Countdown: Dirk Koetter’s 10 Biggest Decisions For 2017 — No. 9

July 20th, 2017

Engaging Brent Grimes

So you thought Joe wasn’t doing a Countdown series this summer? Shame on you. Joe always has something like this planned to make you think and throw stuff at your computer. Last year, it was the Top 10 X-Factors of 2016. In 2015, it was the 20 worst Buccaneers personnel moves of the past 10 years. Now it’s Dirk Koetter’s 10 Biggest Decisions for 2017.

(Of course, this list is about decisions forseeable now, not wacky crystal ball stuff.)

No. 9 — Engaging Brent Grimes

So Brent Grimes just turned 34, claims he’s considered retiring, and he likely was a top-5 cornerback in the NFL last season.

Now what?

Coach Koetter has talked to Joe and Ira Kaufman about mind games and his desire to take risks to engage young players and jack up their motivation and fire. Well, Joe thinks Koetter quietly should decide to use his mind meld tactics early and often this season to ensure that Grimes is yearning to play for the Bucs next year, if he’s healthy.

Say Grimes is solidly above average this season and isn’t banged up. The Bucs would desperately need him to return in 2018. Making that happen might take a coordinated and crafty effort through this season. Grimes has made massive cash in the NFL and could retire, or he could test the market one last time. His NFL superwife, Miko, has made it very clear money and Brent’s feelings drive the decision bus.

It’s easy to say the Bucs could just replace Grimes with a younger free agent cornerback, but that guy likely would cost more and be a lesser fit and a lesser player.

Coach, make the decision now to manipulate a Grimes return in 2018.

No. 10 — Playing The Best Players

The Countdown continues tomorrow.

17 Responses to “Countdown: Dirk Koetter’s 10 Biggest Decisions For 2017 — No. 9”

  1. DB55 Says:

    That man can play another 2-3 years. At his age he relies on techniques more than pure athleticism. He’s darn good at his technique and he’s arguably the best athlete on the team.

    I think as long as he doesn’t bring his birthday cakes into obp he’ll be perfectly fine.

  2. bucsfaninchina Says:

    Brent is just playing the game, likely with Miko’s help. Brent wouldn’t be the first CB to play well into his 30s and knows full well that unless Ryan Smith or someone else comes out of nowhere the Bucs are going to have a massive hole at the position. Claiming he is thinking of retiring just ups his value and the Bucs would be wise to sign him for another couple years until we have someone develop to the point of taking over for Mr. Grimes

  3. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’m stoked to see Ryan Smith in preseason and see if his practice domination translates.

    What a blessing that would be if he looks like the heir apparent.

    Also really stoked for VHIII & Spawn year 2. Training camp takeover is only 2 freaking weeks from this Saturday. Mother of god

  4. DPewter Says:

    The hope is Ryan Smith or one of these young backs will transcend into a legitimate starting NFL corner.

    The reality is we’ll probably be taking a CB in the first or second round next year, most likely the former.

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    My thought exactly DPewter.

    Ryan Smith is our best hope for “development”. Or perhaps Elliot.

    Legit NFL talent at CB is hard to find in a prospect outside of the 1st couple rounds realistically though.

  6. BucEmUp Says:

    I was mad when they didn’t go get him after Atlanta let him go…but Schiano at the time didn’t think he was needed. Glad he’s here dude is an awesome corner. He aint done yet.

  7. Lord Cornelius Says:

    In terms of corners and draft position I got curious. Here’s PFF’s top corners and where they were drafted:

    1 – Aqib Talib – 2nd
    2 – Malcom Butler – undrafted
    3 – Chris Harrris Jr – undrafted
    4 – Terrance Newman (wtf dude was 38! last year) – 1st
    5 – Patrick Peterson – 1st
    6 – Janoris Jenkins – 2nd
    7 – AJ Bouye – undrafted
    8 – Casey Hayward – 2nd
    9 – Morris CLaiborne – 1st
    10 – Dominique Rodgers Cromartie – 1st
    11 – Josh Norman – 5th
    12 – Sean Smith – 2nd
    13 – David Amerson – 2nd
    14 – Xavier Rhodes – 1st
    15 – Brent Grimes – undrafted
    16 – Marcus Peters – 1st
    17 – Richard Sherman – 5th
    18 – Brandon Carr – 5th
    19 – Darius Slay – 2nd
    20 – Trumaine Brock – undrafted

    So of their top 20 corners:
    -only 6 were 1st round picks
    -another 6 were 2nd rounders
    -5 were not even drafted
    -3 were 5th rounders

    Oddly enough no 3rd / 4th rounders in there. But basically only like 1/2 of the best corners were top 2 round picks. I like our chances.

    Another thing I like is seeing that Terrance Newman played well at 38 years old; and that at least 1/4 or 25% of these players are of VHIII type size/stature:

    Chris Harris Jr – 5’10
    Tramaine Brock – 5’10
    Terrance Newman – 5’10
    Janoris Jenkins – 5’10
    Brent Grimes – 5’10

    Probably another 5 guys were 5’11. Only like 1/2 of these guys are 6’0 or taller

  8. KW Buc Says:

    Lord C — Aqib was a 1st round pick for the Bucs. I think like #25 or so. Am I wrong?

  9. mike n Says:

    @Lordk… our boy Talib was a 1st round pick. He would have been a top 10 pick if he didn’t have any baggage coming out of Kansas. I’m not worried about 2018. I just hope Grimes can stay healthy and make it through the year. He was great last year.

  10. Lord Cornelius Says:

    My bad on Talib i was putting that together pretty fast. But same point basically – you don’t need to spend a top 2 round pick to get a solid CB considering almost 1/2 are from later rounds or not drafted

    And I really wanted to hammer those average heights into some people’s heads that think every star CB is 6’2 or 6’3

  11. Lord Cornelius Says:

    lol god I wish there was an edit button. I think Talib was my only screw up haha I feel like a terrible fan.

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    Not a fan of #9 just because I don’t really think there is any decision to be made by the Bucs here and there isn’t a thing they can do to control the inevitable.

    When the season is over and the dust settles Grimes is either going to want to put in all the hard work it takes to stay in NFL condition or he’s not. I don’t think there’s a whole lot the Bucs can do to get inside and make a players mind fell a certain way.

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree with the comments on height. I know the old saw that a good big guy beats the good small guy but that’s an oversimplification.

    Athletic corners with great vertical leaps can overcome height disadvantages.
    It’s not how tall you are…it’s where your hands max out in vertical leaping.

    Check this sick play out to realize how awesome Brent Grimes vertical is….

  14. SB Says:

    Hargraves is going to make a huge leap this year. But that’s not going to be enough. we have to find grimes’s replacement soon or we have to sign them another year and hope he can take the toll

  15. SB Says:

    DB55 making good points as usual.

  16. James Walker Says:

    Talib is a dumpster fire.

  17. Education System in Pakistan Says:

    My thoughts exactly what of DPewter. I was mad when they didn’t go get him after Atlanta let him go.