Gerald McCoy Told To Stay Home?

April 16th, 2019

Interesting twist this morning at One Buc Palace.

At his pre-draft news conference, general manager Jason Licht was asked why head coach Bucco Bruce Arians told Gerald McCoy to stay home and not come to the offseason workout program at One Buc Palace, which began two weeks ago.

Licht replied, “you’d have to ask Bruce.”

Hmmm. Ok.

Perhaps Arians and Todd Bowles don’t want Beau Allen looking over his shoulder? Yes, Joe’s being sarcastic.

What a colossal mess. The Bucs have to get an F grade for the way they’ve handled the McCoy situation, however you choose to define it.

76 Responses to “Gerald McCoy Told To Stay Home?”

  1. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Licht weight gets an “F” for the way he let GMC and agent run over licht weight last year!!!!!!!! When it was clear to trade and move on, and let the DC run a flexible scheme!!!!!!! Now GMC has NO value!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness that they built around GMC and gave him help with licht weight “did his job” , only to see icecream she get manhandled with no production!!!!!!!!!

    If they straight out cut the dancing clown that get manhandled on the field, then that grade will go up!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wasted opportunity!!!!!!!!! Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real fans” already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Want no chance of an injury……trying to trade him……

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lots of variables here Joe. You can’t say definitively that Arians isn’t protecting the rest of the team from Gerald. Everything I’ve heard this offseason points to a disgruntled DT.

  4. BucFanFromOH Says:

    Omg the 100+ exclamation points make that unreadable.

  5. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Which reporter asked the question? Whoever did has some great sources

  6. DanBucsfan Says:

    Well that appears to end the speculation, thanks for the memories Gerald McCoy. Although some fans didn’t appreciate you, I for one always respected you as a player and thank you for all you did in the community. Best wishes #93

  7. DanBucsfan Says:

    On that note, in a 3-4 I think Vita and Beau are solid at NT as a 1-2 punch

  8. tnew Says:

    He’s not a 13 mil guy. Bruce is the first person to tell him so. Renegotiate or stay home!..

  9. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Looking at the bucs schedule I can see 4-12 and maybe 5-11 coming up. GMC is called the leader of the team by many and then the new HC doesnt want him around? Why would licht come out and say that and not have an answer?

  10. tmaxcon Says:

    the crying clown has done enough damage. keeping cancer93 away from the young players is not only the right thing to do it’s the only hope those kids have.

  11. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I think because they are in search of salary space money they don’t want to be on the hook for that $13 mil if Gerald starts the season workouts. I guess supposedly he officially hasn’t started his season yet. Makes sense. GMC is a goner if he doesn’t restructure.

  12. Billy_43 Says:

    This is simple really and anyone who thinks BA handled this poorly is insane.

    BA wasn’t here last year so forget the “We should have traded him last year”
    For $13 Million GMC doesn’t fit in this scheme. PERIOD.

    BA also knew we aren’t even getting a 4th rounder for him, so the best case scenario is he re-works his contract or we cut him.

    Letting the Free World know he is washed up didn’t hurt a non-relevant trade value.

    What it did, was let GMC know we will pay you half of that. The choice is yours.

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think McCoy should get an F grade for how he’s handled the McCoy situation. He knows the Bucs can’t afford his salary. Licht is 100% responsibile for the cap mess but he inherited McCoy and his bloated contract. He screwed up by not trading him a couple years ago when his value was still high. Gerald has been a total failure as a Buc with zero return on investment.

  14. tmaxcon Says:


    everything about mccoy has been an F grade from day one. selfish me first clown with no drive to be great… it’s a shame that you and the rest of the cancer93 nuthugger association are still in denial. the guy is the undisputed face of the basement years nothing else or nothing MORE. I have been 100% accurate with my assessments of this loser for the last 7 years. a total clown who is overrated on and off the field

  15. Billy_43 Says:

    Honestly, It sounds to me like GMC tried to strong arm BA.

    Not only did BA laugh in his face, he publicly shamed him as if to say, Look at all the washed up DTs still NOT on a team.

    Good luck getting this much in FA

  16. T REX Says:

    This is going to be a disaster. Pulling a coach out of retirement. Jaboo.

    Just a mess.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Billy_43 … If your scenario plays out, Bucs could very well end up with a disgruntled 31-year-old DT with deteriorating skills making half of what he had agreed to make. Is that who you really want anchoring your DLine?

    GMC either fits the scheme or he doesn’t. How much he makes has nothing to do with that. Bucs NEED that $13 mil because of the salary Cap situation that we’re in (thanks again Jason). But treating a 10-year veteran like this is sad; very similar to how John Lynch & Derrick Brooks were treated. If Bucs have decided to move on from GMC, fine. Man up, tell him early & move on. Don’t play stupid games though. It’s demeaning to all concerned.

  18. Phil Says:

    He’s not part of the teams plan. They’re still trying to get something for him.

  19. Snook Says:

    Wish we had told him to stay home the last few seasons. This defense always plays better without him.

  20. tmaxcon Says:

    D r

    55 hung on too long…. way overrated player who never accomplished anything without sapp in front of him. Let those underachieving has beens go dude… they had 1 good year and were post season choke artists every other year…. living in a failed past worshipping has beens is pretty sad….

  21. Bucnjim Says:

    Right on Phil what more really needs to be said. I’m sure they told McCoy we’ll try and trade you but if we can’t sorry you’ll be cut. How is that bad? Arians could have really lit him up for his lack of play last year but instead took the high road. The best way to change the teams culture is by starting with McCoy and follow it up with the rest of the dancing fools.

  22. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “When it was clear to trade and move on, and let the DC run a flexible scheme!!!!”

    Which DC? The one who was in his 3rd season who had plenty of time to push for McCoy to be out? The one who had had 2 full offseasons of influence and work on the defense only to field the worst unit in NFL history basically?

    The one who loved short zone CBs which is what we drafted?
    The one who loved big fat 4ss DTs which is what we drafted & signed?

    Yeah it’s ALL Licht’s fault for holding onto GMC. No way the coaching staffs that were playing for their jobs on the line last season wanted him around. Licht loves short zone CBs and fat 4ss DTs that somehow perfectly fit Mike Smith’s past pedigree.

    Just like it was Licht’s decision to move Revis because he didn’t fit in Lovie’s scheme. Or Licht’s decision to gut the O-line after Lovie said we needed O-line change. Or Licht’s decision to draft a RB in R2 and then barely use him and never get him a single play in space.

    We also have no idea if there was even a good market for McCoy last season. Stop acting like you know. For all we know the max offer was a 5th round pick and now it’s a 7th. Woopady damn do.

    Licht is a up in many regards but this is a total organizational f*ck up as much as it’s on any one person

  23. Just Sayin’ Says:

    Don’t need him tainting the new regime with disgruntled negativity. Don’t let an employee know you are letting them go, then let them come in to the office to finish out the pay period. Unless you want dissension among the ranks.

  24. tmaxcon Says:

    d r

    another thing that needs to be made clear players are NOT OWED a damn thing and they are not guaranteed a lifetime job because low standard fans fall in love with mediocrity and constantly confuse popularity with greatness… all this feelings bs is laughable… you either win or go home… it’s time for cancer93 to go home it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt no franchise can win with that clown anchoring the defensive line.

  25. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Just here to watch Rod Munch defend GMC. Complete with GGGRRRRRR sound effects.

    GO ROD!

  26. Lamarcus Says:

    BA knows who to get the best out of players. Fortunately, GMC on the couch at home helps the Bucs. I agree with BA. Of course

  27. tmaxcon Says:

    please keep an eye for Hawaiian he is probably heading for the skyway… must be hard knowing you have been defending a career losing clown this entire time. way to go down with the ship though!!!! not a single meaningful win her entire buc caeer… it’s time for a t shirt celebrating the end of the basement years and hope for the future…

  28. El Buco Realisto Says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!! @ BucFanFromOH for blaming his illiteracy on exclamations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. RTG Bucs Says:

    An F Grade? I’d give them an A+ for how it has been handled. They have evaluated him and have determined that he is not worth 13M so he is not here. End of story. Yes, he is a good guy in the community, who cares? If he doesn’t help the TEAM to win then he is a bad guy to have on the roster. And it is obvious that he doesn’t make this team better.

  30. Not there yet Says:

    Trade or cut bait that is the only reason to say stay home. Looks like we’re getting lots of d line help

  31. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Great scoop by Stroud to know Arians asked gmc to stay away

  32. martinii Says:

    Defense Rules Says:

    Agree 100%. No way to treat a valuable Vet. Cut him loose and let him take his chances as a FA or pay him what he’s worth and play him but don’t treat him like Brooks and Lynch and several others that left it all on the field for Tampa.

  33. Mike Johnson Says:

    GMC will probably be packaged in a draft day deal. The guy will do just fine
    and probably..come back to bite the Bucs in the rear.

  34. ATrain Says:



    People call out GMC for not showing up. NOW it’s Bruce who told him to stay home

    Nothing is GMCs fault
    Too Soft /- No you just want dirty players
    Hurt every year /. GMC plays hurt all the time
    Helps Big Ben Up. / What a great community guy

    Maybe Bruce told him to stay home so he doesn’t bring us love of losing to the lockerroom

    The on field play is not the only problem with this team

    THE LOCKERROOM needs a winning attitude

  35. ATrain Says:

    Hey Mike I have a Beer GMC doesn’t bite anyone

    No team wants the cost of the 31 DT who is making one tackle a game. Average

  36. passthebuc Says:

    Is he free to negotiate with another team?

  37. 813bucboi Says:

    smiles are contagious…….


  38. #1bucsfan Says:

    It would be hilarious if he left an then got to go to the super bowl just like every other player we let go lol

  39. JimmyJack Says:

    Get the frig outta here with this storyline and the Bucs not handling Gerald the right way…….I even heard one jerk on the radio say we aren’t being fair to McCoy……….Meanwhile this guy has captained some of the most pathetic defenses to ever play the game.

    It’s a fact that a Gerald captained defense is subject to quit on the battlefield and just go through the motions. We have seen this twice(to my memory) already.

    Good player but as the leader of this team he is probably theost barassing player in Tampa Bay sports history.

    See through the BS Buc fans. These guys are trying to preach fairness onto us…….WTF!!! As a fanbase we have been punching in the gut and kicked in the teeth for 2 decades now…………..Don’t let these creep fool you with these BS storylines.

    Take everything you hear with a grain of salt……..Because always remember that most of the medias that cover the Bucs are not fans of the team. They are yankees that cover our team as a job. They don’t care about what we care about.

  40. JimmyJack Says:

    ***END RANT***

  41. ATrain Says:

    Funny how the ATrain gets cut off these posts about GMC

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I call bull on that story.

    Unless there is a trade in the works.

  43. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Get the frig out of here with blaming GMC for everything wrong with the defense. As I recall, Lavante David was considered the real leader before Kwon came along…he even called the plays during Kwon’s first year.

    McCoy was one man among boys who couldn’t play. Don’t blame him because the defense was ignored to build the offense.

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    Bonzai………Gerald has been the unquestioned leader and captain on this team for his entire tenure.

    The performance of the defenses Gerald captained is a reflection of Gerald himself. If you don’t believe me you are wrong and I suggest you look up the defenition of captain.

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    And no. Levonte David has not been the captain or leader of our defense. You are wrong.

    Gerald has been the captain and it has been unquestioned. To everyone except you, maybe.

  46. DanBucsfan Says:

    No tmaxon comment ??

  47. donuts Says:

    This is what happens when a team is way to late in trading an overpaid player for draft picks. This transaction should have occurred 2 drafts ago….

    Simply more evidence that Licht is not a good card player or GM.

  48. D-Rome Says:

    He’s not a 13 mil guy.

    You’re right. He’s a $15 million dollar player according to some.

  49. Stonedbuc Says:

    Cut him already, let him go see end game in a new city

  50. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    GMC will not get more than 7 million on the open market

  51. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Does anyone know what we paid BA?

  52. James Walker Says:

    He will be cut, end up on the Browns or Lions roster, then retire the next year.

  53. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    I hope you leave with him tamponxcon lol

  54. DB55 Says:

    Joseph Joseph Joseph I must say I’m pretty disappointed in you my friend. How/why did you omit the best line of the pc? I’m paraphrasing here but:

    Licht: when you have a guy with TALENT and gives MAXIMUM EFFORT on EVERY PLAY then you have JPP.

    DB55: ooooooooooohhhhhhhh darn BUUUUUUUUURNNNNNN 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    I guess I’m not the only who sees McIceCream for what he is, gargantuan talent itty bitty little heart.

  55. tmaxcon Says:


    little scotty you don’t use LOL in failed attempt at humor in your own post… that’s like speaking in 3rd person…. i will be in your head until the nfl does the right thing and contracts this minor league franchise from the nfl…

  56. DB55 Says:

    A+ in my book and I agree with a few posters who said that keep him away is simply protecting the rest of the team.

    Maybe I should start calling him McMrsa


  57. DB55 Says:

    Hey do you guys remember last off-season when McIceCream kept saying he wanted to carry the ball and they gave him a shot at it and he got hit so hard he never asked to carry the ball again. Ahhh the good memories of McIceCream. He will be missed (by every center and guard in our division)

  58. Buc believer Says:

    Thanks Gerald for the memories! Who can forget the celebration dance in Atlanta in the 4th quarter with your team still down big time! And all the look at me prayers in the middle of the field while you are the only player on the field. And the priceless helping Ben Rothlesburger off the field while asking the ref to give you a penalty. That and SO much more! You have been awesome!

  59. Bucsfanman Says:

    ATrain- We have exchanged more than a few opinions on GMC. IMO, he has been the most consistent defensive player we have had over this time period. As I type this, I realize that it is not saying much. This situation is untenable for the Bucs, which is where my allegiance lies.
    Simply put, it’s time to move on. We can get better, and we can get better without GMC.
    Finally, I will say this about GMC: It is not the fault of a singular player that our Bucs have stunk during his tenure. It’s unfortunate, but it is most assuredly time.

  60. Buccobrucejr Says:

    Exactly! Ppl don’t understand that it’s not that they don’t want him on the team. It’s that he wants to much money and his production doesn’t measure up to 13 mill. If he won’t restructure to help out the team while knowing he doesn’t produce 13 million worth of production Then bye bye Felicia!

  61. Dave Says:

    He’s not worth $13 million. They probably asked him to take a paycut and he got mad.

    Now they don’t want him around because he’ll become a cancer.

  62. J Says:

    Guessing GMC got mouthy, tested Arians and lost.

  63. Larry Woods Says:

    He may not be worth 13 mil a year, however, the way the organization has handled this could come back to bite us in the a$$. If I’m a free agent, this will definitely give me pause come next year, it’s bad business all around.

  64. TampaBay55 Says:

    GMCancer was told to stay home because Arians knows what the fanboys refuse to admit: He is a CANCER that allows players to BS and half ass around all the damn time, even when it’s GAME TIME. Good riddance and good job BA!

  65. NOSBOS Says:

    Precisely what this guy ☝🏾Said..

  66. NOSBOS Says:

    Phsst,swaggy humpin on palm trees and this pie @$$ mofo like “I’m buying wings agains”..

  67. Clw JB Says:

    Blind man sees the writing on the wall, bye GMC!

  68. Clw JB Says:

    Who is paying the one trick pony more than $6-7 a year, NO ONE!

    Either he re-ups with a reduced salary or enjoy the road back to Norman

    Peace, out!

  69. Isaac haggins Says:

    You will have to ask Bruce , Licht you are not a GM !!! Glorified jock that worked for some good football people !!!

    Clown !!

  70. bucs4ya Says:

    No to a reduced salary. Get him out of the locker room and lets change the culture on the defense. Hopefully he’s never back in the Bucs locker room. He’s ok with losing just wants to have fun. I’m glad it looks like he’s gone.

  71. Isaac haggins Says:

    Bonsai , I know you are joking or you weren’t in New Orleans when he faked another injury when the game was on the line !!! Well I watched him on the sideline after I told my wife watch this guy !!! Sure enough he has everyone believing he’s going to be out for the year but he forgets and actually starts cheering a big play and just as I thought he moved like he was barely injured. I watched this sht show / act repeated a couple times in the last two minutes after he removed himself in a one possession game and the Saints driving.

    The best part is I tell numerous people he will play next week and they are like oh no hes hurt bad but it gets better he dupes everyone into thinking he’s extra tough and it’s a miricle he’s back the next week !! No the miracle is that his broadway show lasted so long , I have watched this guy read plays to penetrate just to look good over and over and never have any intention of making a play . I mean the day he duped the staff to support sacks aren’t everything and it’s Geralds job to penetrate , I mean from that day forward he had a meal ticket to play Gerald ball . A pure fake , practice hard yes but never translated !! This happened in year two and I know it and have watched it so long I would be willing to bet that a hugely unproportionate number of his tackles were the first 8 plays of the game because after the first drive he would play Gerald Ball !! Hollywood ball !!! Not a care in the world about truly making a play on the ball !!! Trust me it’s was hard for me to believe at first and then camera plus mouth plus , mouth plus play made it very very very clear !!! Sorry Gerald I truly believe your football has been an 80 percent mental act for a long long time !!! Reap what you sow buddy !!!

  72. Sport Says:

    This confirms BA is calling the shots.

    BA has a plan and will execute it without remorse. Like it or not, its happening.

    I for one, freaking love it! Go BA! Go Bucs!

  73. Bucsace Says:

    GMC is the kind of player that makes you question the credibility of the Pro Bowl selection process… many other supposedly elite players really are not even close?

  74. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Lmaso looser tamponxcon lmaso !

  75. chargedcbh Says:

    WE have NO idea what’s goin on, so everybody please just Shut Up and wait. OMG now I understand why SO MANY Buc fans make no sense! It’s the media down there, OMG, Beckles is horrible, Clayton (Mr. I played for LSU, the Giants and the Bucs Baby!) Why does he tell people his resume every 2 minutes? Horrible coverage.

  76. unbelievable Says:

    I agree w/ you Joe

    If they wanted to trade or release him, they’ve done a horrible job at maintaining any leverage whatsoever.

    Pretty embarrassing to be honest.