Mike Evans: “I Got To Fight My Emotions Better Than That”

September 24th, 2017

Mike Evans speaks out

Is it just Joe, or does all this national-anthem sitting remind anyone else of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer walks as a supporter and volunteer in AIDS-awareness march but he’s accosted by fellow marchers because he won’t wear the AIDS ribbon?

Joe simply can’t take a lot of the anthem-sitting and the reaction to it across the NFL too seriously.

Like it, hate it, respect it, shake your head at it. Whatever.

“Land of the free” is at the end of the song. That isn’t just a throwaway line. React however you wish.

Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson were anthem-sitters today in Minnesota. Ok. But this was especially eyebrow-raising by Evans. Ten months ago he delivered a detailed, written apology for sitting during the anthem. That’s all here.

Ok, Mike. Wear the ribbon. Don’t wear the ribbon. Wear the ribbon again. Just keep catching the football.

After the game, Evans interestingly talked about his responsibilities as a team captain. It’s his first year in the role, and he has said many times that he cherishes earning the team vote and what that represents.

Evans realizes his action have consequences within the team.

As seen on TV, after America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, threw a second-half interception in the direction of DeSean Jackson, Evans lost it on the sideline. He went all Roberto Aguayo on a cup sitting on the turf, and he went after what appeared like it might have been a large barrel on wheels.

“It was very frustrating,” Evans said. “I lost my cool after a turnover in the third quarter and I can’t do that. I’m a captain. I got to fight my emotions better than that. You know, playing with passion is cool, but I got to fight my emotions better than that. And I got to understand it’s just one game. I wanted this one bad. I wanted to start out 2-0, but it’s football. It happens.”

Joe really doesn’t have a problem with sideline freakouts, as long as a player is producing and it’s not injurious to another player or coach.

Just keep producing, Mike.

102 Responses to “Mike Evans: “I Got To Fight My Emotions Better Than That””

  1. MadMax Says:

    Whatever….break a leg next game!

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    TBBF doesn’t have a problem with Evans kicking stuff on the sideline…..he should be angry….I’d actually like to see more Bucs pained by losing.

    As far as the anthem…..Mike & other NFL players put the uniform on….get paid millions to entertain….IMO they need to express their freedom of speech on their own time. The big stage was provided by the NFL, Fans & Owners….players should play.

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    When you take a knee to support cop killers you’re a piece of garbage. In Evans case he’s just dumb – he did it last year to protest the results of a free election because that’s what dumb people do.

    Great football player but has the IQ of my shoe laces.

  4. Tom Edrington Says:

    Evans and the rest have never been handed a folded American flag by an honor guard. I have, twice, that’s when you really understand why we honor our flag and our country.

  5. playerunknown Says:

    What happened to Mike saying it won’t happen again after last year? Between him kneeling, getting manhandled by Rhodes and a throwing a temper tantrum on the sidelines, Im about to return my brand new jersey of his.

  6. Mr. E Nigma Says:

    Most of the country is laughing at this guy. Evans wanted the attention and got it. Rhodes shut him down completely and made it look easy.

  7. LA Bucs fan Says:

    “take a knee to support cop killers” Lol!
    What world is Rod living in? Haha

  8. Stu Says:

    How many drops for ME?

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    Evans is just the result of the leftist educational system that does nothing but preach hatred of America and tell people they’re victims. That’s how you can become a multi-multi-millionaire and pretend like you’re “opposed”. This is the result of having a low IQ and a big stage.

    With that said I’m glad Trump called out these morons since now it’s over, now all these dopes are taking a knee to make Trump “mad” – as I said they’re low IQ dolts. Trump just made taking a knee all about him instead of being about supporting terrorist groups like BLM, cop killers and general hatred of the country – and that’s a great thing since it messes with the heads of these dopes that will now end up standing against for the anthem to “spite” Trump. Just wait a few weeks and watch and see how this plays out, it’s going to be hysterical.

  10. Kevin Says:

    Im a cop, I could care less who likes cops or hates cops. This entire issue boils down to the fact that you are at work. Do your job and keep your personal views to yourself at work. Would you tolerate a Tampa Policeman stopping you for a traffic violation and sharing his political and society views ? I would not tolerate it.

  11. DB55 Says:

    But he did see his white uncle kill his black father.

  12. Karl Says:

    What bothers me is that everybody says “he has the right to sit.”
    Well, I disagree. He is an employee who is on the clock. If his employer says no political activism while on the job, then he doesn’t have the right.
    I can’t be an activist while at my job. I can’t campaign, etc while on the clock.
    As soon as he drives off buccaneer property, he can pull over and go stand in the median with his black lives matter sign.

  13. DB55 Says:


    Do you mean like the time the Tampa cops refused to work the Beyoncé knowles concert? Fckn hypocrists the whole lot of you.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    Kevin, I agree with you

  15. Rod Munch Says:

    DB55 – They hire off duty cops cupcake, meaning they’re not on the clock.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This is being made a “free speech” issue….when it’s really a unacceptable workplace expression.

    How many of us would be permitted to do this at our workplace?
    If there is no consequence then it will continue. Simply go back to the old TV days where the anthem was before the coverage starts. If players want to protest to the fanbase only then that will be IMO a bad decision….but to permit them to protest on national TV is a mistake.

    I have no problem whatsoever with free speech….they have their social media for that.

  17. DB55 Says:

    I’d ask if you people are stupid but that’s evident. The NFL commissioner, players assoc, owners and coaches have consistently supported the players right to free speech.

    Funny how free speech is only celebrated when those speaking are carrying torches and nazi/confederate flags. Then it’s just free speech. Oh they killed someone? Just a trouble youth or a rotten apple bc there’s good people exercising their constitutional rights.

  18. firethecannons Says:

    who cares about this stupid sht Evans did–come up with some answer for whaat to do about vh3 and ryan smith–the two of them lost this game, they were both USELESS

  19. Kevin Says:

    I worked that concert and I actually met Beyonce earlier that week as she was staying on Davis Island. She was nothing but polite and was a pleasure to meet.

  20. Me? Says:

    Rod Munch…..lol. Go back to watching CBS, shaking your head at black kids who wear their pants too damn low and not understanding differing perspectives. I love tampa and I love this team, but reading the comments on this site makes me understand why Florida can be a laughing stock to the rest of the country.

    The fact that a sitting president is saying this stuff on Twitter is one thing, but saying that you have to stand for the anthem or you’re fired??? If a Clinton said that, all of you sheep would lose your mind. This is why we’re better than North Korea-that stuff actually happens there, here we have freedom to protest. Get over yourselves you entitled collection of cells.

  21. Rod Munch Says:

    I disagree with players not having the right – they have every right. I think they’re complete pieces of trash for doing it, but I also think these are not the brightest bulbs either. You’re talking about a bunch of men that play with a ball for a living and have never done anything but that. They’re generally low IQ easily influenced dolts that are easily misguided by those on the left that want everyone divided into different groups since they need victims in order to have a reason to grow the government in size and power.

    So players have the right to take a knee, and I have a right to say they’re world class dopes and hope they have an accident involving their nutsack and a garbage disposal.

  22. lurker Says:

    wow bunch of tards and fascists here

  23. DB55 Says:

    But cops called for a boycott while at work right? To your point…

    That sentiment is fueling the Miami boycott, according to a press release from Miami FOP president Javier Ortiz.

    “The fact that Beyoncé used this year’s Super Bowl to divide Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and her antipolice message shows how she does not support law enforcement,” Ortiz said in the release. “We ask all law enforcement labor organizations to join our boycott across the country and to boycott all of her concerts.”

    Republicans keep moving the target. What okay for their causes are deplorable for the other side.

  24. lurker Says:

    lol…this is america but you have to do things my way….silly people

    trump is a fool and not a good person

    and what other job has the national anthem play?

  25. unbelievable Says:

    No one is taking a knee to supper cop killers, but yet there you go again rod sounding like an uniformed idiot.

  26. DB55 Says:


    I hope your daughter gets impregnated by a real thug ghetto country bumpkin who kinda speaks English and wears his pants around his ankles.

    If blm can reason with you maybe they can just breed you out.

  27. NFLNut Says:

    I don’t care about the kneeling or standing thing … did Mike say WHY he was mad? Was he mad at Jameis for making a bad throw or at D-Jax for not running the right route? Who’s fault was the interception?

  28. Greg J Says:

    Can’t spell Mike Evans without ME. Great player but seems to be mentally weak and that will prevent him from being one of the greats over time.

  29. NFLNut Says:

    As for Godzilla himself … he is still extremely young … don’t be too hard on him.

  30. Issic Haggins Says:

    Mike shut your big Mouth you hurt the fans and your team from the beginning , take three weeks off and visit Afghanistan,Iraq,Syria and Purto RICO .

    I plead that since you care so much that you give 90 percent of all future contracts 50 percent ( 45 ) to the military and our country and 50 percent to community difference because clearly you felt it purposeful to push your agenda to a million people today !! I also suggest you ride with TPD 4 nights a week in the off season and visit woundedwRriors 5 days a month …….. Thanks for dropping the ball Mike and being a hot head I’m sorry we couldn’t cater to you more !! Jag Off !!! We don’t really care any more !! I can only hope you ass clowns earn nothing going forward………. Go to the CFL , NOW !!!

  31. Rod Munch Says:

    DB55 – LOL! Such anger… such anger…

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    Yes unbelievable – when you take a knee to “protest” cops and side with a pro-killer group like BLM who had a member of its group assassinates 5 cops in Dallas last year, when you side with them, when you side with BLM protesters chanting about killing cops, you’re pro-cop killer and a piece of trash.

    Evans, as I said, last year was such a dope he protested but said it was about Trump winning a free election – then it turned out he didn’t even vote. As I said he’s a dope – but he’s not garbage because he wasn’t in the Kap pro-cop killer clique.

  33. FortMyersDave Says:

    Worry about lining up against the Giants Mike, leave the politics to the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC…..

  34. lurker Says:

    definition of ironic:
    same person, 2 different threads

    “When you take a knee to support cop killers you’re a piece of garbage.”

    “My gawd, the drama queens in this place never fail to make me laugh.”

  35. Me? Says:

    the dummy in Office is trying to divide people? Why is it only the right or the left, or whatever fits your warped perspective? I’m a republican and am repulsed by this animal and you sheep follow his every tweet. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Who cares if the players sit or stand, it doesn’t affect you in the least. I’m more pissed at trump than I usually am bc now he’s trying to divide football fans! Go Bucs

  36. BucsFanFromSaintsLand Says:

    Great way to camouflage how you really feel, Joe! I have an idea which Joe wrote this. The Star-Spangled Banner was written in 1814.The last slaves weren’t free until 1865. With that fact, I don’t know what you are trying to say by ““Land of the free” is at the end of the song. That isn’t just a throwaway line. React however you wish.” How was it the land of the free and there were still slaves? Also, JBF commenters, please go and read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. Maybe that will open your eyes some. Those players aren’t kneeling just to be kneeling. Your “free” might not be someone else’s “free”……..

  37. Pewter Lou Says:

    Joe should take this timeline down,a lot of ignorance around here. Smh..

  38. Issic Haggins Says:

    Rod Munch , they only have the right that you do in the work place, give it a shot big boy and let me know how it goes. Disrupting a work place as in every NFL contract and the right of every employer is not going to be accepted !!

    Even less as every NFL contract has a specific clause stating any conduct deemed detrimental, which yes Evans contract could be voided per his contract due to his bravado today . I remember seeing Mike almost getting his lil NFL ass whipped in Miami and just maybe he will get it again if he doesn’t wise up, he ran like a lil bitch then and will cry like one if the NFL has big problems

    Freedom of speech does not apply in the work place , but disruption or il production does !! Peaceful protest and free speech apply s to public areas and governmental control , not private for profit work places .

    Give a shot big Rod , there is a reason it doesn’t apply !!!

  39. Issic Haggins Says:

    Kevin , Correct

  40. Karl Says:

    You’re missing my point, he has the right but not while on the clock.
    Do it on his own time.
    If a player stood during the anthem and held up a “build a wall” sign, that’s that the time for that either.
    The NFL is slowly killing itself. I want to watch a football game. Not social activism.

  41. Mr. E Nigma Says:

    People have the right to criticize the players kneeling just as the players have the right to kneel. This team needs to work on not being a joke instead of being social justice warriors. In case no one noticed Raymond James looked embarrassingly empty opening week.

  42. lurker Says:

    don’t play the anthem at their work, then

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    Issic – I disagree in that you don’t have the “right” not to stand for the anthem, I’ve never seen any legal decision that says someone has to honor something. I mean if you’re forced to stand for the pledge then what keeps some leftist employer from forcing you to stand and honor men in dresses using womens bathrooms? I mean that’s the road you go down whenever you force someone to honor something.

    These people are dopes, but in America you have the right to be a dope, and honestly I wouldn’t want it any other way. My father fought and died in Vietnam, my grandfather was in Korea, before that it was the Civil War and heck my 7th great grandfather even fought in the Revolution. I’m totally for calling out these people for what they are, low IQ products of the public school system and of a political party that hates this country and wants to see it fail, but forcing people to honor something they hate, that will backfire in a massive way. They have the right, and we have the right to call them whatever and to mock how dumb they are – so long as everything sticks to just being words.

  44. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I do have a problem with anything disrespectful to the anthem. You don’t like it, fine, then stand quietly. I flew up here to Mins to see my team and I got two pieces of dung…first from the anthem protests, then from the Bucs play on the field. And the NFL team owners responses, including the Glazers, were weak. I maintain you protest on your own time. None of us as employees can do what we want when representing our employers. But the Commissioner and owners are to chicken to say what that policy is because they don’t want a lawsuit or walkout. So Koetter doesn’t like other fans in the lower bowl? Well, stop supporting that your players are disrespecting the anthem and dropping steamer games that make fans not want to come. In a protest of my own, I will sell my four Giants and Patriots tickets on stub hub to some out of towners from states that think it’s cool to stomp on the flag. It will pay for my trip to Minneapolis. I hope Evans and DJax enjoy playing for team’s fans and I hope the Glazers see what they have done. Tell Demaurice Smith to eat it and protest to legit entities on your players own time. Have not missed a home game in seven years…until now.

  45. P'cola Buc Says:

    First of all let me state that I’m a big mike Evans fan and am very happy he is on our team. That being said, I somehow have the feeling that in his particular case his support of this cause is at least in part a search for wanting/needing to be recognized amongst the other elite players in the league.
    I remember on Hard Knocks he talked about JJ Watt starting a hurricane relief fund as he sat next to a team mate. He stated That he thought of doing something like that for some cause under his name. His motivation seems to have several roots. I’m not saying he does not believe in the cause but that there might be other factors at play. Mike Evans is a star in this league-he is already significant even if he doesn’t realize it. I agree that his inconsistent behaviors on this matter make him appear to be easily swayed by others and just a tad immature.We love you Mike. We admire you for the elite athelete you already are and be confident in yourself.

  46. Viejo_Sombrero19 Says:

    @WillieG you have just written one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. You wouldn’t be able to understand sociology history or American government class. I feel so sorry for your family and especially for your kids if you had any that sucks. Because I was kind of hoping that your DNA would not continue on in this world. I am glad to see you go buddy.

  47. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How about this……at your work, you wish to wave a Russian flag in your parking lot as your workmates and customers arrive…..you have punched in and are on the clock….

    Your right to free speech, correct?

    Try it!!!

  48. Viejo_Sombrero19 Says:

    Yeah don’t play the anthem at their “Job” like as if this is a real job. Keep in mind I can’t cuss at my job or dance or violently attack people. Who the hell really thinks the NFL can be compared to their own job WTF LMAO you guys are so old like man I can see exactly who is in this room.

  49. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I have absolutely no problem with free speech and don’t even disagree with the player’s cause…..there is some injustice……always has been and probably always will be.
    But, they are using their workplace to express it and the NFL & Owners are permitting it to their detriment. Ratings and ticket sales will suffer…..players will jeopardize endorsement contracts and merchandise sales….they are paid enough to withstand the losses…..so be it.
    You don’t notice players on the “bubble” doing this…..wonder why?

  50. richbucsfan Says:

    Sorry, Mr. Evans, leadership means you lead in the arenas of character, patriotism (considering the team you play for has, er had, a great relationship with the warriors at MacDill AFB), community involvement, etc. Obviously you misled your team and should surrender the Captain tag to someone who is a leader. You’re a young punk who has yet to grow up. You and DJax are cancers who need to be removed from the body. Your demonstration did nothing but stir up the home folks. I read somewhere about chemistry on the team. Oh, I’ll bet the PR department of the Bucs is working hard to spin that all is well in Bucs locker room. Oh, I’m sure it is….smh

  51. richbucsfan Says:

    Oh, and before I get jumped on by those who disagree with me, remember they had their “right” to kneel, I have my right to disagree.

  52. webster Says:

    All of you guys jumping in evans are idiots. What is this crap about place of employement? Did you idiots not see the nfl and owners denounce trumps idiotic remarks and supported their players right to kneel? So no, their contracts wont be voided idiots. And the players are not dopes for kneeling. The only dopes are those who choose not see the racial injustices. As for BLM, you can keep that lie about them to your blind self. Many whites march with BLM groups because they see exactly what these athletes are protesting because its not a racist organization. But i will let you support a president who believes their are good people in the kkk and nazi. Funny you dont see but one race associated with these organiztion.

  53. westernbuc Says:

    Mike, you don’t like Trump, then try voting next time. You don’t like Jameis throwing interceptions, then get open.

    Y’all would be fry cooks if not for this game. Give it all your attention, cash your checks, and thank God you don’t live somewhere not called America

  54. Issic Haggins Says:

    Lurker , please cross the border , to the north , south ,whichever way , just cross and don’t come back ………… You won’t have the anthem at all !!

  55. Issic Haggins Says:

    Yes Rob M I get where u think your coming from but NASCAR disagrees with you because they think it will affect their revenue and the NFL thinks the opposite but the NFL , baseball and the NBA will perhaps feel differently later when their monetary decision plays out negatively…….. our comments are not dollar generated, sports leagues are solely dollar generated

  56. TampaTown Says:

    ME is immature and a liar. You said this was behind you. Be a man and keep
    your word. Did anyone see his post game interview? He is once again (and DeSean) making it about the President and not “the cause.” You don’t like the President? So what. He was elected by the people of this country, just like Obama, who was disliked by an equal number of people. It’s called democracy. Stop thinking you’re always going to get your way.

  57. webster Says:

    I applaud any man or women who served this country as i have had many family members serve. The only thing i will say is many vets and active duty supports these players right to kneel so those vets and active duty that dont feel the same way, your opinions are not more valid then theirs. The entire military family is not disrespected and thats what makes this country great. As a matter of fact, it was an ex military nfl player that met with kap and told him not to sit, but to kneel. Out of respect for the military because his protest was never about the military, he took this player’s advise and started kneeling. There you have it.

  58. TampaTown Says:

    @Webster: I’ve never seen that story. Who was the player who gave him that advice?

  59. webster Says:

    @ tampa town

    Lies. Obama was not disliked by as many people as trump. Obama not only won the electorial college but the popular vote. He also had a 55% approval rating. Trump lost the popular vote by 3 mil with only about 60 mil voting for him. 90 mil registered voters did not vote because they hated both canidates. Trump has the same 34% approval he has always had. He has not converted none of the 90 mil that did not vote and he definitely has not converted the hillary voters. Dont let facts get in the way.

  60. webster Says:

    @ tampa town

    His name was nate boyer

  61. MRWright88 Says:

    Bucs fan since ’85. Season tickets for 8 years in Tampa, then Dolphins season tickets when work moved me to Miami, and finally Ravens season tickets when moved to Richmond.

    Been lurking on JBF for a while, but (obviously) not a poster. Evans and Jackson are, for me, the final straw. I’m done with the Bucs and done with the NFL. Will reevaluate if these overgrown toddlers develop greater humility and a modicum of critical thinking.

  62. BUC IT Says:

    Can we trade this scumbag?

  63. lambchop Says:

    I gotta say all of you who are making the case that these athletes are at work and that you can’t do this at your place of work really need to think it through a bit more than that. Your job is not to entertain, your job is not televised, your job is not idolized by fans. They have a platform like no other, and you can’t tell them not to use a platform that is available to them because the rest of us want to put our hard earned money to watch in some form or another. If you don’t like their protest, don’t watch it, don’t buy jerseys, don’t go to games. Just put your heads down at your job and entertain yourself.

    These people are protesting the inequality and divisiveness that is happening in this country before Trump. The anthem is just the opportunity to silently voice their feelings of inequality which is one of many things the flag represents. If you don’t understand that, you’ve probably never faced racism or been discriminated against. Don’t tell someone else how to react if you’ve not walked a mile in their shoes. Making millions didn’t stop Martellus Bennett from being handcuffed in Vegas. The only thing that matters to some is the color of your skin in 2017 no less. That’s what’s really disgraceful. And for goodness sakes, this is not a military issue or a patriot issue. You have not been discriminated against EVER if you think that.

    I’ve never seen a more unpolished and unprofessional President in my lifetime that would call people Sons of Bitches on TV. He is just a privileged citizen who doesn’t even represent the socioeconomic status of all the minions who lap his crap up. Does he really know what’s good for the average American? I doubt it. He’s too busy helping himself and his cronies and trying to (drumroll please) utilize his political platform to garner some TV and Twitter ratings. Someone forgot to tell him this isn’t a reality gameshow.

  64. TampaTown Says:

    @Webster: Like the same poll numbers that said Hillary would win in a landslide? You mad because you believed the fake news. It’s not a contest of who hates who the most (unless you’re in 2nd grade, in which case I apologize), but rather EACH SIDE has to deal with having a President they don’t personally like. And you have no idea how lucky you are to be able to say bad things about the President and get away with it, but I do. That’s why my family came to this country legally. For the American flag. So I’ll say it again. Anyone who doesn’t like it here, leave. You can because it’s a free country. And BTW, if you did leave, you would be begging to get back in.

  65. webster Says:

    And to those who are done with watching the nfl or going to the games because of evans then obviously you did not see the entire nfl protest today. Im glad you are done because when im sitting in my seats, id rather sit next to a person who understands these players are only demonstrating their constitutional right whether they agree or not. I want to sit next to people that are open minded and have a civil discourse with them. Thats what america is about. Good luck with not watching the nfl, nba, or mlb. Maybe you can get around to that deck or the floors your wife has been hounding you about. Look on the bright side, you can buy the expensive upgrades because of the money you save not going to the games. Happy wife happy life.

  66. webster Says:

    @ tampa town

    The point that many more hates trump is not fake news. The fact you think its the same is called alternative facts. And the fact that you are not from here is why you are clueless on this topic. Many changes for the better have come from protest in this country. There is something called the civil rights movement or the womens movement. Telling people to move is the most laziet argument ever. Its our constitutional right to tell our government when they are not living up to the words and ideas of this country. Im sorry you missed that in your citizenship classes.

  67. webster Says:

    Fyi tampa town

    This country was founded off of protest. Its called the american revolutionary war. Thats why we celebrate independence day. Surely you learned about that?

  68. TampaTown Says:

    I have heard of it. What are you talking about? You’ve run out of points to

  69. TampaTown Says:

    And like you said, your opinion is not more important than mine.

  70. Rod Munch Says:

    If your profession consists mainly of playing with a ball for other people’s enjoyment then I really don’t care what you have to say about politics. LOL!

  71. Rod Munch Says:

    webster – You can buy tickets with an EBT card? LOL!

    Just kidding brah…

  72. webster Says:

    One of my comments is in moderation for whatever reason. The point is telling someone to move because of protest when this country was built off of protest is called hypocracy and is a lazy argument. Hopefully you will understand if and when my point before the revolutionary war comes through

  73. TampaTown Says:

    Webster: who told you to move because of a protest? I didn’t see that. Protest all you want on your own time, not mine. If you don’t like this country or the dissenting opinions in it, then leave.

  74. TampaTown Says:

    @ Webster: I do agree that moderation thing is a ball buster.

  75. webster Says:

    @ rod

    And thats where you are lacking. If you think that a person who plays sports has nothing else to offer society then you must be one of of those jealous type. I myself feel as though i can learn from people with various backgrounds. Many sports athletes have actually gone into politics as well as actors. Did we not have a president who was an actor? Sports is what these players do, but sports do not define them. They are humans just like you and i just like all races, religion etc. You dont seem to understand that and that is part of the protest. And btw..whenever i used a ebt card, it was my side chick’s name mary beth.

  76. webster Says:

    You are implying if a person is protesting then that means they dont like it here and again that is lazy. Just mlk said, all we asked is for this country to live up to its own set standards. You do know who mlk was?

  77. lambchop Says:

    @Rod Munch, Don’t watch the game if you don’t like the product. These players have a right to voice their opinion about racial discrimination. You have not been discriminated in your entire life I can safely assume. So, don’t talk about how someone else should react because of your privileged life. We are talking about the color of a man’s skin, something he does not control.

    @TampaTown, The President is part of the issue because of his handling of Charlottesville and his divisiveness and for calling NFL protestors sons of bitches who should be fired. Well, I’m sure if someone said that about you, you’d have a thing or two to say. Let’s not forget these little outbursts by Trump. I understand your point that people should be lucky to be in a country where they can voice their displeasure of their President, so let’s keep with the theme and allow it. You should realize that if you’re not white, you may get discriminated against in this great country. So, for those people, their experience is a lot less than their fellow citizens. It doesn’t mean they don’t love their country, the problem is with people who feel it’s ok to racially discriminate against others because they feel no empathy. And especially with people who abuse their power and authority to discriminate. It seems many people are confusing country, flag, anthem in place of the few who discriminate or turn a blind eye to the fact that discrimination is happening. Because if it ain’t happening to me, it ain’t happening at all. You won’t understand until you get racially profiled. This is not one Nation under God, Indivisible, for Liberty and Justice for all. It’s only for the selective few. That’s the reality.

  78. Rod Munch Says:

    webster – Actually what I’m saying is that when you’re a 23-year old jock whose entire claim to fame is how well they can hold onto a ball, I really don’t want to hear your moronic ramblings about politics. That actually holds true for most every 23-year old, even if I agree with them I don’t want to hear their point of view as all it’s based on is repeating what someone else said.

  79. webster Says:

    @ rod

    See what you are saying? You are saying just because a person is 23 and play sports, they are not capable of reading and educating themselves and that they have to rely only on what someone told them. You dont think that is a close minded point of view?

  80. Ed Says:

    Where was the flag when blacks were getting whips on their ass.

  81. WillieG Says:

    Typical moron response. Lob insults instead of intelligent points that we can discuss. I guess that means you have no intelligent points Viello or whoever the heck you are.

  82. Greg J Says:

    Everyone that has a problem with the protest…take it up with the Glazers and the NFL…it is up to them to reign in their employees if they choose. I think some of this faux outrage is nonsensical, but to each his own. For the record, I voted for Trump and against Hillary…would do it 1000 times more.

  83. Rod Munch Says:

    Ed, here’s a little history for, 300,000 white men died freeing blacks – the only time in the history of the world that people of the same race fought each other to free people of another race. If you leftists had ever read a history book, that was real, not revisionist, you’d actually have an appreciation for your country. In any case I, nor anyone I’ve ever meet, had anything to do with slavery – true story! In fact, and you can look this up, the last president of the United States was black! Seriously brah, it’s true! Not only that, he was put into office by white people! Shocking indeed! Here’s another fun fact for you, in 2009 and 2010 Trump went on Larry King Live on CNN nearly weekly defending Obama – that’s your evil boogeyman racist for you. Anywho you dopes should read less fake news and actually learn some history then perhaps you could hold a conversation that goes beyond the 3rd grade level.

  84. Jimmy Says:

    Let me get this straight: Trump is dividing the country? When did Trump start p!ssing on the flag and giving the finger to vets?

    Trump called out the self-appointed moralists who wouldn’t know Malmedy from Camp O’Donnell yet it was those guys who sacrificed so much allows clowns to be clowns in America.

    Don’t want to be called out by the president? Then don’t do stupid sh!t insulting men of a helluva lot more honor than just a bunch of nickel and dime MLK wannabes playing football.

    Hint: Kneeling for the national anthem isn’t exactly a sit-in at a Woolworth’s run by and frequented with the Klan.

  85. Rod Munch Says:

    webster – What books on American history do you think Evans has been reading and do they come with the crayons or do you have to buy them separately? LOL! Come on…

    Here, I’ll give you an example. I know more about American history than anyone I’ve ever met, that’s me at 42 but at 23 I knew nothing about American history – all I did was repeat what other people told me and most of it was wrong. Now that isn’t true 100% of the time for people that age, but it’s true like 99.99% of the time. Some parrot that reads what someone else has to say and then just repeats it, I’m not really interested in their opinion as it’s not their opinion. Once you’ve lived, read everything from every angle, made assumptions about the future and seen them either happen or not happen and learn from that – that’s when your opinion begins to have weight. As I said above Evans has the right to not stand – just like I have the right to point out he’s a boring hack without an original thought in his empty head. Also as I said above I don’t have hate for Evans, he’s just a dope that has no idea what he’s talking about, I do however have hatred for Kap, he’s a piece of garbage that supports cop killers – that’s the difference here. Kap will never play again because he’s garbage that hates the country – watching Evans on Hard Knocks (which obviously is a very limited view of him) he seems like a kid who just isn’t all that bright but thinks he’s doing the right thing, like wanting to do a fundraiser for his hometown. Even though I very much disagree with Evans I’d fully support any charity work he did for Galveston and praise that work. Meanwhile Kap gives money to a terrorist group and wonders why he doesn’t have a job, he’s human garbage. Evans isn’t garbage, he’s just wrong and has no clue what he’s protesting, he’s just hoping on the bandwagon and wasn’t even sure what bandwagon it was.

  86. TampaTown Says:

    @Rod: Every time I think I’m out you pull me back in! Very well said.

  87. Thespiritof1976 Says:

    Hey mike: hands up, don’t drop.

  88. Thespiritof1976 Says:

    @ Rod: I don’t know why you’re wasting your time here with these liberals. They are children, who, once they are given a left wing talking point, are about as bad as a JW on a Sunday afternoon.

    Conservative/Libertarian: Forget you; leave me alone

    Liberal: I will publicly commit libel and slander against and try to get you fired from your job.

  89. superd Says:

    Mike Evans needs to give up his team leader role, until he learns how to be a leader.

    It’s funny how all these players have the right to say and do as they feel, but Trump doesn’t!

  90. richbucsfan Says:

    Take a little trip to Valley Forge in January. Hold a musket ball in your fingers and imagine it piercing your flesh and breaking a bone or two. There won’t be a doctor or trainer to assist you until after the battle, so just wait your turn. Take your cleats and socks off to get a real experience. Then take a knee.
    Then, take one at the beach in Normandy where man after American man stormed the beach, even as the one in front of him was shot to pieces…the very sea stained with American blood. The only blockers most had were the dead bodies in front of them, riddled with bullets from enemy fire.
    Take a knee in the sweat soaked jungles of Vietnam. from Khe San to Saigon…Anywhere will do. Americans died in all those jungles. There was no playbook that told them what was next, but they knew what flag they represented. When they came home, they were protested as well…and spit on for reasons only cowards know.
    Take another knee in the blood drenched sands of Fallujah in 110
    degree heat.. Wear your Kevlar helmet and battle dress.. Your number won’t be printed on it unless your number is up! You’ll need to stay hydrated but there won’t be anyone to squirt Gatorade into your mouth. You’re on your own.
    There’s a lot of places to take a knee Americans have given their
    lives all over the world. When you use the banner under which they fought as a source for your displeasure, you dishonor the memories of those who bled for the very freedoms you have. That’s what the red stripes mean. It represents the blood of those who spilled a sea of it defending your liberty.
    While you’re on your knee, pray for those that came before you, not on a manicured lawn striped and printed with numbers to announce every inch of ground taken…but on nameless hills and bloodied beaches and sweltering forests and bitter cold mountains every inch marked by an American life lost serving that flag you protest.
    No cheerleaders, no announcers, no coaches, no fans…just American men and women…delivering the real fight against those who chose to harm us…blazing a path so you would have the right to “take a knee.” You haven’t an inkling what it took to get you where you are…but your “protest” is duly noted. Not only is it disgraceful to a nation of real heroes, it serves the purpose of pointing to your ingratitude for those who chose to defend you under that banner that will still wave long after your jersey is retired…
    If you really feel the need to take a knee, come with me to church on Sunday and we’ll both kneel before Almighty God. We’ll thank him for preserving this country for as long as He has. We’ll beg forgiveness for our ingratitude for all He has provided us. We’ll appeal to Him for understanding and wisdom. We’ll pray for liberty and justice for all…because He is the one who provides those things. But there will be no protest. There will only be gratitude for
    His provision and a plea for His continued grace and mercy on the land of the free and the home of the brave. It goes like this…
    From a combat infantry vet
    –William Stevens

  91. Pruritus Ani Says:


    They don’t get it.. We’re in a different time where we coddle and reward this type of behavior. How this is even a debate is beyond me. I wrote in a post yesterday that free speech and the right to protest doesn’t carry over to the workplace. It’s a place that is supposed to be devoid of this type of stuff, and rightfully so. Imagine if a doctor decided to protest by not treating patients for 5 minutes or an hour, or a teacher refused to instruct class. The point is there is a time and place for everything. If you want to protest, fine.. Do it after work.

    Now that the players have politicized the game, you will see a drop off in interest. I don’t see that as a good thing as in a way it’s ignoring behavior that is socially unacceptable. If it is allowed to continue, as they allowed it with Kapernick, it will only spread and get worse.

  92. SB Says:

    Amen rich! That’s all I can say.

  93. Locked In Says:

    As Jameis would say, “F@#k your circumstances”. All the protests, marches, sit-ins, riots over the years and we’re still where we are. People need to VOTE if they don’t like their political leaders. Get out into the communities and help, educate, enable people to help themselves. People need to just work harder, despite living in an unfair world. The world isn’t fair. It never was. You can kneel all day long but that won’t change anything, it just disrespects the national anthem and the flag of your country. Stupid waste of time.

  94. Are you kidding? Says:

    Believe me the NFL and the Team have a legal the right to control their brand (trademark). Don’t confuse free speech with employers rights to sanction their employees (the NFL is a private company). In fact, try using the NFL or the Bucs name for something without written approval by them in the form of a licensing agreement. If the Team or the NFL does not want you to kneel because it is offensive you will not be able to kneel.

    I burned my Bucs jersey yesterday. I am moving my TD Ameritrade Accounts and I am not using Gillette razors anymore.

    I love my country and those who serve it. Sunday I showed my son that I have a backbone and I will not tolerate those who disrespect our country.

  95. BigHogHaynes Says:

    There are some people on this site that really hate to see Black men make money and protest at the same time …its 2017. 200years ago that’s where some of you are at in your feeble minds! We take a knee cause we can and you get mad cause you and your Jack ass racist ass president can’t do a damn thing about it…BEING FREE is a damn good feeling..the white race is quickly becoming the minority in this country…that is the true reason for all the hate!

  96. BigHogHaynes Says:

    @ Are you kidding: you showed your son a ton of hate….and I’m sure he will learn it well !!!

  97. Bryan Says:

    Enough with the politics….yeah it was rough watching the game but cmon did you guys think we were going undefeated been a bucs fan my whole life ain’t gonna stop now due to a loss in week 2 some of you walked the plank already and I’m not jumping in to save you…

    Bighoghaynes that’s some bs and you know it

  98. Are you kidding? Says:

    Sorry bighoghaynes that you feel that way. Spreading organized hate for our country by disrespecting our Anthem and Flag is not a great moral compass.

    I personally look up to many black men. For instance, check out what Titus O’Neal does for our city sometime (I don’t watch WWE but this guy is a real man). I will show my son what it means to be a good roll model.

  99. Old Tampa 2 Says:

    Haven’t been on here in 2-3 years. But I just feel the need to give young Mr. Evans a message; Mike, like thousands more Buc fans I thought you were all that! You certainly had my respect! But after yesterday I simply want to say that you definitely showed just how ignorant that you are. How does it feel to be Mr. Jackson’s do boy? I think that you lost many, many fans with your “do-boy” copy of Jackson.

  100. lurker Says:

    wtf does vietnam have to do with our freedom, or flag

    and what does this have to do with the protest?
    it is a protest…not a parade or celebration. they are americans and patriots.
    only you fools who say otherwise are not patriots and unamerican!

  101. lurker Says:

    i forgot all the racist, misogynistic scared whites that populate this board.

  102. lambchop Says:

    I don’t understand how hard it is to grasp that different people view the Flag differently from you. For the average white guy, it’s a sign of the military. But, for a minority it’s a sign of hope, prosperity, unity, and inclusion. Freedom isn’t just about the obvious definition of freedom. Freedom today, in this day and time, when most people have the right to vote, the right to bare arms, etc. is about not being persecuted for the color of your skin. Definitions evolve for some, but for others who have never faced discrimination, it’s just the status quo. The ones making this a liberal or conservative issue have not spoken to the people who supported Trump and kneel. It’s not a political or military issue as almost everyone who is protesting has clearly stated, which is conveniently being ignored. It’s about the right to walk out of your house or drive a car without worrying about yourself or your family’s safety. Basic human rights. Things that as a white man, you don’t even have to think about. So, before asking someone to think what a bullet might feel like or how you have to wait to be treated and all that nonsense – let’s get a little more real and think about how it feels to worry whether you’ll come back home safely from, oh I don’t know, going outside of your house?

    Respect that people have different view points than your own. I respect that it is a military issue for many, but it’s not the only view. And btw, the last time I checked, kneeling is a very subservient and respectful sign – we kneel to propose to our girlfriends, we kneel to get knighted, we bow at church or other places of worship, etc. In world history, freedom was hardly given, it was taken. So, let’s not forget that it took a revolution to get where we are. It didn’t happen by standing around twidling our thumbs and judging people for something you’ve never experienced.

    Also, kneeling during the anthem has made it a talking point. That’s the goal. Kneeling during a TD, it’s been done. Kneeling before or after a coin toss, it’s been done. People kneel when they’re tired at all opportunities. That doesn’t bring about change or a dialogue. Kneeling when it’s inconvenient for many does. But, it’s supposed to make you ask why rather than get defensive. You think these people don’t want to stand for the anthem or never have stood for the anthem before? Yea, they have and they will again, but they want the hate to stop. Instead, we have more hate being spread, we have a leader who polarizes people to choose a side, etc. A President is supposed to represent ALL of his citizens. That for sure is not happening.