“I Promise You They Are Getting Tired Of This”

June 23rd, 2018

Pulls no punches on Jameis.

If Louis Riddick truly has the pulse of a few suits he knows in the Bucs’ organization, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, may be down to his last strike with the Bucs — if he has one left.

Speaking about the Jameis situation after news surfaced from an attorney representing a convicted rapist that Jameis was partying with the night of the alleged Uber hassle in Arizona, Riddick, a former NFL defensive back and pro player personnel director, said he is burned out with all the antics coming from Jameis, who the attorney claims was hammered and “unruly” when he left the Arizona drinking establishment alone.

Just in the past year, there was the Uber issue, the dustup on the sidelines in New Orleans where Jameis poked Saints defensive back Marcus Lattimore and then the freakout in Carolina, where Jameis tried to attack a referee and nearly ran over Bucs’ director of football operations Shelton Quarles.

Riddick not only scolded Jameis for his pattern of juvenile behavior, but all but said Jameis has cost himself tens of millions of dollars in future salaries and there is “no way” the Bucs will pay Jameis $100 million to stay with the team, the going rate for solid young quarterbacks.

Riddick then offered, while it would be a very difficult decision, he didn’t rule out the Bucs releasing Jameis. Riddick added he knows guys in the Bucs front office and that they have had it with the constant stunts from Jameis.

“I promise you they are getting tired of this,” Riddick said.

You can watch Riddick’s full take from the BSPN video below.

27 Responses to ““I Promise You They Are Getting Tired Of This””

  1. Pete I Says:

    JW’s seemingly inability to get better on the field is equally concerning. Accuracy, turnovers…win-Loss record, very little looks like it has improved in 3 years. Hopefully one day the #3 on his jersey won’t represent the number of turnovers per game. Glad he didn’t keep the #5 from FSU.

    The character issues may be behind him, this event was 2 years ago. Still the character issues add another layer.

    ESPN shouldn’t be throwing stones as they suck too but JW is his own worst enemy.

    A very discouraging start to the season.

  2. Onetrickpony Says:

    Only good thing about all this is that this year we are not being drowned with the usual kool aid they throw our way just to ne let down again.
    This year we are let down before it even begins.
    Thanks a lot, Jamis

  3. Kobe Faker Says:

    Ive read that the NFL didnt know exactly who the 3rd person was. Brandon Banks attorney stated the NFL has not talked to Banks.

    Kobe thinks the Glazers and Licht bulb was not aware of Brandon Banks. JW3 was not forthcoming and lying even after all time toward the Glazers

    This individual Brandon Banks and his past is a game changer. No doubt the Glazers would have demanded Licht bulb to have drafted a QB in this past draft if they were aware and told the complete truth from JW3

    With the new actual details coming in, the Glazers might not care what kind of suspension JW3 gets from the NFL.

    “Glazers dont trust JW3 no more”

    Kobe Faker

  4. passthebuc Says:

    WHO MADE THE FINAL DECISION on drafting JW. Probably management.
    Don’t kid yourselves, everyone knew exactly what they were getting when they drafted JW. His antics in college was evidence enough of why they should have passed. They should have kept Glennon, drafted OL/DL and a QB to be groomed. Personally, I think the JW draft was to boost attendance. Sometimes you choose to take a shortcut and find you cannot retreat from its dead end.

  5. Easy Says:

    Franchise has been set back another 5 years and I’m really getting tired of all this crap.

  6. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Jameis and Ronald Darby created a smokescreen with seemingly false imformation on who was in the car. It also appears that he was intoxicated.
    This alone creates a bad image for both Jameis and the franchise.

  7. Walter Seidel Says:

    passthebuc, you hit the nail on the head. And Joe, get a mirror and stare at it for a few minutes before you type that idiotic “America’s QB” crap again.

  8. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @passthebuc…absolutely drafting Winston was for fandom…Southern young man from FSU, of course…this is a business. I agree they should have drafted someone else, but no should not have kept Glennon. He is not a starting QB and has proved that again. And the Bucs wanted to pay him handsomely to be the backup, and he declined it.

  9. Ndog Says:

    I know I don’t trust him anymore and I was going to cancel my season tickets if they didn’t draft him. But Jameis and I now have two things in common. I’m a idiot for believing he is a decent person and he’s just idiot.

  10. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Kobe makes good sense…so I am betting the view at One Buc Place with the owners (especially), GM, and Koetter is different this morning than 24 hours ago. Let’s not forget…many great pieces are in place now with the team that all know are needed to win…NOW. And Jason and Dirk HAVE to win. Except the QB position seems a need now if for if nothing else the embarassment and negative focus brought on by Jameis…that would steal the magic from any playoff run. You want to be out in the wilderness quick? Make billionaires look foolish publicly after they gave you a great oppotunity and trust…

    As it stands now, I bet he won’t be team captain, and he won’t be on the side of the stadium, and he won’t be the starting QB….but NEITHER will FITZ. For the GM and coach, it’s win or get fired. If the GM can make the shame go away and increase chances of winning, give up next year’s #2 or higher pick to get Foles. Jameis will be the #3 QB on the Bucs this year. Griffen is just another guy who gets screwed because of Jameis. That is plausible.

  11. openmindna Says:

    Looks like the Bucs made the wrong choice and should have picked Marcus M.

  12. Bubashep Says:

    No surprises here. My dad used to always say: “If you plant potatoes, you reap potatoes!”

  13. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Ndog….Jameis’s behavior has impacted to many lives, and so many wallets. You are not alone by any stretch. Isn’t it sad that if Jameis acted in private how he pretends to be in public none of this would have happened? It looks like he sandbagged the masses. I am back to thinking about the FSU football program, Coach Fisher’s protection, the “No Fear” comment from Jameis on this AFTER all he’s created in the past. Even yesterday JP Peterson called him just “a kid” on the air. He’s been protected and enabled. I’m sick, man. Just sick.

  14. JA Says:

    We live in a country where our president openly brags about what Jameis is accused of doing. A president, mind you, that still has an 87% approval rating from Republican voters.
    We still haven’t heard word-one from the NFL about what they know or how they came to their conclusion, yet most of you want to run Jameis out of town as fast as possible.

    Double standard? Hell yes!

    On the other hand, if any of you find our president’s behavior deplorable, you have a right to be upset with James’s behavior. I understand how one can make general conclusions from past behavior–but we still need to see what the NFL knows and how they they came to the decision a suspension was necessary. Their notorious reticence on these matters is beyond comprehension.

    I want to see more. I want to know what exactly what went on that night. Apparently, most of you do not. Unlike many, I don’t jump to conclusions without all the facts.

    If he attacked that woman, he needs to go. If it continues to be a he-said she-said, with no evidence or police reports, he should to stay here, stay home and play football.

    Lastly, for those that voted for the ‘crotch grabber’ and still find Jamels’s behavior unsettling, you should immediately stick your hypocritical head in a toilet and flush repeatedly!

  15. Kobe Faker Says:

    “From 1 meathead to another”

    Dont be surprised with Licht bulb grabbing long neck glennon back to pewter from Arizona

    Kobe Shefter

  16. Jasonbucs666 Says:

    Just cut your loses again let frizpat play the year at least now you’ll have the money sign kwon and draft a rookie quarterback next year

  17. Destinjohnny Says:

    Wonder if we should have drafted josh Rosen?
    If Jameis tells the glazers he will play for the league minimum in his 5th year all will be forgiven.

  18. Chris Says:

    I really don’t get the fuss on this. Especially TJ calling for the Glazers to get rid of Jameis. Outside of this incident hasn’t Jameis been a model citizen since joining the NFL. You have to go back to his college years to find the stupid stuff he did. Of the things he did then (crab legs, yelling in the cafeteria a bad word, shooting bb gun, and alleged sexual assault) the assault is the only one of those things that is serious. The other incidents were just immaturity. And here we are- IIRC this is the only thing he’s done stupid since being in the NFL and even this is just an alleged incident- nothing has been proven at this point. Why are we so quick to cut ties to him?

  19. Pa Privateer Says:

    Um, I am fine with Winston as our QB and not sick of anything but not making the playoffs.

    Allegations….not concrete evidence and conviction of a crime.

  20. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Sadly Chris no Jameis has not been a model citizen and it’s not just the incident from two years ago.

    This past season his immaturity carried over to the field in the N.O. and Carolina games. If he had reached the official no telling how long his suspension might be.
    As it was he directly led to getting ME13 suspended. ME13 has his own issues and could use a mature leader…can you say Fitzpatrick?

    We don’t have to wait for the draft. There will be several teams this year who have two QB’s who are capable of playing and one of them will want to jump ship for opportunity. We may get one in a trade.

    Honest question…put the emotions aside…it’s a tough time for all of us…
    Does Jameis possess ANY value in a trade. What’s the highest draft pick he could command?

  21. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    Roethlesberger’s crime was worse. And they stuck with him and it eventually blew over…

  22. darengibo Says:

    wow. fans are so quick to cut ties and move on. or maybe this is just the majority that didn’t want JW in the first place and now you have a stage to sing your opinion again. the players union gave so much power to the commish and that is evident here again in a suspension of 3 games (maybe more?) for a complaint by an uber driver with no other proof or police report filed. Could JW fight this? sure, but he will lose because of the ultimate power of commish.

    The NFL took big hit in the eyes of many with the whole kneeling down during anthem, and they will do ANYTHING right now to look better and that includes suspending players as this shows America “see we care! we want high character and we will punish those who are not”..

    As for me? I am still cheering for JW to succeed and I do believe he is going to continue the path of being a franchise QB. Being a TB fan for 38 years, I have witnessed a revolving door of sub par QBs going through our team and don’t wish to continue that trend.

    Those that support JW will most likely continue to do so until proven wrong, while those that don’t support him, most likely didn’t support him from day 1.

  23. Buccfan37 Says:

    Glennon returning to Bucs, that’s a good one..a joke that is. Most fans thought he sucked. Not me! With the present upgrades MG could find this group of receivers accurately and be a decent one two punch along with Fitz. I do think the giraffe is a longshot at coming back. He had some good outings and some wtf stinkers.

  24. Dave Says:

    Two of those so called incidents were on the field and just bring overly passionate and frustrated. No Big deal, he had s pulse. Who cares.
    Thevuber thing…. we don’t know the truth. Sounds like a kid in his early 20’s was partying.

    Sometimes we need to back off and stop scrutinizing so much. These are young men in their 20’s with a lot of cash. Most of us would do stuff much dumber

  25. FloridaJoe Says:

    If the Bucs move on from Winston, what are the chances we go after Teddy Bridgewater? Young and 2018 would be a trial run to see if he’s a franchise qb before 2019 draft

  26. Jimmy T Says:

    So incidents in the heat of battle are now counting against Jameis as well to the HATERS? U guys r beyond hope! Jameis has been a good person in the community since being drafted. Has he ever been known to go clubbing? Have any of you EVER READ anything in the local paper in regards to any bad activity in the community. So if ANY of this is true, and I am not READY to take the word of BANKS yet, but if Jameis had too much to drink & did do something he regrets 27 Months ago, has ANYTHING happened since. Maybe that was the last time he ever got drunk. There is ZERO EVIDENCE from anyone. You all have no idea what was said in the car, u all know NOTHING! But if TRUE 27 months ago I give Jameis another chance, HE HAS EARNED IT! U guys could care less about Jameis as a man! Total hypocrites u all are. If Bucs went 10-6 last year you all would be telling the Bucs to appeal the suspension. Jameis is a good person and a damn good QB. I hope he gets through this, I know the team will be fine, maybe they are 2-1 after the suspension is lifted. Then the HATERS will want the QB that started the season to keep the job! Just Amazing

  27. old time buc Says:

    JA: I was not aware that this is a political site. This is and should be a football (Bucs) site. No matter what the President said or did does not have one damn thing to do with JW. He is totally responsible for his own actions and I will wait for the final report before I speculate no matter how it looks.