Keepin’ The Streak Alive

September 5th, 2018

Wants to play.

Donovan Smith was on the practice field today. But per the first injury report of the season, he was limited.

Of course, Smith is the Bucs’ ironman left tackle. Since he was drafted in 2015, Smith has never missed an NFL start. In fact, Smith has only missed one half of football.

When Smith went down in training camp with a sprained right knee, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter at the time noted that the streak of starts is important to Smith.

Earlier today, Koetter mentioned Smith is trying his best to start opening day in New Orleans on Sunday.

“That’s impressive,” Koetter said of the streak. “Guys when they get streaks like that going, they become important. When I was in Atlanta, I think Roddy White had something like 109-110 games in a row going and he had a high ankle sprain coming out of preseason. He would’ve done just about anything to play. It’s important to those guys. They take it personal, and I know Donovan feels that way as well.”

Joe wants Smith to keep that streak going but the Bucs and Smith have to look at the big picture here. If Smith isn’t healed enough to withstand the rigors of blocking in the NFL, then he will do more harm than good by playing.

And of course, the Bucs need Smith for the whole season, not just one game. No need to rush it and play too early and cause his knee to buckle with an even worse injury.

11 Responses to “Keepin’ The Streak Alive”

  1. BucEmUp Says:

    He needs to take it easy and not risk the season but maybe he has been playing possum since that practice injury.

    Either way Doestn matter if the bucs lose it will be the fault of an embarrassing completion percentage from the league worst defensive coordinator….possibly one of the worst in history when it comes to secondary coverage. Send him out to pasture and put a bullet in him for already please don’t make fans wait another year for a decent coverage unit DAMMMMMMMMMMITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!( Banging head against the wall repeatedly until blood pours out of Eye balls)

  2. horse liver Says:

    Maybe let him start (as in first play), run right, then sub him out. He gets the streak oreserved and heals better if he needs it.

  3. Marc Says:

    I’m with horse liver on this one let him play a few snaps. If it feels good let him keep playing if it starts to feel funny, pull him. “Simple as that.”

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    Andrus Peat for the Aints is banged up. He’s a big part of their O line that Our big men could possibly expose inside. The only way to beat Drew Brees is with pressure. I would say that Peat is more valuable to their offense than Ingram.

  5. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Agree with horse liver and marc. I might see how he feels in warmups and then if it’s all good let him try an entire series…if that works…leave him in…if it doesn’t at least get him one play to preserve the streak.

  6. Tampaspicer Says:

    If you ignore the trolls they will go away. That’s how the intronet works.

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    Spicer…where’s the troll?

    Either way….look out Fitzy!

  8. Jeffbuc Says:

    We all know the bucs are over cautious with injuries. This is clearly a mess with the saints move. They will think he is hobbled and maybe flow some more blitzes to his side. You all know if he was at risk of further injury or wasn’t fully ready to play the coaches wouldn’t let him play week one just for a stupid streak. And jeopardize him getting hurt and being out longer. It is probaly a pain tolerance injury with no worry of furthering the injury. If it’s a high ankle sprain it will be heavily taped and braced. And like I said it will all be about his pain tolerance and comfort playing. The shot he gets before the game will make it all better

  9. German Buc Says:

    I’d like the Bucs to keep the streak of opening days victories under the guidance of coach Koetter alive, too.

  10. Bobby M. Says:

    The coaches job is to field the team that puts us in position to win…..I doubt Koetter will play him one play for the sake of a streak, but if he does, he’s not going to make it as a head coach. Start the game with Smith getting blown up because he’s not ready or he gets injured further and Koetter looks like a complete idiot.

  11. Godeep66 Says:

    Iron man for sure. Nice article Joe. Leveling for NOLA this afternoon.

    Let’s go Bucs.