About The Offense

September 24th, 2017

Struggling offense.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

When the Bucs grabbed DeSean Jackson, when they drafted O.J. Howard and Chris Godwin, it appeared the Bucs were about to have a high-flying offense.

Joe is waiting for takeoff.

Through eight quarters of regular season football, the Bucs have scored four offensive touchdowns. That’s 28 points in two games. Not exactly a dazzling, hard-to-stop force. In fact, the Bucs went through four quarters — the final two against Chicago and the first two at Minnesota, without scoring an offensive touchdown.

Joe isn’t sure what you want to blame this on. No running game? That’s a good start. Rust? Perhaps. Bucs got too comfortable against the Bears in the second half? Possible. Jameis got too reckless with the football today? Probable.

With seemingly half of the defensive starters out for who knows how long with injuries, the Bucs offense has to put something remotely consistent together if they hope to come within a sneeze of the playoffs.

This just in: Giants and Patriots in the next 11 days.

38 Responses to “About The Offense”

  1. Rod Munch Says:

    The Bucs are fine on offense. Against the Bears, Dirk did what Dirk always does when he gets up by 3 points, he sat on the lead. In this game the offense moved the ball, just got killed with TO’s, which happens when you put your offense 3 scores in the hole in the first quarter.

    Getting Martin back, and he will be back, is going to be a huge lift – and D-Jax and Winston getting their timing down will be the other big lift.

    Going on the road against a top defense – today is what happens when you’re way down and you’re forced to be one dimensional. The Bucs did this to opponents all the time in the glory years, with the exception being that the Bucs offense never had Ryan Smith to go up against.

  2. Warrenfb12 Says:

    So true. Lots of injuries on defense. What’s offense’s excuse?

  3. orlbucfan Says:

    Very disappointed with both DK/Game plan and the offense. Da**it, this offense is the best one Bucs have EVAH had in their 41 year history. When is it going to come together? No one was injured on it. And who is Case Keenum? How come we get backups like McClown and Fitzpatrick who are disasters!? These other teams get these guys and they look like all pros! DK get your offensive act together next Sunday, okay?

  4. BucTrooper Says:

    OJ Howard. 29 yards of offense.

    Dalvin Cook. Surpassed Adrian Peterson’s 3 game rookie numbers.

    Biggest draft whiff since passing on Stephen Jackson for Michael Clayton.

  5. Brad Isherwood Says:

    Nagging something always hanging around like a Phantom,
    Bucs are weak team physically……they just get owned.
    Americas Quarterback is hype..
    Coaching staff are not prime level. ….it’s years of excuses,
    They can’t adapt. …which means Bucs limited package team is going to get beat by everyone, …including the Sisters of The Poor,…if the Vatican decided to play the
    The Division is …murders row,…and the Bucs are more set up to do metro sexual fashion show than play NFL football.

    Heavy sigh….Glad I don’t bet real money on the pewter Pirates. ..who Real Pirates would
    refuse back on ship.

  6. Issic Haggins Says:

    Winstons inaccuracy deep is keeping the coaches ill confident on the Long balls but it is the coaches that are causing the inaccuracy

  7. Dave Says:

    This team is soft. Half the defense already injured after 2 games?

    You do realize they still have 14 STRAIGHT games to go?

    This team will never get back to the playoffs.

  8. c-spann Says:

    DK needs to some how get OJ more involved. He his far too explosive and is not being utilized

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    The defense is soft because players get their shoulders and knees blown out. LOL! My gawd, the drama queens in this place never fail to make me laugh.

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    c-spann – Rookie TEs are almost always slow to do much as rookies, in particular early in the year. OJ playing at all is a huge deal and if Brate is out then OJ will be much more involved as Jameis loves throwing to the TE.

  11. Bucs Says:

    With all the injuries already. Some will miss multiple games we are already the team other teams will say “this is a game we should win”.

    All this depth is a myth. Only depth is linebacker. And that getting thin already.

    Always something every single year.

    Winston is regressing. Absolutely sucks at the deep ball and is still making stupid decisions when it matters most. Year 3 and looks just like year 2.

    So much for the 3rd year leap.

  12. c-spann Says:


    he can at least get a few more targets. as for the def, not sure what the deal is, maybe they under estimated the backup. maybe our cbs are trash. you would think the def coordinator would have adjusted after the first big play

  13. JameisDungy Says:


    Has gotten worse since becoming HC.

    No problem drafting OJ. HOwever, you have do throw in picks the following draft to move up and take Cook. Or you take Hunt in the 2nd round.

    Jason Licht truly seems like a GREAT GUY. He’s just waits too long to fix the problem.

    Jameis…You are one of my favorite players ever ,but its time you take it personal that Mariota is fantastic in the redzone and you’re not. Now part of that is due to crappy play calling from Dirk. However, the turnovers are squarely on Jameis. He has to be better than that.

  14. Brad Isherwood Says:

    Probably am Old school to much.
    NFC was always big line ..both sides..
    That was game….points on the board. ..because the lines were dependable to the last seconds of the clock.
    AFC had some good lines….plus the few amazing QBs, …
    Yet ..Sunday to Sunday. ..it was NFC that showed strong team game.

    I thought Gruden was an narcissistic @!,…
    Yet the Bucs were huge line strength with power in the backfield.
    If Bucs got inside the 10. …you were toast.

    Pre season this year had me concerned..
    The weak player team signature. … was already showing.

    Do the Bucs have a team image now?
    Hurricane looters…. are more organized and adaptive. .

    I’d be impressed if Bucs players….. said they stole work boots : )

  15. Rod Munch Says:

    JameisDungy – I agree that I think Dirk is a worse head coach than he is an OC, I just think Dirk doesn’t see the field very well from the sideline because he calls the games totally different now than he did from the booth. I think he can be an OK head coach and maybe sneak the Bucs to a 10-6 record or something, but he was a great OC, he mixed it up a lot, he wasn’t super predictable for the most part – he was everything as a OC that he is not as a HC.

    With all that said I’m not getting too upset over the first two weeks. In game 1 the game was out of hand early for the Bears, in week 2 the game was out of hand early for the Bucs. When we see a close game that demands good play calling and you’re not in position where you have to throw on every play then I think we’ll see what, if any, progress Dirk has made over last year when he was terrible as a playcaller.

  16. c-spann Says:

    @Rod I agree, I think DK needs to hand over PC duties

  17. SCBucsFan Says:

    Jameis needs to spend some time with Case Keenum and ask him how he gets his long ball to be so accurate.

  18. FortMyersDave Says:

    Wow Joe. I never realized how popular your ite is UNTIL I read all the posts from the trolls! I rerally thought that Tom Jones was the only happy guy in Tampa right now but it does look like a lot of Buc haters take the timne to read and post on your website as well! I always knew their would be so many “chicken little” Buc fans after a bad loss but did not expect the trolls to rally so hard. What pathetic lives they must live but you know what? Tampa was not the only team who had a frustrating loss today, look at Miami (shut out by the Jets until the last play, Cutler????), Steelers losing to CHICAGO, Denver losing at Buffalo, the Ravens getting stomped by 37 in London to the Jags! Yep the home dogs held their turf today, the big winner was Vegas! Tough loss by the Bucs but I don’t see 1-15 like the trolls and the chicken littles who are obviously big JBF fans as well!

  19. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Jameis needs to correct one very major thing if he is going to truly reach his potential. If the target you are eyeing down field is surrounded by opposing team jersey’s, somebody else is bound to be open else where.

    All is not lost, this season is far from over, but this was a crushing loss. And what hurts the most is that we were still very much in this game before Jameis went full-on bad Jameis.

    Oh, and our secondary was awful. To think that some thought corner was the deepest position going into the season… On another note, to all those hating on Baker in week 1, I pray you saw how differently our Dline looks without him.

    Any way, hopefully our guys that got hurt won’t be out for the year, and this painful loss will serve as a wake up call on the road to a successful season.

  20. Brad Isherwood Says:

    @ Rod

    Bucs need to create short game…..
    Tight ends…even backs… taking a short hit pass for a few yards.
    QB has to spread it around and be Confident…
    This is the @ that every NFL team fears when the do video on how to beat the next game.
    Bucs are too predictable. ..the Game is soft.

    If you can’t go downfield, or run traps upfield……you angle to sidelines.
    These are Athletes who are easy capable to adjust options.
    The coaching staff are the one who need the Italian Mob to visit them , with a
    deal …they can’t refuse.

    I hope the Bucs players roared at each other…punched lockers and got some edge going.
    If not…They as a team are done…..Put a Pewter fork in them.

  21. Bird Says:

    New name

    Butt munch

    Yah the head coach is the problem. You are a troll fo show

  22. Bird Says:

    Rod munch – butt munch

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    Good one Bird…

  24. Brad Isherwood Says:

    Where the hell is @Tampa this thread ?

    The owner sucks, ….the coaching staff should ,maybe should …be Wal-Mart Geriatric greeters!

    This team needs to find it now!… ..this week……or its 2018 honey.

    I’m wondering why this forum is not rocking with 100 bottle throwers at the lousy music.

    Blues Brothers,Red necks and Nazis. ……perfect crowd for Sunday football.

  25. ScottyinFatAntonio Says:

    Starting to think we DIDN’T get the best available QB in the draft a few years ago. What kind of crap show was THAT today? Time for Jamesis to start showing with actions….NOT words.

  26. BucEmUp Says:

    Jameis made a lot of mistakes….but thats going to happen when your defense hangs you out to dry. Overall Jameis put up good numbers against a good defense with a horrible time of possession. Our defense has been and still is the problem. It’s not the players, it the scheme. I don’t understand how more people are not seeing Mike Smith never should have been handed the job.


  27. LargoBuc Says:

    Its tough. When the defense has an off day it would be nice if our offense could at least keep it competetive.

  28. Brad Isherwood Says:

    Minnesota QB eat @ sandwich for years….and out perform America’s Quarterback
    With ease.

    Anyone who bet big money… vs 76% odds Bucs win… is dancing right now!

    Defence needs steak,potatoes, run all day ….and hit drills.
    Offence needs…Someone……only one else.
    Time to pull out the Papa Legba Vodoo doll and send names to the Underworld.

    Bucs division is difficult…..they were picked to Seize the hour and be.

    It’s not looking good when your reaching for Vodoo doll …2 weeks into the season. ; (

  29. Brad Isherwood Says:

    I’m posting for Tampa Bay Bucs players to read…


    Did you smash mouth your team or punch a locker today?
    Do you know embarrassing moment so well….it doesn’t matter Verus the paycheck?

    Maybe Tampa Bay greats and even Gruden will call in to talk show or post forum,
    And tell you how weak*… you are as a team.

    Coach looks like Rand Paul. ….the team is chicken neck weak

    Wives Bitch and complain!….and things get done!.
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers needs the Bitch to roll on them.

  30. Eric Says:

    This is what happens when you don’t do a thorough coach search, but just name the next guy up in the building.

    Would have thought they would have learned with Raheem.

    Two Atlanta cast offs, and Atlanta has turned it around since casting them off.

  31. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    There’s a lot of names that I don’t recognize posting recently. It is the second game I the season. It’s not time to hit the panic button yet. It was bad but onto the next one and next man up. Joe dirt may see playing time. Funny stuff.

  32. lambchop Says:

    @JameisDungy – Hunt in the 2nd round? Really? You knew Kareem Hunt was going to be this good? That’s why he was drafted in the 3rd because they didn’t have you in their draft room. Now we know. Thanks.

  33. Rod Munch Says:

    Carr is 5 or 10 at halftime for 32 yards and 2 INTs!

    Total bust, CUT HIM! He’ll never make it in the NFL, he’s awful!

  34. Ed Says:

    Who the hell is calling plays for this team. Shorten the routes and use the tight ends more.

  35. Rod Munch Says:

    Derek Carr is the worst QB in the history of football!!!! How does he have a job? 110 yards on 30 attempts? 2 INTs? Huh? Really? Mike Glennon only needed 22 attempts to get to 101 yards – so Carr needs 8 more attempts to get just 9 more yards? Disgraceful.

    The Raiders are done – their season is over, they might as well close shop until they move to Vegas. Cut Carr, cut all the WRs, cut Lynch – it’s all over.

    (My impression of the messageboard at JoeRaiders)

  36. FortMyersDave Says:

    Good one Rod! JoeRaiders….. LOL, I can just imagine what FinFans are posting down in South FL after Cutler let the Jets look like the ’85 Bears!

  37. Onetrickpony Says:

    Can we trade JW for Case Keenum?
    Dang,that boy was laying those balls in there on the money.
    While JW is a gun slinging trurn over machine waiting for someone to stick a quarter in the slot or yell bingo.
    He has only taken baby steps from his college days with his inconsistencies who thinks he is still playing college football. And the worse thing is we dont have a Case Keenum backup waiting in the wings if he goes down.

  38. JackBuc Says:

    Pretty hard for Jameis to find much room when they’re dropping 7 because we cant run the ball down 21-3 in the second half