Reaction More Disappointing Than Loss

September 25th, 2017

The leader of the Stick Carriers is not happy with the reaction to the Bucs’ first loss of the season on Sunday. Host Justin Pawlowski is a former voice on the Buccaneers Radio Network, and an ex-college football player and a lifelong Bucs fan. Hear your Bucs take (if it makes the cut). And plenty of fans are heard from today. Just email a 90-second-or-less audio blast to

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21 Responses to “Reaction More Disappointing Than Loss”

  1. NFLNut Says:

    What game were some commenting nutjobs watching as it sure wasn’t Bucs v. Vikings if you’re complaining about Jameis’ accuracy? The dude completed 70% of his passes which would have been 75% without the two drops?
    His first pick was bad.

    The next two picks had NOTHING to do with us getting waxed … the 2nd one was on D-Jax and the 3rd one was when the game was out of reach and Jameis was just trying to do all he could and didn’t care about his stats unlike many QBs.

    Is reigning NFL MVP Matt Ryan “Not There Yet” as he had almost identical stats to Jameis while playing at home and against a worse defense than Minny and with a ton of help from his running game? Your narrative here is lazy and dumb!

    It’s as if a bunch of you Bucs fans literally think Sam Bradford and Chad Pennington were better QBs than Brett Favre and John Elway … I don’t get it but as a wise man once said, “you can’t argue with stupid” so I guess I should just let ya’ll act like idiots …

    I would take Jameis over every other QB on earth “going forward” … I’m not taking a 23 year old kid over everyone right now for “one game” though which is what all of you are demanding, that the kid be perfect every single game … dumb.

    Aaron Rodgers has thrown two pick-6s in 3 games … Matt Ryan threw 3 picks today … Rivers threw 3 in one quarter today … Mariota has just 3 TD’s in 3 games and two were on 1 yard screen passes that were basically running plays … Cam is straight garbage after winning an MVP just 2 years ago … and ya’ll have a budding 23 year old superstar on your hands that you whine and complain about … just stupid.


  2. LakeLandBuc Says:

    I predicted a 7-9 season, I’m sticking with my prediction.

  3. LakeLandBuc Says:

    I think the worst will be against the Giants and NE, we play the Giants on 10/1 and we play the Pats on 10/5. With our injuries, it’s gonna be a tough two games. Basically it’s 2 games in 4 days with an already depleted team.

  4. TALLEYBAN Buc Says:


  5. firethecannons Says:

    VH3 and Ryan Smith were good for tackles after the touchdown, that’s all they were good for. Time for koetter to give up play calling–it is not working for a long time now. We have no pass rush, our defense is severely wounded after this. What kind of reaction are you expecting? I do not have time to listen to your half hour plus commentary.

  6. Rob Snyders Says:

    So disappointed with NFL and Bucs. Evans thinking he got a free pass to “protest ” today. No sir. If you are a client in my office, I won’t throw my politics at you. When I am in your office (e.g., gameday) I don’t want your politics either. Unloaded my Bucs app, and am done with you. Here’s my free speech…..go to hell NFL!

  7. Eyezondaprize Says:

    Today’s game sucked. I really thought the boys had this one. The Vikings did a great job by exploiting the middle of our d. This league is made of talent. You cannot be missing your leading tackler and head of your d and expect things to roll on. We came out with light and they owned us in the trenchs. This one is on the coaching staff in my eyes. But hey what do I know just a skinny white boy from Canada. We were lucky to not have to bite our nails against the bears. We had every bounce in that game. Hopefully Mr. Martin is ready to commit to his career because as much as we need him he needs us way more.
    The players and the coaching staff needed to be humbled. Now I hope we can be ready to play for each other and bleed for each other. Mike Evans if your pissed off at something go out on the field and put Mr. RHODES on his back and make sure he knows what your about. We are one. Go Bucs

  8. NFLNut Says:


    TALLEYBAN … I know, right? I just don’t get it … you’d think Florida sports fans would have learned there lesson after they ran Shaquille O’Neal out of Orlando with all their constant griping and complaining about his free throws and off-court activities and the like … and then had to watch him turn into the most dominant force the league had ever seen and win FOUR rings including three straight Finals MVP’s … and later enter the HOF not in an Orlando jersey but a Los Angeles jersey.

    I have no real doubt Jameis is going to be a HOF’er when all is said and done AND win at least one MVP and at least one ring … but he may do all of that while wearing another jersey if these “so-called Bucs fans” keep up their ridiculous antics.


  9. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Oh my gosh, Commish I wasn’t going to listen to your podcast today, because sometimes the language here is too strong for me. But I really needed to hear a voice of reason and good common sense. You did not disappoint.

    These fair- weathered, unreasonable, unrealistic so called BUCS supporters have the gall to criticize the Bucs thinking they have unrealistic expectations. Well they need to look in the mirror.

    It seems as if they are watching a fantasy game not a game with real live people….SMH
    thanks Commish for keeping it real and actually know what you are watching and what to
    CAN’T DEAL WITH ALL THE NEGATIVELY…and player blaming it is a team game! Didn’t Cam and Ryan throw 3 pics also. Only one of tjose pics ead on Jameis the one to Evans in tight coverage…

    Maybe I will only listen to your podcast after games, but I probably will have to past on the takes though…keep on keeping it real!!

  10. Erc2706 Says:

    Why is this not on Google play?

  11. RayJameisStadium Says:

    I predicted 13 – 3. The possibility is still there!

    But yesterday sure was DISASTER SUNDAY!!!

    Hopefully the flu is no longer at One Bucs Place…

  12. D-Rome Says:

    The loss doesn’t bother me nearly as much as how they lost. We all know the Bucs weren’t going 16-0 but that game wasn’t close at any point. Yes, I understand the Bucs defense had a lot of injuries to key players but it really looked a lot like Lovie’s defense, very soft. Starting the game with only two line backers instead of three probably didn’t help matters. Nine rushing attempts didn’t help matters either. That’s not on Jameis. That’s Dirk’s offense.

  13. ClodHopper Says:

    Will in the Midwest,

    I couldn’t agree more!! Barkley was amazing Saturday night!! Right after the game when I wasn’t pissed to the kid any more, I told him through my tv that he would look great in pewter and red!! It’s like he goes from a dead stop to full speed in one step.

    Was that not the best Hawkeye game you’ve seen since we beat Michigan State at night about 5 years ago?

  14. Mike Johnson Says:

    WRONG!! The reaction is not disappointing..the loss is. This website has consistently built up our Bucs as did HBO. This was the team to take us to da promise land!!You’d think after a backup has beat you down have his number. You went after a blocking TE in the draft instead of a pass rusher. And you said, Don’t worry, Our Defense is gonna be stellar? Well grab some wood Buc Fans, you got plenty of losses comin your way this season as the blame game starts and the excuses run off the charts. Batter up and Ruck up Bucs..No..EXCUSES. Da Giants be comin to town convinced..they will get their 1st victory of the season. If we don’t beat them? Look for us to start the season at a pleasant…1-3. Cause you ain’t beating Tom Brady.

  15. Easy Denman Says:

    Robert Ayers has been a bust signing, no pass rush from him at all. GMAC93 played his ass off penetrating the O-Line consistently while constantly being double teamed.. Our D-Line is a massive dissapointment

  16. Stud Says:

    If two career backups lit this defense up what will Manning, Rodgers, Brady, Brees (twice), Ryan (twice), and Stafford do?

    I think too many people in the media and front office bought into the defense being good after the 5 game win streak last year. Unless they get a turnover they are just awful on defense.

  17. Ryan Says:

    Justin is laughable. Guy uses the F-word and thinks he is the all knowing Buc guru. Your first and main hit is the fans, really? WHO CARES ABOUT THE FANS. Because someone got you a little upset at a restaurant ? Ha. The truth? This team has not won a playoff game since 2002. Is that the fans fault? Are the fans drafting pass rush? Are the fans drafting RBs ? Are the fans drafting Roberto ? Are the fans getting the flu before they have to play? No. They are just the people financially supporting the team and cheering them on. MESSAGE to all the Jameis LOVERS. eventually, he will keep getting older. You will not be able to keep saying he is young as an excuse for ever. Eventually you will have to ask yourself, how many times has he gone to the playoffs? What did he do in the games leading up to the playoffs. What did he do in the playoffs?. IS HE A CLUTCH PLAYER YOU CAN COUNT ON IN TOUGH SITUATIONS TO PULL OUT A WIN? You can love his passion, but passion alone does not win clutch games. I was at the game live per usual, the pass rush is disgusting off the edge. We have not WON a playoff game since 2002. We also have no had a 10 + sack edge rusher since.. I CANT REMEMBER. Michael Bennett ? Simeon Rice? Just laughable. I GUESS its to bad our stupid fans wont draft a DE though. But, the main concern IS THE FANS. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. Justin, you are a joke. keep cursing at the fans buddy, makes you and JOEBUCSFAN look very professional.

  18. Lord Cornelius Says:


    He is. Statistically he has a winning record in close winnable games – better than Mariota actually by far along with more game winning drives. I charted this a while ago game by game and it was pretty obvious Winston has been WAY more clutch than Mariota to this point in their careers.

    Not many QBs win games when they are down by 25 points in the 3rd quarter lmao. That isn’t the norm to win games in those situations. That’s basically what the Patriots did to the Falcons and many consider it one of the greatest comebacks ever – as in it is rare as all f*ck to do that.

    And yeah any teams pass rush will look bad when pretty much the entire starting D-line is hurt. That’s not an excuse that’s reality. That’d be the same reality for most NFL teams.

    These kind of hyperbolic freak outs / statements is what Justin is talking about. It’s one thing to criticize the team; but it’s another to make dumb criticisms that aren’t founded in reality.

  19. Ryan Says:


    “He is. Statistically he has a winning record in close winnable games – better than Mariota actually by far along with more game winning drives. I charted this a while ago game by game and it was pretty obvious Winston has been WAY more clutch than Mariota to this point in their careers.”

    Statistically, you are WRONG. CORN, please document to me all of the CLUTCH WINS Winston has contributed too, and explain too me how he contributed to them. Last year at KC ? Can you think of any others? I know , he is young! right ?

    You can call him AMERICAS QB. You think he is our future. I understand some of it. He is a good kid. He has talent. He has passion. He is a leader. MANY NFL players/Qbs have or had these attributes. When you compare him to our past QBs, he looks like the savior. ALL THAT MATTERS IS RESULTS.

    You can not provide ANYTHING that will convince me that Jameis has been a CLUTCH NFL QB. NOTHING. He has talent. He has good games. Clutch ? Nope. I hope i am wrong. Until Jameis starts cutting down on the horrible decisions he makes that impact games in a negative way, he will not win big games for the bucs.

    Oh, and take a peak at Winston INT total and Mariota INT total. Factor in the total attempts to make it fair. Winston has been more careless with the ball then Marriota. AND SERIOUSLY? that’s your comparison? How clutch a QB who has never been to the post season is compared to another QB who has never been to the post season.. ? I mean, we haven’t won a playoff game since 02, so i sort of understand the weak comparison with regards to clutch play at QB. The Bucs have not won a post season game since 2002. The focal point has to move on from cursing out fans, to recognizing this team has been irrelevant for over a decade and will continue to be. This team has major issues. The edge rush is terrible, and we do not have the personal to fix it this year. Brent grimes is only getting older. Do we have another stud DB on the roster ? Gerald Mccoy is a BEAST, but also injury-prone. The bucs media can keep pretending everything is okay down in Tampa and its just the fans overreacting. Its just Winston being young. We are good. We are going to the playoffs and Jameis will win a clutch playoff game. We are hard knocks baby! We are a big deal now! these stupid f-ing bucs fan overreacting. Acting like their team hasn’t won a post season game since 02. This team is a long, long way from the playoffs. Your fantasy buffered by hard knocks does not add to the W column. Excuses do not add to the W column. This team needs far better personal on D, and better decision making from its QB. That is just what we know for now. Stay tuned.


  20. Ryan Says:

    Imagine this: Winston and the bucs are in the final quarter of the season. They are playing against a good team, coach, defense, and opposing QB. The game has massive post season implications. Does Winston take over? Does Winston go off? Does he shred the other team and beat out the other QB ? Does he lead the Bucs to the post season? I guess we will just have to wait and see ?

  21. firethecannons Says:

    I know he answer to your Winston question:
    He sees Evans in quadruple coverage and throws him a jump ball. He does not survey the rest of the field, why bother he is locked in. No he does not lead us to playoffs, koetter needs to relinquish his playcalling duties, he is contributing to the Winston decline/disaster. Offense has sucked for long time, all these weopons for nothing, we are as bad as we were last year, nothing changes because Winston is being allowed to run the same old unsafe, crazy with rock plays. Does anybody out there see any good quarterback doing plays like Jameis? He needs to do some dink n dunk for a while then when coast is clear sail a rocket to Jackson, basically run a safe play, a run, safe, safe, safe then boom, a rocket.