can overpay for the 4th best QB in the division.

  17. Bucsneedhelp Says:

    Even if Winston shows improvement I would be cautious signing him to a long term contract. There are five very good QBs in the 2020 draft it would be a mistake not selecting one.

  18. SteveK Says:

    What position in football gives the team the most impact, and the ability to turn it all around?

    The QB!

    We need our QB to be they guy. He has the heisman, ncaa national title, and the status as the former #1 overall pick. Year 5-now or never! Can’t wait!

  19. SteveK Says:

    Happy Sunday Realist!
    It’s refreshing AF to read your takes on Jameis and this article.

    The favoritism is apparent. It’s good to root for your team, but don’t spin reality: two 5-11’s in a row, and a suspension served for being a moron.

    I’m good with year 5 for clarity, and there better be answers this year!

    Why do we put the QB on a pedestal?

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    Yup, it’s all about Jameis. (OK, sarcasm font off now). The Bucs have failed virtually EVERY rookie we’ve had in the past 10 years. Why? The coaching carousel never let the coaching staffs DEVELOP these young players. Of course, in some cases the coaching staffs themselves weren’t qualified to properly develop our young players. But in other cases, the constant rotation of coaches negatively impacted the development of our young guys … on offense AND defense.

    Jameis has had better ‘support’ than the others IMO. Weapons for Winston cost us an arm & a leg, and necessitated that we ‘go cheap’ on defense, up until last year. Personally think that negatively impacted the development of a number of our young defensive players. But hey, it’s not about them … it’s all about Jameis.

  21. Old Sombrero Kid Says:

    Mixing a known alcoholic with a recovering alcoholic won’t help

  22. SteveK Says:

    If this year is a lost year-losing record, last in division- then you sick it up and go find a new GM and QB

    I can’t take a sixth year of those two clowns if things don’t come together. The definition of insanity would be giving them a sixth year, expecting different results.

  23. SteveK Says:

    You suck it up and done a new QB and GM- if this is a lost year, last in division **

  24. Race to 10 Says:

    You guys are nuts if you think the jury is still out on koetter. He was just as bad as lovie and throwing the ball 50ntimes a game with an inaccurate qb is dumb. Coddling star players is weak especially if you cant even get a guy to return punts. In a draft where oj Howard was a luxury he got the player he wanted so why didn’t he ask for a running back before rojo. Jury is already decided when you know a guy will never become a head coach again in his career

  25. OneBuc55 Says:

    Imo this franchise has failed Jameis; not the other way around….

    Although it was a big deal, the Uber incident has been his only off-the-field hiccup since he arrived in Tampa which ultimately costed him 3 games….

    That being said, so far he’s only had 1 guy rush for 1000 yards since he’s been here…I believe the defense has only finished in the top 20 once since he’s been here…the kicking game has been hot garbage since he’s been here…the offensive line play has been atrocious at times since he’s been here…imo the best offensive line he had in front of him was his rookie season; most highlight reels you watch of Jameis shows him making plays despite having to running for his life…

    I think the previous 2 coaching staffs were the definition of incompetent…I can’t give Licht a free pass either; too many of his draft picks and free agent signings have done absolutely nothing since coming in…I blame that on the coaching staff to an extent but Jason has to share alot of the blame in that case…

    All of the being said, Jameis still has managed to get better every year…the wins haven’t been there but that’s not from a pack of effort on his part… he’s a hard worker that gives you everything he has on game day, and as a fan I appreciate his efforts…he still has alot of room to grow and I believe this new staff can help him reach his full potential…

  26. BringBucsBack Says:

    Of course the Bucs could have done a better job, their not a model organization and have been guided by a GM who should not have the job and never will again after he’s fired.

    However, one thing is for sure though, Jameis should be absolved of all responsibility in forming his own personal make up and decision making. Jameis’ behavior is not his responsibility!

  27. BringBucsBack Says:

    “They’re” not a model…dang it.

  28. Todd Says:

    Regarding the past, CTRL-ALT-DEL. There’s a new Ground Zero in town.

  29. Bucsfanman Says:

    You can make a strong case that the organization failed Jameis. Here’s why I say that:
    Leopards don’t change their spots. The Bucs vetted Jameis, correct? It’s hard to imagine based on his film that the Bucs saw Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. They knew he would be one to take risks. They knew that he would be prone to turnovers because of it.
    What’s a QB’s best friend? A run-game. You can cry “passing league” till you are blue in the face. It does not change the FACT that you must have a run-game in today’s NFL, and ESPECIALLY with a young QB.
    If we’re waiting for a Drew Brees-like transformation in year 5, prepare to be severely disappointed. Jameis is the QB we have watched for 4 years, pure joy and pure horror!
    When Jameis throws for more than 35 attempts the risk of turnovers increases exponentially. We are going to win more games when Jameis is not throwing the ball 35+ times. Why? Most likely it means that we are running the football effectively and CONTROLLING THE CLOCK.
    Incidentally, what is a defense’s best friend? The offense CONTROLLING THE CLOCK! That’s how questionable defenses hang on. That’s how you keep the like of Brees, Ryan, and Newton OFF the field. It’s not rocket science!
    In short, no aspect of football exists in a vacuum. This organization has failed far more than Jameis. Most importantly, it has failed its fans.

  30. DBS Says:

    Put up or gone. It’s year 5. They hired the so called great QB wisperer. If he can’t get it done so long.

  31. Ndog Says:

    SteveK Says:
    May 26th, 2019 at 8:25 am
    I just hope this year provides clarity with Jameis. I can’t stand another “maybe”. It’s yay or nay time!

    It’s easy SteveK he is the QB for this team now and will be going forward for a very long time UNLESS he chooses not to be. It is really quite clear. The problem is people don’t want him to be so they keep acting like it isn’t true. Face facts sir there is clarity, you just can’t see it cause of your blinders that you have let the media put on you. In addition you probably don’t really care cause you clearly don’t understand what a good football looks like, buy if he does CHOOSE to leave here he will succeed elsewhere and people like you just won’t be able to figure out why😱.

  32. Greg Says:

    Blame everyone but Jameis. He has had great receiver options. We elevated the offense of coordinator to coach just to keep him for Jamess. We have ignored the defense so we can build up an offense around Jamess. We have big Norred all the red flags of him coming out of college and used the number one overall pick in the draft on Jameis. This organization has bent over backwards for Jameis. Even this website has done everything it can to blindly support Jameis. Bottom line is that he is what he always was which is someone that can’t behave around women and makes lousy decisions on and off the field and is a turnover machine. Very few organizations have all these parameters available for a young leader. Being a leader means you need to step up regardless of your surroundings not be absorbed by them.

  33. Greg Says:

    I hate auto correct LOL just totally butchered my whole statement LOL

  34. Ndog Says:

    So Greg let’s get this straight the ONLY part of the team that has been successful in any way is the passing game but the QB has not stepped up? Please explain that logic kind sir?

  35. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    The Bucs have gone out of their way to help Jameis succeed. Look at the supporting cast he’s had on offense, elite QB’s like the ones in New England, Green Bay, and New Orleans would have loved to have Evans, DJax, and Howard to throw to.

  36. BA FAN Says:

    I agree totally with Bucsfanman.

  37. Ndog Says:

    ToesOnTheLine are you serious? Dude you are making no sense, Brees has had Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara and still couldn’t win till their defense got better recently. Brady has had the biggest mismatch in the NFL in Gronk and a great running game. Rodgers had weapons and a great defense and won then his defense fell off and they haven’t won crap sense. So thanks for helping make the point that this team has not won despite Jameis’s efforts to carry this team.

  38. isrBuc Says:

    What’s the running game best friend? Am accurate, quick release pocket passer who can dismental a defense with quick short passes and send more defenders to coverage. Its the chicken and the egg everywhere in football

  39. Greg Says:

    Ndog Ryan Fitz Patrick had the best games of his career on this team during Winstons suspension. To make my point easier for you I’m saying any quarterback can throw the ball to guys like OJ Howard and Mike Evans. Mike Evans in Chris Godwin are among league leaders in contested catches because all their receptions are contested! Julian Edelman is nowhere on that list neither are other good wide receivers getting balls thrown by quarterbacks that know how to lead them. There is a reason why Winston had trouble hitting DeSean Jackson deep. He’s 5’9 as opposed to 6’5. Most of Adam Humphries success here was because he ran short close routes rarely did it go deep. I’m not blaming our win loss record entirely on Winston but he hasn’t shown anything special or consistent on the field and is a complete jackass off the field

  40. Buc believer Says:

    All these articles that the Bucs failed Mccoy the Bucs failed Jameis the Bucs failed the equipment manager… I DONT GIVE A DAMN!! The BUcs have failed US!! The fans the season ticket holders and the the people who pay 8 Bucs got their warm beer and who have been watching ship for close to two freeking decades now and 2 decades before that!! They better get their ship straight!!!

  41. BigHog Says:

    The jury is still out!!….he’s still our (my) QB!!

  42. BigZ Says:

    To say it’s on one player in the NFL IS MORONIC. It’s not the NBA.
    Where are our pro bowl RBs and Oline. Come on. No QB would be successful with our D, O line, running game and kicker. Wake up its the owners for keeping our sorry GM.
    just watch a handful is sec acc big 10 and ND players, thats who you draft Not that hard..

  43. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Failed????..it is a pass crazy league and they have surrounded Jameis with EXCELLENT pass catchers… true at the expense of other positions, but it was judged that was the best way to take advantage of the talent “ the most NFL ready QB” brought to town…. too bad he has been a combination of turnover machine and poor decision maker… which has greatly muddied the water!

  44. JabooBuc Says:

    Absolutely this organization has failed JW. If you are of the belief that QB is the most important player on your team then it seems crazy to not make it an absolute priority to protect him by investing in a strong OL and running game. It’s great to have great targets like Evans, Howard and Godwin but their not much good without the time to throw.

    The right side of this OL has been an abomination and far too much pressure has been placed on JW to do everything.

  45. OneBuc55 Says:

    NDog I agree 1000%…

    Jameis Winston is the perfect example of how a QB gets too much credit after a win, and too much blame after a loss…The bottom line is, Jameis walked into a dumpster fire of a franchise; not to mention a brutal fanbase thats been known to eat their young QBs for breakfast…

    People watch the game but few fully understand the game…No 1 man loses a football game… Winstons haters love to bring up the int’s…what about the missed tackles, blown coverages, missed blocks, missed field goals, dropped passes, or bad play-calling, blown calls but the zebras, etc etc etc…It’s so much more to the game than affect the outcome than just the QB…

  46. Youngbucs Says:

    Buc believer you’re absolutely right and I think this organization needs to model itself around what the Patriots do keep your coaches that’s one reason why I’m scared with bucco Bruce we seen Todd how he manages a team and we don’t know how long we’re going to have the old man

  47. TexBuc Says:

    Interesting stat that shows QB’s under duress and the play has broken down such as; QB’s outside the pocket Winston ranked #1 with a 131.2 versus the next closest is Rivers with a 119.3, QB’s when pressured Winston ranked #1 91.0 versus second D. Watson 89.1, and QB’s on 3rd down Winston is ranked #4 107.7 with Brees 108.8/Mahomes 113.2/R. Wilson 113.7.

    With plays designed more around Winston’s strengths and not his weakness (long/slow developing plays requiring Winston to hold the ball longer-turnovers) and a consistent kicking game with a average ranked defense Winston and this team may surprise many including their own fans.

  48. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Several posters have mentioned that JW and the Bucs failed each other. That’s perhaps the best evaluation. Although I agree with Joe’s individual points.

    One question or term that keeps popping up with JW, GMC, LVD, JPP…leadership? Who is going to provide leadership?

    I think we totally misjudged JW’s leadership skills. I think he has so much charisma that we all get sucked into it. Leadership is about more than just charisma or even talent.

    JW seemed perfectly suited to lead a group of college kids…as Schiano found out though, NFL grown men, professionals, do not appreciate being treated as college kids. JW’s “style” has not translated well from college to the pros.

    That’s OK. Again how many years from high school was JW removed when we signed him? He was just a pup. So will we see his growth this year. I think so realizing that others do not. Time will tell.

    Todd had the best post. We all need to hit Control-Alt-Delete and start fresh in 2019.

    We have arrived in the silly season for we football junkies. This is pretty much what we have left to debate without any real football. Can training camp and the preseason get here soon enough?

  49. El Buco Realisto Says:

    BigHog Says:

    “The jury is still out!!…”

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the most savage, backhanded comment that I have heard on JBF this year!!!!!!!! BigHog came with criminal intent with that comment!!!!!! Some might even say that was some black on black crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Wausa Says:

    My guess is Jamies will win multiple Super Bowl, but not with the Bucs.

  51. J Says:

    Licht failed the Bucs. That’s the big thing.

  52. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Never Jameis fault, always someone else’s

  53. AlteredEgo Say: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jamyth humpers were not complaining about building the trenches who all the offensive weapons were brought into OBP…

  54. jmarkbuc Says:

    Ultimately the fault lies with the Glazer Siblings. If they had any desire to run a first class organization, or actually knew anything about the sport of football, this organization might have a chance. They started as trailer park slum lords. Probably couldn’t catch a football if you lobbed it to them underhand.

    Malcolm was smart enough to realize his limitations and lean on McKay. His downfall was falling in love with Gruden and his schtick.

    His children love being investors/moguls…I liken them to “First Time Flippers”

    Results don’t mean much to them, and that’s how we end up here.

  55. OBP Says:

    Licht has drafted an O-linemen in the first 2 rounds since Winston’s first year, clearly obvious that they’ve failed him given how bad our O-line is now.

  56. Pete I Says:

    While not a big fan of Winston, while he has plenty of failing grades both on and off the field. The Buccaneers have basically FAILED everyone for over a decade now. EVERYONE! From ticket sellers to fans to players. This has not been a well run, well coached, or well built organization for a long time.

    The “Best” QB in Buccaneers history isn’t even on track to make the Ring of Honor at Ray Jay!

  57. BucsBandit Says:


    Are we really trying to find more ways to MAKE EXCUSES FOR JAMEIS’ losing ways and turnovers?

  58. Tye Says:

    Jake Fromm would likely be a good qb to build around… That is assuming the Bucs don’t have the #1 pick in the 2020 draft and Tua is already picked… Some like Herbert but I feel like Fromm has more ‘big game’ experience.

  59. Dapostman Says:

    Winston has improved completion % and pass yards per game every season. Throw in his improved TD/Int ratio in the last 6 1/2 games and you can see a breakout coming in 2019. He now has the total backing of his coaching staff who have coached a few very good QB,s. His stock is definitely on the rise.

  60. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:


    Remember when Jameis finished 2017 strong and every poster here hyped him up and he got out played by Fitz to start 2018…

    Last few games mean nada. Dudes gotta be consistent and lead his team to wins

  61. BucsBandit Says:


    Nah… he threw a lot more underneath passes last year to Hump. The increase in passing yards is because we were already out of the game down 20 points. Defenses play soft as well as lose their focus a bit when the game is out of reach.

    How did Winston improve on his 1st two drives of each game?

    That’s what I always ask people… how many times did Winston roll down the field in our 1st two possessions of a game and lead us to a TD? Because you can’t blame that on our Defense.

    ANSWER: Not many.

  62. Dapostman Says:

    @Loyal, Winston threw picks at the end of 2017. Not at the end of 2018.

    @Bucsbandit, you offer zero facts and just conjecture.

  63. SteveK Says:


    I’m skeptical that Jameis all of a sudden stops the turnovers, and plays better this years. I really, truly hope he does because if he can take care of the ball we will be in playoff contention.

    I expect the heisman trophy winner, NCAA champion, and #1 overall draft pick to play a 2:1 TD:Turnover ratio. Is that too much to ask?

    I hope Jameis puts it all together in year five, under Arians, and is able to undoubtedly be the first drafted Buccaneer QB to get a second contract.

    And, I am curious, what team do you speculate pursuing Jameis if he were to reach FA?

  64. Oneilbucs Says:

    I’m convinced that a lot of yall on this site just don’t know nothing about football. All of those Brady, Montana, Rogers, Payton, Ben, all had or got 1 thing that Jamies never had . And that’s a full team around them. People gives Brady all the credit but what is the Patriots record without Brady? Big Ben have always had a pro bowl running back and a decent or great Defensive. Jamies has never had any team like that. Montana had hall of famers on both sides of the ball. Rogers had a good defense and ok running game. Payton had a good running back and defense around him. Jamies has never had that. So if the bucs defense plays good this year and our running backs plays good this year and we still lose all of our games then you can blame Jamies. But as of right now this team sucks not the quarterback. How many times did Jamies put this team in position to win and how many times did the defense give up the game?

  65. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Good takes all around. Koetter was hired to keep the Connection with Famous Jameis and then did wrong by him. Koetter is the worst Bucs coach ever and was rightly canned for being a horse poop nincumpoop crap coach. He put Jameis in bad spots and almost had the poor guy run out of town for sorry ass Fitz. Good riddance Koetter. Koetter set the franchise back 3 years in his tenure. Lovie couldn’t coach, but he knew to keep Jameis close and that is his defining moment as a Bucs coach! Good on you Lovie

  66. robert long Says:

    jamous isnt perfect but is talented lack of running game and average at best oline in a tough division makes it tough on a young qg i still believe he has what they call it