Here Comes The Blitz

October 18th, 2018

Only three NFL teams blitz on more than one-third of dropbacks by opposing quarterbacks — and one is coming to play at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway on Sunday.

Yes, Cleveland gets after it on defense. And the Browns have been stunning when it comes to limiting QBs, who are completing less than 59 percent of passes this season.

See the NFL Films graphic below. The Browns blitz 37.8 percent of the time. Cleveland doesn’t stuff the run well, but their pass defense is very sound.

It’s going to be a three-down kind of day for running back Peyton Barber, and America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, needs to be extra aware of protecting the football. The Browns have nine interceptions already (the Bucs have one) and eight forced fumbles.

35 Responses to “Here Comes The Blitz”

  1. Getaclue Says:

    This is where Winston is allegedly plays his best so we will see how it plays out come game time

  2. LakeLand Says:

    It’s a Greg Williams coached defense
    He brings the heat

  3. Dewey Selmon Says:

    getaclue has a clue, Winston trailed only Brady I believe last year when blitzed.

  4. DNI Says Says:

    Well if the Browns are going to be blitzing Jamis Winston you can rest assured that this knuckle-head is going to get dumb struck and cough up the football. He is not good under pressure. Hopefully the offensive line can pick this up and provide him enough time to get rid of the ball. Oh darn that’s right, I’m still talking about Jamis Wnston the dumb-founded QB. Holly crap the Bucs are going to become the old Browns. Well I can certainly find something else to do on Sunday besides watch this slaughter.

  5. Cgmaster27 Says:

    DNI, not good under pressure? Jesus some Bucs fans are dumb
    He was number 2 in the NFL in qbr when blitzed last year. Jesus man at least research a little, it would go a long way to making you look half way intelligent. But only half way, cant completely fix stupid

  6. Buccernutter Says:

    Lol ya catch up dni. You look so dumb going on a pessimistic rant and you don’t even have your facts right.

    That’s bucs fans for you. Just comment randomly about things they know nothing about.

  7. Doctor_berto Says:


    This just proves how clueless you actually are. Do you even watch the games or just listen to what ESPN tell you?

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    That’s why in this game, if we throw more than 35+ times we will not win.
    Some may not like it, but that’s our tendency and it’s backed up by fact. Over 2 seasons in 29 games played with a whopping 14 wins, only THREE times have we thrown more than 35 times and won.

  9. Not there yet Says:

    Wouldn’t be a good strategy unless the o line plays soft again. Fitz can’t handle the blitz but Winston can

  10. Hawk Says:

    With the plethora of weapons at his disposal, Winston should play ‘slice and dice’. The game should be decided by the time the 4th qtr starts.

  11. ben Says:

    is Winston the interception leader yet?

  12. Jmarkbuc Says:

    I’m sure Williams is looking at Benenoch and salivating….

  13. adam from ny Says:


  14. adam from ny Says:

    the glazers have been spotted in aisle 8 at publics today…shopping for pretzels and for coaches

  15. Pryda...sec 147 Says:

    Please blitz Jameis will pick apart that defense 1v1 all over the field haha Cleveland is gonna melt in this heat !

  16. Dapostman Says:


    you are exactly correct. The blitz will mostly come at the RG spot, Mr Lookout block. I remember in the 3rd quarter when we had to settle for a FG Benenoch gave up a sack. The troubling thing was Jensen turned left to help Marpet and not Benenoch who of course got beat. Why would you help on the guy who just got paid and should handle his one on one assignment? Jensen needs to help Benenoch on the 4 man rush not Marpet!

  17. Architek Says:

    Oh and they have a very young secondary also – IJS

  18. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Not sure why E Smith isn’t starting…can’t be worse than Benenoch.

    Hell put that kid Liedtke on the line somewhere. It’s time to find out who on this team can play.

    Sorry as I am to say it, this team ain’t going to the playoffs. So once again , before Halloween, we are playing for next year.

    Sheeesh, none of us are getting any younger

  19. mixxx31 Says:

    DNI, you popcorn fart!

  20. orlbucfan Says:

    Cleveland is turning things around. My question is about our defense. How will they play with Smith the hamstringer gone?

  21. Jean Lafitte Says:

    If we lose to Cleveland I will throw-up

  22. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Winston in his 4th year has to outplay rookie Mayfield …no excuses

  23. Jeffbuc Says:

    All I know is I’m not playing jameis in any draftkings this week. I believe Cleveland is a 3-4 defense. And any fan should know jameis struggles with 3-4 for some reason. I wouldn’t doubt at least 3 int and holding on to the ball to long to the tune of 5 plus sacks. And once again we will have the announcers show receivers running wide open that jameis didn’t see. This is the game that will tell us if jameis has turned the corner. If he plays well and we win. I will be surprised but I am hoping to be surprised Sunday. Other teams when they see blitz like Matt Ryan did last week looked at Julio and tapped his wrist. And he threw a quick slant to him in about 1 second gain of 8. We never seem to do stuff like that. Just stick with the play. And get sacked or throw a wobbler off are back foot

  24. Darin Says:

    Lets hope the Bucs blitz as much as Cleveland, or more. Disguise them Duff. Cmon its been so long since we saw a creative, aggressive defense. And a rookie qb. The kind Smitty puts in the Pro Bowl. Do it Duff do it.

  25. JabooBuc Says:

    Not sure why you would blitz the Bucs. You can probably get pressure with 4 (just direct it to the RG) and drop 7 in coverage. I’d rather take my chances on JW trying to force things then going 1 on 1 with this group of receivers.

    I realize Pittsburgh brought the blitz often but that was Fitz who’s a little easier to get to.

  26. DNI Says Says:

    Wow, finally one person (Jeffbuc) gets it. This Popcorn Fart looks forward to counting how many times our QB screws the pooch with a bone-headed play. Everyone else keep dreaming>>>

  27. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    with the blitz coming maybe Dotson should request #MeToo protection since he has been abused and assaulted so often this year. He has more video evidence than most

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    RiaB- LMAO! Classic!!!

  29. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Sounds like showtime for America’s Turnover Machine!

  30. webster Says:

    Wow this thread just validate how dumb tampa fans really are.


    Nothing needs to be said. You are just uneducated on what you speak. The funny thing many tried to let you know, but you thought it would help your cause by responding. You were WRONG. Own it.


    Every post i read from you leads me to believe the elevator does not go all the way to the top. You do realize the two qbs play against two different defenses correct? You probably dont.


    The bucs throwing more than 35 times is a direct reflection that the defense can not stop anyone and constantly giving up 3 tds in the first half. You have no choice but to throw at that time. Until last sunday in the nfl, the record was 51-1-1 when a offense has put up the numbers jameis and this offense did. The record was 17-O if the qb threw 2+ ints. Only the bucs with this defense could find a way to lose. As sapp said, 29 pts should be enough.

  31. LakeLand Says:

    Caleb Benenoch was benched against the Falcons in the 3rd quarter

    He may not see the field this week

  32. SOEbuc Says:


    “Caleb Benenoch was benched against the Falcons in the 3rd quarter

    He may not see the field this week.”


  33. SOEbuc Says:

    FEED THE ROCK TO PB!!! They’re awful at the run game because they constantly blitz. Barber could wreck a team with a sh!tty run defense.

  34. Reality_43 Says:

    Congrats @DNI.
    You found another Jameis hater as clueless as you.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    I await the day this fool proves us wrong!