Frustration Mounts For GMC

March 9th, 2018


Joe likes this for a variety of reasons.

Anyone that has monitored Bucs stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy in recent days has noticed his growing angst with NFL teams (including the reigning Super Bowl champs) beefing up their rosters while the Bucs, for whatever reason, are watching from the sidewalk.

GMC’s frustration, however, does not mean he’s lobbying to leave Tampa Bay.

@Geraldini93: Stop assuming I’m taking shots at my team online. I don’t take shots. I go to the source directly. I just hate missing out on anybody who can help us win. If I’m not bothered by us missing out on good players then that’s when there’s a problem.

This is cool. So are we to conclude GMC is banging his fist on the desk of AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht demanding action?

Joe likes this attitude because it demonstrates GMC apparently is sick of the constant losing and knows this organization has to be proactive if he is ever going to take a snap in a postseason game.

57 Responses to “Frustration Mounts For GMC”

  1. PleadingBuc Says:

    Please stop talking Gerald.

  2. BuccLuck Says:

    Let’s just hope Vinny Curry and Cam Wake can be landed by Mr. Licht. Add two of the following three to the list too Trumaine Johnson, Malcom Butler, or Brent Grimes.

    If Bradley Chubb is off the board at 7 which seems inevitable, trade down and get gmc some help. I’d take both Bills picks and snag Davenport and Sam Hubbard.

  3. Eric Says:

    Yes you do and have.

  4. NFLNut Says:

    Trade him to the Bills for DE Jerry Hughes and a 2nd round pick … heck, while at it, why not just trade the #7 and GMC to the Bills for their #21, #22, 2nd rounder, Jerry Hughes and LeSean McCoy?

  5. DayOnePaul Says:

    The Kraft organization wins every year.

    The Rooney organization wins every year.

    The Packers organization wins every year.

    The Dallas/Jones organization wins every year.

    The Atlanta/Blanc organization wins every year.

    The Saints/Benson organization wins every year.

    What more do you people need to be shown to bring you into the light? The Glazers are perennial terrible owners. They hire terrible GMs. They hire terrible Head Coaches. They bring in terrible free agents. They teach their free agents to mail it in. They draft terribly. They teach their draft picks to play terribly. And then the whole organization hits “repeat”. And I’m gonna eventually leave this earth, after proudly applying my “The Bucs Are Coming” bumper sticker to the back fender of my bike as a kid, and a lifetime of seeing this same damn pattern through Culverhouse and now with the Glazer boys. And why shouldn’t they? They’re making money hand over fist. Screw you and screw me, and our undying support! They obviously couldn’t care less. Hey. It’s good business.

  6. John meeks Says:

    I’m not a huge McCoy fan but the guy hasn’t had any help on the defensive line to be sure he is sick watching Quinn and Bennett go to other teams when they sure could have helped this team.well,I’m sick to gerald!I have no idea what is going on but I’m praying that these clowns have a plan in place!I don’t know what the hell it could be,but I’m sure watching closely before spending my hard earned money on tickets!we shall see if they screw up again!

  7. Topcoach_78 Says:

    Being a Bucs fan is like being in love with a tramp girlfriend…you love her so much but time after time she keeps doing you dirty and wrong!

  8. denjoe Says:

    We see how much they listen or care about what he thinks!

  9. Horse Liver Says:

    Maybe this makes the strong rumor of a trade to the Raiders even stronger. Surprised that no one is talking about it.

  10. NFLNut Says:


    DE: Robert Quinn (3rd round pick – would have beat Phins offer)
    DT: Gerald McCoy
    DT: Taven Bryant (2nd round pick)
    DE: Michael Bennett (2-6th rnd pcks & 7th – would have beat Eagles offer)
    OLB: LaVonte David
    MLB: Kwon Alexander
    OLB: Kendall Beckwith
    CB: Marcus Peters (4th round pick)
    CB: Aquib Talib (5th round pick)
    FS: Justin Evans
    SS: Minkah Fitzpatrick (1st round pick)

    ^^^ THAT ^^^ is what the defense could have looked liked after the draft even if Licht didn’t sign a single player in free agency, so you can see why GMC is ticked as THAT is an awesome and potentially dominant defense on paper! I mean, man, looking at the above lineup … THAT defense if it plays to it’s potential, with an offense that could score just 25 or so points a game, could win a SB … seriously.


  11. NFLNut Says:


    What could our defense look like if we SPEND $30mil+- (same as Quinn/Bennett/Talib/Peters would have cost) in free agency on defensive guys and use ALL the draft picks on defense:

    DE: Noah Spence / Sam Hubbard (2nd round) / Josh Sweat (4th round)
    DT: Gerald McCoy / Clinton McDonald
    DT: Dontari Poe (free agency) / Kendrick Norton (5th round)
    DE: Vinny Curry (free agency) / Robert Ayers / Will Gholston
    OLB: LaVonte David / 6th round pick
    MLB: Kwon Alexander / 7th round pick
    OLB: Kendall Beckwith / 6th round pick
    CB: Minkah Fitzpatrick (1st round pick) / Anthony Averett (3rd round)
    CB: Malcolm Butler (free agency) / Vernon Hargreaves / Javien Elliott
    FS: Justin Evans / Chris Conte
    SS: Tre Boston (free agency) / Keith Tandy

    YUP … that first one with Talib, Peters, Bennett and Quinn looks a lot better … right now … but the above is a nice young and talented group as well … it’d probably look even better if GMC was traded to the Bills for a 2nd and Jerry Hughes and that 2nd was spent on a DT like Taven Bryant … just saying.

  12. Rojas Says:

    It’s true what McCoy says.. weather you like him, or hate him.. at least he’s being honest. Our owners, and GM aren’t doing anything to help this team win.

  13. Off the Cuff Says:

    Enough said nflnut!

    I believe this is a contract year for Jason Licht and the coaching staff.

    Maybe they will start bringing in top talent instead of standing outside of the local big box stores to see who they can get on the cheap.

    Mediocre doesn’t motivate!

  14. Pryda ...sec147 Says:

    I hope that someone gets on their knees and blow us away with a draft offer for the 7th!!!

  15. Horse Liver Says:

    Licht better have some incredible plan no one can see, or needs a massive lightning bolt of luck, because this is shaping up to be the grounds for termination letter from the Glazers. All that is missing is the inevitable 5-11 record to validate what it appears to be.

    Hugely disappointed in the Light GM.

  16. Bnomo Says:

    Hey, trade our 1st for Chucky…..

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe (from ‘Talib Traded to Hollywood’ preceding piece) … “Breathe easy, Bucs fans, Jason Licht and Dirk Koetter have a plan to fix the NFL’s 32nd-ranked defense. That might not include Brent Grimes, their very best cornerback, but there is a plan.”

    Free agency hasn’t started yet, and Joe obviously knows something we don’t know. ‘There is a plan’. Be patient and watch it unfold right before our very eyes.

    NFLNut, I think you’re on the right track with that latest lineup (we snare Poe in FA, along with Butler & another CB) then draft Fitzpatrick (or Vea/Payne). Gut feeling is that we’ll add 1 DE in FA, then another 1-2 DEs PLUS a beastly DT in the draft.

  18. JonBuc Says:

    The NFL and it’s overlord Roger Ring-Goodell may accuse the Bucs of tanking NBA style. And they’d be right.

  19. Jarod lauderdale Says:

    This effing McCoy is a real off season champ of being in the spot light isn’t he? Soon as training camp is over he disappears. Could be one reason no one will come here. I mean no one wants to get cancerfied by this clown. He could really use his bat signal right now in hopes of some help. Since we have not really added anyone to improve our team we can at least improve by subtraction..please just send this guy packing bucs.. Just get it the f over with so we can start fresh!

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    Calm down for God’s sake.

    Everyone roasting the GM for “not doing anything yet” is being ridiculous.

    The tampering free portion of free agency hasn’t even started yet. Geez

    Jason excels in the draft and has been less successful at picking the right veteran additions thus far in his GM career.

    So why would he do more of what hasn’t worked as well – at the expense of what has worked pretty well? Think about it.

    Quinn and Talib both had over priced contracts for starters. The former (while younger) has fairly recent injury and ineffectiveness issues and only 2 years left on his contract and the later is coming off his worst season as a pro statistically and is 32 years old.

    Bennett is getting pretty old too (turning 33 this season) – and while he has remained fairly productive thus far and had a more attractive contract with 3 years left on it – I imagine Bennett’s off field baggage (and about to be released book with a very controversial title) was a major turn off for a GM who is and should be a bit concerned about the quality of “character” that he is bringing into the locker room this year in the wake of the Baker and Ward signings last years.

    Why spend valuable draft resources trading for older guys with big contracts who aren’t perfect fits anyway – when you’ve had much better success getting good young players in the draft than identifying expensive pros who are a good fit?

    Why do I feel so alone in these logical realizations amongst all the gnashing of teeth going on here the last few days?

  21. Joe Blahak Says:

    He just loves attention, simple as that….TRADE THE CLOWN !!!

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m with Pickgrin on this.
    Obviously, Licht doesn’t want to give up players or picks. FA is around the corner and then it’s simply money & we have plenty.
    And, yes….the players will come to Tampa if the money is right.
    We have over $70 mil and all of our picks…….settle down for at least a few days.

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    Good for GMC – he wants to win, not be an embarrassment- I love it!

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    Pickgrin, missing out on Quinn may come back to bite us, but not-so-much on Talib or Bennett. Fixing the DLine & Secondary are obviously Bucs’ priorities … there are a number of very good CBs coming available in FA so I’m not concerned about that. I’m still hoping that Licht fixes the DLine from the inside out … sign Poe in FA, re-sign McDonald, then add a monster DT in the draft. Add 1-2 DEs in the draft and we should be quite a bit better this year in terms of pressuring the QB (although maybe not sacks) and stopping the run (which we weren’t very good at last year). Maybe even add a SS in FA if $$$ allow. Sets the foundation for adding a couple of DEs in next year’s draft.

  25. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Anyone who wants to dump McCoy is a dumb ass imo

  26. Max Says:

    He’s been here long enough to know that none of this posturing or complaining will matter.

    If he really wants some help all he has to do is talk to the guys who pay his check. GMC should let the Glazer boys hear his frustrations but I doubt he wants piss them off.

  27. Pickgrin Says:

    That’s the right strategy DR. A # of good DT prospects available in this years draft so we need to grab one in the 1st or 2nd – not so much w/ DEs but we still need to draft at least one from this class. Next year will be a much better crop of ends and we should get a couple in the 1st 3 rounds then.

    If we resign Grimes and McDonald – and can get at least 1 each (serviceable or better) DE, OG, CB and RB in free agency (plenty of $ available to accomplish that) then we are in great shape heading into the draft to choose players at the top of the Bucs big board in each round as opposed to reaching for positional needs which leads to higher bust rates…

  28. El_Buc941 Says:

    Joe just cause we haven’t picked up anyone in FA doesn’t mean we won’t find gems.People are always complaining that Licht and the Bucs always bring in players(vets) past their prime.well maybe,just maybe,this time Licht might take a different approach and bring in those young guys in the cusp of their primes.

  29. AtlBuc Says:

    The main problem with the Bucs is not the roster.The problem is the coaching. Many teams do a lot better with a lot less. If you look around the NFC South, the Bucs roster on defense is just as good as or better that any of the other teams but players are not being coached up. A couple years ago, the Saints had two rookie cornerbacks and that position was thought to be the teams weakest position. But, they turned out to be a strength.
    Many players who were released by the Bucs have thrived with their new teams. So, if FA’s are not wanting to come to Tampa, it will be because of Mike Smith, not pro bowler Gerald Mccoy, who by the way does not have the authority to trade for or sign players.

  30. Chris K Says:

    Are most of you really Bucs fans or Haters that like to come on here? We all know FA has not started yet right? We all know that there’s a salary floor that every team must spend to right?…. The Bucs obviously are taking the approach to not give away valuable draft picks unless it’s a no-brainer in favor of the team. Every single year there will be players who were on practice squads or injured the year before that have good years, and every year there will be players that totally underachieve their expectations. Can we wait until week 5 before we claim we suck or are called Cleveland south? Can we??? The Bucs will get a couple of FA’s, the Bucs will draft, the Bucs will resign some of their own for long term deals (Evans, Kwon, Marpet, Jameis) This madness of how bad we are before a single snap is borderline insanity. Chill people! If we suck this year Licht and Koetter will be gone! I’m pretty sure they are aware of that already.

  31. Bucsfanman Says:

    Yep, we’re all tired of the losing. I can only HOPE, because hope is all we have at this point, that the “16 year plan” I spoke of yesterday comes to fruition.
    GMC back to back double-digit sacks
    JW- League MVP
    ME- Breaks Jerry’s record
    Smitty’s D- “The skull-crushers!”
    RayJay- “the Den of DOOM!”
    O-line- Makes d-linemen poop themselves
    LBs- “Steel Curtain who?”!
    Koetter- Mentioned in same breath as Belichek…GOAT
    SB Rings- How many fingers you got?!
    It can happen. It’s the 16 year plan!

  32. Clodhopper Says:

    Good ol Gerald. If only he had as much hatred for the enemy as he does twitter trolls.

  33. Jeremy Says:

    Good get angry. Finally. It only took you 8 years

  34. DoSomething Says:

    People want to put all of the blame on the players but the current front office is LOSING. How do you expect the players to act when they watch their GM swing and miss all offseason. It’s one thing if the Bucs weren’t involved in any of these trades but, no, Licht is just losing.

  35. Pickgrin Says:

    DoSomething Says:
    “watch their GM swing and miss all offseason.”

    SMH – the league year hasn’t even started yet. Free Agency has not started yet – get some perspective.

  36. Off the Cuff Says:

    Young trash is not better than old, proven and still productive.

    We got Vincent Jackson in his prime and he gave some great seasons.

    Every other free agent we have brought in has been full of wonder, imagination, speculation and hoping they become special.

  37. Dooshlarue Says:

    That’s Forrest Whitaker in that pic right?
    Like I’ve said before, we need Jeff Spicoli to trash his Camaro and get Ol’ Softie93 pissed off enough to beat Lincoln…… and the NFC South.

    Crybaby Loser.
    Please trade him Licht, I will be forever grateful!

  38. gotbbucs Says:

    All he wanted to do was have fun….
    Now all of the sudden when he is sensing that the end is near he realized that he hasn’t ever won anything?

    I’d rather wait until he’s gone to start winning and I don’t believe this team will be a consistent winner UNTIL he’s gone.
    They’ll hold on to him for another year, have a vomit enducing season again, ownership will hit reset with the organization, new GM and coaching staff will show up, GMC will once again proclaim that he needs to do more for this team to win, HIT REPEAT.

  39. The Buc Realist Says:

    If your plan is to build a team that can drag gmc to the playoffs and not build the best defense they can, then they have already lost!!!!!!!

    To fix the defense,they will need to get young, fast, and healthy roster!!!!!!! At some point will soon come that day when even the sheep and so called “fans” will say ” we should have traded him for that second round pick”!!!!!

    If you compare Sapp and GMC’s career, Sapp already had a superbowl ring and was playing his last year in Tampa ( which he majorly declined in productivity)!!!!!!!!!!!!! GMC has declined the last 3 years!!!!!!!!! fix the defense, not GMC’ s support system!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Bird Says:

    Joe’s – please stop with the McCoy articles for a while

    This site has turned him into the scapegoat and people are just unloading on him for no reason other than they are pissed off with the bucs .

    Here is a news flash. (And it will get worse. ) This free agent class is terrible. Not many diamonds in this batch of dog crap. That’s why teams are trading for guys that are end of career with high cap figures.

    Teams have all this money to spend on who? That’s why someone like norwell (one of the legit free agents) will have every team after him. Bucs are in trouble.

  41. Ndog Says:

    Kerry Jenkins, Roman Oben, Joe Jurievious, Ken Dilger, Michael Pittman and Kennan McCardell where our free agency pick ups our Super Bowl year. Its not about the big names it’s about picking the right players/people which sadly Licht has proven to be horrible at to this point. There are more than enough players available to really help us the question is can Licht find them. That is my worry, cause I dont think he can with his track record.

  42. tmaxcon Says:

    Just more hot air from the worst captain in bucs history and the face of the basement years cancer93… Most overrated pansy arse in bucs history…

  43. Eric Says:

    When free agency starts there won’t be anyone worth signing when it comes to our biggest need. Sorry to say Licht apologists, he has already lost the season for us. At this point all we can hope for is the 1st pick in the draft next year along with a new coach and GM will finally get us pointed in the right direction. No 3rd 4th or 5th round pick wi get us 10 sacks combined…..The end is near!

  44. Joe Blahak Says:

    …and you don’t normally criticize your boss or the people that made you a multi millionaire. If I was Licht, I’d be on the phone from now until draft time getting ANYTHING for this soft arse, comic clown mouthpiece!

  45. ZK Says:

    Fly away Bird.

  46. Mike Johnson Says:

    If this Buc team cannot win this upcoming yr, And I were GMC, I’d go to Licht and beg to be traded. For his own sake. No need to stick with a Loser your entire career when you’ve given your all.

  47. Lamarcus Says:


    They don’t want to play with you. U will get them fired

  48. Bobby M. Says:

    Couple observations on McCoy…..

    1. He was never so “outspoken” until Winston came on board and his seat on the throne was threatened……McCoy had years to be a voice, he’s sat back and cashed checks while losing.

    2. If McCoy was the competitor he claims he is, he’d at some point started demanding to be traded to a contender…..The dude has been content with losing, plain and simple. He’s a very good player, will make the Bucs Ring of Honor but hanging your hat on personal accomplishments is reflection of his character.

    IMO….McCoy is tarnishing his legacy at this point with all his recent chirping. Fans are tired of hearing from a guy that has frankly been a loser….That’s not to say he’s not good but the reality is simple…..Fans go to the game to watch their TEAM WIN. Nobody stares at the d-line applauding McCoy’s double team efforts, they dont buy shots because McCoy gets praise from his peers or coaches…..Folks watch to cheer their team to victory and nothing about his career resembles success from a fans perspective. He’s been quiet all these years, suddenly since Winston has come into town, since Alexander has established himself as a presence, McCoy is scrambling to keep the light on him…..Its soft.

  49. BeingTheThunder Says:

    I am just happy someone within the organization is saying what all of us fans are feeling. Good for you GMC!

  50. Bucsfanman Says:

    Man, with “fans” like these who needs rivals?!
    Honestly, this site is saving me thousands of dollars on therapy with all the armchair psycho-analysis. I hope you guys charge for these services!
    “McCoy should be more outspoken”, “He should demand accountability,” my favorite, “He loves to lose!”
    He comes out and does all that and you guys still bang on him. Not for nothing but if you’re psycho-analyzing player “X” and you’re not the team physician, you probably have way too much time on your hands.

  51. bucsman1979 Says:

    The problem here is that Jason does not like to trade period for what ever reason he is only a Draft Guy. DO SOMETHING GLAZERS FOR GOD SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. bucsman1979 Says:

    #93 kas a right to speake is mind who are you guys in here all DEMS WOW!!!!

  53. nate123456 Says:

    Guys the answer is simple ownership sucks.. Jump on the to the jags ban wagon.. Where the owner gives a damn and the tickets are cheaper!

  54. lokog Says:

    I’m frustrated that Gerald McCoy cant get at least one 10 sack season

  55. mark2001 Says:

    Maybe we can get more lights in the basement… and paint the walls as it seems it will be our permanent residence for the next few years. Who really thought this organization was going to take a big step forward this off season? Just another disappointment…right? Next.

  56. David Says:

    “Bnomo Says:
    March 9th, 2018 at 4:15 am
    Hey, trade our 1st for Chucky…..”

    Dude are u crazy….you forgo to add Koetter and M. Smith with it. LMAO

  57. Owlykat Says:

    GMC would not be elected to the Pro Bowl every year end and out if he wasn’t an outstanding player. If Licht had not been refusing all these years to draft for need and had filled our trenches with outstanding talent this team would not have been Cellar Dwellars during Licht’s entire tenure here and GMC would have already been having double digit sack numbers and maybe even a Super Bowl Ring. Don’t let the ranting of Tmax brainwash you into thinking getting rid of your best All Pro Defensive Player would improve the Bucs. When Licht was hired he cut the LT, who joined the Raiders and has out played D. Smith every year since and Licht gave up a 2d round pick to get D. Smith. A lot of Linemen in the NFL are just hitting their prime when they hit 30.