No Talent Tantrums From Fitz

July 15th, 2018

So how has Ryan Fitzpatrick performed during his long career when he’s had a strong stable of pass catchers to target?

Joe is pleased to share because it could be a harbinger of September happiness.

One could argue Fitzpatrick’s best season was in 2014, when he started 12 games for the Texans. That season he finally had A-list talent available to him at receiver, Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins.

Fitzpatrick completed 63.1 percent of his passes with 17 touchdowns and eight interceptions. His yards per completion averaged 12.6 and his quarterback rating was 95.3, ninth-best in the NFL that season. (Impressive if you’re a QB rating guy, though Joe is not.)

A 6-6 record and a December broken leg didn’t impress the Texans, however, and Fitzpatrick was off to the Jets the following season.

In New York, Fitzpatrick thrived in 2015. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker were on the outside hauling in a whopping 189 passes for a combined 2,529 yards and 26 touchdowns while Fitzpatrick started every game. In 2016, with Decker missing 13 games and Marshall looking like a worn out 32-year-old receiver, and no tight end to speak of, Fitzpatrick got the boot and landed in Tampa.

Outside of those strong 2014 and 2015 seasons, it’s easy to say Fitzpatrick never had much of a receiving corps as a primary starter.

He clicked with an old Terrell Owens in Buffalo for half a season, and T.O. remembers Fitz as the best ball-thrower he’s ever played with. Of course, Fitz’s main target during his Buffalo years was wide receiver Steve Johnson, an overachieving seventh-round pick who was complemented by tight end Scott Chandler, not exactly a Pro Bowl candidate.

The point is that Fitzpatrick will enter this Bucs season as a starter loaded with elite weapons around him, arguably more than he’s ever had at his disposal previously. And Fitzpatrick certainly performed well with that bunch last year.

Subtract the crippling noose to this offense that was Doug Martin, and there’s no telling how well Fitzpatrick might be able to simply play pitch-and-catch with the inevitable open man. According to his coach, that basic task might have been the Bucs’ biggest problem last season.

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  1. AlteredEgo Says:


  2. Lunchbox Says:

    I feel like we actually have a chance to surprise some people this fall. More than anything, it hinges on our running game and our defense, which both should be much improved this year (hopefully). I’m optimistic that we could be 2-1 when Jameis comes back off of his suspension. Time will tell.

  3. DB55 Says:

    And Fitzpatrick certainly performed well with that bunch last year.
    In 3.5 games he had a 58% completion percentage, 7 TDS and 3 ints and a 56 QBs rating. Also went 2-1 vs the Jets, Dolphins and Falcons. Yes he beat 2 teams that combined for 11 wins.

    This all feels like a flashback to 2014 when people thought McClown was going to help somehow bc of his experience. Back-up QBs are back-ups for a reason.

  4. SB Says:

    Fitz went 2 and 1 last yr with much less than the prep on the exact same team that JW had and he went 3 and 10. Fitz will get to prepare as the starter in TC so we will see what actually happens.
    I think this team is better than most are giving it credit for and that an average QB could get us to 9 and 7. Schedule be damned!

  5. SB Says:

    Great minds and all Lunchbox. 🙂

  6. SB Says:

    Lol at even debating the results in Fitz vs. Jameis last yr by sample size.
    Fitz out performed Jameis when he was called upon which is more than you can ask for with a backup QB. Period.

  7. DB55 Says:

    Joe reported that Fitz is 1-8 in his career vs the Bucs first 3 opponents.

    If you think the def has improved you’re simply not paying attention. 3 back-up role players will not improve the def dramatically if at all. And after the ringing endorsement McAdoo gave JPP I’m believing everything the NY fans have told me about JPP which involves a bunch of snickers, cheers and thank yous.

    But yea 2-1 or better yet 3-0. Heck why stop there? If Fitz plays the entire season (probably won’t make it past game 2 without injury) the Bucs will go 15-1 and win the Super Bowl.

  8. Wright Says:


    Yea his 2 wins came against the Jets and Dolphins, real powerhouses in the NFL. I’m pretty sure Jameis would’ve won those games as well.

    And the game he started against Atlanta, a big fat zero in the TD column, and a 34-20 L. What did Jameis do later in the year back form injury against the Falcons? Put the Bucs in a great position to win all while going for 3 TDs, 77% completetion, 0 INTs, and all around looking like the starter we drafted him to be. So you can take your “analysis” and shove it. Fitz did his job as a backup, but by no means did he “out-perform” Jameis last year.

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Sorry for the ignorance but I have a question guys.

    What are the actual details of Jameis suspension? I recall reading that he can participate fully in TC and play in pre season games.

    So is he allowed to even be at OBP once the season starts? If not do we think Koetter will find an empty field somewhere for Jameis and a couple receivers so he can stay sharp?

    Someone mentioned that Jameis may get the lion’s share of pre season game snaps because we can’t afford to get Fitz hurt with only Griffin to back him up.

    I don’t know about that. There is also the question of the entire season. We surely will need to see how Jameis is playing to get ready for the final 13 games but then there will also be the urgency to get Fitz ready for the first three.

    Koetter will have to earn his paycheck this season…that’s for sure.

  10. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Jameis love runs deep here. Soon he’ll be able to walk across Tampa Bay avoiding the traffic on the Frankland.

    Fitzpatrick has been a starting QB in this league. He hasn’t been a backup his entire career. He won ten games one season…hopefully Jameis FINALLY does that in his 4th year.

  11. BoJim Says:

    I really think we’ll be all right. Bucs just need to keep their heads down and play.

  12. Kobe Faker Says:

    Fitz succeeded in a west coast short quick passing attack

    if he has to hold the ball and throw downfield in Klueless vertical passing game….

    Fitz wont make it thru 3 games…

    and then we will see our prized backup QB Ryan Smith

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The key to our first three games and the rest of them for that matter depend on two things….and they aren’t the starting QB.

    Can we run the ball…..and how strong is our new Defense…….can we stop the run, rush the passer?

    Our QB play doesn’t need to be outstanding as long as we keep our turnovers to a minimum…..we can win games with running and D.

  14. Not there yet Says:

    Yeah only he’s like 37 now and 2014 was a long time ago for someone his age. Don’t give me stats from all those years ago for the quarterback but when it comes to defense all anyone can talk about is last year. Talking about those old stats is basically like bringing up how good the bucs defense was under Greg schiano.

    As a buc fan personally i think knowing Winston did this is going to come back to haunt these guys they Should have signed a quarterback this off-season. Banking on Fitz means he could be serviceable but it could be as disastrous as drafting a kicker in the 2nd round. Don’t bring up stats from 4 years ago to try to make me think he’s going to turn out top tier quarterback stats, Fitz is old and could get injured which leaves us with Ryan Griffin, then Winston could have a crap season anyway…. Should have brought in a guy to push Winston

  15. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Kobe…Ryan Griffin I think you mean.
    The Bucs need to bring another game-experienced QB in here to spell Fitz or compete with him.

    “Since Jameis Winston is suspended for the key first games of the season due to suspension for what the NFL thinks is sexual misconduct.”

    “Jameis Winston has yet again hurt his team…”

    “They needed him to be reliable and wins games. He does neither.”

  16. DB55 Says:

    That season he finally had A-list talent available to him at receiver, Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins.
    Lol, let’s not forget pro-bowler Adrian Foster who rushed for 1247 yards that year.

  17. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Look at that…he’s won more games in his recent time as a starter…and he has zero sex crimes on his record. How can that be? Can it possible you can have a QB that is as mediocre as Former Face of the Franchise (FFF) Winston AND not be in repeated trouble for sexual misconduct?

    Better yet…Drew Brees, Marcus Mariota, Matt Ryan…seemingly pretty darn good QBs and NO sex crimes among them. How can that be?

    When all the Jameis lovers think we have to have him to win–we have to blindly support him. Sorry, ain’t buying…and that ship sailed.

  18. Jeffbuc Says:

    Roy t Buford. Innocent until proven guilty. He has never been convicted of a crime. So we should just believe the accusations even though in the first case wasn’t enough evidence to bring up charges. And the second case she never went to the cops. So you do know that there are women out there that know a guy has money and will do anything to try and make a dollar off them. But in your eyes he is guilty. Good thing you are not the judge jury and executioner. He hasn’t been charged with anything and yet you are calling him a sex criminal. To be a criminal you have to be convicted by the court of law. Not by the good ol boy Roy t Buford. Put a away your white sheet Times are changing ol timer. You have no clue what happened on either occasion. Just like the all American high school kid that had a scholarship to usc was convicted of rape and served a while in prison. Only got the girl to come out later and say he was innocen. And all charges were dropped. But no he is a sex criminal also. Even though he was wrongly accused. And the coach of the lions he is a sex criminal. Why aren’t you boycotting him. He was accused of a gang rape. But he Bieber got charged so he must be innocent. Your hate shows

  19. Jeffbuc Says:

    Jameis has zero sex crimes on his record hater. You have to be convicted in court not in your old timer mind. Go drink another bush light and slap your old latdy because dinner is cold.

  20. Jeffbuc Says:

    He is guilty in my eyes even though he has never been convicted. You are a saint to be able to direct so much hate towards someone who has never been convicted of a crime. Thanks for being the moral police. You might have a second career as a journalist. Because you seem to think like them that you are the final voice. And if you say jameis is guilty he is guilty. If someone did something to me in appropriate that is a severe crime I think I would do more than just tell my work. I think I would call the cops if I had an airtight story. But if I was shady and trying to be vindictive I think I would just tell my work and get your Uber account suspended. Because I knew if I got the cops involved they would see right through my made up story. But then again Roy that doesn’t matter to you. you are still mad that he lied to you. How dare he.

  21. Kobe Faker Says:

    @Roy T

    “That is Kobe Faker trying to be funny”

    The Buc Realist

  22. SB Says:

    Lol……You guys crack me up.
    “Fitz beat the Dolphins and Jets big whoop”

    Jameis beat the Bears and the Giants! Lucky with a week 17 win against the Saints on a Miracle Drive!

    Hypocrites much?

    Fitz had a better win%. Better TD to int ratio. Less Turnovers

    You can spin that ish any way you want until you are Blue in the face. Facts are facts!

  23. BrianBucs Says:

    In the last 3 games last year Koetter had the Bucs offense running a short, quick passing game with Barber running the ball well. Some of the Bucs starting offensive line were injured and the subs run blocked better than pass blocked. So the idea was to get the ball out of Winston’s hands quickly to cut down on turnovers and mistakes. Then take the occasional shot downfield after the safeties were drawn up close to the box. Some short passes were turned into long gains by the receivers and backs allowing Winston to post some good numbers.
    If the Bucs stay with this offense with Fitz at QB his numbers will also be very good and maybe the Bucs can win a couple if the new defensive line lives up to its billing

  24. Jeffbuc Says:

    Wow you guys are not divided at all you are actually arguing stats and wins amongst are own quarterbacks. Ryan played better than jameis. No jameis did better than Ryan. Grow up folks. I don’t care who had better stats I have been waisting money just like the rest of you year after year. With hope and promise every year that this is are year. I really have had my tickets since the end of the hay day. When I could finally afford them. Because I was only 22 when we won are super bowl. And was young and dumb and more worried about spending my money on a chance to grab a chick in her croch. But now that is severely frowned apon. I wish I would have had my priorities straight back in 2002 when I was 22 and would have bought season tickets instead of trying to buy ass. But oh well I grew out of that stage made a good living and bought season tickets And now I am married with a kid. So late nights and chasing tail is a part of me I can barely remember. Good thing my employer doesn’t hold me accountable for stuff I did when I was 22 or I would be collecting food stamps wondering why. So I think everyone including Roy t Buford can look back to when they were 22 if he can remember the roaring 50s. And see a 20-24 year old man who is single or married has one thing on there mind. But Roy t Buford will disagree he walked uphill both ways to school. With a bake potato to keep his hands warm that was also his lunch. If the report was he raped her or beat her then I would be offended but a drunk 22 year old grabbing a girls croch on top of her clothing at 3 am. That screams juvenile mistake. She is not losing sleep over this. Most of you guys act like she is so offended that she was touched through two layers of clothing that she will never be the same. She wakes up every night in cold sweats about a hand touching where she could barely feel. Her helpless so vulnerable all she could do was open her mouth and utter the words what are you doing. Then The sexual deviant stops by the grace of something magical. And then she continues the ride to his destination. Because a distraught women would always not call 911 if she was scared but continue on from the fast food place where there were multiple people who she could have said this guy just touched me inappropriately but no she continues to take the customer to his desired location. Sounds like a horrific night I sure hope she can sleep at night beings she still composed herself enough to not say something to the fast food employee. And still feel safe enough around the sexual criminal to take him back to his hotel. Just saying if it was me and I felt threatened and there was no weopan I would have told the person at the drive thru window to call the police this guy just touched where I didn’t want to be touched. But if it was playful banter with a millionaire athlete or never happened I would continue on my way alone in a car with this guy who just inappropriately touched me.

  25. DB55 Says:

    Yea bc Jameis lost the NE and Buff games not the kicker or defense. Sure.

  26. SB Says:

    @ WillieG………….
    He has never don so. Prolly not happening. I think you are letting your JW hate get in your way of thinking. We are all, or mostly all, upset with JW but that doesn’t mean we are done with JW!

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    When you really think about it this is a golden opportunity for Fitzpatrick. We fans May see him as a replacement for those first three games but I guarantee that Fitzpatrick is entering training camp with the mindset that he can fight and win the starters job.

    If he is a competitor at all will be fired up and focus to lead this team.

    sure he doesn’t have the arm or leg talent that Winston has and probably won’t win the job but I guarantee that’s not what he’s thinking

  28. Jeffbuc Says:

    Why did the girl leave the fast food place with him to take him to his hotel if she was just touched inappropriately and felt uncomfortable. Why would you leave a public place and say nothing. And continue on with a man who just sexually assaulted you as you guys like to say he did. Answer me that Roy t Buford and everyone else calling him a criminal. He didn’t have a weapon she could ha e easily said call 911 this guy just touched me I don’t feel safe. She could have pulled ahead 10 feet where the door always is past the drive thru window. Got out of the car and ran inside if she was scared. But no out of those choices to get out of that situation she chose to leave a place in public with him. To put herself alone with this man who just performed this heinous act against her. And drive him back to his hotel. Come on Roy something sounds really fishy. If I scared and alone with somebody who I feel violated me I am staying in public. I am saying they forgot my ketchup my straw my salsa verde what every it takes to get out of that car. The last thing I’m trying to do is get back on the open road just me and then. But keep calling him guilty because some chick you don’t know from Adam and Eve said he did
    And let’s face it if she is driving an Uber at 3am she is t doing alright for herself. Or already has daddy issues. Cause no daddy is going to let there daughter be an Uber driver at 3 am. Not making excuses for jameis. Just stating the facts that I would ask her as a detective. And I bet she would crack in about three minutes if I were in the room. But you guys would still scream guilty. The only reason you don’t go to the cops is that you no they will see right through your little story uh mam why if he did this to you would you not have gotten out of the car at the public place. Why would you continue to drive this person alone. Ok I’m sorry I knew who he was I tried to come on to him but he denied me. So I came up with this story to be vindictive. I knew you couldn’t prove he did this because there was no skin on skin contact. That why I just contacted Uber I knew they would suspen his account no questions asked. Bet he won’t turn me down again. It is t like she was a dr or lawyer she is driving an Uber at 3am. So Roy let’s believ her she has everything to lose.

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    If we are here mid September talking QB Controversy that will be a very good thing.

  30. Jeffbuc Says:

    Willie g no where is he registered a sex offender. So yeah keep spewing your hate. He has never been convicted of a crime. Since the beginning of time women have been trying to get with rich men. And making up lies if they don’t succeed. While at drive thru get out of car call cops case closed. Don’t say anything leave a public place to keep driving him to hotel alone. Doubt your story. But no that can’t be the case because I already don’t like himhe is guilty.

  31. JimmyJack Says:

    Jeff something tells me that Roy is not gonna be moved by your version on events there. There’s just going to be this divide in the fanbase weather we like it or not.

  32. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Why did Jameis go out with Darby who got him into the Kinsman scrape. Why did he allegedly add a convicted rapist out on an appeal?

    Not one of the Jameis worshippers have even attempted to answer that.

    Why does Jameis end up in the news for questionable activities as much as Pacman Jones. When is enough enough?

    This is far from accusations of two women. Forget them. It’s about a growing body of work of somebody who has very little judgement and not a lick of common sense.

    Everybody keeps pointing to the girls and trying to defend Jameis…why doesn’t anybody respond to how stupid a guy with his rep from Tallahassee…so bad the Bucs spent endless dollars on due diligence and he was barely the #1…not because of talent but because of all the scrapes he had been in.

    And so with that background you go out and get blackout drunk with a rapist and the same guy you got into trouble with the night of the Kinsman accusations. Can somebody…anybody explain how he gets away with it? Because he successfully lied about it?

    Does this mistreatment of the Bucs and their fans not make Jameis the hater instead of the people simply pointing out he’s undependable and not trustworthy?

  33. Joe Says:

    It’s about a growing body of work


    How has this body of work grown since April 2016?

  34. Jeffbuc Says:

    Yeah that’s what saddens me our qb has never been convicted of a crime and yet supposed bucs fans want him gone just released. And I know the reason why and they know the reason why. He is breaking records as a qb. But yet he is t good enough for the longest playoff droughtteam in the NFC. The browns would love to have him. This is why there was a mike glennon mob. You can all read between the lines and see the real reason. We are a football team in the south. And Jameis doesn’t fit the southern mold.

  35. Jeffbuc Says:

    @ St Pete buck fan
    He was out of town with a friend from college. Who happened to be there when he didn’t do anything wrong. So he should stop being Darby’s friend because some girl accuse him of rape that he was never convicted of. And they both happen to share the same proffesion . Yeah I could see you saying Ronald I know I was never convicted of anything and we both know that chick was lying. But I think we shouldn’t be friends anymore. Because you know it looks bad to St Pete buc fan that we are still friends. I should have told you at FSU even though nothing happened you are bad luck. And as for the the night in Arizona I would also like to apologize to St Pete buc fan. I know that Brian the other guy that was found guilty of rape a year later who told nfl investigators that he didn’t know jameis before that night that he went to high school with Darby. So he was just there. I’m sure looking back jameis should have called st Pete buc fan and said I’m hanging out with my friend Darby who is a super bowl wink g cornerback now with no legal troubles at all

  36. Jeffbuc Says:

    The convicted rapist was Darby friend and he wasn’t convicted of nothing at the time. St Pete buc maybe jameis should have called you and said I’m hanging out with my college buddy Darby. He was there when I didn’t do anything wrong at FSU. Thank goodness or it would have the been the cleat chaser as she calls herself versus me. But once again St Pete bucs fan sorry for hanging out with him I know he has won a super bowl and never been in trouble. But according to you he is a bad person. But anyways St Pete buc fan. That night out with Darby he brought along one of his friends that he played football with. I know I probably should have done a background check on him because a year later he was convicted of rape. But according to him that was his first night meeting jameis because he was friends with Darby. So your hanging with shaft people excuse is stupid. His friend Darby is a millionaire super bowl winning football player without a criminal background. And the other guy was friends with Darby at the time before he was convicted of rape. Yup winston is horrible how dare he hangs out with people one night who in a year will be convicted of rape. Damn jameis you are suppose to be smarter than that. For now on you can’t go out with any football players or there acquaintances because in the future they might do something criminal. Then St Pete buc fan will talk junk about you hanging with questionable people who weren’t. Found questionable until a year after of hanging out with you for one night.

  37. JimmyJack Says:

    I think y’all need to lighten up and realize what Jamies did is not unforgivable. Yeah, there’s stupid people is the world that do bad stuff. Sometimes even football players make bad decisions and get themselves in trouble.

    Winston still has a job to do and has expectations. To date he’s been a letdown but shown promise. He needs to figure it out right quick or his career may be closing in.

  38. Jeffbuc Says:

    The only reason people don’t go to the police is they are scared ashamed protecting someone or nothing happened. So she instantly told her work and not the cops so she wasn’t scared of who knew so what does that fall under.

  39. stpetebucsfan Says:


    He was with more than his “friend”. He also allegedly has another friend a convicted rapist who was out on appeal. Do you think this could lead to anything good?

    Jeff…with all due respect you are delusional!!!

    “we both know that chick was lying. ”

    HOW do you know this? Were you there? I do not know what happened but I do know during both evenings where serious allegations were alleged there is a common thread…his “friend” Darby and getting wasted. The guy sitting in jail right now for rape was just along eh.

    Do you guys even have a clue what Public Relations means? Seriously. The face of the franchise one year after leaving Tallahassee is repeating the same behavior. That was a total lack of respect to his team…his teammates and the fans.

    But I get it Jeff. There is one man in this nation who claims he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and his peeps would still love him.

    In your case Jeff I suspect Jameis could drill a woman on Dale Mabry at the stadium a couple hours before the game…have it played on BSPN and you would say…well he was just loosening up before the game.

    So is there ANYTHING that Fameis can do that you would criticize?

  40. JimmyJack Says:

    The problem with trying to get over the problems Winston has had is that the truth will never come out. It is very frustrating for fans. Especially when the r word is part of it. But at the end of the day the truth will never come out and your questions will never get an answer.

  41. JimmyJack Says:

    So St Pete. What do you think the organization should do with Jameis Winston then?

  42. Jeffbuc Says:

    St Pete buc fan. My brother is a sergeant in a local sheriffs office and he was I. Tallahassee for training and actually talked to the the Tallahassee sergeant who handled the case. And he said there were so many holes in her story that the prosecuting attorney couldn’t even get it to trial. So yeah I have some inside knowledge to the case. Lets go through the facts she said she was drugged and drunk. No alcohol or drugs in her system fact. she admitted that jameis told her his girlfriend was coming into town so don’t call or text him fact. She got pissed off because she thought she locked down the next starting quarterback at FSU not fact but you can see the dilemma. There were three other men’s semen found on her panties fact. So yeah I think I can see what is going on there and like I said on the next One if I was touched in a illegal manner I’m getting out of that car in a public place. I’m sure by then she already knew he was an nfl quarterback. Not continuing by myself in a car alone with a person who just violated me. Sure as hell just not telling my employer and not the cops. Unless I knew they would see right threw my weak ass story. Funny how she has had a lawyer for a year and still no criminal files charged. Because the lawyer heard her true story and he doesn’t thing there is anything to go on legally. You don’t think if that lawyer thought he has a 20% chance of winning he wouldn’t have filed all kinds of charges against him. Because that would pretty much secure an easy payout. So she has a lawyer and no charges at all nothin just crickets. And you believe some women you ha e no clue who she is. With no criminal or civil charges against him but yet he is guilty. Man talk about the benefit of doubt

  43. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I think they are probably stuck with him for now. I would be working on the best deal I could get from another franchise.

    Remember I’m not a guy who thinks Jameis sucks on the field….I still believe in the right situation he would have a better chance. If the Bucs dump him it could actually be very good for Jameis. The enabling and blind hero worship stops.
    And Jameis would get his very FIRST taste of accountability.

    In the best of all worlds…Jameis plays well after the suspension…increases his value and we get some decent draft picks in return. Jameis gets a clean slate somewhere new…well not exactly a clean state but a fresh start.

    For example he could go to the Chargers back up the aging Rivers for a year or two…prove he’s cleaned up his act…and work on his game. He still a young dude. If he sucked it up and took his medicine he could still emerge as a star.

    And btw that would be a happy ending for me. Despite what some here believe I do not hate Jameis. I feel sorry for him. The decade of blind adulation obviously went to his head…and here is an area I will concede to the Jameis lovers. No I wouldn’t have behaved as he did…but it’s true I’ve never had totally blind worship directed my way no matter what I did. That’s tough for a young guy to overcome….hard to not keep getting away with crap and not believe you’re bullet proof…hard to not read your clippings and believe them.

    I do not hate him but I simply no longer trust him and he’s going to be a load this year PR wise no matter how he plays. I’m not saying that’s fair or how it should be…I’ve just seen this play before.

  44. Jeffbuc Says:

    St Pete buc fan I believe in innocent until proven guilty he hasn’t been proven guilty of anything. So until you can come at me with anything he has proven guilty of he is innocent. I am suppose to believe a girl who was self called a cleat chaser with 3 different dudes semen in her panties. And a girl who is a 3 am Uber driver over him. Why should I do that. Prison is full of innocent men. Who truly are innocent. So screw you and Roy for calling him a criminal when he has never been convicted. Oh but he lied and he was hanging with shady people. Alll accusations nothing proven so you are judging based off of hear say. If the girl came out tomorrow and said she made the whole thing up you would still say what about the other one at FSU. Like the kids say haters gonna hate

  45. Jeffbuc Says:

    I’m sure If he leads us to the playoffs you both will change your screen names and be his biggest fan. You both will be buying tickets at the home tunnell hoping he throws you his jock strap.

  46. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    Maybe this will serve as a teaching moment for Winston too if Fitz enjoys success.

  47. Not there yet Says:

    Lots of ignorance going on at this site. Fitz career is just about over. When your resigned to accepting your a backup and the only reason he came here was to be a backup up he knows it’s over. Alot of you guys just seem completely stopped debating the stats of a 37 yr old to a guy going into his 5th year. Sure there are a lot of quarterbacks better than Winston but not one of them is on this roster. Keep reliving Fitz Glory days of you want but he was a journeyman quarterback now he’s a backup. Bet this is the Mike Glennon mob reincarnated

    I’m all for finding a better quarterback but stop trying to sell Ryan Fitzpatrick to me because you hate Winston.

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … Excellent article on Fitz (and you didn’t even mention Jameis name once either, although the same can’t be said for others).

    TBBF & BrianBucs hit the nail on the head … It’s about TEAM. For us to have a successful start to the season with Fitz at the helm against some outstanding teams, we need this whole TEAM clicking on all cylinders … Offense, defense & STs. No more sft training camps … Koetter & Smitty need to get the beasts ready to play some smash-mouth football. We’ve still got several weaknesses but we’ve got significantly more talent & depth in most position groups than we’ve had in many years.

    Coaching will undoubtedly be a HUGE factor, but this TEAM has the POTENTIAL to do very well this year, including at the start of the season. I’m still ‘cautiously optimistic’ that well be 3-1 at the BYE.

  49. BringBucsBack Says:

    Have we all forgotten that the Bucs (so as to not reveal their 20-year-old offensive “identity”) don’t “tune-up” during the pre-season? They typically reserve that for their first 4 regular season games! (i.e.: slow starts)

    I think Fitz could be a capable QB and the Bucs could surprise. Given the first three opponents however, it just seems a little beyond the scope of this coaching staff and team to be so competently prepared, given its stellar history.

  50. K_Bassuka Says:

    Stop with the “Fitzpatrick did well last year” crap Joe, because he did not. If it wasn’t because we played some garbage team and the defense decided to show up during those games Fitzpatrick would have lost those game. He still put up garbage numbers against those weak teams and looked like what he is “GARBAGE”.

  51. Bucsfanman Says:

    Fitz should not/won’t be relied upon to do anything outside of what he’s capable if the coaching is there. In limited action, he beat the teams in front of him (2-1).
    If this team is not ready in week #1 with Fitz, it’s because of coaching.

  52. Stanglassman Says:

    What I don’t understand is why all these pearl clutchers never said a word when Koetter was hired or promoted to head coach. Suddenly and while most of them support puzzy grabber in chief suddenly are give a crap about woman whom they’re unrelated.

    I can’t help to think jeffbuc is on to something.

    “You can all read between the lines and see the real reason. We are a football team in the south. And Jameis doesn’t fit the southern mold.”

  53. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Tom Brady is 40…is he finished? Drew Brees is 39 is he finished?

    Fitz is 37. Nobody would compare Fitz to Brady or Brees so for those absent critical thinking skills…simply stating that there is NO reason to suspect Fitz can’t play at HIS level of skill at 37 anymore than Brady or Brees.

    HIS skill level once produced ten wins with a really good defense.

    I agree with D.R. and TBBF…football is still a team game. This is not an either or proposition. Just as those two guys mentioned the most important ingredients for success no matter WHO plays QB…is a really good defense and a running game whether it’s Jameis OR Fitz.

    Just because Jameis is more talented doesn’t necessarily make him more effective. I agree Jameis has a higher ceiling…but first he has to get off the ground.

  54. Stanglassman Says:

    Fitz is no Brees much less Brady. If people think Jameis is a turnover machine they’re not going to like Fitz at all.

  55. Duke Says:


    There’s something about the both sides of the story to consider. If you’re making one side, and you are, the other side is of equal weight until one side is deemed to be more so.

    The only thing that you have done is damage the same side you support. Strange as it imagine I don’t believe you have an inkling of how you accomplished it. I know Roy T see’ s the same self inflicted wounds as I do and if Roy is still practicing I can guarantee you that if you were Winston’ s lead consul He would be licking his chops as He waited for your defence to immolate your own client.

    Civil charges against JW are a matter of public record. The case was settled.
    Terms of the settlement are sealed and the details are not public knowledge.
    C’mon Jeff this kind of mistake or deception lightens your side of the scale.
    There’s more but you should see that you aren’t really helping.

    If you’re thinking I’m anti JW and want him fired……… would be wrong and oh so predictable. It’s not about that at all.

  56. Duke Says:


    Auto word fill and correct is the work of Satin….

  57. Says:

    I see you