Mike Evans: “I Got To Fight My Emotions Better Than That”

September 24th, 2017

Mike Evans speaks out

Is it just Joe, or does all this national-anthem sitting remind anyone else of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer walks as a supporter and volunteer in AIDS-awareness march but he’s accosted by fellow marchers because he won’t wear the AIDS ribbon?

Joe simply can’t take a lot of the anthem-sitting and the reaction to it across the NFL too seriously.

Like it, hate it, respect it, shake your head at it. Whatever.

“Land of the free” is at the end of the song. That isn’t just a throwaway line. React however you wish.

Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson were anthem-sitters today in Minnesota. Ok. But this was especially eyebrow-raising by Evans. Ten months ago he delivered a detailed, written apology for sitting during the anthem. That’s all here.

Ok, Mike. Wear the ribbon. Don’t wear the ribbon. Wear the ribbon again. Just keep catching the football.

After the game, Evans interestingly talked about his responsibilities as a team captain. It’s his first year in the role, and he has said many times that he cherishes earning the team vote and what that represents.

Evans realizes his action have consequences within the team.

As seen on TV, after America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, threw a second-half interception in the direction of DeSean Jackson, Evans lost it on the sideline. He went all Roberto Aguayo on a cup sitting on the turf, and he went after what appeared like it might have been a large barrel on wheels.

“It was very frustrating,” Evans said. “I lost my cool after a turnover in the third quarter and I can’t do that. I’m a captain. I got to fight my emotions better than that. You know, playing with passion is cool, but I got to fight my emotions better than that. And I got to understand it’s just one game. I wanted this one bad. I wanted to start out 2-0, but it’s football. It happens.”

Joe really doesn’t have a problem with sideline freakouts, as long as a player is producing and it’s not injurious to another player or coach.

Just keep producing, Mike.

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