Mike Evans Releases Statement

November 15th, 2016
No more sitting for National Anthem.

No more sitting for National Anthem.

Bucs stud wide receiver Mike Evans will no longer sit for the National Anthem.

That’s the word from Evans himself.

In a statement he released (Joe is copying from the Twitter feed of ESPN’s Josina Anderson), Evans will stand as usual for the National Anthem before future games. In part, Evans changed his mind because he does not want anyone to confuse his protest of the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States with some form of anti-U.S. Armed Forces message.

The statement reads in full:

“I want to start by apologizing to all the U.S. military members, their families, and the fans who I offended by my actions on Sunday. It was never my intention as I have tremendous respect for the men and women who serve our country.

“I have very strong emotions regarding some of the many issues that exist in our society today. I chose to sit as an expression of my frustration towards this year’s election. It was very personal for me, as it was for so many Americans.

“With that being said, I will not sit again during the National Anthem because I want to focus my efforts on finding more effective ways to communicate my message and bring about change by supporting organizations and movements that fight for equal rights for minorities.

“This Sunday, I will be back to standing with my teammates.”

Joe is glad to read this and happy Evans will now concentrate on helping the Bucs get wins while still remembering the plight of many fellow citizens.

As Joe wrote Sunday, Joe really, truly believes Evans is sincere with his respect of the troops and veterans, he just didn’t think through the blowback he would get for the timing and place of his protest. Joe specifically wrote by the time Evans explained after the game some three hours later, the toothpaste was already out of the tube.

Joe is now finished with this issue.

Time to beat the Chiefs!

228 Responses to “Mike Evans Releases Statement”

  1. Ben the Ga Buc Says:

    Bravo Mike. Folks, this is a MAN on our team. I respect the hell out of this statement.

  2. tnew Says:

    a 23 year old being a 23 year old.

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    Well Said Mr Evans… Much Respect young man.

  4. Clodhopper Says:


  5. The Buc Realist Says:

    We stand up and applaud you Mike Evans!!! That was a BIG Man move!!!! Now Mon thru Sat. If you want to protest and march up and down the streets of Tampa and St Pete, most of us will walk with you!!!!!!!!

    All is forgiven!!!! Now lets Talk Some Football!!!!!!!

    Go America

    And GO BUCS!!!!!!

    it took lovie 21 games to get 4 wins!!! Improvement Indeed!!!!!!!!

  6. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    tnew, EXACTLY….and I mean he should go and talk with elder members of the team and the organization and first realize he should vote before he makes a statement as he did, but also find out my educating himself as to why trump in his opinion would make a bad president, ask demar dotson, ask koettler, the glazers, licht, etc and again educate yourself, not just the headlines but really read up and see what if anything Trump wants to do is as bad as he has been told, #1 thing is he will start paying less in taxes and he may like that

  7. Oliver Says:

    Those guys burning their jerseys look even more considered and rational now

  8. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Buc Realist……100% correct and if ME feels that way regarding the US he needs to become active and do something about that…and M-S go do it…..but as a 23 year old he did a ton of growing up today, BRAVO

  9. Jeagan1999 Says:

    WELL done Mike! You decided to put your teammates, the fans and the respect of our military ahead of your personal feelings! Props to you young man!

    Everybody makes a mistake occasionally, but not everyone has the guts to stand up and admit it! Thanks ME13 for being a man!

  10. University of Seffner Says:

    Thank you Mike!!! Go Bucs!!!

  11. ARGH_M8E Says:

    I slammed him for what he did… But he took ownership for his actions, well played. Respect. Now go kick A$$ and PLAY FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who knows what’s next? What a life, this BUCS S#IT, aghhhh!!! Wave of emotions. Funny farm. Looney bin BS.

  12. Eric Says:

    Excellent choice.

  13. ZZBucs!!! Says:

    Now let’s talk what really matters…….Football!!!!!!

  14. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I applaud your decision mr Evans. I think there are more effective ways to protest. Sitting during the national anthem divides people more than it brings awareness to your stance on things. Once again, I applaud your decision to stand and hope you find some new, kick ass way to get your word out.

  15. tmaxcon Says:

    Dusthty Rhothdes

    you hit the nail on the head. educate yourself on the issues get varied onions and make intelligent decisions. It just is not as common as it should be. The world has become such an instant gratification / everyone knows everything in real time that few take the time to actually form an educated opinion. i don’t care what side of the fence you are on the news media has become 24×7 made for TV drama and is no longer fact based news nor a reliable source to form educated opinions. TMZ 24×7 on every channel more or less.

  16. 808BUCS Says:


  17. Senior Chief Says:

    For the record I know it doesn’t matter but I am done in every aspect of the NFL. Raised in Clearwater since 85 till I joined the military in 99. I have watched the Bucs in every corner of the world… Sad day that some over paid individual would sit during the National Anthem just miles away from MacDill and other great National Guard and Coast Guard Bases.

    Take care.

  18. Artemis Rand Says:

    Looks like they had a come to Jesus meeting with himself, Licht, Koetter, and VJ.

    If he really wants to bring attention to some of the issues he says he cares about then he should set up a foundation and/or a charity to help people whom he believes will not be helped by a Trump Administration.

    Lastly, by this same time next year people will be shocked at how compromising and moderate Trump actually is. He is not a right wing crazy. He sounded like that as a way a establish a base line to begin negotiations with.

    It is called “The Art of the Deal”.

    Within 12 months people will be praising him for easy and effective he is at reaching a consensus with both sides and getting things hammered out.

  19. Capt. Blighe Says:

    Well done ME13, Lets keep politics out of football.

  20. DelawareBucsfan Says:

    I’m with you mike! All the way bro! Let’s get another win this week

  21. Kevin Nieto Says:

    All the love and respect in the world for this kid. His humility and courage are inspiring.

  22. ChanEpic Says:

    I’m super glad Mr. Evans learned a lesson about tactics and division. I am equally pleased to see my fellow Buc fans reciprocating with kind words and sentiments.
    That said, that Rod Munch guy needs to be banned from commenting as he/she/it seemed to be invested ONLY in insulting fellow JBF posters. Rod Munch, could and should invest more thinking into what made him/her/it so repulsive as a poster here.

  23. Patrick in VA Says:

    We’ve all been Mike at one point in our lives. Early twenties, full of ideas and emotions and angst. He was well intentioned, but misguided. We’ve all been there. He just did it on a bigger stage.

  24. Tom Edrington Says:

    The kid claimed he had common sense……common sense says when crap is raining down upon you, get out from under it……he did.

  25. Clodhopper Says:

    I’ll be honest, I was really contemplating being done with the entire NFL over this. I never said it out loud because I knew it probably a bluff. It’s easy to hate on other teams but Evans, who could “hate” him? Thank you Mike. Even though it was mostl likely a bluff for me to boycott the NFL, at least now I don’t even have to think about it. This guys maturity has exploded these last 400 days. I’m so proud to be proud of him!!

  26. ChanEpic Says:

    Artemis Rand – With people like Bannon as co-chief of staff, I HIGHLY doubt that people of color will feel the same warm and fuzzies as you do. I think Trump will be a disaster but I hope he is not. If he is a disaster and we make it through as a country, the people who voted for him will have a lot of explaining to do. I wish Pres-Elect Trump the BEST, but my expectations are lower than low.

  27. Tbbuc99 Says:

    ZZBucs!!!……..??? Really? What really matters is football? I love the game and the Bucs, but if you haven’t noticed things that really matter have drug players into the mix in the way their emotions have been on display. THIs is a game, it is entertainment and though it employs a lot of people and entertains millions, in the grand scheme of things it means nothing compared to real life stuff. It is a release from our everyday happenings, but in no way is it that important.

  28. crazy Says:

    Great decision! Fight for what you believe off the field and fight for every single inch on the field. Now make us even prouder on Sunday.

  29. tmaxcon Says:


    First Amendment applies to everyone whether you like it or not… skip his posts. banning opinions is very inclusive LOL.. is not that the goal to include everyone. i know this is a hard concept for some to get but it’s ok to have a different opinion and labeling people haters and racists just means you are not intelligent enough to defend your position rationally. I don’t care what side of the fence you are on the media and the govt have stirred the pot. we are divided nation and not a single one of those politicians regardless of party gives a rats ass about your opinions or feelings their only goal is count on voters being misinformed and lining their pockets.

  30. Artemis Rand Says:

    If he is a disaster and we make it through as a country, the people who voted for him will have a lot of explaining to do.

    That type of attitude is a major reason why Clinton lost and Trump won. People are sick and tired of having to live in fear of retribution at work, on a campus, or in public just for voting for someone.

    When Obama got elected and then re-elected the mere thought of making his supporters “explain things” was just as much of an anathema to me then as it is now.

    Yeah, I blame Obama for several things I thought were wrong but the entire idea of holding voters responsible is akin to something out of a Banana Republic.

    Democrats need to learn some humility and IMO, it starts with listening more to the blue collar voters that have abandoned them and less with the people in Hollywood who live in isolation and naivete.

  31. Bird Says:

    HUge move! Thanks mike. One of my favorite players. If not my favorite player. Hey. I get it. If you watch his special on ESPN. He grew up in a racist and sexist environment which he thinks this country will become under trump. I am republican but did not vote trump nor Hillary. However we got to give him a chance. After all. If you think about it, The country was already in the toilet under Obama for 8 years so let’s see what happens

  32. LakeLandBuc Says:

    He can still protest Trump along with the rest of us. I respect and admire his stance against Trump.

  33. mike10 Says:

    Walk the plank 813 bucboi and Hawaiian. This is the difference between millenial, pouty “I didn’t get a trophy too” ignorance, and being a man.

    I have a lot of respect for Evans apologizing and his choosing to not double down on his actions. I will say though, this is a black eye on his resume… I have a feeling his is not going to be the last “eye brow” raising incident over his tenure with us.

  34. Artemis Rand Says:

    @ tmaxcon

    Remember that on Animal Farm all animals are equal; however, some animals are more equal than others.

  35. The Buc Realist Says:

    We all don’t know what lead up to the events that took place!!! And If I am Head Coach Dirk Koetter, I would have talked to a bunch of Indivduals and then the team, and essential banning politics talk in the locker room and practice!!!

    It could have been a scenario where DD69 and other players where celebrating and talking about the victory of their candidate that spurred the whole “protest” from ME13!!!

    Head Coach Koetter must eliminate any distractions and anything divisive in the Locker room!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    Thank goodness. The team doesn’t need all that drama and distraction right now.

  37. ChanEpic Says:

    Tmaxcon – You are correct, I can skip that idiots hater’s comments but if outright banning is distasteful, JBF should consider using a commenting system that allows us to do it ourselves(just for our feeds). Just like some posters are saying Mr. Evans’ actions could hurt the bottom line of the bucs, so could people like Rod Munch to JBF’s bottom line because people like me will just stop coming here, because we know JBF coddles alt-right a – holes. YMMV.

  38. Fatcracker Says:

    Thanks Mike. Get involved with something you believe in. That is the best protest

  39. JMN Says:

    A good mature statement by the young man. I hope 4 years from now he does exercise his right as an American and goes out and votes.

  40. Artemis Rand Says:

    That all said I don’t see the Bucs winning this Sunday.

    Yeah, the Chiefs are due for a loss and yes, the Bucs are a different team on the road but this game screams “hornets nest” to me.

    However, for some reason, I see the Bucs handling the Seahawks at home in a few weeks. I think the Bucs match up well with them. Of course, that is contingent on Seattle actually getting called for penalties.

    Geez, talk about a team that is skating on some karma. Either they are in one of those “life years” Numerologists talk about or have intimidated the refs. I have seen no team, not even one, get away with as much as they do for as long as they have gotten away with it.

  41. Bugman Mike Says:

    Been a ticket holder since 2001. I spend over $4,000.00 dollars per year for an escape from life’s tribulations.. I drive from Fort Myers every game (5 hour round trip). I was about to cancel my season tickets because of Mike Evans disrespect to our soldiers and country. I am glad that he has changed his position. I will continue to be a ticket holder.

    We do have problems in America that need to be addressed, but can you name any other country that offers the freedoms and liberties we are blessed to have?

  42. MattSpy05 Says:

    So outrage culture…

    Guy made a mistake, owned it, good for him.

    For all the people that burned jerseys and called him a punk, those people should be ashamed of themselves.

  43. pick6 Says:

    he did what he felt was right (for the record i thought it missed the mark on almost every level), took his lumps, and moved on to more meaningful things. Let’s all do the same.

    however, i wonder how trump voters + mike evans detractors (not saying they are one and the same, just referring to people who are both) have convinced themselves that mike evans’ gesture for 1 minute sunday was more disrespectful to the military and military families than the comments of our next president regarding POWs, the intelligence of our generals, and the Khan family that DT has still not backed down from?

  44. ChanEpic Says:

    Artemis Rand Says – I am not “left” or “right” I am a moderate pragmatist and I have all the humility in the world. And I STILL think Pres-Elect Trump was and will be a disaster. I am HAPPY to be proven wrong but thus far, with the people he is surrounding himself with and giving power to, I see nothing that will indicate he won’t continue to be a disaster. I’ll reiterate I AM HOPING PRAYING AND WISHING I am wrong, but my expectations for the Breitbart-ification of the WH, has me more than a little pessimistic. Remember the disaster that was the last GOP admin? I do.

  45. IsrBuc Says:

    Great news

  46. ChanEpic Says:

    Pick 6 – Great questions. What I see.

    Trump says “Make America Great Again” (which connotes it is not great now) and Trump people cheer and more importantly give that person the keys to the car.

    Evans says “America is not great because of Trump” and the Trump people say Evans isn’t patriotic, immediately after giving their vote to the person who denigrated VETS, Gold-Star families and more repeatedly as a plank of his platform.

    And they wonder why people think they are hypocritical. SMH.

  47. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    The Chiefs offense can be slowed, but I’m worried about their defense. Jameis better have some more tricks up his sleeve to win at Arrowhead. The O-Line needs to get healthy quick.

  48. Glennongrad Says:

    Im sure higher ups in the ticket office got in his head and made him back down. Tampa isn’t the same as San Francisco, the center of social justice and hippy culture, so his actions don’t really jive. I support Evans whether he sits stands or does a backflip during the anthem. As long as he does well on and off the field with good intentions.

  49. The Buc Realist Says:

    It could have been a scenario where DD69 and other players where celebrating and talking about the victory of their candidate that spurred the whole “protest” from ME13!!!

    Head Coach Koetter must eliminate any distractions and anything divisive in the Locker room!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Matthew Says:

    Yawn. Did not effect my opinion of Mike Evans either way; was going to cheer him to bring Bucs victories whether he sits, stands, hand stands, or levitates during the anthem. I’m not 10 years old, individuals private actions that harm no one, don’t change my day in the slightest. Go Bucs.

  51. pick6 Says:

    @Glennongrad, i don’t think it was a case of outside pressure. there are only 2 moves after what he did sunday:
    1) clarify that it was related to frustration with the election result 5 days before and that he is moving on
    2) sit for every game of his career, or at least every game of a Donald Trump presidency

    i don’t think #2 was ever in the cards. in fact, at this point anybody who does it in perpetuity can be tagged a Colin Kaepernick wannabe…and who on earth would be comfortable being tagged a Colin Kaepernick wannabe?

  52. ohman Says:

    @bugman mike

    canada, england, france, germany, norway, sweden, Switzerland, ireland, belgium, Holland… prolly missing some others.

  53. Bucsfanman Says:

    For those who are unfamiliar with what being a man is about, take note. If you make a mistake, own it, it’s your responsibility. Second, apologize. One, you will feel a lot better and two, who could possibly continue holding a grudge?
    Good job Mike!
    Moving on…………

  54. Locked In Says:

    One cause everyone should support is casting your vote in elections. people too often complain without doing the #1 legitimate thing they can do to make their voices heard – educate themselves on issues and candidates and vote. the ones that are too lazy to vote responsibly, we’re probably better off without their votes anyway.

  55. Bucfish Says:

    Great job Mike! As I stated yesterday, I thought you made a mistake as many young men do. This shows maturity my man. I’m proud of you!

  56. lightningbuc Says:

    Watching all the liberal snowflakes, some of whom are right here, melt this past week has been the best entertainment. And the best part, it hasn’t cost me a dime. Victory is so, so sweet! I’ve had to endure Obama for 8 years, so now it’s your turn. LMAO!

  57. Clodhopper Says:

    LMAO. lightning. You’re saying what we’re all thinking

  58. shouldhavedraftedefiert Says:

    So proud of this young man!

  59. Eric Says:

    Ironically if Trump’s tax proposal gets through, Mr. Evans will be saving quite a chunk of cash.

    As will his employer, making it more possible to keep him in the lavish life style.

    Horrible, horrible unfair and racist nation.

  60. tmaxcon Says:


    well said sir. well said

  61. Big HogHaynes Says:

    Guess I’ll start calling him MIKE (NO/BALLS) EVANS…..he’s been HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED, and lead ASTRAY!

  62. ChanEpic Says:

    My comment went to moderation for some reason but hopefully this makes it through.

    Lightning – yes, to the victors go the spoils. That much is true. I just want to reiterate, I have been wrong in the past, I hope to god I am wrong now. I love my country, and the people in it. I want us to be Great. Full stop.

  63. Artemis Rand Says:

    @ ChanEpic:

    Believe it or not I actually agree with 100% on Bush. He was a Neo-con who benefited the military-industrial complex.

    IMO, Clinton was the exact same. Another neo-con war mongerer who enriched the military industrial complex under the guise of nation building.

    If Trump was screwed out of the GOP nod he would of no doubt run as the Libertarian candidate or as a third party candidate.

    The entire R vs. D thing is a ponzi scheme used to divide people while those same R’s and D’s are in the back room laughing at us in unison.

    Forget both of them. I voted Trump b/c I want a populist, non-progressive form of economic policy coupled with a nationalistic, non-fascist policy.

    If that makes me a bad guy, meh, so be it.

    Lastly, if BB (Who was Jewish BTW) is too alternative right for your tastes I would hate to see what people think of some of the conspiracy theory sites like before its news, above top secret, what really happened, and god like productions would do to people….lol…

  64. tmaxcon Says:


    You are a pathetic excuse of a little man. absolutely pathetic.

  65. NewTampaChris Says:

    Guys have to realize that you don’t get to choose who you offend or insult. “I didn’t mean to insult…” has no value. Whether you meant to or not, you did.

    Evans is free to protest Trump. Let him fly to NYC and join the other rich, elite liberals who think their vote is worth more than a working man from Wisconsin. Just give me my pleasant three hours per week…

  66. tmaxcon Says:

    ohman Says:
    November 15th, 2016 at 11:21 am
    @bugman mike

    canada, england, france, germany, norway, sweden, Switzerland, ireland, belgium, Holland… prolly missing some others.


    Feel free to pick one of those other countries and get back to me in a year…

  67. The Buc Realist Says:

    NewTampaChris Says:
    November 15th, 2016 at 11:43 am
    Guys have to realize that you don’t get to choose who you offend or insult. “I didn’t mean to insult…

    NewTampaChris is right!!!!!!

    And now that ME13 stood up and apologized we can move on to the “real” issues!!!
    Like the protest that Bighogheinous will organize the next time Publix offers Uncle Ben’s rice as a BOGO!!!!!!!

  68. RealityCheck Says:

    Lol look at all the people back on his side simply bc he’s going to stand now. He still believes every single thing he believed before, but he’ll stand still during the anthem so all you patriots don’t lose your minds.

  69. Rrsrq Says:

    I respect Mike’s stance, without the apology. Most of you will never understand and I guess you never will based on how you are all praising him for his apology and saying he made a mistake. It wasn’t a mistake cause he made many of you show your true identity/colors. You can claim red, white and blue pride all you want and feel like u r privileged, so many think it is about the money you think Trump is gonna save you, it wasn’t even about that for this man, he told you what is about and it was just shrugged off as if he is a man without an opinion or a stance (that’s how you have tried to make black folks feel for years). Props Mike, not just cause you apologized, because you are a man first, not a flag

  70. 1gr8Bucfan Says:

    Way to go Mike!! Well said!!!

  71. TheShaz Says:

    Thank You Mike

    While our political views may vary, please feel free to express YOUR views before and after the games. Its your right. I am just happy you decided to leave politics out of the game.

    BTW! That was an amazing catch last weekend on that scramble and heave.

  72. Rrsrq Says:

    The national anthem is not just for veterans, there is the armed services medley, so how does he disrespect vets by sitting for the national anthem, ijs

  73. Bucco Billy Says:

    Great job of writing that statement by Nelson & the PR staff. Covered Mike & the Glazers butts too.

  74. Bucamania Says:

    Respect restored.

  75. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Artemis Rand voted Trump for a nationalistic, non-Fascist policy?

    That’s not only contradictory, it’s completely dense

  76. NC BucsFan92 Says:

    I gave Mike Evans grief for sitting I was upset , but this is the right thing to do I’m 24 & I’m behind President Trump he wasn’t just being young and lashing out. I take Back what I said I can respect what he has said . GO BUCS!!!

  77. RTG Bucs Says:

    Thanks Mike! The Flag and the Anthem mean a great deal to most Americans.
    I agree with anyone’s right to protest anything, as long as it is peaceful. Please continue with what you believe in as that is a right for ALL Americans. Again, thanks for taking our Country’s Flag and Anthem out of your protest.
    Go Bucs and Go Mike!!

  78. 813bucboi Says:

    lost a lot of respect for mike…..stand up for what you believe….if people are offended, who cares…screw them….do what you feel is right…you already explained yourself once….if the glazer gang was offended and said there would be repercussions, tell them to do what they have to do and watch those who support you come to your side….cutting or trading you would’ve sparked national outraged….you gave them exactly what they wanted….a black man to shut up and stay in his place….SMDH….GO KAP…DIRK=JIM TOMSULA….GO BUCS!!!!

  79. AceofAerospace Says:

    I forgive him because he recognized his mistake. God bless you mike, by all means protest any injustice you feel passionate about, but not that way. I’ve done more than my fair share of dumbass things in my life. Thankfully, I was forgiven by those I offended. Let’s move on. Go Bucs! Go Mike Evans!

  80. DB55 Says:

    I’m just glad that nagger finally learned his place. Am I right?

    No idea what they are protesting, have we not always done right by them? Have we not always treated them equally with respect and dig….

    Man I can’t even you guys are crazy, loco en la cabeza.

  81. Artemis Rand Says:


    Once again, it is that dismissive, arrogant, condescending attitude that caused Clinton to lose and Trump to win.

    Once again, instead of looking down on blue collar folks (that used to make up a large portion of the Democratic electorate) try to reach out to them and bridge a gap instead of looking at them as a joke.

    Even Bill Clinton got it. Bill got elected twice on this philosophy but his wife ? No, not even close.

    As long as you continue to look down on half of the population while being so close to the Hollywood elite you will continue to lose elections.

  82. DB55 Says:

    I’m just glad that nagger finally learned his place. Am I right?

    No idea what they are protesting, have we not always done right by them? Have we not always treated them equally with respect and dig….sorry that last part made me crack up.

    DONT TREAD ON ME!!! Am I right? YEE HAW!!!

  83. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ DB55

    You should tread lightly with those words

  84. iamkingsu Says:

    F that anthem! Every person of color should sit during the anthem considering the fact that it pokes fun at our ancestors

  85. Negative Jeff Says:

    Thanks Mike…I could not defend that stupidity. And you didn’t even vote, so it made it that much harder to digest.

  86. Negative Jeff Says:

    Please feel free to Sit, Stand or Kneel for the National Anthem!

  87. Que589 Says:

    People forget these guys are young men in their 20’s still figuring out life.

  88. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    iankingsu, the anthem does not “poke fun” at anyone, just because the full song that the Anthem was taken from has a verse about slaves in it doesn’t make it racist, and the fact the that verse didn’t make it in the Anthem tells you all that you need to know. I detest the fact that there were ever slaves and serfs, but that’s the world we had. Slavery has been in effect since the dawn of man, all over the world. Most people today view it as a flaw in America. It was, but it was also a flaw across the whole world. That doesn’t make it right, but it doesn’t make it just about the U.S. It doesn’t tell the whole story of human history.

  89. mike10 Says:

    Respect your country – stand. Especially if that country has afforded you a lavish lifestyle.

    Protest elsewhere (peacefully).

  90. Jack Airey Says:

    Nice to witness…a 23 year old boy became a man today. BRAVO…Now let’s do what you do best….catch the ball….

  91. DB55 Says:


    Just clowning these “real Americans”. That’s what they really want to say.

  92. Pit Says:

    Happy to have you back ME13!

    Jameis you can start throwing him TD passes again.

  93. iamkingsu Says:


    Correction it has a verse in there about slaves being free mofo!

  94. Tony Says:

    Mike did not need to apologize. I served so that Mike could kneel if he felt so inclined without punishment or rebuke from those in authority. Period.

    Mike did need to vote.

    Not voting in a major swing state is beyond comprehension, regardless of what side you align yourself with. If there is any cause Mike should lend his voice to, it’s the importance of voting – especially amongst the younger voting generation.

  95. LakeLandBuc Says:

    Mike Evans had a change of mind, due to the many Death Threats that were directed at him, and his wife and child. This is America ( where you have free speech and liberty) but that don’t exist in this America. If you ever get your black ass out of line, we will lynch you ( that’s the chatter among whites in America ) The Anthem don’t mean squat to minorities, nor does it represent them. America the greatest country on Earth, is a bunch of hogwash. This is my last time commenting on any subject concerning politics.

  96. Couch Fan Says:

    Very big of you Mike and good choice. Will be getting my #13 Jersey after all.

  97. Armand Says:

    tnew Says:
    November 15th, 2016 at 10:30 am
    a 23 year old being a 23 year old.


  98. Rrsrq Says:

    So glad Colin Kap sat down/kneeled, now we know and I hope you all know as well. Do your history, anthem wasn’t even adopted till after a hundred + years after it was written, the racist overtones of the anthem whether it was taken out or not, still written by the same racist. I know Mike will look back on this week when he retires and tell the truth, likely about how he was treated when he took a stand.

  99. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Artemis Rand

    How is me pointing out that you don’t know what a Fascist is have anything to do with thumbing my nose at working class Americans?
    I did not vote for Clinton, but I strongly oppose Trump.
    It’s apparent you should mince your own words, as your perception is way off base.
    You think disagreeing with you makes another an elitist.
    Open a textbook

  100. Big HogHaynes Says:

    DB55: what the hell is that BLACK-FACE SATIRE…..not funny you /$@&?… And to you TMAXCON…..WE SHALL OVERCOME!

  101. DB55 Says:

    Big hog

    What do you think these people are trying to tell you? Don’t get it twisted all this angst translates to stfu and know your place. Period, bottom line, the end!

    We now have the Tea Party President. Since day 1 they have bitched and moaned and protested and called our president a money, his wife an ape, terrorists, they refused to pay the countries bills leading to a reduced credit rating, they shut down the gov and refused to pay military and vets. And now they have the nerves to complain about Mike?!?!? Man, it’s enough to bring a reasonable man to some unreasonable actions.

    Don’t get me started I can go on for days.

  102. jb Says:

    I’m extremely proud of Mike Evans and the stance he took. Just shaking my head at all you “Patriots?” that found fault in him exercising his constitutional right to protest the election of a Demagogue fool as President of our once great, respected Democracy.

  103. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I guess that personal phone call from Trump helped Mike to change his mind. I’m sure Mike told Trump he didn’t vote against him….making the conversation even more cordial.

    Here’s hoping many of the new posters will remain at JBF to discuss football instead of politics.

  104. Rod Munch Says:

    Thank God, I really didn’t want to hate Evans.

    President Trump I’m sure will be pleased with this development as we bring the country back together.

    This is exactly what I hoped for, no grovelling apology is needed. I will follow Mike’s lead and tell the cucks, it’s all over, we can go back to watching football and not talking about politics.

  105. Eric Says:

    On a positive note, Hillary can take all the yoga classes she wants now……

    She already must be one of the most flexible woman on earth.

  106. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    inking, what the hell is a free mofo?

  107. lightningbuc Says:

    I thought when the Bucs won the Super Bowl in ’03 and the Lightning the Cup in ’04 that victory could not taste any sweeter. Boy, was I wrong! November 8, 2016! Then watching all the fools run for their safe spaces! Trump was right – it’s a beautiful thing!

  108. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    I already had a lot of respect for Mike, but after him being able to apologize to those on something he is so passionate about shows the kind of man he is. Mad respect Mr. Evans! I’ll make sure to where your salute to service jersey in two weeks. Go Bucs let’s ride this emotion into the next Wins!!!! Siege the day!!

  109. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:


  110. Dreambig Says:

    Great job Mike Evans! Way to be a class act! Happy that Mike no longer has this mess of a distraction and very happy I can gladly root for one of our best players!

  111. Buc1987 Says:

    Can someone tell me exactly what Trump said bad about black people?

    Or is this all just some made up bs again?

  112. BKNYfootballhead Says:


    “What do you have to lose?”

  113. Chris Says:

    Not DB 55 Jack Airey calling him a boy becoming a man.

  114. Buc1987 Says:

    BKNY….he repeatedly said that throughout the campaign.

    I don’t remember anyone being upset about it.

    Said it numerous times and don’t understand what the big deal is.

    It was also taken out of context when he said “dems have done nothing for you for years what do you have to lose?”

  115. Bucsfanman Says:

    @DB55- To reinforce your point, Trump is the anti-Obama. Read between the lines, or don’t.

    Yee-haw back at you!!!!

  116. Chris Says:

    Note DB

  117. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Also taking his merry time denouncing David Duke’s support and pretending he didn’t know who he is. Perhaps embracing and thanking Alex Jones for his support. How about appointing a white nationalist to his cabinet? “Look at my African American, where is my African American friend”. Clueless.

  118. EP Says:

    Way to go Mr. Evans

  119. Buc1987 Says:

    I don’t think he’d keep repeating it…if anyone had a problem with it. I mean what good does do for him to keep repeating it.

    Some of you really need to stay away from MSNBC.

  120. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    He began using that phrase after originally saying to a black caucus.

  121. lightningbuc Says:

    BKNYfootballhead Says:
    November 15th, 2016 at 2:42 pm
    Also taking his merry time denouncing David Duke’s support and pretending he didn’t know who he is. Perhaps embracing and thanking Alex Jones for his support. How about appointing a white nationalist to his cabinet? “Look at my African American, where is my African American friend”. Clueless.


    Hillary Clinton called black people “Super Predators”. Where’s your outrage at that?

  122. cmurda Says:

    Proud of you Mike. Good move #13. I have the feeling Dirk had the “come to Jesus” talk with Mike. Regardless of the reason, M.E. is choosing the right way to go about this. I certainly respect his position and while I am not a black man or minority, i can imagine there are inequities that Mike is interested in correcting. I wish him and our country the best.

  123. Buc1987 Says:

    BKNYfootballhead…not for nothing but Harry Reid once said he liked Obama cause he doesn’t have any negro dialect.

    Where was the outrage then?

  124. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    …to cover his a$$ for saying such an insensitive thing to demographic of people.

  125. Buc1987 Says:

    Can you imagine if Trump said something like that?

    Cities would burn!

  126. unbelievable Says:

    DB, preach brother!

    Evans apologized so these cry babies could feel better about their worldview.

  127. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Harry Reid is a pos, too. There was outrage and plenty two-faced apologists, too.

  128. Bucsfanman Says:

    ’87- It’s lose/lose. Perception, unfortunately, is often reality especially for public figures. You can apply it to Obama’s tenure as well. We might disagree on ideology but politics is more than that. I don’t agree with everything that was done by the administration either but some of it goes beyond the office of president.
    I’m hoping that we are able to put the rhetoric behind us and move forward. We can’t change the outcome of the election so……….if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!

  129. Bryan Says:



    So we all know the one cool thing this election did was pull every media outlet out in the open. So yes Huffington is far left. So this is the far left’s answer.

    For me it was the Mexican judge thing.

    Trump said:

    “He’s a Mexican,” Trump told CNN of Curiel. “We’re building a wall between here and Mexico. The answer is, he is giving us very unfair rulings — rulings that people can’t even believe.”

    Paul Ryan said:

    “Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment,” House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said in a reaction to Trump’s comments, though he clarified that he still endorses the nominee.

    I agree with Paul Ryan.

  130. Buc1987 Says:

    He repeatedly told the black community on numerous occasions.

    “What do you have to lose?”

    Apparently THAT’S racist and the dems are obviously becoming unhinged.

    This is grrrreat. Just as I thought it would be.

  131. BucTrooper Says:

    You can’t put S back in the donkey. He revealed his true self. He’s not sorry he sat… he’s p-o-ed because there were consequences.

  132. Buc1987 Says:

    The Huff-Po?

    Really? Pure liberal trash.

    Some of us understood the mexican judge thing.

    I did and I didn’t even vote for the guy.

    He’s actually to liberal for me.

  133. BKNYfootballhead Says:


    If you cannot comprehend the audacity and denigration of saying such a thing to a demographic of people, then you’re hopelessly delusional

  134. Chris Says:

    I love all the name calling on here, what are you guys? All a bunch of dudes with the mentality of 5 yr olds. Does it make your point more relevant by calling people snowflakes or libtards?

  135. Rod Munch Says:

    This post is way over the top, therefore Joe is using executive privilege to delete.–Joe

  136. Chris Says:

    And right when I write that, the biggest 5 yr old comes in with his cuck messages.

  137. Pickgrin Says:

    Good choice Mike. Way to man up.

  138. lightningbuc Says:

    I’m guessing most 5 year olds have no idea what a cuck is. Chris, you sound like a butt-hurt Clinton supporter.

  139. Rod Munch Says:

    The Huffington Post said Hillary had a 98.2% chance at victory. LOL! Just makes stomping her in the college that much sweeter.

    One thing I’ll give Hillary credit for, she was such an out of touch dolt she 100% thought she’d win and thus she had that amazing election night setup. Man that was an impressive set. After she lost and called Trump to concede, I wish President Trump would have asked her if they could use her set since she wasn’t going to need it for anything. They were only like a black away and it would have looked great on TV.

    Oh well. It was a missed opportunity, but I’ll deal.

  140. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Joe making posts disappear again.
    No chance in hell i’m using inappropriate language

  141. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    He should have voted. Period.

    No one has a right to complain if they choose not to vote. If anything, he has himself to blame as much as anyone else.

  142. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Lightning

    I’m attempting reply to your predator question, but thrice it’s vanished

  143. Bryan Says:


    Imagine if you will you are a black person or any other minority in let’s say W VA. Where this occurred today:


    Now imagine you are going to court. Does it bother you now? It believe it should.

    It is up to you which news sources to trust. They are all biased and unable to be objective. After this election that should be crystal clear, imho. It is up to us all to get through the crap to what we perceive the truth to be. If you took Trump’s meaning another way, fine. But my pasty behind is looking at it through the black guys eyes who has to face a white judge in West Virginia, at least today.

  144. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Rod Munch Says
    “The Huffington Post said Hillary had a 98.2% chance at victory. LOL! Just makes stomping her in the college that much sweeter.”

    Unfortunately, those who did not vote for him will get the last laugh. Why? Because he’s going to prove himself that he was the wrong choice. Time always proves who is right.

    He’s learning a harsh reality already…even the president can’t do all the things he ‘claimed’ he would do. And considering how many of his own party were against him during the campaign, don’t expect everything he wants to pass in the houses. They’ll still be against him on some things.

    He’s already announced plans to not fulfill 4 of his promises.

  145. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    And I say unfortunately because it’s the nation that will suffer for it.

  146. Jim Says:

    Right on…we all make mistakes…all is forgiving

    Proud of him for admitting it…

  147. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ bonzai

    Sure he has a right to complain, even though it diminishes his stance.

    All these high schoolers throughout the country have a right to walk out even though they are underage.

  148. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    As for myself, I was for John Kasiach…who dropped out of the running and there was no way I was voting Trump. So Hillary go my vote. Had dweebs like Evans voted, she might have won.

  149. BucGator Says:

    We ALL make mistakes. A real man owns up to those mistakes and changes. Bravo Mr. Evans!

  150. Chris Says:

    Lightning just pointing out the obvious. Really? Snowflake,,,, libtards?You’re more ok with a guy calling people cucks than me questioning their mentality. Literally it looks like a bunch of kids are here banging away on keyboards or smart phones. Grow the hell up. Not butt hurt , I’m more upset with the people who are upset, yet chose to stay home and now are screaming about the results. Your guy won, now a lot of his supporters can go paint swasticas and burn down churches now.

  151. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Right now our future Secretary of State Giuliani is saying anti-Trump protesters are “goons and thugs”

    We are seeing the ripples of an authoritarian state already.

  152. Rod Munch Says:

    Reagan was awesome, he wouldn’t put up with these dumb hippies rioting because they don’t like the results of a free election.


    I say first thing Trump needs to do as president is to make it legal to run protesters over if they’re in the middle of the road – not that you can’t already search YouTube and see these dopes walking out onto freeways at night time to “protest” and getting hit by cars. It’s hilarious!

    Wow just think of this, in China, in Tiananmen Square, the famous person in front of the tank – they were protesting FOR democracy, and now these dopes are protesting AGAINST democracy. LOL. Send in the tanks, freedom and free elections aren’t going to be stopped by some communist hippie trash.

  153. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    This future administration is putting the reigns on free speech already. The public is quickly being conditioned to believe dissent is unpatriotic.
    Our own Fascist-elect is claiming the media is in cohorts with protesters.
    Putin would be proud

  154. martinii Says:

    Thanks Mike for the apology and the opportunity to clear the air on many of our differences. Who says Football is not a reflection of real life and a metaphorical window to our souls? Now Please let’s get back to football!

  155. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Rod

    You’re advocating murder of protesters? What’s wrong with you?

  156. DB55 Says:


    “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys wearing yarmulkes… Those are the only kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else…Besides that, I tell you something else. I think that’s guy’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks.”

    See you got it all wrong Trump loves all brownies especially Muslims even though they’re all terrorists he still got live for them.

    Man I can go on and on, want some more brush? Although I might be too lazy to continue. Lol

  157. Rod Munch Says:

    BKNYfootballhead – I’d call them moronic hippie trash, but Rudy can certainly use whatever words he chooses. But yes, protesting FREE ELECTIONS, one of the hallmarks of the country, LOL!

    Keep crying kiddo, it provides great entertainment for the masses. BUT just keep in mind Florida is a no-retreat/stand your ground state, so unlike in other states where you have Hillary backers attacking people and rioting because they don’t like the results of a free election (again LOL) if that happens here… well just remember who has the guns and controls all 3 branches of government kiddo.

    Anywho kiddo, let me real for a moment, you’re the victim of propaganda. You know all those books you’ve seen the cover to, where they talk about Hitler and Germany and Gerbils and how they controlled the press and they would publish stories to make the J people seem like evil monsters that hated everyone else and would come for you in the middle of the night…That same thing is happening to you. Trump didn’t get a lot of support from conservatives because he’s a lifelong Democrat, he did nothing but talk about how great Obama was for his first two years in office. Go look it up kiddo, read the quotes for yourself, watch him on CNN talk about what a great job Obama is doing, then ask yourself – hey, why is this guy who wants to throw all black people into the blades of a lawnmower, why is he praising Obama for years – isn’t he a hateful racist? Oh then look at 2008 when Trump said he wanted Hillary to win the Dem primary and he’d vote for her for president… wait… doesn’t Trump hate all women? Seriously kiddo, the same nation that elected BO twice, someone who was completely unqualified for the job, didn’t suddenly decide they hate black people and want to make it 1850 all over again. This vote was about nothing more than the economy, the rustbelt states, trade agreements and losing jobs. That same propaganda you read that is called the news, they talk about how good the economy is doing… it’s not. Wages have been stagnant, the number of people out of the work force is at an all-time high, the number of people on welfare is at an all-time high, the underemployment rate is extremely high as well. If the economy was actually doing OK then Hillary wins, but she didn’t because it’s not. It’s thats simple.

    Oh and people not from your “words hurt” generation like trash talking and want political correctness to die, which it now has.

  158. lightningbuc Says:


    You telling us we are childish and then proceed to mention swastikas and burning churches down. Might want to practice what you preach.

  159. Rod Munch Says:

    BKNYfootballhead – I’d advocating that rioters and people who want to destroy democracy by trying to invalidate and overturn free elections – one of the most basic principles of western society – yes I’d like to see them popped like zits by tank treads. But that’s just me, I’m not nearly as tolerant of hippies as President Trump.

  160. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Way to go Mike. Didn’t have a problem with his position, just the weekend he chose to do it.

  161. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Rod

    Kiddo. Really?

    You apparently haven’t followed my posts here on JBF; you’re barking up the wrong tree

  162. 98bucsfan Says:

    Good job Mike! Well said and good job! It takes a true man to admit when he’s wrong and I applaud you for that!

  163. DB55 Says:

    again LOL) if that happens here… well just remember who has the guns and controls all 3 branches of government kiddo.
    LOL!!! I guess you are the only ones with guns huh?

  164. Rod Munch Says:

    BKNYfootballhead – its ok kiddo, I know you’re scared, I know you think Trump is LITERALLY Hitler… but it will be OK. But just in case I suggest you move out of FL since we don’t have basements here, and when the ones that voted against Trump are rounded up and forced to work to death building the wall, well you probably want to hide in a basement, and we just don’t have any. Hiding in the attic is a terrible idea as heat risings and it would be unbearable, plus stuff like dust and insulation, it just sounds terrible. So yeah, I know you’re scared, but I’m sure someone will take you in. Maybe. Probably. uh, maybe.

    But while you may suffer just know I’ll be enjoying the dramatically less crowded roads and shorter lines at Disney as all the libs either move to Canada or have to hide in basements. You know because Trump is LITERALLY Hitler and as he said in his campaign only people that backed him will see any benefits from his administration.

  165. Rod Munch Says:

    DB55 – Well legal ones I meant. Also, come on, you have to learn to hold your gun straight up if you’re going to have a chance, it can’t be Chicago where you have 14 people shot in a driveby because the guy can’t handle the recoil because he’d rather look cool firing his gun than aim properly. LOL!

    Anywho DB55 I’m just stoking the flames of fear of paranoia because it’s hilarious to see the over reaction to this. We’ve always gotten along in the past fighting the White Power Glennon Mob that attacks Winston – so with that olive branch I quote one of the great songs in the history of the world, “don’t worry, be happy.”

    Haha, just kidding, that song sucks.

    But seriously, don’t buy this strawman that was created, it’s pure nonsense. This election was about the economy and about those in the rustbelt that have seen their jobs go away. As the founder of Paypal who is a very very gay man said, people voted for Trump based on his vision, not his faults. It’s a very sad thing the left did nothing but campaign on division and so many people bought it, but just wait and see how things go – you’re going to notice it’s not much different.

    Also here’s a change map done by the NY Times, it shows where Trump picked up votes versus 2012… as you’ll see it’s mostly everywhere, but in particular in those rustbelt states – and those were the same ones that voter for Obama. It’s not about race, it’s about the economy.


  166. DB55 Says:

    DB55 Says:
    November 15th, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys wearing yarmulkes… Those are the only kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else…Besides that, I tell you something else. I think that’s guy’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks.”

  167. unbelievable Says:


    You’re arguing with cuck munch, a person who thinks “slaves had it good” because they got “free food” and “free housing”, WHILE THEY WERE SLAVES.

    Don’t even bother wasting your time.

  168. rayjay1122 Says:

    I am pleased that he has decided not to continue showing his disdain over the election by sitting during the national anthem. I personally was not enamored by either candidate myself but I hold myself to the same stance that I take about not complaining if you did not vote. Hopefully the team can get back to focusing on winning some football games now. I will support Evans and wish him a solid season. He made a mistake but he owned it and is making it right and I respect that. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

  169. DB55 Says:


    You right. Thanks.

  170. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Wow. Now my post disappeared. Darn.

  171. Rod Munch Says:

    Hey cupcake, let me ask you this…

    Hillary and Trump were great friends for many years. Hillary went to Trump’s wedding. Why is Hillary hanging out with that terrible horrible racist? I mean with that said let’s remember that Hillary said her mentor was a guy that was a high ranking klan official and a recruiter for the klan for over a decade, we know that Bill was a member of a whites-only country club, we know that Hillary called blacks super-predators, etc – so maybe that’s why she hung out Trump and liked him so much.

    Anywho fruits, if you’re truly that scared, then oh well – I guess you’ll just live in fear.

    Which reminds me, who makes Depends? That stock is going to shoot through the roof! BUY BUY BUY!

  172. Rob W Says:

    This is great news. Mike is 100% back in my book. Good for the team.

  173. Rod Munch Says:

    unbelievable – the fact you believe that is what I said is a direct result of your family’s history of inbreeding and your inability to comprehend anything longer than 3 words in a row. Anywho shouldn’t you already be swimming to Cuba? I’m sure Castro will welcome you and your fellow libs with open arms.

    Anywho not to worry, President Trump will accept as he’s said even the tards will get a chance in his America.

    God bless.

  174. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Rod

    I’ve never equated Trump with Hitler. I won’t dupe to low-hanging fruit generalizations. Claiming someone is a fascist (which you seem to not understand the definition of) is not saying they’re going to obliterate people in concentration camps. I will equate Trump to Putin though, as I can see the Kremlin has influenced his campaign with the likes of Paul Manafort and butt-hurt Julian Assange.
    I can also see the manifestation of voter suppression b/f my very eyes. You can walk in and out of a polling station at your local church, but many of us living in poor urban neighborhoods have to wait in line hours in the cold freezing rain or snow. There’s no democracy in the disenfranchisement of voters. This should be the new fight in America to win our democracy back from a preposterous administration elected by an ill-informed people through the

  175. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    …the likes of foreign governments money. Trump claiming to rid Washington influence and be anti-establishment was clearly a charade. Founders of Citizens United and architects of the military industrial complex are already attaching themselves to the fascist-elect

  176. TB4LIFE Says:

    Trump was always going to win FL it’s just demographics for all the diversity in our bigger cities the rest of the state is much the opposite. As was evidenced by the fact the only counties that were blue on our map just happened to coincide with where all the universities are located. That is not just a coincidence. I knew EVANS was going to catch hell in this area as soon as I read about what he did and I wasn’t wrong. To those more worried about football than the state of minorities in this country then YOU are the problem.
    EVANS not voting is also a problem because it is that attitude that keeps us in tis situation. This state is full of old retirees whose children have long since graduated and have no stake in the future of our state. We who are going to have to deal with the repercussions of these decisions. Hopefully we’ve all learned a lesson during this election. I know all TRUMP supporters may not be racist but apparently that wasn’t a deal breaker when choosing who our next president will be, smdh.
    @ DB55 that is how I took some of these comments as well

  177. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Trump is right, the election is rigged. Rigged by gerrymandering and voter supression. I don’t have to turn on a television to see it, neither do you

  178. AtlBucFanDan Says:

    I kind of glanced over all the hate-spewing above and just wanted to say that it takes more of a man to admit that he was wrong* and I applaud him for that. Respect restored. Go Bucs!

    By ‘wrong’ I mean that, I think his vehicle of choice was wrong, not his protest or belief. There is absolutely issues that need attention and correction but I see it on both sides, if not more, from the side perceiving being wronged. Mostly, I see the most vitriol and hate spewing from the very people accusing the other side of being racist/bigoted/xenophobic, etc… look in the mirror people.

  179. Rod Munch Says:

    BTW while it is fun to insult these dopes who think we LITERALLY just elected Hitler, I want to give Dirk some credit. Dirk was in my personal doghouse after he quit on the team in that Denver game. From what I read Dirk was going to talk with Evans today and from what I know of Dirk I’m assuming that if Evans didn’t come into that meeting already realizing he screwed up big time, I’m going to guess he realized it before he left.

    Mike is still a kid, he’s still young and I had hoped he’d come to his senses about his venue that he selected to do this. The simple fact he choose that day, a day honor veterans, to protest against the results of a free election – those free elections having be guaranteed by the work of those veterans, it was just about the worst possible scenario he could have choose.

    I also had hoped – and I still do hope – he just didn’t realize that. If he choose to select a different way to complain about the results of a free election then I might be annoyed as I think it’s remarkably dumb to protest free elections, but it wouldn’t be a big deal. But he made it a huge deal by choosing to do so the way he did.

    In the end, in my mind, he did the right thing in apologizing to the vets and saying it won’t happen again. Not big apology or photo-op or anything else needed – just a simple statement, to me, is good enough.

    If he came to that conclusion on his, that would be awesome. If it took Dirk explaining the situation, how it appears to others, how he took focus off the team winning, how he took focus off the veterans they were honoring that day – then so be it. But regardless I’m happy he is now taking the stance he did because I really didn’t want to hate the kid. I hope the media leaves him alone and doesn’t needle him to death in order to try to get a headline and some clicks out of it.

  180. orlbucfan Says:

    lightningbuc Says:
    November 15th, 2016 at 11:25 am

    Watching all the liberal snowflakes, some of whom are right here, melt this past week has been the best entertainment. And the best part, it hasn’t cost me a dime. Victory is so, so sweet! I’ve had to endure Obama for 8 years, so now it’s your turn. LMAO!
    You wouldn’t know a liberal if one bit you in the rear. BTW, Obama has never been a liberal. He’s a Reagan fan, DINO and Repuke Lite. Man, some of you are so politically stupid!!

  181. orlbucfan Says:

    ME13 needs to register to vote, and do it. Otherwise, he’s not worth paying attention to ‘cept on the football field.

  182. Buc1987 Says:

    Well it’s obvious to me America must be still too racist…

    Obama was elected the first black president.

    Oh wait.

  183. Buc1987 Says:

    lightningbuc…alas we agree.

  184. Bryan Says:

    Just like to thank Joe. Whatever, Mike’s reasoning he wanted his opinion known and he wanted to make a difference. These here inter-webs have been lit up as a result. I appreciate Joe letting this occur. I understand we need to get back to our regularly scheduled program but it is a nice gesture on Joe’s part to let this unfold. You good in my book Joe(s)!

  185. Bryan Says:


    Thanks for taking the time to articulate the flaw in my argument…

  186. Buc1987 Says:

    Bryan…there’s a BLACK man on Youtube that calls Michelle Obama King Kong’s sister.

    Is that okay with you too?

  187. lightningbuc Says:


    Believe it or not, in the weeks leading up to the election, when woman after woman was coming out of the woodwork to claim Trump groped them, though never having said anything up to that point, it became clear to me that this same scenario played out for Jameis. If I don’t believe them about Trump, which I don’t, then I need to afford Jameis the same, and I now do.

  188. Buc1987 Says:

    There ya go. Looks like King Kong’s sister among other things…


  189. Buc1987 Says:

    Wait there’s more…

    Blacks in Chicago say Obama is the worst president ever…


  190. Bryan Says:

    Of course not, so are you equating the president elect with this man? Many on my side are.

    That is not the point. The point is the Donald (#Notmypresident) who is now the president suggested that a Mexican American could not be impartial due to being blinded by race. A Judge! Again, how is black America, especially in overwhelmingly white American areas, supposed to feel about this? How is this ok? It is not!

  191. Rrsrq Says:

    Trump said he wanted to make America great again, exactly what year would he turn the clock back to, America has not always been great to some folk. For you who say that you are proud of Mike for apologizing, that is about the same as calling a grown man a boy as if he does not have the right to legally express his opinion. That’s like saying stay in yo place and just play football and entertain us because I spend my money to watch you dance, literally SMDH.

  192. Drew Says:

    As a Vietnam veteran I appreciate the fact he took the time to rethink this. It’s important to remember Veterans and Active Service members are and were willing to sacrifice their lives to protect and preserve our Democratic way of life. We may not always agree on the outcome of an election, but it’s important that we stand united together regardless of this. The President elect has 4 years to lead us and if the outcome is not what we had hoped for we can vote again.

    Thank You Mike.

  193. David_in--Fla Says:

    Sorry, not sorry, Mike but, like Joe said, “The toothpaste was already out of the tube.”

    I am glad you did put out a statement. I hope I’m wrong, I don’t believe it was written by you; It’s sounds contrived PR speak to me.

    To me, your actions Sunday further proves that you, and most athletes, live in a very well insulated bubble. When you pitch a fit and sit for the national anthem because you didn’t get your way in an election, doesn’t insult Trump, it’s the proverbial slap in the face to the millions of us that did.

    For me the last 8 years have been the worst stretch of my life. I went from having a great job, nice house, a beautiful wife, and 2 boys, to now divorced, estranged from my sons, severely under-employed, and just scrapping by with what little nails I have left. These political parties have let all of us down. They’re two sides of the same coin that none of us will ever be allowed to own. They don’t give a damn for us other than to further line their pockets. My vote for Trump was a vote for Hope that somethings will change for ALL of us. If he turns out to be no different, I’ll be the first one in line to run his butt out of town. Basically all I have at this point is hope.

    But really what sent me over the edge Mike was learning that you didn’t even vote! I was taught long ago by my father that voting was our civic duty and if I wanted to enter into any discussion on the results, I had to vote. Voting was my ticket to voice my opinion.

    You have some work to do to win back my support and change my view of who you are as a man. My father also taught me that you can learn all you need to know about someone by watching his actions when no one is aware of what he is doing. I learned a lot about you Sunday and it wasn’t good.

    Now get involved in the organizations and movements that you feel strongly for. I may not agree with them, but that’s beside the point. Do your research and find which candidates most align with your views and go vote.

    Your press release this afternoon was all talk. Now it’s time for you to do the walk.

  194. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    David, with all of the political talk on here it is easy to forget that we are all Americans that have our own lives and problems. I’m very sorry to hear how the past 8 years have gone for you. Hopefully the next 8 years will turn out better, regardless of the political climate. Good luck to you, sir, and to us all.

  195. DB55 Says:

    1 nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Lol

  196. DB55 Says:


    Do you mind if I ask what kind of job you had? The good job that was lost?

  197. David_in--Fla Says:

    I was an executive Vice President of a concrete & masonry company. I was responsible for estimating and project management and had 60 people working for me in the field.

    I went from making six figures and living commiserate to that, to mid 30k. $65k+/yr pay reduction puts a lot of stress on a marriage.

  198. The dom must go Says:

    Just disrespectful. that day was not about trump it was about all the men and women who have served this country . that includes the ones that died fighting for the north . And please quit excusing him because he’s young. He is supposedly college-educated age is but a number. and all you idiots quit making the selection about race. it was simply the middle-class American white and black tired of watching the Democrats bleed us dry financially. I voted for trump for one reason only. My medical insurance premiums went from $65 a week to 225 a week my deductible went from $3500 a year to over 10,000 . Obama care is out-of-control. I’m paying for times the amount and insurance then I was four years ago. More than my house payment.

  199. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Do you recall Jameis ever bragging about a$$aulting women?
    Did a dozen women come forward claiming Jameis did such, or was it just one?
    You take an odd two-way street on opinion, maybe you should name yours Janus Street.

  200. David_in--Fla Says:

    Thanks BuccaneEric75.

    Many prayers have and will be said for a better future.

  201. Dave Says:


    Suddenly saying “Make America great again” is a problem and you’re wondering what year to roll back to?? Really?
    It’s a slogan merely pointing out that Hillary wanted the same economic policies and foreign policy Obama had the last 8 years and they have failed miserably.
    It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with getting the 10% unemployment rate down (yes, that is the real U6 figure).
    You know what happens when people have jobs? When the inner city has jobs? When wages actually increase instead of staying stagnant?
    Crime goes down, GDP goes up, debt goes down, investment takes place, etc…

    That’s what he’s talking about.

  202. Dave Says:

    Sitting out the national anthem for any reason is idiotic. That is not how you protest. That just disrespects the military.
    Besides, you do not protest because your candidate lost. That’s called whining.

  203. DB55 Says:

    Ty David-in-fla. Best wishes to you.

  204. unbelievable Says:


    My folks and I went through the same thing 8 years ago- painting and decking company, completely out of business in a matter of months.

    But that wasn’t because of Obama, that collapse happened under Bush. Obama came into office at the peak of the recession. For me personally, I am in a much better place than I was 7 or 8 years ago.

    Sorry to hear that has not been the case for you and times have been tough. Politics aside, nobody wants to deal with that sh!t or go through those hardships. Some of us have been able to recover faster than others. The truth is there is no single policy or decision that will work and positively affect all Americans. That’s just not possible.

  205. Pickgrin Says:

    Dave Says:
    “getting the 10% unemployment rate down (yes, that is the real US figure).

    Unemployment is way higher than that in reality. And if you consider the # of UNDERemployed who, just like our poster David_in–Fla here, have seen the bottom fall out of their income over the last 10-15 years – even though they are working as hard or harder than ever (at 2 crappy jobs typically) – well it its not so hard to understand why Americans are not at all pleased with the status quo. Billary represented the status quo in this election – so she lost. Simple as that.

    The Trump vote was largely Americans hoping that things will change. They won’t.

    Only when a majority of Americans realize that the blue team and the red team establishments both do the bidding of the .00001% – and start to vote for 3rd party candidates who will follow the Constitution… Only then will we see any real hope or change.

  206. David_in--Fla Says:


    As someone who was involved with the financials of both commercial and residential construction, I’m well aware of who and what caused the collapse.

    As I said previously, the 2 party establishment has no care in the world for the little people. I’m smart enough to know that Hillary isn’t the only one to have a public position and a private position to her backers on a subject. She was just the one to get caught.

    Trump only ran on the Republican ticket because he wouldn’t have had a chance to win otherwise. I know he’s not part of the establishment because he’s being attacked by the three headed monster: MSM, Democrats, AND the establishment Republicans.

    I’m happy to hear things for you are better. Hope all is well for your parents as well.

    Thank you for your kind words. Prayer for a better 2017.

  207. David_in--Fla Says:

    Thanks DB55.

    Best wishes to you as well sir.

  208. Bryan Says:


    You know what is funny. The economy tanking was due to middle class wealth being obliterated almost overnight when the housing bubble burst. That issue was the result of unfettered socialism (in the form of the fair housing act) coupled with unfettered capitalism (in the form of deregulation of the derivative market when Glass-Stegal was repealed in the 90’s). Yes under Clinton. However, that was also under the “contract for America” when the right took over the senate and house. Is was both their fault. That is what caused the economic catastrophe. Not this right vs left nonsense. It will take some time to rebuild that. Clearly Obama should have done better. Could he have if there was not so much obstruction? We will never know.

    What we know is the Donald (#Notmypresident) is going to repeal Dodd-Frank which was supposed to help separate commercial and investment interest (which is what Glass-Stegal did before it). So after all this, we learn nothing. We continue to repeat history over and over.

  209. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ David

    Don’t fool yourself thinking Trump is not a part of the establishment. He’s already curtailing on campaign promises and appointing establishment figureheads into his cabinet. His chief of staff is lobbyist and headed the RNC, that the most “establishment” thing a president-elect could do. He’s taken advantage of people throughout his business career, on the campaign trail, and he’ll do the just the same from the Oval Office.

  210. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Bryan

    Do not forget year after year of tax cuts at a time of war with a ballooning deficit. Every economist alive said this was a disaster waiting to happen. Sadly we’re about to find ourselves in the same conundrum

  211. Strider ....Sec 147 Says:

    He pulled a kaepernick all for national attention 💰💰💰

  212. Rob Says:

    So personal to him, he didn’t even vote. Lol

  213. Bryan Says:


    Good point. Also Bush era tax cuts were based on a projected tech boom surplus that never materialized yet they were not rolled back to Greenspan’s dismay. Hey look out. More tax cuts coming by the same people who have been screaming about the deficit.

  214. Airrun buc Says:

    ME if it is so important to you why did you not vote? According to the story on ESPN they said your instagram said you did not vote. If you don’t vote you should not be complaining about the result.
    Forever a buc fan,
    One who voted

  215. cmurda Says:

    Jeez Rod. Fired up are we? I find it ridiculous to protest a man that hasn’t set foot in office but, then again, if I were a minority I might be pretty concerned. Either way, why the eff are we discussing politics. Oh yeah, thanks M.E.

  216. Architek Says:

    Fake hypocrites- all of you…

    Judge a man for expressing his feelings on this half baked and racists country.

    He does the company thing and now he’s the man.

    i sometimes regret giving 10 years and sitting in the desert for you racists people.

    May God help us.

  217. Owlykat Says:

    Finally someone talked some common sense to Mike about not being a distraction to his team and focus on beating Kansas City, and Mike did the mature thing and apologized!

  218. Buc1987 Says:

    Bryan…is it fair for a white man charged with a hate crime to go to court and face a black judge and a mostly all black jury? Is it fair for the other way around when a black man faces an all white courtroom?

    If the answer is no. Then Trump is right about the “Mexican American” judge.

  219. Buc1987 Says:

    If Trump or anyone else is railing against illegals (a GIANT problem in America just look at N.C.) why on earth would he want a Mexican American judge presiding over his case?

    Would you in the same boat?

    Of course you wouldn’t and you ALL know that, but you want to turn it into a racist thing.

    I was racist for voting for McCain. I was racist for voting for Romney. So I guess everyone that voted for Trump is a racist too. I voted for Bush, but of course we all know “George Bush don’t like black people.”

    The cries of racism at every turn is getting old and REAL fast. Keep it up though it’s doing wonders for your race…

    And finally….I know MANY white dems that use the N-word still to this day yet dems continue to make it look like it’s only a right wing thing. Hypocrites every one of you.

  220. BigHogHaynes Says:

    The man is s racist, he learned it from his immigrant dad I don’t care if you support him …he’ll still be what he is NOT MY PRESIDENT!

  221. BigHogHaynes Says:

    As a people we may cry racism too much …but will you (white people) ever acknowledge it when you see it? That’s a question for your &@&?(-ass!

  222. Buc1987 Says:

    That’s great Hog.

    I said that in a political blog about Obama 6 years ago.

    You guessed it… I was called a racist for doing so.

    I guess you’re allowed to without being labeled one. Nice.

  223. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Black people face all white judge and juries all the time….thing is he doesn’t have and shouldn’t have a say in the matter! He should have keep his mouth closed about the Mexican People!!

  224. Buc1987 Says:

    Hog …my uncle’s a racist and I call him out all the time on it.

    I don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I wish americans of all races did the same.

    I could go on for days about reverse-segregation. Cause it is such a thing. This just isn’t the place for it.

    All black “middle class” neighborhoods
    The Black Pages
    All black cast movies

    I could go on for days, but who’s segregating who?

  225. Buc1987 Says:

    Another example.

    If an educated black man acts too intelligent he’s often called “too white” or an “Uncle Tom”. Especially if he’s a republican.

    Ben Carson and Herman Cain come to mind. “Uncle Toms”.

    Can’t we all just be americans? Can’t we be united? NO we can’t as long as crap like this is going on.

    Like I said many times before. I’m not racist at all. I get along with many races and people from all walks of life. I embrace them for who they are, but I do think outside the box obviously.

    There’s a problem and it’s coming from both sides. Black and white.

  226. unbelievable Says:

    No You’re not racist 87, you’re just ignorant as f@ck.

  227. The Buc Realist Says:


    It comes from all sides, sad to say!!! I went to a Barbecue this past summer and I was in very much the minority!!!! The looks and comments we anything but kind!!!!! Luckily I had on me and pulled out my “Honorary brotha card”!!!!! and everything was fine after that!!!!!!

  228. BigHogHaynes Says:

    1987: I’m gonna not laugh at that, BET, All Black cast movies ……Bye-Bye!