Talib Traded To Hollywood

March 8th, 2018

Another star lands with an NFC playoff team

Another big-name defensive player was traded today to a powerhouse team not named Tampa Bay.

Per various reports, five-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl winner Aqib Talib, the cabbie-punching, granny-hassling, gun-totin’, helmet-wielding, Adderall-popping former Buccaneer, was dealt by the Broncos to the Rams this evening.

Many distraught Bucs fans will have a mess on their hands after running out of tissues and crying towels following accomplished defensive ends Michael Bennett and Robert Quinn also finding new homes not in Tampa via trades in the past week.

Breathe easy, Bucs fans, Jason Licht and Dirk Koetter have a plan to fix the NFL’s 32nd-ranked defense.

That might not include Brent Grimes, their very best cornerback, but there is a plan.

124 Responses to “Talib Traded To Hollywood”

  1. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    Talib For a fifth round pick! Yo I have had Jason Lichts back since day 1 but I’m done! Bucs have plenty of money to take on his salary. I wish there was a Jason Licht jersey cause I’d burn that in a second!

  2. Eric Says:

    Good Lord we haven’t done squat yet.

  3. JL47 Says:

    And then licht and glazers will overspend on a under achieving player. That or get in trouble by the NFL for not spending their money

  4. Birdman Says:

    That sounds like you’re sitting on some pretty juicy info, Joe’s… I hope you’re right.

  5. MadMax Says:

    Wow, a 5th? Yeah, now I need a 5th of vodka…..SMDH!!!

  6. darin Says:

    Yeah he is either on strict owners orders to not spend or he has lost his mind, or both. Man the Rams are going for it this year. Gona be tough to beat. The Rams GM sure isnt afraid of trading. I wonder what that plan is of Lichts. It sure isnt to surround yourself with playmakers for 4th and 5th round picks.

  7. JL47 Says:

    In all seriousness, licht and the glazers have got to go. It’s like they’re copying Stu from the Rays. Glazers, treat your fans like sh!t, and they’ll treat your wallet like sh!t.

  8. JL47 Says:

    Realistically, the only chance we can upgrade our team is by signing demarco Murray and that one CB released by the rams

  9. Marc Says:


    No point in penning this story as we have miserably failed at every attempt to fix the DL thus far.

    -Infuriated Bucs fan

  10. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Blake_Bucsfan Says:
    March 8th, 2018 at 1:23 pm
    In before “Aqib Talib traded to (X) for 5th round pick, Bucs were in trade talks but were out bid.”

    I can see it now.


    We don’t know what he was traded for but I freaking called it.

  11. DB55 Says:

    He not welcome here anyway he may be a multiple SB winner but he’s a thug. Thugs need not apply the Bucs are too good to employ these players with low morale character.

    We’d rather suck for over a decade than sign or trade for thugs like Talib, Bennett or Blount all of which are champions.

    What does that say about Tampa and the so called experts?

  12. DB55 Says:

    Lmao the plan is to go from 32 to 31 worst defense. Lmao.

    And the saddest part is people actually pay to see this garbage.

  13. JimmyJack Says:

    I don’t care about missing Talib. Don’t see a need to trade for one with a lot of FA targets. DE is a different story…..We need a playmaker at that spot. No use to spend equity on CB if you can use it on the line.

  14. Thespiritof1976 Says:

    Talib is a knuckle dragging thug. Be glad be isn’t coming back to Tampa. There is enough crime in Florida as there is.

  15. JL47 Says:

    @DB55 well if you think about it, 95% of the nfl are thugs. Most were raised in a poor neighborhood, make some poor friends, got in trouble and football was their only escape. (Richard Sherman) Hell, there’s probably some thugs on our team.

  16. Waterboy Says:

    Welp there goes Talib!

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I can’t wait to see who we draft in the 4th and 5th rounds!

  18. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Don’t worry Bucs Nation Jason will fix it!!!!

  19. Waterboy Says:

    Bad teams normally start at the front office.

  20. Dwe Says:

    He belongs in Hollywood. Not a big deal. Need young talent. If he had come back to the Bucs, it would have just been to collect a pay check. We’ve had enough if those lately.

  21. MadMax Says:

    Maybe we’re drafting all D and will spend on a few offensive FA’s…thats all I can think of.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I get your point, but none of those guys are thugs. I don’t think that’s the issue at all. The issue is we don’t want to pay anyone. We are going to go after more mid-level guys with “potential”. It’s the Buccaneer way.

  23. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Thank God!!!!!!!!

  24. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    There is no plan, there is no pass rush help coming, they have thrown in the towel and I hope they can’t sell half the season tickets. The rams want to win and they will continue to win. The Bucs want to pinch pennies and will continue to lose. The way I look at it is, we won’t find a pass rusher like Quinn in the 4th round(possible but very unlikely) and we won’t find a Cb like Talib or peters in the 4th or 5th round(again possible but very unlikely) 2-14 here we come.

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Breathe easy, Bucs fans, Jason Licht and Dirk Koetter have a plan to fix the NFL’s 32nd-ranked defense. That might not include Brent Grimes, their very best cornerback, but there is a plan.” Am I reading that right Joe? You just tied YOUR credibility to Jason Licht & Dirk Koetter? OK, gonna trust you.

  26. BushidoEvans Says:

    Lmao you guys do know that these decisions involve other teams and the actual player right? The bucs don’t click their heels and just make what the fans want reality. GTF OVER YOURSELVES!

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with his offfield issues from years ago. I just don’t see him as a fit with our team. We currently have no CB and and in the need of a long term solution. It just doesn’t make sense to spend money on Talib when you can spend it on a guy like Fuller or Butler as a guy you can plan on building with.

    I would say the same thing about DE but the options are so limited this year you have to get what’s avialable.

  28. DB55 Says:


    I’m being sarcastic! I’m channeling the feels of “real buc fans”.

  29. Waterboy Says:

    People should cancel season tickets and hit them where it hurts.

  30. DB55 Says:

    Hawaii and Bush

    You guys are late to the party. We just spent the day arguing that exact point.

    The Bucs are cheap and tier 1 players don’t want to play in Tampa.

    Webster and Pickgrin wholeheartedly disagree.

  31. Waterboy Says:

    Bucs are 70 mil under salary cap they can sign a lot of players, long and short term solutions.

  32. yrbndr Says:

    Simply, we have been there done that with this talented payer. IMHO not worth the baggage and $. Best wishes to him and his future impact!

  33. DB55 Says:


    The fact that people actually pay for this BS is beyond me.

    I was invited to two games last year for free and still skipped it. Why? Cuz the last game I went to (Thursday night vs the falcons) was a complete and total embarrassment. And I ain’t about getting laughed at by ATL fans I’ll punch a mf in the mouth then get arrested lose my job house and family. It ain’t worth it. 🤣😂😭

  34. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Well fuller was transition tagged in Chicago and butler is probably going to the jets. The rams just traded for not 1, but 2 ALL PRO CBs. No excuses.

  35. Rrsrq Says:

    We resigned Fitz

  36. ATrain Says:

    Joe you are correct The Glazers have a plan

    Drive attendance down

    Get out of the contract in Tampa

    NFL will open London

    See Ya Suckers Thanks for the Moving money Tampa

  37. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    If you guys believe Jason has a plan
    I got some prime property for sale in the Tampa swamps. Give me a buzz!!!!!

  38. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    I don’t give a crap what they do with their personal lives. It’s their live they should be able to live it how they want. They play for my football team which means I only care what they do on that football field cause that’s all I need to know.

  39. Boston Bucs Fan Says:

    oh well, might as well get Rashaan Melvin back.

  40. Mtbucsfan Says:

    Anyone have Lichts phone number I’d like to call and have a chat with him. We need to talk. I mean it’s not him it’s me.

  41. DB55 Says:



    Good luck. Newsflash he does care what we think. Neither do the glazers.

    If I were a season ticket holder I’d call tomorrow at least by 3-16 and cancel my tickets.

    Make them leave Tampa or sell the team to Eddie Debartolo

  42. JonBuc Says:

    This team is a complete tear down with the exception of about 6-8 players. Bringing back the Taliban via a trade no less would have been silly. I don’t trust him on a team with no leaders and a spineless coaching staff. In NE & Denver he was on good teams with strong leadership from top to bottom.

  43. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oh, thank the Lord….

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    Mike Evans GOAT……..Maybe talk to LUV about it. I’ve seen him on here quite a few times with a long list of names for quality options for young corners. I’m sure he had T.Johnson on there is another name I can think of.

    I’d check to see who else is avialable but DB55 made me do enough homework on the last page. Haha

  45. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I think it’s ironic that half the people here DID NOT WANT TALIB BACK, but are jumping at the chance to hate on Licht for this.

  46. zwh99 Says:

    Talib + Hollywood isn’t a good mix

  47. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Mike Evans GOAT Says
    “The rams want to win and they will continue to win.”

    Just making popular moves does not win games. We don’t know that these recent trades by teams will pay off at all. Talib could be injured in game one (he does have recent history getting injured) and they end up with nothing.

    Gotta wait and see the results.

    And come on…the Bucs have a plan. Just because we don’t know it yet does not mean they don’t.

  48. adam from ny Says:

    licht recently bough a run-dmc style gold rope chain…he doesn’t want his gold rope yanked off his neck by talib while he’s working on his beautious tan…while huggin’ a brewski

  49. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Look at it this way…the more teams that fill their needs in trades or free agency, the more quality players will be available in the draft for us.

  50. BrianBucs Says:

    A 5-11 team that is trying to rebuild and rebound doesn’t need the distractions and negative publicity that these kind of players bring. Except for Quinn I’m glad these guys will go somewhere else and be somebody else’s problem

  51. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah I usually go to 1-2 games per year. I haven’t witnessed a win in eight freaking years. Anybody that doesn’t like the term “Deno of Depression” can bite me.

    I actually didn’t go to a game this year. I was planning on going later in the year, which I usually like better because it ain’t so hot…….but when I saw this team on TV lay a freaking egg at home against the Panthers I just basically said eff this team. I’m not paying to go see another heartless football team. Did enough of that in the Dominick years.

  52. JimmyJack Says:

    And I’m not going to support the team this year if they come out with more soft football and no intensity. And yes that will officially count as year nine even if I don’t go as did last year. It’s not my fault this team plays soft and with little effort.

  53. Thespiritof1976 Says:

    Geez. The so-called fans here are about the dumbest MF’ers in the league.

  54. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Like I said yesterday, Joe: The Cleveland GM had a plan last season and that led to 0-16. You know, the plan where they passed on Wentz one year and then passed on D. Watson the next year.

    The only plans that GM is making now is where to eat lunch.

    Incompetence with a plan is still incompetence.


  55. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Same ol garbage Joe….

    Why don’t need retreads

    …..we need blooming young stars to BUILD a team

    Cause lord knows this team isn’t built to win now

  56. Not there yet Says:

    Close my arse Jason Licht.. prepare to be scouting the unemployment. With these upgrades playoff teams are making you’re nowhere near close to a wildcard spot anytime soon. People in this town talk as if we’re the Only ones that will address weaknesses and playoff teams won’t get better. Short of Winston playing like Tom Brady or like they did trying to save dorks job I think your both finished and free agency hasn’t even started

  57. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Tier 1 players are willing to play in Tampa. However, if all things are equal (meaning the money), of course they are going to choose a team with more potential to win. Again, that’s the problem. We have to overpay, which we refuse to do. Therefore, we get nothing, and continue to ignore gaping holes in our roster.

  58. DB55 Says:

    Just making popular moves does not win games.

    Meanwhile in Tampa:
    Vernon Hargreaves
    Ryan Smith
    Justin Evans
    Chris Conte

    Rams projected 2018 starting secondary :

    CB: Marcus Peters
    CB: Aqib Talib
    S: Lamarcus Joyner
    S: John Johnson (2017 All Rookie team)

    Once again you’ve played yourself congrats.

  59. TeddyTB Says:

    @Bonzai what kind of happy ass drugs are you on? You do realize that the talented free agents might decide to sign somewhere else and then we’re stuck signing the talentless leftovers.

  60. adam from ny Says:

    these past three signings realistically are final type pieces to puzzles that are already basically put together, and trying to get over the top…the bucs aren’t in that position yet – they need to build…the teams grabbing these guys are not building, they’re finalizing short term tweaks to make a run…these guys are 1-2 year add ons…realistically not what the bucs need…


  61. DB55 Says:


    You’ve seen what 4 winning season in 45 years? Yea we’re the dumb mf’s. Lmao

  62. adam from ny Says:

    ^^^ bennett, talib and quinn ^^^

    —actually we should have grabbed quinn, he’s 27

  63. Pickgrin Says:

    Oh NO!!! We missed out on trading a valuable draft pick for the “privilege” of overpaying a downstating 32 year CB.

  64. Oxycondoms Says:


  65. DB55 Says:


    Don’t worry Jason has a plan! He’s trading a 2nd for George Johnson. LMAO.

  66. Bucsfan951 Says:

    My liver is not liking Mr Jason Licht… I have completely given up on this upcoming season. Can’t wait for a new gm and hc. Now if we can figure out how to get the glazers clowns to sell the team 🤔

  67. DB55 Says:


    5th round picks

    2017- mcnichols
    2015- Kenny Bell (selected by licht’s dad)
    2014 – Kadeem Edwards
    2013- Steven Means

    Where are they now? Other than Means who had to leave Tampa to be productive like every other player you can throw these picks away and still be in the same spot, last place year after year after year.

    So yea let’s save that draft capital it really has paid off in the past.

  68. TonyC Says:

    If I here one of the Joe’s continue to talk about how much he “loves and respects” Jason Licht I think I’m going to puke. Are you serious you actually love and respect this clown. Yes he’s hit on a few draft picks but been an absolute dud in free agency. And then I here you talking on your podcast about how this regime “may be satisfied” with the status quo (on the defensive line) and that they’re putting their faith in Buckner to resurrect the careers of Ayers, Gholston, etc. So objectively how can you “love” a GM that is satisfied with the status quo after a
    5-11 season and is in a “do nothing” posture with his job on the line? I’m waiting until next Wednesday to see with this genius Licht is going to do.

  69. DB55 Says:


  70. Lamarcus Says:


    No agent will help send there clients to Tampa. I liked the Bennett Quinn Talib coming here also and would of traded my draft for them.

    No way those players wanted to come here. But why not play next to GMC? It should be a dream to play next to him. I’ll take a pay cut to play next to GMC. But no?

  71. BigMacAttack Says:

    Since no one is buying season tickets this year the plan is to be $100mil under the cap. 0-16 is looking better every day. Koetter would screw it up even if Licht signed them all. Go Bolts!

  72. DB55 Says:

    So objectively how can you “love” a GM that is satisfied with the status quo after a
    5-11 season and is in a “do nothing” posture with his job on the line?
    Their livelihoods depends on it. It’s either love it or clock in at a 9 to 5 like the poor schleps they laugh at and make fun of. Honestly I can’t even blame them.

  73. LakeLand Says:

    Talib wanted to play for defensive coordinator Wade Phillips in L.A. or Bill Belichick in New England, sources told Schefter. The idea of playing elsewhere was not something he found desirable. This helped dictate the trade to the Rams, the sources said.

    No way he wanted to play in Sucksville, USA

  74. DB55 Says:


    You know better than that. Lol

  75. JimmyJack Says:

    I’m really starting to realize that Tampa fans make waaaay too big of a deal about offseason moves. Maybe you guys suffer from short term memory but I don’t and I distinctly remember that most of this fan base was considering us a contender last offseason

    I remember telling some folks….not that they were wrong….but just to hold back the reigns a bit with an unproven team. It was like swatting a hornets nest as I fans responded back with anger and namecalling.

    Now this year after three(pre free agency) trades fans are saying the season is over. Hahahaha hahahaha………..Y’all are way too reactionary.

    At the end of the day this team needs leadership hard work ethic and a killers mindset first and foremost. Without that it really doesn’t matter who they sign.

  76. Architek Says:

    Like I said and been saying – I feel for the Bucs fans. Another losing season on the menu.

    Eagles Rams and Minny are going to be for real next year based on coaching and upgrades with already tough physical (real deal) non-softie players.

    Tampa Bay Browns

  77. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    The ACTUAL talent on this O could have carried the defense last year if we didn’t have a bush league coaching staff. Give belicheat this roster and he would be in the super bowl. Realistically we need a rb, cb, and a DE. A real GM could fix all 3 this offseason. Trade for Peters, trade for Quinn and draft another cb round 1 and a rb round 2. It could be done.

  78. Buccaneer Bobby Says:

    We cried for Chucky, forgetting he dismantled a championship team. We cried for Bennett yet I believe he was hurt a good bit of the time he was here. Then we cry for Talib. Guess we forgot his childish actions when he was here. Have we become that desperate? Yep, apparently so

  79. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Offseason moves are essential to compete in this league. If your not getting better then you are getting worse. So yes offseason moves are a big deal. If playoff teams are getting even better and we are staying the same how do u expect to compete?

  80. Oxycondoms Says:

    Eagles made nice offseason moves last season and 1 during the season which turned up pretty good for them .

  81. USFBUC Says:

    I think there is a silver lining here though, with Talib, Peters, and Shields all being grabbed by the Rams they will probably not bring Johnson back so he will be available.

  82. JimmyJack Says:

    Mike GOAT….I agree. Everybody wants to blame the defense first and that’s fair, of course.

    But not me, I blame offense. There is too much talent on that side of the ball for that offense not to be blamed……I don’t care about how many points they score……But why aren’t we playing with leads? What the f#&$ dude. Where are the first half leads? Every effing game this offense comes out flat. Think about that for a second…..it’s been basically 32 games in a row this offense comes out flat. Basically 32 straight games our defense is on the field trailing with the other offense having an open playbook to work with. I’m, sorry. I don’t care if this offense can make comeback efforts. They will never win squat like that.

    Get effing prepared for gameday idiots. Get the defense some leads. They don’t even know what that feels like……It’s called complimentary football and it’s real. I guarantee you if this offense can ever get off its ass and go up 7-0 in the first quater the defense will feed off of it and come up with a big play to get them the ball back…….God forbid we ever take a 14-0 lead and can make the other team one dimensional.

  83. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    TeddyTB Says
    “@Bonzai what kind of happy ass drugs are you on? You do realize that the talented free agents might decide to sign somewhere else and then we’re stuck signing the talentless leftovers.”

    I frankly do not care about any of the players that have been traded to other teams. Free agency is nothing. As I said, wait and see what they do before you judge the Bucs harshly.

    Here’s my current 2018 free agent wishlist. Any of these woould make me happy.

    • QB Ryan Fitzpatrick RE-SIGNED

    • RB LeGarrette Blount

    • RB Jerick McKinnon

    • G Senio Kelemete

    • CB Brent Grimes

    • CB Ross Cockrell

    • K Cody Parkey

    There are good options out there. Really good ones. You just have to ignore the over-inflated big names and look deeper. Each of the above are either established, or worth taking a risk on because they appear ready to take a big leap forward. And most of them have consistency and are not one year wonders, which is what has killed the Bucs in recent free agency.

    You won’t get that from any Top 100 free agent list.

  84. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oh, and…

    “You do realize that the talented free agents might decide to sign somewhere else and then we’re stuck signing the talentless leftovers.”

    That’s pure panic. Teams never get ahead by making panic moves. You don’t do it because of the fear that nothing will be there when free agency begins.

    Every one of these teams trading for DEs or CBs is increasing our chances of getting them in the draft.

  85. USFBUC Says:

    We also have to remember that maybe the Bucs did make an offer and it just wasn’t accepted. I mean right now I am kind of thinking what the hell is going on but there’s a plan. I mean there has to be a plan, right? Licht and his staff aren’t just sitting there sniffing their thumbs.

  86. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    That’s on Koetter. We have a minor league coaching staff.

  87. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oxycondoms Says:
    March 8th, 2018 at 10:16 pm

    “Eagles made nice offseason moves last season and 1 during the season which turned up pretty good for them.”

    But…will they make it back again? This year? Next year? Next decade?

    The JAGs have only just climbed out of the basement. Let’s see if they can actually stay out of it.

    Jason Licht has the long picture in mind. Once he finishes building this team, it will compete every year in the playoffs. Now one is drafting better on the annual average.

  88. Eric Says:

    Whoever we get in the fifth round is likely close friends with Snoop Dogg.

    Licht is going to get us to compete every year in the playoffs!

    I can barely type I am laughing so hard.

  89. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jason Licht is playing it smart.

    He’s is not going to offer more than a player is worth. Period. Get used to it, because its the smart thing to do. You won’t see him giving a 2nd rounder for a DE like Gaines Adams.

    I was extremely hard on Jason Licht when he first arrive, and for several years afterward. But now I’ve come to see where his strengths lie, and I wouldn’t want him gone for anything.

    Fans forget already what its like to have a horrible GM…one that can’t draft OR bring in good free agents. The draft is the best way to build a team for the long hall.

    People just need to be patient. See what we look like going into training camp.

  90. JonBuc Says:

    Good Lord do we have a shill/apologist for Licht’s Out on this site pretending to be a ”Buc insider”. Maybe Buccaneer Brown Eye/Nose and Licht are the same person? Likely they are just body doubles…

  91. Eric Says:

    Once Gru fond out that Jason Licht would be his GM he hauled ass at the speed of sound.

    Barely had the time to glare at Joe.

  92. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    I said yesterday that I would wait until after the draft to complete call the season a wash. But right now there are no pass rushers (#1 need) left for FA, and the only (semi) pro ready DE in the draft is Chubb and he will be long gone. If we have no pass rush our D will be horrible AGAIN. And Koetter has already proven he is too stubborn to adjust to our offenses strengths.

  93. JimmJack Says:

    Bonzai……Yes the Eagles made some nice additions in the offseason. But hats only a small part of the reason they won the SB IMO. Anytime I same them play they played with fierce detrrmination. Not just an explosive offense but a confident and fast defense. That team just posessed an attitude a determination we dont.

    Wasnt about players nearly as much as it was about ttitude IMO.

    Thats why our free agents flop all the time. Losers attitude in this team.

  94. USFBUC Says:

    This got me checking on CBs and it looks like the Eagles might move Darby and they are trying to get a third rounder for him. There is also Colvin from the Jags that Joe has written about several times.

  95. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai… You don’t really believe all that smoke your blowing do you? Jason isn’t going to be around to enjoy what he’s built . With all these wise drafts and free agents he’s signing he’s going to get himself, Koetter and Smith new jobs!!!

  96. NFLNut Says:

    Talib and Peters on the outside for the Rams … yikes. Those are two, tall, long, ball-hawking corners … they should own that division next year as Seattle looks like they’re in a rebuild and the Cards and 49’ers are nothing special.

    HOWEVER … again, $11mil and a 5th rounder is not peanuts for Talib as the $11mil could net us a younger CB like Malcolm Butler or TWO starters such as Carlos Hyde and Tre Boston or perhaps Tre Boston and Star Lotuleiei and the 5th rounder could net another solid DT like Kenrick Norton or RB like Bo Scarborough or decent G/C or CB as well.

    It might be hard seeing “names” get traded, but chill out people …

  97. JimmyJack Says:

    Well you guys can trade for and signup all the talent you want. I got news for you. That’s not going to win us anything with the mental approach of this team. This team was clearly outmatched several times last year and it had nothing to do with talent……We were caught played half speed and it jumped out of the screen anytime we played a team that was motivated……Talent might make up for a little bit but this team plays soft and they know it. Til that changes we aren’t going nowhere……Getting a determined attitude will be the only thing that gets me up about this team. Without that I don’t care who we bring in, with it this team could actually look pretty decent with role players brought in.

    This team needs Winston, Kwon and maybe Marpet to step up and take control of this team. They have been too passive. There veterans now it’s their time. If Licht can find another guy to help lead this team that would be huge too.

    If these players can’t man up and start pushing their teammates they may as well pack it up and sit on IR.

    OK past bedtime and now I’m angry thinking about this soft team.

    **END RANT**

  98. Lamarcus Says:


    Jw3 has not been passive. They are in a losing culture

  99. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Y’all steady talking about this “mentality” but never heard Koetters name come out. It is koetters job to set the mentality. And to put his players in a position to succeed. He has done neither and should have been fired. The best coach for this team is the HC in Detroit right now.

  100. Chris in WA Says:

    There is no reason for the Glazers to field a competitive product. The stadium was completely funded by Hillsborough County taxpayers. Glazers get a cut of the profits from all stadium events to include USF games, concerts, Monster Truck Rallys, ect. Between little to no expenses and t.v. revenue sharing there is no reason to not focus all their efforts on Manchester United. Also there is no way they don’t now what the status of the Jamies Winston investigation is. They are playing the fans for dumb.

  101. Eric Says:

    Riddle me this.

    If Jason is such a good drafter why do we have the bottom ranked defense in the league?

    Going into his fifth year as GM?

  102. adam from ny Says:

    joe – why don’t you start an open thread to the glazers, and an open thread to mr. licht…where fans can speak directly to them…opens threads joe…do it…do it…!

    you know they will read it joe

  103. John meeks Says:

    Bonzai, you must have some damn good smoke!your comments are beyond laughable and ignorant!I thought Webster was bad,wow!

  104. NFLNut Says:

    Licht is a very good drafter … he’s been below average, even bad, in free agency though … he needs to hit home runs in both this year if he wants a contract extension imho

  105. Duke Says:


    Will the Eagles win another SB next year or……is a interesting question. What is the value to a team and fan base to win a SB? If you say it’s a big deal, then there’s the inverse. What is the cost of not winning. Or if the team is a perennial playoff team that is bounced early and often is the most part playoff games or SB wins?

    The fact is that the NFL is not the same NFL as it was before the last CBO. The question about the Eagles should be framed in the context of the current paragidm. Which is, how does a team in the NFC build a team, management, coaches and roster, and win. Then how many people are vitial to the team’s current success. Last, how do you keep those people.

    The NFC has no dynasty team. The NFL has one. So Bonzai where in your thought process is the disconnect that fails to identify the Bucs between the pats?
    The Pats have the only dynasty team and they don’t build through the draft. Yet, you think it’s best to build via the draft and be a perennial winner. Where is this model of team management working? Since the lastest CBO show me where it ever has worked. Or just make a case for the team being lead by visionary trend starters.

    If you’re a visionary, trend starter, Pioneer you would not reside in Tampa or Florida for that matter. If you had been in the past, Florida is your spot.

  106. Duke Says:


    Should the Bucs trade their first thru third round draft picks in exchange for multiple fourth thru seventh RD picks?

    Is this a bad, good or great idea?

  107. the unknown fan Says:


  108. the unknown fan Says:


  109. Dan Says:

    We are a joke. Getting worse each year. Can’t win since Dad stepped aside.
    3-13 is legit 2018 record.

  110. denjoe Says:

    The plan is too Draft the next regimes players. LMAO!

  111. aussieBucfan Says:

    Lol every missed trade reminds me of the angry mob episode on the Simpsons.

    With free agency around the corner better get my burning stake and pitchfork ready I can feel very little activity ahead..

  112. Tnew Says:

    Both Philly and LA are pushing all in while they have QB‘s on their rookie deals. Makes sense to me. Surround them with good O-lines, solid running games and punishing defense. Teaches them how to expect wins

    The Bucs are building around the QB saving money for when they have to pay him. No running game and the league‘s bottom 4 defense. Teaches how to accept losses.

  113. richbucsfan Says:

    I’m thinking the season ticket holders and corporate partners need to pull out. Maybe that will help this totally blind organization to see the fans are sick of pathetic play. Or, perhaps this shows the Glazers do not have the money to spend regardless of what the salary cap is.

  114. old time buc Says:

    Everyday other teams make moves to HELP their respective teams improve and we sit and do nothing. Someone mentioned PANIC moves, well other teams don’t think they are panic moves and neither do I. WE stunk up the NFL last year and comparatively we have gotten worse. Don’t worry be happy man, at least you already know the plan —- DO NOTHING! God bless em cause they will need an outside source if they expect not to be the WORST team in the league.

  115. Skywalker Says:

    Damn I really hope they know what their doing. I’m not gonna pass judgement but I’m nervous for our team. I can’t take the stress smh

  116. Hodad Says:

    The Bucs have no plan, some of you think your plan of bringing back players we never won with before, Talib, Bennett, is better? Both players are older, more expensive total A holes, but you think we can win with them now? There is a reason their current teams want them gone for fifth rounders, ya all just to blind, or stupid to see it.

  117. Bradinator Says:

    Talib was never coming here. It was likely always the Rams. He wants to play for Wade Phillips again AND live in L.A. Can you blame him? His best seasons were courtesy of Phillips (who is the best D coordinator in the league). We all know the man is a party guy, so where better than L.A.? With the Rams he has an immediate chance to play for another title and he ain’t getting any younger. Not blaming the Bucs on this one. he was NEVER coming here. gte over it.

  118. Mike Johnson Says:

    Why is it a lot of players don’t want to come to..Tampa? I’ll wait for the answer…………….

  119. tnew Says:

    Once again, these players aren’t calling the shots. These are trades, not Free Agency. The players are traded to the team that puts together the best overall package to the former team.

    When FA starts then we can speculate to the reason why players aren’t coming but most likely it will come down to money. These guys are professionals and when the choice is fairly level or they are at the end of their career then they might go for a ring. Most FA’s, especially those coming off a rookie contract, are looking to set themselves up for the rest of their lives. This is their big money contract. For some it will be the only time they are in the driver’s seat regarding earnings.

    So far every trade, it sounds like the Bucs simply offered less, with the exception of the Quinn trade, but that was an even comparison and they could ship Quinn out of the NFC.

    Trades and Free Agency are two very different things.

  120. Ed Says:

    Messed up on Quinn gotta get Butler and Johnson and whosever pass rusher and offensive guard is cut that is under 30 and not coming off any serious injuries. Pay for 4 new pieces if you wanna compete in NFC South then select all offensive, defensive lineman + running backs. No CBs no LBs no Safeties no TE no WR no QB in draft!

  121. James Craig Marlow Says:


  122. mark2001 Says:

    Jump off the rusty and broken bandwagon, folks… it will just lead to depression and alcohol abuse issues. We do have great beaches here, don’t we?

  123. Rrsrq Says:

    Rams also take a flyer on Sam Shields, that’s 3 CBs that have played in the Probowl for them. Oh well.

  124. godzilla13 Says:

    ANOTHER great player traded to another great team. Is it the GM? Is it the owners? Does this team even show interest in any of these players? Get in the game, offer more than any other team. Hello.