Lightning Host Game Seven For Right To Play For Stanley Cup. Opponent TBA: Capitals or Collapsitals?

May 22nd, 2018
In this edition of the Todd Wright Lightning Playoff Podcast, Todd looks at the reasons for the one-sided Washington win in Game Six. Much like those fourth-line goals for Tampa Bay seemed to indicate the Lightning wanted Game Five more, that second goal in Game Six sure made it look like Washington wanted that game more.
Todd leaves the obvious cliches about Game Seven to all of you, but does talk about coaching decisions for both Jon Cooper and Barry Trotz this time of year and how goals are clearly at a premium in this spot if you look at the Lightning’s history in these games.


Todd Wright isn’t just the fantasy football podcast guru and golf chief around here. The longtime national and local sports radio personality has loads of knowledge about the Tampa Bay Lightning. So launching the Todd Wright Lightning Playoff Podcast was a no-brainer. Todd has media credentials for Bolts games and will provide plenty of fresh insight.

(Also, the JoeBoltsFan podcast with Tom Lang has been a big hit every Friday.)

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4 Responses to “Lightning Host Game Seven For Right To Play For Stanley Cup. Opponent TBA: Capitals or Collapsitals?”

  1. mark2001 Says:

    Did the rest of the team go to Washington with Vasilevskiy last night? Or maybe they left their sticks and skates in Tampa when they traveled?

  2. Ciccone's Zamboni Says:

    Why do I feel like we’re totally toast here? That we’re simply not capable of scoring when the refs put the whistles away. That we’re apt to be out muscled, out willed when we should have a “choke them out” mentality. Did anyone listen to Cooper’s post-game? Holy smokes was that telling. The Head Coach essentially said it was no big deal, that they knew they could always come home and play in front of their fans. WHAAAAAT? I mean after our Game 6 flop against the Pens two years ago did we learn nothing? Nothing!?!?!

    On a night that mattered more that Cooper is willing to acknowledge, we were dominated. It was a freakin wonder the score wasn’t 6-0. I was there/saw it with my own eyes- Kuch was the most disinterested person in the entire building. 8-9 turnovers alone. no back-checking. no nothing. He sat there near the crease with his back to Smith Pelly w/o a care in the world. What a gutless performance by #86.

    Jeez, Hedman wasn’t much better. Yeah, big-guy, you might want to get physical once in a while- maybe even when Girardi is getting freakin pancaked btwn two Caps six inches from your face. How about a response? How about sticking up for your teammate? How about you take that giant body and slam it against someone?

    How can you not play hard when your goalie is playing out of his skull? How can you crap the bed so badly, Bolts?

    Ovie, Kuzy, Oshie and the gang are coming to take the Conf Championship away from us tomorrow. They are the bullies. They are the ones with nothing to lose. C’mon Bolts, show the eff up and hit em in the mouth and earn the right to play for the cup!

  3. unbelievable Says:

    Honestly they looked like they playing at half speed since the ending minutes of Game 5. When Washington pulled their goalie, Tampa was just watching them.

    Same thing last night (at least in the 2nd and 3rd). I know a couple pucks didn’t bounce their way, but they gotta bring it in game 7.

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’d rather the Caps lose to expansion Vegas than the Lightning. Has any other major sport championship ever been won by a first year team? This is stinking to high heaven.