Derrick Brooks Has Advice For Ronald Jones

May 13th, 2019

Year 2 for Ronald Jones

Listening to a breakdown of the Buccaneers on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio this morning, Joe appreciated the objective view of the Buccaneers offense.

The analysts were rather dumbfounded that the Bucs didn’t address the running backs position in free agency, unless you count Andre Ellington and Kerwynn Williams. And no, Joe doesn’t consider them upgrades because they both were out of football last year.

So the on-air takeaway was that the Bucs are confident relying on the college film of second-year running backRonald Jones and expect him, under the tutelage of new RBs coach Todd McNair, to shake off his rookie blues and contribute something other than stomach pains this season. Barring a Duke Johnson acquisition (about which Joe pressures the football gods daily), banking on Jones appears to be the only logical scenario at One Buc Palace.

Buccaneers icon Derrick Brooks seemed to sense this on a recent edition of TAMPA TWO with Sage columnist Ira Kaufman.

Brooks agreed with Ira that Jones needs to rise up — without putting too much pressure on himself.

“Another guy that I would just simply say, ‘Breathe. Calm down. You know, relax. Let your skillset do all the talking. Don’t feel all the pressures, man, that you have to tote the world of Tampa Bay on your shoulders.'” Brooks said.

“Just win the down that your in. Win your position. Take it one down at a time at get better. Spend more time in the film room. Spend more time in the playbook. And just get better on a daily basis, down-by-down basis.”

Listen to Brooks, RoJo.

The hope surrounding Jones at One Buc Palace is rooted in a belief he was significantly immature last season, and that was the core of his problem. No, not immature because he was doing dumb things off the field, just that his football life and mindset wasn’t ready for prime time.

Experience and new coaches could be the tonic.  Imagine if Jones can improve to where he’s nothing special running ball but he showcases the ability to break a run every few games. That would be one heck of an upgrade for a Bucs rushing attack that’s had so few game-changing plays through the last three seasons.

You can watch the full TAMPA TWO episode here.

38 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Has Advice For Ronald Jones”

  1. Eric Says:

    Can’t be as bad as last year.

  2. Snook Says:

    50% of the guys who have been in Tampa long enough for only Koetter’s offense/Smith’s defense will have a rebirth under a real coaching staff.

    Just be patient.

  3. SCBucsFan Says:

    Easier said than done. The more this guy struggles the heavier the weight on his shoulder gets.

  4. Pete I Says:

    Hopefully all of this coaching talent can find some way to get this guy to do something during games.

    The “Best” QB in Buccaneers history isn’t even on track to make the Ring of Honor at Ray Jay.

  5. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (formerly known as 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans) Says:

    Rojo will ball out Eventually. I know he will…

  6. zzbuc Says:

    Snook, with all respect, Koetter’s offense was very good, with a suspended QB and with a poor running game, just take a look to the numbers please. Koetter’s problem was defense not offense…….

  7. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I think he will be fine. He’s rooming with WR Justin Watson who has been helping him with the playbook. I’m actually feeling quite comfortable with our stable of RB’s. Especially excited about UDFA RB Bruce Anderson who could possibly handle return duties, and serve as a 3rd down back. I’m surprised he went undrafted but feel fortunate he decided to sign with us. He could be a contributor if given an honest chance. Being an UDFA means the cards are stacked against you but hopefully BA will see his potential and give him a shot.

  8. ATrain Says:

    I have advise TOO

    Don’t listen

    Run Your Game

    Then make the Haters Eat


  9. Phil Says:

    Hopefully we will pull another running back off of someone elses practice squad before the season starts.

  10. Rick Says:

    He had the same problem at SC his freshman year. He was homesick for Texas. Young kid. He will be fine

  11. ChanEpic Says:

    SCBucsFan – more weight on his shoulders is exactly what he needs. He needs to bulk up a bit for 2019.

  12. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Easiest position on the football team to learn and perform at is RB. Jones did nothing in preseason and nothing in season. Not even a glimpse that this guy will be good. Yet every other RB picked last year showed at least a glimpse and many more became stars. There are many RBs who ripped off big gains in the 4th quarter against other teams camp meat, rojo DID nothing that is ALARMING, but right on with the many licht failures in his 5-11 tenure

  13. Slugglife Says:

    After he breaks off his first 60 run, it’ll all become clear for him.

  14. Slugglife Says:

    60 yard

  15. Lord Cornelius Says:

    23 carries for 44 yards, but 46 yards gained AFTER contact.

    With NFL average of yards gained before contact (40%) he’d have been in the 3+ YPC range even assuming he doesn’t break one of those better blocked plays for a big gain.

    Average yards gained before contact + one 15 yard run and we’re looking at 23 carries for closer to 100 yards than 44.

    My worry with him last year was that he had a mental issue with the playbook/pass pro and his confidence was down which seems to be the case. If he can’t get over that we’re screwed but go watch his tape against Alabama/ OSU / and other good defenses full of NFL players and the guy looks legit. Broke plenty of tackles / showed good vision / balance / home run ability/etc.

  16. Magadude Says:

    With that totally re-tooled O line, no question that Ron Jones breaks out this season.

    Oh wait…

  17. Destinjohnny Says:

    Good advice but….. isn’t it kinda like asking Elmer Fudd to be the singer of a queen tribute band?

  18. BucEmUp Says:

    He will privably catch 30-40 passes this season and show how bad the coaching was all along

  19. Sherman Perigo Says:

    He looks too scared when he runs, because of a mediocre O-line, do not see much improvement there.

  20. Buccobrucejr Says:

    Doesn’t help when your head coach has no confidence in rookie running backs. How was he supposed to succeed when his head coach wouldn’t give him the chance at all? That’s all gonna change with Bucco Bruce! Get it RoJo!

  21. BucEmUp Says:

    we will get duke as well

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    Joe are you sure you got that right? That doesn’t sound like a Brooks quote. I didn’t see the word “humble” in it.

  23. joestang Says:

    So we are left hoping again that Winston and RoJo get it right. I am tired of waiting for pros to perform. Cut RoJo he sucks and will suck this year. What are the odds both have a good year. We are looking at a possible #1 pick in draft thanks to Lichts futility.

  24. m0j0 Says:

    With all the things that have gone wrong with the Bucs, we gotta be due some sort of good karma somewhere, right? If that’s RoJo figuring things out and living up to his potential, then awesome, I’m all for it!

  25. Tc Says:

    It is put up or shut up time but this guy has hands of stone. How do you draft a running back with hands of stone in a passing league. You cannot teach good hands. Also, I have seen pictures of this guy running with his eyes down. All these guys in the nfl have talent, this guy unfortunately lacks confidence and a dog like attitude.

  26. D1 Says:


    You can teach good hands and you learn good hands.

    It’s usually comes down to hand placement and eye discipline. Obviously, natural ability is what you’d prefer but natural ability is still subject to limits . If your eyes wonder or can’t track a ball well and your hands are not in the correct place then all the natural ability in the world won’t be enough.

  27. D1 Says:


    The other factors that is never mentioned is an NFL ball will go right thru your hands if they aren’t in the right spot. Far easier than a college ball btw. The adjustment isn’t huge but if you have issues to begin with, the NFL ball along with how tight QB’S throw at the pro level will present a challenge.

  28. Race to 10 Says:

    He can’t go anywhere but up, second round running back cannot be a throwaway pick. You can do that with say a kicker but not a back. He will improve because he can’t be worse nor can the o line

  29. 813bucboi Says:

    coaching wont be his excuse this time….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  30. Bucnjim Says:

    There was a quote I think from Arians himself saying he was extremely immature last year not really understanding what it took to be an NFL player. With a year here in Tampa hopefully he has matured both physically and mentally.

  31. Doctor_berto Says:

    Dude is too scared to play in NFL. Reminds me of Dexter Jackson (the receiver)

  32. Bobby M. Says:

    You cant blame Koetter for Rojo not being a professional. Simply put, RB is one of the easiest positions to produce at in the NFL as a rookie…..He failed miserably. At a minimum he could have had some success on special teams…..but he doesn’t play special teams. That’s a failure on the GM….not the coaches. In a do or die scenario for Koetter…..the best Licht offered him was a 2nd rd RB that wasn’t mature enough to play in the NFL and completely useless on special teams.

    That’s on Licht.

  33. Billy_43 Says:

    I mean McNair said simple hand placement when catching balls did the trick. Dropped several the 1st few days then didn’t drop another single pass.

    Koetter blew right by the fundamentals and EXPECTED excellence right away.

    This attention to the details will show up all over the field.

    Rojo rushes for at least 650 yards and catches 35 balls for over 500 yds.

    Scores 8 times IMO

  34. BigMacAttack Says:

    Rojo is a Nojo. I don’t see how someone so bad, so scared, so lost in space can be anything more than marginally better, if not worse. I hope I’m wrong but he was the worst running back we’ve had in the last 20 years. The word suck doesn’t even begin to describe it. Then again, Doug Martin was pretty bad at times.

  35. Mike Johnson Says:

    Underground word is/was Ronald Jones is not that smart. He had problems learning the playbook. He surely was the biggest disappointment of our last season. He has to produce at this level or..move on to Arena Football or somethin. We have carried entirely to much dead weight over the last few
    seasons. Perform or Hit the road baby.

  36. adam from ny Says:

    too concerned with being cool, growing cool hair, pulling b*tches, smoking herb…like a hargreaves…

    you gotta be a hungry savage in the nfl…eat or be eaten…

  37. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    I hope he turns it around, not holding my breath though. Maturity and intelligence issues never translate to NFL success.

  38. From76 Says:

    I have a feeling that he was in someone’s dog house. Too much talent on the bench last year.