Vita Vea Injured On First Play Of Fourth Quarter; Bucs Dodge Bullet

October 29th, 2018

Manbeast first-round pick Vita Vea has had an awfully rough start to his career.

First it was a calf injury in late July that cost him two months. Now Vea has a bad knee.

The Bucs feared it was a dreaded ACL injury, Dirk Koetter said today, but an MRI came up negative. Great news! So it’s not terribly serious, Koetter said.

Koetter said the injury occurred yesterday on the first play of the fourth quarter and the Bucs feared the worst.

Vea was walking around well today, Koetter said, but that’s not exactly a medical report.

All eyes now on the official Wednesday injury report.

It’s bad enough the Bucs draft class of 2018 has been largely an MIA squad this fall. Things could have been worse.

So Bucs fans can breathe a sigh of relief. On a day the Bucs lost their franchise quarterback, they almost lost a starting defensive tackle as well.

66 Responses to “Vita Vea Injured On First Play Of Fourth Quarter; Bucs Dodge Bullet”

  1. Jmarkbuc Says:


    2 good knees, one good knee…doesn’t really matter. Guy is slow as molasses.

  2. JimmyJack Says:

    Just get better and get back to pushing bodies around big boy.

    So glad it’s not serious. Last think we need is an injury prone 1st rounder.

  3. Buc believer Says:

    Soft as a babies butt!

  4. Casey Morgan Says:

    He did push the pile back into the QB a couple times. He has potential…

  5. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    There was a play where i saw him get thrown down by the Bengals o-linemen, not sure if he was off balance or not but i do see him getting held a lot too outside the pads and it’s not getting called.

    If he can shed his blocker he would have much better production, I did like his hustle in the browns game chasing guys around the field.

    Get well soon Vea, we are gonna need all the help we can get.

  6. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Ian Beckles and Sapp call Vea a slug. Pretty telling observation from two guys who know a little about life in the trenches.

  7. Not there yet Says:

    This guys get held on so many plays but it never gets called, that’s what happens when you play for the bucs. I liked the pick but still no pass rush and should have gone safety but honestly there’s no draft pick that would have changed how inconsistent this team is

  8. ndog Says:

    Does anything really matter anymore this season and the next 5-6 are trash anyways. I am about done with this team everything that touch turns to trash.

  9. Gruden4President Says:

    Sheldon Rankins career started off the same way and he is playing pretty good for the Saints now but I am starting to think with as far as Derwin James slid down we couldve made another trade down and gotten him. Lets just hope this is a short term injury

  10. Sweeptheleg Says:

    Wasted pick

  11. SOEbuc Says:


    that’s why you’re called a band wagon fan and not a true fan.

  12. Resurrection of Duff Says:


  13. TheNorm Says:


    How old are you?

    Don’t you realize that this IS THE BUCS. Other than 5-6 years this franchise has been horrid. And embarrassing. I can always tell who new fans are.

    “I’m done with this team blah blah blah” lol welcome to life as a Bucs fan.

    This IS THE NORM. I’ve not missed one game since 1987. This is how it’s always been.

    Get used to it.

  14. Resurrection of Duff Says:


  15. SOEbuc Says:

    @Casey Morgan

    “He did push the pile back into the QB a couple times. He has potential…”

    I saw him chasing Dalton outta the pocket a few times, also. No where very close to taking him down definintly putting pressure on Dalton to think about throwing it away.

  16. doug Says:

    Trade Winston & 93.

  17. TheNorm Says:

    Could’ve had Bradley Chubb whose got like 8 sacks?

    But nope this dumb as s team thought winning the last game of the season would mean something other than a worse draft pick. Yea lotta good that did. QB on his way outta town but hey let’s win one for the gipper and totally screw up a better chance to get better.

    This franchise is and always be pathetic. But I love the Bucs just the same.

    Born and bred on the Bucs.

  18. charles Stevens Says:

    You need to stop living in the Sapp era of defensive linemen.Theres only ever going to be ONE SAPP ! Bye all accounts Mccoy plays well ,just not a warren sapp type player up front .Did he not sign an autograph for you ,Jeez !!

  19. rrsrq Says:

    Bradley Chubb was not available unless we traded up. Should’ve went for Derwin James who would’ve been an impact player on all three levels and likely the leader to step up with Kwon down.
    Also, if Vea was hurt why was he dropping back in coverage on the series when Cincy was driving for the FG at the end. Yes, instead of putting pressure on the QB, yes he dropped back into coverage

  20. Rod Munch Says:

    He’s up to 3 tackles on the year, no QB hits and no QB pressures….

  21. dmatt Says:

    Browns just cleared house n fired Hue Jackson n OC Todd Haley. Let’s b done with Koetter n Litch. My argument…A GM with history of bad picks in 1st, 2nd,2nd,2nd,2nd,2nd round, poor taste for kickers n FA pick ups…ACollins,
    Swaggy,MJenkins,MJohnson. A Head Coach with a desire to play passive. Poor decision making n play calling. Allow ur QB to continue to make same mistakes
    i.e., 2017 preseason game against Jaguars, near the goal line he just throws the ball up for grabs in the end zone, same thing in 2028 preseason against Titans, he just throws the ball up for grabs in the end zone. Ints aren’t tipped or close, they r literally hand outs. This is just as much a coaching problem as it is Winston. He should’ve been benched until he understands that he’s not playing sandlot football. Koetter has allowed Winston to do what he want to as it relates to protecting the ball. This is y we r in this predicament. I say bench Winston for the remainder of the season, Ditch Koetter, n decide Winston’s fate next season.

  22. LakeLand Says:

    And this the guy they drafted over Derwin James


  23. Buc-Up Says:

    DT’s usually take a few years to develope, except for Aaron Donald.

  24. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs were too dumb to tank against New Orleans

    They could have Bradley Chubb

  25. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Another dumb licht move & the new DC had this dude dropping into coverage, horrible miss by Licht

  26. LakeLand Says:


    This backward-thinking regime don’t have a few years
    Well maybe they do with the Bucs

  27. unbelievable Says:

    I’ve been pretty happy with Licht’s drafts (no GM hits on all their picks)… but 2018 is looking bad. Possibly as bad or worse than 2016.

    Carlton Davis has played well and definitely looks like a keeper. Now obviously these guys are all rookies so it’s way too early to make a final judgement, but I don’t see how MJ Stewart will suddenly get faster. And RoJo just doesn’t look the part. Running backs are one of the few positions that you can evaluate much earlier on. He’s hesitant, and seems to fall over if someone so much as breathes on him.

    Too little tape on Vea so far, but another injury certainly doesn’t bode well.

  28. TampaTown Says:

    You may not like him, but Sapp is always right. He predicted all this when double V was drafted. Or as Ian Beckles said, “he’s a slug.”

  29. Mike Johnson Says:

    Time will tell guys. But Vita just might become the impact player we hoped he would. He might be one of these 4 to 5 yr average players. Then hit the NFl travel circuit for a few years. I’m gonna hold my breathe and give him a chance. Hopefully next yr, his tutoring will be over and he comes in at a svelte 305 or close. He’s finding out strength and just trying to push bodies around won’t cut it in this NFL. Lets see IF..he develops. I would not give him more than 2 yrs though.

  30. dmatt Says:


    I agree, ROJO seems to fall over if someone breathes on him. He runs timid as if anticipating a big league hit. Kind of reminds me of 2008 Appalachian St 2nd round pick Dexter Jackson, all speed n no heart. I really believe many of our players r not coached up right based on historically how they ball out once they go to another team.

  31. Knoxville Buc Fan Says:

    I hope Fitz has some magic left. IT ain’t looking good for the Bucs playing for something in December. Unless Jason makes a few moves before 4pm tomorrow! I’d be trying like hell to trade for a linebacker and a corner that both could come in and start. Throw a right guard in there to lol. Caleb sucks. Dang sure wouldn’t wanna look back if I’m Jason come January when the whole staff is fired and wish I would’ve listened to Knoxville Buc Fan back in October. Hell what ya got to lose Jason? Your freaking job maybe? You got the number one offense and are just a few players away. Just DO IT

  32. Bucamania Says:

    Licht outsmarted everyone on that Vita Vea pick! God he looks awful so far. Velco is right.

  33. pelbuc Says:

    Wasted pick once again. Great job Licht with the 2017 draft!

  34. SOEbuc Says:

    DT is the strongest position in the 2019 draft. If we could get a nice pass rushing rookie or a good vet when GMC takes the long walk it could mean a whole new ball game for VV. Definitly not giving up on a rookie that’s only played four games and missed all TC and PS.

  35. Rayjay1122 Says:

    When they drafted him, I said to a friend, Vita who?
    I have the same question today.

  36. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Three scrubs or Bradley Chubb? Dirk done or now Dead Dirk Walkin’? I’d say Week 17 win was empty.

  37. Wesley Says:

    Would have dodged a bullet by not drafting him. Licht needs to go along with half of this team!

  38. unbelievable Says:

    Agreed dmatt. And like I said, I try not to pass judgment on draft picks til year 3, but running back- strictly from a running standpoint (not pass blocking, route running, blitz pickup, etc.,) is one of the easier transitions from college.

    You either have it or you don’t as a RB.

    I really wanted Kareem Hunt in the 3rd in 2017, and there were a few other guys I wanted more than RoJo in 2018.

  39. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    I think Vea is still gonna end up a good player, but it’s gonna take more than a year. My nephews, who live in Seattle, absolutely raved about him in college at UW.

  40. Buccfan37 Says:

    Who knew the Bucs first round pick last year was another Licht wing and a prayer guess?

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think Vita has potential but it’s going to take a lot of hard work on his part. He has to keep shedding weight around the gut and packing lean muscle. He needs be running every day and build cardio. This something Fatboy Gerald refused to do. One reason he’s always injured is because he’s not in top physical condition. Getting paid 100 million and too lazy to put in the work to dominate. GMC has no heart. Vita doesn’t need to fall in the same trap. Every player on the team should look like Noah Spence or at least close. Most of the skill players do. Linemen aren’t anywhere close. They’re all slow and dragging excess baggage around. Ali Marpet has small arms. These guys need to start pumping iron and eating well. WTF?

  42. Sweeptheleg Says:

    @Rod Munch

    Well well look who came out of hiding. Lmao please tell us who’s at fault for your messiah JW?

    You and DB55’s blind allegiance constantly defending mediocrity. I’m sure you’re still busy typing up your thesis on everyone y’all can blame. But I’m sure not one ounce of blame wil be put on your boy.

    Look at who the dumb as s is now.

  43. EEK Says:

    Didn’t know he was even in the game

  44. Season Is Over Says:

    Already over this guy.

  45. LakeLand Says:

    This Fatboy is another “Incompetent” Jason Licht bust

  46. TheNorm Says:

    @rod munch

    Come on tell us how JW getting benched is everyone else’s fault!

    Between you and DB55 being blind apologists you should be banned. Had to argue with people like you for 4 years that JW was average at best.

    Eat it! Both of you!!

    Welcome to reality we’ve been waiting for you

  47. TheNorm Says:

    Why are my posts not showing up?

  48. TheNorm Says:

    @rod munch

    Defend your boy!

    Come out of hiding.

    Where you at? Cat got your tongue now?

  49. joestang Says:

    joe, i wish you would stop calling vea a manbeast, this guy is slow outta shape and a terrible first round pick, who cares if he plays or not, he is not a difference maker, he just fills a roster. another wasted draft pick. I would try to get rid of vea and jones for a 4th round pick, cut your losses now.

  50. TheNorm Says:

    Rod munch and DB55 come on defend your boy

    Cat got your tongues now?

    Tell us how it’s everyone else’s fault and not one of those int’s were on Winston!

  51. TheNorm Says:

    ROD MUNCH defend JW now!
    Tell us it’s everyone else’s fault.

  52. TheNorm Says:

    Cat got your tongue now? Defend your man. Guess you’re in hiding.

  53. NPRSageBoy Says:

    With RoJo the bust out a few weeks, I guess we see what Shawn Wilson can do.

  54. FortMyersDave Says:

    Bucs could have had either Bradley Chubb or Quinton Nelson at pick number 5 last year if Winston followed the Koetter game plan which was hike the ball from the 39 and complete a 5 yard slant so the kicker can miss a 52 yard field goal. So we can blame Winston for getting Vea on top of everything else. Sad thing is that Koetter was not tank8ng; that is his percentage driven game plan to lose close ballgames…..

  55. Kord Says:

    You people wanted Tampa to tank to get Chubb or Nelson, tank to Nola? I enjoyed the hell outta watching them beat Nola to close out a bad year. Enjoyed the hell outta beating them to open the year. Besides Chicago game we are ok. Stop whining about Chubb or whoever we didn’t draft, holy crap it’s over for ####s sake!

  56. Season Is Over Says:

    Rojo the Bust sounds like some magician. I hope he becomes Rojo the Great. What the hell is going on with this guy? They said this guy had a rocket up his ass. Jason Licht actually said that.
    “Every time you put on the tape, you would see the aggressiveness but then you would see the fluidity, the hips, the burst and the speed, and the explosive speed isn’t something we haven’t had at that position in a long time, at least since I’ve been here. He’s already shown that [at Bucs practice] that he’s got it. It’s very deceptive, but it looks like he has a rocket up his ass at times.”

    I don’t know about you fans but every time I put on the DVR I’m sure glad we have the type of speed we haven’t had at that position in a long time. Are you not seeing the “It” or is it too deceptive? I have been looking and hoping to see when he has a rocket up his ass. I’m just glad I wasn’t here for the 80’s teams.

  57. JabooBuc Says:

    TheNorm: geeez dude. Take a pill and chill out. You’re looking just a slight bit off your rocker.

  58. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Jimmy Johnson made a great if obvious point on the Fox pregame yesterday.

    He was in a discussion over which QB’s would be gone which would get some more time.

    He concluded with this observation. When he was a coach people would come to him all the time and say get rid of this guy…get rid of that guy…and he would always ask…do you have a replacement ready? You can’t just whack guys without a replacement plan.

  59. Bucs55 Says:

    I’ve been saying this pick was a bust for months I’ve even gotten into a argument with the writer of pewterreport when the mocked him to Tampa in there mock drafts this kid will be nothing better then Danny Shelton was for the browns if we wanted a nose tackle we should of waited in the later rounds and drafted one we were in need of a pass rusher or a safety and we got none of those in the first round when we could of had James or Payne now we are stuck with this injury prone nose tackle that was suppose to be a dominating factor in our D-Line smh

  60. bigdaddio Says:

    So far he’s been a 1 trick pony. He pushes his lineman straight back. He is unable to shed a block, raise his hands to block a throwing lane or alter course even 1 inch. He seems to have zero football awareness. Sure it’s great you are driving the guard into the backfield, how about when the ball carrier is right next to you change direction. So he’s almost like Forrest Gump (push Vita! Stop!).

    If he can’t develop better football instincts he will be another bust. Until then, they should use him for stunts/blitzes. Pretty safe bet to blitz his gaps or stunt through his gaps as he’s getting a push most plays.

  61. Destinjohnny Says:

    I always said it… this is the draft that gets Jason fired

  62. Destinjohnny Says:

    I’d like to present the 18
    Draft class….
    Carlton Davis

  63. Firrrreee Licht Says:

    Unfortunately the Bucs took the proverbial bullet by drafting him instead of Derwin james Jr… fire Licht

  64. Firrrreee Licht Says:

    Jason Licht and Matt Millen in a league of their own. Worst GMs in NFL history. Also, fire Koetter and pick up Hue Jackson. If Cleveland had Jameis, they’d be winning with that defense.

  65. rrsrq Says:

    Ea may become a good player, but will he be an impact player, when you had a chance to get one at a position of need

  66. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    The time to dodge this bullet was draft day. I understand the excitement of gathering draft picks via Vea trade…but if Licht was a punter, the 2018 draft went “off the side of his foot”. Shank City, baby!